All vegan, multi-course pop up dining events hosted by chefs Patrick and Karen. Bring your own beer or wine as not licensed. Meals are served at a shared table and include a welcome drink, starter, amuse bouche, main course, trio of desserts, vegan cheese platter and tea/coffee. See Facebook @greenandvegan13 or Instagram @greenandvegancapetown for dates, menus and booking details. Open Sat 7:00pm-10:30pm.

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03 Jan 2020

Exceptional Introduction to Vegan Cuisine

An eclectic mix of individuals and couples came together on 28th December 2019, all with a common goal or intention. This was to experience gourmet Vegan food, lovingly created by our hosts Karen and Patrick, in their beautiful home in Greenpoint.

Themed on Festive Fair, we were all blown away by the sights, tastes and textures of their creations.

To those out there who say that Vegans only eat carrots and lentils, and if you don’t have meat or fish with your meal then there is something missing, I would say to you, “Try Green and Vegan, then try to justify your false claims”.

I’m a supporting Vegan to my wife, but love any food that is well prepared and tasty. Tonight’s meal hit each of those points, and so much more!

However, I cannot accept Vegan cheese, yet, but the other courses made up for that.

As hosts, Karen and Patrick were perfect, and this was an excellent way for a Vegan and her always hungry husband to enjoy a dining experience to round the year off.

Pros: Perfect hosts, Exceptionally tasty food, Great company and venue

Cons: Vegan cheese has a way to go yet



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14 Oct 2019

Pop Up Surprise

I am lacto-vegetarian, but this delicious dinner was a real eye-opener in terms of what is possible in the vegan space. Karen described it as 'elevated' dining, but it comes very close to fine dining.

Karen and Patrick are wonderful hosts - warm, relaxed and knowledgeable - at the home long table, seating around 16 guests. A homely atmosphere, but very professionally presented.

It was our first 'pop up' event, and we were surprised how a wonderful cross-section of local and international guests of all ages opened up to one another, even making new friends.

Exceptional food, a happy affair. Would definitely go again.

Pros: Excellent food, Homely but professional, Social

Cons: None.


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Mostly Veg
13 Aug 2019


The Green Vegan is pushing vegan food into the 4-5 star realm. Karen and Patrick's passion clearly filters through into the multi course meal, which is full of organic freshness . The vibe is relaxed, cosmopolitan, informed and intelligent, no holy Vegan dogma, open thinking and lots to digest. ENJOY when you manage to get a booking.


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11 Aug 2019

Wonderful Experience

Our experience was really amazing. Patrick and Karen invited us into their home and we had 4 hours of food, conversation and fun.

Karen and Patrick are really good hosts, creating a unique evening in a warm and friendly setting.

We are newly vegan and experiencing the food was a treat. It’s great to know that we now have loads of healthy options. The buckwheat biscuits and vegan cheeses were perfect. The broccoli soup tasty and the desserts ended a really wonderful evening.

The hosts are very knowledgeable and willing to share.

I’d highly recommend joining in the future. A perfect Saturday night.


Pros: Intimate , Warm, Personal

Cons: None


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17 Jul 2019

Fantastic food & experience!!!!

What a great entertaining social evening with the most delectable tantalising yummy vegan food💗


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16 Jul 2019

Fine dinning with a social flair...

I love food that is prepared with creative care and love, it always tastes better... Green&Vegan dinner offer just that!

Pros: Vegan , Delicious fusion of flavors and foods, Social and comfortable space


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07 Jan 2019

Perfect night out! Amazing food and cozy atmosphere.

Everything you would expect from a "come dine with me" event but much more personal, light hearted and fun. Food totally worth every cent. One of the best outings you can do whether you are vegan or not.

Pros: Amazing fine dining food, Comfortable atmosphere, Incredible hosts


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07 May 2018

I'll be back!

I had a very pleasant experience at the recent event and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in attending future events. I had great conversations with new friends and enjoyed delicious and creative food, more than enough to satisfy hunger. The laughter was almost non-stop.

Pros: More than enough food., Cosy atmosphere and setting., Great hosts.

Cons: I can't do this more often., Popular, so book early!


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12 Apr 2018

what a wonderful first day in Cape Town!

Karen and Patrick only host this pop up restaurant every two weeks , so I was delighted that it was available when I was there. There were 10 or so of us at the long communal table, although we were all strangers the conversation soon got going. It’s a long leisurely dinner with course after course of delicious vegan food, all made from scratch. It was a wonderful way to meet local people. Be sure to save room for the homemade cheese platter at the end.


