Serves meat, vegan options available. Asian cuisines restaurant. Has separate vegetarian menu comprising 10 or so dishes and the ones with egg are marked. English menu available. Last order 30 minutes before closing. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm. Open hours vary and random.

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First Review by nilsknacken


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24 Nov 2023

Good food and nice view!

Maybe I did something wrong but for me it was difficult to find out what contains no meat. But I found something and it was delicious.

Pros: Great View!



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26 Oct 2023

Great view and great vegan food

They have a separate vegetarian menu and a good understanding of what is vegan. I had the Banh Mi and spring rolls, both were tasty and fresh. Service was quick and friendly. Was also able to have a dairy free pina colada. View was gorgeous!


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05 Aug 2023

Great View and Delicious Thai Food

We had an incredible view from the restaurant and the food was delicious! They had a vegetarian and vegan menu. It wasn’t the cheapest meal we’ve had in Japan but it was still a lovely experience, especially with so few options in the area.

Pros: View, Tasty

Cons: Price


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12 Jul 2023

Great views and multiple options

They had multiple vegetarian and vegan options available for lunch on a separate menu, clearly marked if they contained eggs/dairy. Had the spring rolls for a light lunch overlooking the bay.


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27 Jun 2023

Good spot

Veggie menu which clearly indicates if the food has egg or milk. Amazing views.

Pros: Separate vegetal menu with vegan options, Great views, Good price


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20 May 2023

Good asian food

We went there for dinner and were given the vegetarian menu with many options. I took the gapao rice and my partner the green curry. Everything was good. The view from the window was amazing.

Pros: View on Tokyo, Good food, Many options


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11 May 2023

One vegan lunch dish + salad bar

Location: 6F
After making clear that I’m vegan including using a note in Japanese explaining this followed by a discussion between the waiter and the chef they could offer only one vegan dish during lunch time: vegetable gapao rice. Take it with salad bar as an extra. Is not on the lunch menu so do ask for it. The dinner menu where the vegetable gapao rice was from has more options. During lunch time these options were not available. Offering the vegetable gapao rice during lunch time already was to accommodate me.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-11

Pros: Stunning view, Nice people

Cons: Limited choice


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26 Apr 2023

Really good!

Many vegan options, and they are really good! Took the green curry (very good), spring rolls (were ok-ish) and gado gado salad (amazing, take it!). The service was great too.
The view from the window is a nice extra.

Pros: Tasty!, Variety, Good service

Cons: Took a while to get the order


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25 Apr 2023

Good vegan option in Odaiba

Went here at lunch time; all the popular places on the ground floor and even some higher had huge lines, but there was no wait here. Has a vegetarian menu, staff was happy to clarify which items were vegan. Great view as well, or it would have been if the weather wasn't awful the day we were there!

Pros: Nice ambiance , Friendly staff

Cons: Meal took a little longer than used to in Tokyo


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07 Apr 2023

Great food

A good option in an area with very few places to get vegan food. The staff speaks English well. The food was great.

As written by others, there is a separate vegetarian menu which you have to ask for. All items on the menu are vegan, except for two, which are clearly marked.


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25 Feb 2023

Nice Asia food

Delicious food no.8 vegetable fried rice noodle could be remove garlic & onion

Pros: Vegetable menu

Cons: Most of food included garlic and onion


25 Feb 2023


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21 Feb 2023

Great curry, amazing view

I had the vegan green curry and summer rolls, filled with lots of salad and vegetables. It was super delicious and the view of the Rainbow Bridge was fantastic!


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18 Jan 2023

Banh Mi full of veggies

I had the Vietnamese style sandwich, which was really tasty. It was stuffed with veggies and topped with some delicious sauce.
They have a handful of more dishes to try on their Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal friendly menu.


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26 Nov 2022

Good option if in the area

In aqua city shopping centre. Great to try some non Japanese veg food. Location is good for kids attractions nearby. Gado Gado had too much cabbage for me, the tempeh on its own with the spring rolls would be a good choice.

Pros: 10 veg options on the menu, Tempeh!, Great view


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05 Dec 2021

It is good, but wish they have more options

They have vegetarian menu, but very few options, maybe four.

