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Gratitude Restaurant

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Tuerkenstrasse 55 (at Schellingstrasse), Munich, Germany, 80799

Small vegan restaurant with full near the university, since 2012. Offers a variety of dishes including raw food. Uses local and organic produce. Accepts EC cards. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-3:00pm, Tue-Sun 6:00pm-12:00am.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Raw, Western, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Reviews (40)

First Review by cocoholic

amazing - Edit

This is my top vegan restaurant!
I went here twice and the food and drinks are always perfect. Just make sure you reserve because this restaurant is always packed with people.
There is a lunch offer which is cheaper and as delicious as the dinner which can get up to 30€ per person. But it is worth it!

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My favorite - Edit

When I firt went to gratitude the month they opend I was very disapointed. The food was very expensive and the starter and my main dish were exatly the same. When I told the waiter, that she should mention this, she told me, that I'm wrong: The gravy is a bit different...

It took about a year for me to come back and it was the best surprise I could imagine.
The menu has completely changed (from a completley raw menu to a mixture of raw and cooked dishes).

Since then I try to go to gratitude whenever I'm in Munich. The food always tastes great, is fresh and healthy.
One of the last times there I have invited my family there and although none of them is vegetarian or vegan they (15 persons) where thrilled.

If you want to have vegan dinner in munich, in my opinion this is the choice you want to make.

Pros: Fantastic food, Partly raw food, Nice stuff

Cons: None

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Wowie! - Edit

I wrote a list of restaurants for our trip to Munich on a piece of paper, only did not include what kind of restaurants they were. Purely on the basis of the nameI chose Gratitude, although I thought it might be somewhat hippie-ish. Boy was it not! The patrons are hip, the food is amazing, but still not too expensive, the people are friendly.... We loved our food (grilled avocado with berry salad and zucchini pasta with mushrooms and olives) so much we decided to go eat the same thing on our backtrip too.

Pros: amazing food, amazing food, amazing food

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With thanks to Gratitude - Edit

Gratitude is probably my favourite restaurant in Munich and I have been lucky enough to dine here twice. On our first visit we ordered the beetroot soup and mushroom stroganoff, which were stunning both in flavour and presentation. Definitely the best stoganoff I have ever had. On my second visit I ordered the wantan and erdnuss (peanut) sauce, followed by zucchini pasta with cashew cream sauce. Again the flavour and presentation were faultless and the texture of the pasta and the peanut sauce were divine. Starter prices range from 5-8 euros, whilst mains range from 14-15 euros. Sadly I was too full to try the cashew cheesecake (8.5 euros). A great selection of wines and beers are also aplenty here and the staff are more than willing to help translate the menu. I would definitely recommend going here but it is advisable to reserve a table to avoid disappointment. Thanks Gratitude.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

Cons: Reservations advised

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Very good food (if you manage to get a table) - Edit

Visited in June 2016.

As previous reviews mention, it is highly recommended to make a reservation for dinner time (you can do it by phone or from their homepage).
I managed to get a table without reservation; however, I had ony 20 minutes or so to eat my plate. Since I was alone it was fine, but if you are with somebody, you'd probably want to stay a bit longer.

In my opinion, the place is not small as the description indicates. There are about 40 seats inside; and about 12 more when the terrace is working. However, it does gets crowded.

The food was interesting (menus in german, so translation from staff is required); and they had really nice and tasty combination of ingredients.
So I really enjoyed the food (I had some kind of grilled avocado).
If I understood correctly, there is also a course menu consisting of tapas, main and dessert, for about €30.

Now, because the place is so busy, and there are only two people taking care of the 50+ customers (one person in the bar making the drinks, and another responsible for waiting the tables, bringing the food, etc.), I felt that the staff was at times too busy to be able to pay attention to each table (they were still polite and nice whenever they approached you).
So perhaps they should hire one more person for these crowded hours.

In spite of that, the atmosphere was still enjoyable; and the food was so good! Definitely coming back when in Munich again!

Pros: good food, relaxed atmosphere

Cons: staff gets too busy

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Super, etwas teuer, Reservierung nötig - Edit

Ein gemütliches Restaurant mitten im Münchner Univiertel. Der Service ist sehr freundlich und das Essen ist fantastisch. Große Portionen, die wie farbenfrohe Kunstwerke auf dem Teller liegen. Man sollte reservieren! Es kann sein, dass man dann nach 2 Stunden gehen muss, weil der Tisch anschließend nochmals vergeben wird, was ein bisschen schade ist. Ansonsten spitze!