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12 Mar 2018

Unique experience

Karen & Patrick's home is a special place. It transforms into a beautiful restaurant two times a month. If you can get tickets for this event - make it a priority.

Karen & Patrick are great chefs and kindhearted people. You will not only get top notch vegan food but also interesting evening with locals and tourists visiting. It's an excellent place to meet new people and try out exciting foods.

The world needs more places and concepts like this. Well done!


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Mostly Veg
12 Mar 2018

Amazing vegan food in lovely private home

I had the great pleasure to participate in Karen & Patrick's vegan pop-up dinner on 10 March and had a great time.

The food was delicious and the company was fun and interesting - very international and open-minded people.

Pros: Great vegan food., Very nice atmosphere.


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04 Dec 2017

Brilliant food and company

I had the pleasure of being able to experience this particular culinary adventure. Karen and Patrick create incredibly yummy vegan food (and you can always have seconds!). It was a small group of like-minded and interesting people that I spent my evening with!

Pros: Food was spectacular, Karen and Patrick are warm yet professional , They have a fantastic venue


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20 Nov 2017

Exceptional and delicious exprience

It was a special treat to enjoy this delicious, complex and intricately prepared vegan meal, made with love as well as many many fine ingredients. We found it through Happy Cow and were lucky to be in town when it took place. The company of 12 other people was also delightful, and the whole evening was an experience to remember. Don't miss it!

Pros: outstanding, creative vegan dishes, expertly prepared, and served with gourmet touches, the hosts are warm and interesting

Cons: none. maybe that it is held only every 2 weeks!


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08 Oct 2017

Amazing food and company

We had the most amazing night last night at Karen and Patrick's pop up vegan dinner. My husband and I are on honeymoon and we were looking for dinner options when we came across this event on Happy Cow and then searched it on Facebook. The pictures and reviews were awesome so we gave it a try and it most certainly did not disappoint. It was such a unique experience with such amazing food and company. We met locals and likeminded people the evening was completely relaxed and we were served a four course dinner with complimentary sparkling wine through their sponsors Stellar Organics. A must for Vegans in Cape Town!!!


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08 Oct 2017

The best in Cape Town by FAR!

Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced this past Saturday in a very narrow and almost hidden street in Green Point.

I was browsing the usual Facebook vegan groups when I came across an advertisement for a “Vegan Pop Up Dining” event. Truth be told – I am awfully shy. What could be worse than rocking up at a stranger’s house, with a roomful of guests I don’t know, having to engage in conversation whilst pretending to have table manners! I decided to grow a pair and book a place – what could go wrong? Well…

I’ll tell you what went wrong in a moment. Let me talk you through the experience from the beginning.

The Facebook advertisement described the event as an “intimate dinner” at the home of Karen and Patrick with a menu that literally left me drooling. If the food was half as good as I had imagined, then I would leave one very happy vegan. Places are limited to between 8-10 guests (although they have apparently accommodated more in the past) and all one needed to do was buy a ticket via the Quicket ticketing system (for which they provided a link). So quick and easy! Once I paid for my place, the menu was emailed to me, along with the exact location, time, etc. as well as to bring your own wine. Karen’s quick and effective correspondence had me feeling like this was going to be a good evening.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Arlene, Karen's daughter who handed us each a made-on-the-spot Pomegranate & Vodka Welcome Cocktail with Lime & Mint (with the choice of mocktail too for those who didn’t drink… like me!).

Karen and Patrick immediately made us all feel at home, sitting on their couches in their open-plan lounge/dining room/kitchen. This allowed us to keep the conversation flowing between all areas of the home whilst Karen, Patrick, and Arlene nipped in and out of the kitchen and also took a few moments out to engage with the five of us who were guests for the evening.

The starter was a super creamy Chilled Beetroot Soup with an insanely good raw vegan onion cracker bread that Patrick had made himself.

I started realizing after the millionth time of asking that EVERYTHING we were eating was made from scratch #superimpressed.

Every course was a 10/10 and not much more can be said without giving away how truly special and remarkable this evening was.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a very special experience.


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31 May 2017

Excellent food, lovely company

Found this place on HappyCow. Went on their Facebook page and found out they were having an Indonesian Evening during my too short stay in Cape Town.
Lucky me!

Had a great evening with tasty vegan food and lively like-minded people.
Would definitely recommend to anyone in or going to Cape Town, vegan or not.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly and welcoming people, Good value

Cons: I don't live in Cape Town, they're too far away :)


03 Oct 2017

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