Pros: Tastes good

Cons: Very few options, Didn't see vegan option


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15 Oct 2021

Great Vegan Options

What a relief it was to find some reliable vegan food in a not so vegan friendly Odaiba! The staff was very friendly and kind and helped us choose a really delicious meal. We had the huge veggie and tempeh stuffed banh mi sandwich, the vegetable biryani, the vegetable samosa, the spicy french fries, and the salad bar. Excellent amount of food for the price! At the end of our meal we were surprised with some mango with coconut cream as dessert, which we were assured was vegan. It was just a bit too sweet for my liking, but delicious anyway.


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28 Jun 2021

A little too pricy for the portion size

There were limited vegan options. Banh mi bread was so hard that I could bite into it.
The portion for Biryani was also small.
Salad bar isn't available if you order from the vegan menu

Pros: Location

Cons: Expensive , No access to salad bar, Small portions


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24 Jun 2021

No salad bar. No curry

Ive never been to a Thai or Indian restaurant that doesnt have vegetable curry. Reviews said there was a salad bar but that doesnt exist anymore. The salad was too simple and i got the tempeh, which was also too simple. The burger or sandwich is probably good but i wasnt in the mood for it.

Pros: Helpful staff, Free wifi if asked

Cons: Not many options


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23 Apr 2021

Reasonable & Yummy

English 👇 お台場のヴィーナスフォートにある『Green Asia』へ行きました。ベトナム料理やタイ料理のレストランです。広々とした店内で落ち着きがありますが、椅子はフードコートのそれと同じように、座り心地が固かったです。




After a fun day at the TeamLab Borderless digital art museum, we were pretty hungry. Happy Cow came to the rescue, introducing us to this restaurant located in the nearby Venus Fort shopping mall.

On the third floor, you’ll find Green Asia, a spacious restaurant that specializes in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. From the vegan menu, we ordered the fried tempeh appetizer, pad Thai, and banh mi. We also got the salad bar for 150 yen each.

The salad bar alone makes this place the price of admission— so many options, including fried tempeh as a salad topping!

The pad Thai and fried tempeh were also quite good. But the star of the show for both of us was the banh mi, stuffed with friend tempeh and veggies, served with a sweet and spicy sauce on toasty French bread. YUM!!!!

We loved our meal here and will definitely be back. Highly recommended!


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03 Apr 2020

Vietnamese Sandwich

The sandwich is huge and extremely delicious, filled with tons of fresh veggies Tempeh and salad. sauce comes extra, so you can make it as saucy as you want. And the veggie burger was also a great pick! Would recommend


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29 Feb 2020

Huge salad bar!

This place has a separate vegetarian menu which clearly states if there is egg in the dish
Included is a huge salad bar full of veggies and soups
The tempeh was really good but the biryani was super spicy (well to me anyway)


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20 Feb 2020


Small portions for what you pay. Had the spring roll which was pretty much just lettuce wrapped in rice paper and also the soy bean salad.

Pros: Vegan menu 4-6 items , Couple big ones

Cons: Small portions , Drinks are expensive


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10 Feb 2020

Vegan Feast!

Probably the best meal we have had in Japan so far. We ordered almost one of everything off of the vegetarian menu (except those with egg, it’s clearly marked) absolutely delicious. My partner and I were full like really full. Staff were beautiful, plants everywhere. I’m definitely going back!


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19 Jan 2020

Good lunch near TeamLab Borderless

We were pleased to be able to eat at a restaurant with a vegetarian menu after many hours at TeamLab Borderless. We had the Vietnamese Sandwich and the Vegetable Burger, both of which were tasty. It’s on level 3 in the VenusFort Mall.


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10 Jan 2020

Vegan burger & fries

Nice vegan options at the Green Asia Tokyo cafe.

Pros: Vegan menu in English, Friendly staff.


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05 Jan 2020

Good Place for lunch!

We went to Borderless Teamlab, This was the closest place around, its actually inside the mall.
-They seated us a soon as we got there.
-The salad bar has so many greens and healthy options, beans, garbanzos, kale, seasonings a few dressings to choose from.
-Food arrived quickly, the spring rolls were delicious, especially with the sauce.
Everything was really good. I recommend.
-We are pescaterian fyi.

Pros: Family seating, English Menu, Card Accepted


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03 Jan 2020

Great vegetarian menu

Had the Vietnamese bun it was huge and amazing

Pros: Lots of vego options, Yummy drinks

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