Pros: Alles vegan!

Cons: Etwas teurer und Reservierung evtl nur für 2 Stund

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Love! - Edit

I'm a big fan of this one. One night a few months ago my partner and I decided it was finally time to make a reservation at Gratitude (every other time we tried to impulsively stop by it was full). Our reserved table for dinner was tiny and crammed close enough to hear everything the people at the next table said, but that was really the only drawback. The food was all fresh, delicious, and creative - appetizers, mains, sides, and I was also a fan of the beers we tried. I agree with one of the previous reviewers who said, order anything, it all tastes great!

We sometimes talk longingly about this meal and how we need to go back - the next time I am back in Munich I will be sitting at one of these tiny reserved tables again!

Pros: Delicious and creative vegan food, Friendly service

Cons: I wouldn't argue with cheaper prices, Small space and reservation necessary for dinner

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Lovely lunch menu - Edit

We went to Gratitude for lunch on a Saturday and we loved it. We were happy we managed to get a table, as twice before (in the evening) the place was fully booked. (reservation is not necessary for lunch). The lunch menu was not very big but it was very good value for money, with a starter, a main and a drink for about 15 euro. I got hand made bread and hummus and a Cesar salad and they were both good portions and extremely tasty. My husband got a broccoli and zucchini soup and an excellent Thai curry, which was one of the best and most exotic I've had in Europe, fruity and fresh. I would definitely recommend this place and we will try to get there for dinner next time!

Pros: Excellent Food, No need to book for lunch

Cons: Lunch menu not very large

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tasty soups and probably best raw vegan blueberry cheesecake in town - Edit

Just passing by Munich and looked for a vegan place to grab a quick bite. We were able to get a table just walking in at 2:00 pm on Ester Saturday. The place was full but we managed to get the last seats. Unfortunately the kitchen was out of rice (!) and they only had soups and a salad from the main menu. We ordered the soup, hummus/falafel with bread and cheesecake for desert. Soup was really tasty, hummus/falafel ok (had better) but the cheesecake was amazing :) washed it down with almond milk Late and were ready to continue the drive. Can honestly recommend.

Pros: great cheesecake , friendly staff, nice place

Cons: cash only, crowded

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Taste explosion - can't make this at home! - Edit

We were in Munich for a day only and chose this place randomly. It turned out to be an excellent choice. We got a table despite it being busy and us not having a reservation. The waiter very helpfully explained the menu. We had the grilled avocado and the persimmon pumpkin curry. I was surprised by the intensity of the flavors and how well the combinations worked.

Pros: creative main dishes , atmosphere

Cons: a bit expensive

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one of my favourites - Edit

The food is very tasty, the staff is friendly, helpful and know what they are serving and the prices are very reasonable. They have a daily changing menu, we have been there loads of times and have always enjoyed everything. It is advisable to book a table in advance, especially when it is too cold for the outdoor seating and because of their opening hours. Also, they are very close to Ice Date which is the place I would recommend for a vegan dessert.

Pros: food, staff, location

Cons: closed on Mondays

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Nice - Edit

I like the food they served but it was very very hot and loud. It's a small place and you HAVE to reserve a table because it gets full in no time.

Pros: tasty food, animals are allowed

Cons: loud, small place

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what customers think - Edit

For a restaurant that boasts such a gracious name and a superb international reputation for vegan dining, you don’t expect to receive a tirade of abuse and aggressive behavior from its senior staff. Equally, you don’t expect the head chef to express hostility, arrogance and aggressive behaviour at your table to the point he is yelling “Go back to eating your f**king microwave meals.”! My partner and I booked in advanced and were therefore dismayed to see they were unsure where to seat us and we ended up on a small, mediocre table beside the door. Not a great start but service was good until I politely questioned the intense flavor combination of my meal. I said we both found the meal so overpowering in flavour that it was bitter and not enjoyable to eat. The waitress was quick to dismiss and refute my concerns and said “This is how we like it”. She took away the uneaten dish without ever offering an alternative suggestion – something any well-established eatery would surely do as a professional courtesy. Even though I have had my fair share of appalling and disappointing vegan dishes in 25 years as a vegan, served with equally bad or unsatisfactory service, I was not prepared for what followed. The head chef came to our table and asked what was the problem. By this stage we were objecting to paying for the meal that we did not eat and I explained our reasons in a polite manner. He was quick to become aggressive and defensive, telling us that he didn’t care if we liked our meal or not and that we had to pay. The abuse continued until we felt so intimated we agreed to pay and leave. We did nothing to incite or warrant such behaviour. More surprisingly, the head chef told us unequivocally that the restaurant neither cared about customer feedback nor were they interested if customers actually enjoyed the food. We have since written to the owners seeking clarification and asking them if it is acceptable for staff to intimidate and rudely offend customers. They have not responded. Gratitude Restaurant has been the worst restaurant experience ever. It appears ego and arrogance has got the better of the staff at this place and gratitude left this restaurant long ago.

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Ungenügend, ohne jegliche Idee von Service - Edit

Zu Besuch in München haben wir uns Anfang Mai abends für einen Besuch in diesem Restaurant entschieden. Über den persönlichen Geschmack lässt sich ja nun bekanntermaßen streiten, jedoch waren wir mehr als unzufrieden mit der geschmacklichen Ausrichtung unserer Hauptgerichte und haben dies an die Bedienung zeitnah und höflich kommuniziert. Die Rückmeldung der Servicedame lautete jedoch, dass dies nun mal die Art und Weise wäre, wie man dort Essen zubereitet und wenn wir damit unzufrieden seien, könnte sie nichts machen. Kein Angebot der Veränderung, einer alternativen Bestellung, geschweige denn einer Entschuldigung. Nach diesem Nicht-Service wollten wir gehen, jedoch stellte man uns den vollen Betrag in Rechnung und war auch nach Hinweis, dass wir mindestens ein Gericht nicht angerührt hatten, nicht dazu bereit uns entgegenzukommen. Final baten wir also um ein Gespräch mit dem Chefkoch, um sowohl seinen Eindruck zu hören und um zu erklären, warum wir das Essen haben zurückgehen lassen. Diese Begegnung war mehr als schockierend und hat unseren Besuch nachhaltig negativ beendet. Auch dieser Herr pochte darauf, dass seine Art der Speisenzubereitung nun so sei wie sie ist. Das Fazit dieser Unterhaltung war jedoch, dass man in dieser Lokalität überhaupt nicht an Feedback interessiert ist und man keinem Kunden nachtrauert, da die Nachfrage groß genug sei. Viel schockierender war jedoch, dass er sich zunehmend aggressiv, laut und persönlich beleidigend präsentierte. Ein ruhiges Gespräch war bereits nach einigen Minuten nicht mehr möglich und wir verließen das Lokal nach Ausgleich der Rechnung dann zügig, um eine weitere Eskalation zu vermeiden.
Ein solch arrogantes, ignorantes und aggressives Verhalten habe ich bislang noch nicht erlebt und die Enttäuschung über diesen Besuch war mehr als groß. Wir hatten vorab viel Gutes über das Gratitude gehört - leider scheint nach diesem Erlebnis noch nicht einmal mehr der Name passend!

Cons: No service orientation, Arrogant and aggressive behaviour

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misleading name - Edit

I came first her because I love the Gratitude in Berkeley and LA, but the food is very different though. May be the German public isn't ready for the big bang, but if you are really into healthy vegan food with a focus on raw and/or glutenfree food you must be disappointed.

If on the other hand you have never eaten any gourmet raw food or at least gluten free vegan food then you will love this place as you will not miss anything. The taste of all dishes I tried so far is good. Some really surprise me, lots of different flavors in one dish, great. But the snacks get a bit boring after a while because almost all snacks are tempura style, only the sauces are different and if you know how to cook vegan sauces you notice that even the sauces are very similar. luckily they add enough herbs and grains to get a distinct flavor to each dish.
the mains are overpriced, would not recommend them at all. you'll be better of with the snacks and pad thai or even the starters.

Something I really, really missed on the menu was a real salad.. I mean something real green and crunchy.

If you try to avoid gluten this is not the place. they might offer one dish but who would come here just for one dish when all the others look and taste so good? they do not even offer gluten free bread.

Desserts are a bit too sweet but creative and tasteful. they offer a raw vegan slice of cake, too.

Staff is friendly and some are even really friendly. Nice atmosphere!

This place is definitely for the taste oriented guest, if you are a into a healthy vegan you can come for indulgence but due to all the (crispy and good tasting) tempura and cashew sauce loaden dishes you are rather on the heavy side. even for desert you cannot expect frehs fruits.

Do not compare to Berkeley and L.A. and you will be fine. I will always come back but cannot rate it more than 3 due to the poor raw food and gluten free options and lack of more ingredients listed below each dish... something I love about the Cafes Gratitude in California and most US vegan restaurants.

Pros: vegan, atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: too much tempura dishes, no gluten free alternatives, no smoothies

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