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First Review by jennap

Grass Root is Aaaaahhh-some! - Edit

Grass Root has fed my family for 2 years -and is now feeding many of my friends! For folks unfamiliar with vegetarian or vegan food the usual response is: "I don't always know what it is but I don't care 'cause it's soooo good!" The food is fresh, the flavors are consistently delicious and layered, and the service is better than family. I don't eat out anymore because Grassroot meets the needs of my palate for taste, texture and variety. And with younger kids, I love that I have ready made picnics daily.

Pros: Delicious, healthy, flavor-full food, Caring, attentive staff, Good value

Cons: Portions have been getting smaller

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Awesomlicious - Edit

This is the best service available to busy vegetarians. I don't always have time to fix great food, but they do, yeaaaaa. They are fresh, totally yummy, great variety and delivered right to my door by a friendly delivery guy. Life doesn't get any better.

Pros: excellent food, great variety, very convenient

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Grass Root Plant Based Foods - Edit

I love Grass Root! I've ben going there for a decade now. Now I order the catering every week that I can. the raw food is healthy, amazingly delicious (even the hubbie loves it), and it's so convenient to have it delivered. Their desserts are amazing!!

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Best Food Ever - Edit

My husband and I have our own business and are always on the go. Choosing Grassroots food delivery was the absolute best thing we've ever done!! Healthy, delicious food at our fingertips - any time of day! And we are not spending much more on food now than we were before. We're happier and healthier for it. Thank you so much, Sabrina and Spencer and Grassroots!!! :D

Pros: Delicious, Very Healthy, Timely delivery

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Fantastic Place for Organic Raw Vegan Food - Edit

This is a fantastic restaurant. My wife and I were visiting Tampa for a week and we ate there three times and each time the food was fantastic and the service was great even though it was packed 2 of the three nights. The desserts were fantastic. The homemade raw organic halvah and the pecan pie were amazing, the best I've ever had and my fellow diners agreed. We brought two colleagues from work with who don't eat this way and they liked it too.

The best was Susana's sandwich either raw or vegan cooked. The smoothies and green drinks were also excellent. Spencer the chef, and Melissa, the waitress were very helpful and explained ingredients on the menu for those who had allergies. I would highly recommend The Grass Roots to anyone. We have been to many organic raw vegan restaurants around the country and Canada and this is one of the top three, don't miss it!

Pros: Excellent Food, Healthy Cuisine, Great Service

Cons: Not open on Monday or Sunday

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Disappointed!! - Edit

In the last few years, Grass Roots had become my favorite raw/vegan restaurant in the Tampa area. At one point I was eating at their Florida Ave. location 2-3 times a week and loving it!! However, since turning their Florida Ave. location into a catering business I've gone to the Manhattan Ave. location twice (because it's a farther drive) and been highly disappointed both times!! This last trip over there will probably be my last. The dish I ordered was bland, which I wasn't going to make big deal about it. But when the waitress asks how everything was, I was honest and she gave me a horrible attitude about it. One of the other meals brought to our table was not made as it was described on the menu. The waitress offered to bring me something different, which I declined because I didn't like her attitude and just wanted to leave. They did not charge me for my meal and did give us a desert. It's unfortunate, but I feel that the quality of food and service has gone down hill since they started the catering business. It's a shame that one of best raw/vegan restaurants in this area has turned out this way...very disappointed!!

Pros: Has a good selection of menu items, Good vegan deserts

Cons: Horrible, rude service, Food isn't as good as it use to be

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Worth the Trip - Edit

This location is only 15 mins from the Tampa airport. I called from the airport to order carryout and by the time I got there it was ready.

The Bachlorette smoothie and vegan keylime cheesecake were the most memorable. Everything was top-notch. Staff wonderful. Street parking in front.

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yummy!! - Edit

i am trying to switch to a primarily raw food diet while i'm visiting Tampa, and Grass Root makes it so so easy!! absolutely delicious, and for raw food the prices aren't bad. raw food takes a lot of time to prepare, i'm willing to pay for it.

Pros: excellent food, great staff, not too pricey

Cons: parking, closed Sun & Mon

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Delicious - Edit

The food here was fantastic, between us we had wheat grass to start with, this was much nicer than usual, almost tasty! then we had the pasta dish very good and the Sabrina sandwich absolutely delicious. We also had the Harlem shake very filling, but just think how healthy it is with all those hemp and linseeds. Altogether well worth the visit, we are staying in Tampa for the rest of the week and we will definitely be coming back. We went back yesterday 16.04.11 and I just have to say I had the most delicious portabella mushroom with sheese etc, also loved the pizza (it is smaller than usual), also tried the bachelorette also fantastic, my only fly in the ointment is they are shut Sunday and Monday and we return to the UK on Monday evening, so no more grass roots for us :(
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 13, 2011

Pros: raw food, very friendly, Potabella Mushroom- the best ever

Cons: shut Sun + Mon

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Tampa Treasure - Edit

We visited Grass Root before a Rays game a while ago. As previously stated by other comments the area is a bit sketchy and parking can be tricky. However, it really isn't that bad and this shouldn't discourage one from visiting. The service was okay and the food was delicious. I particularly remember loving the blueberry cheesecake. It may very well have been the best vegan cheesecake we've had (that we didn't make ourselves). The prices are a bit high but it is well worth it. Sadly, there really isn't much else in the Tampa area for vegans and vegetarians. Take your girl on a date here and spoil her.

Pros: Good Food, Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake

Cons: Parking, Location, Prices

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What a Gem Find in Tampa - Edit

I FINALLY made my way to Grassroot with a friend. I am so glad I did. This is seriously one of the best vegan/raw eatery places Tampa has to offer. It is a bit tricky to get to (Florida avenue is a one-way going North) and the neighborhood may make some people feel uneasy. But don't let that stop you from making the trip! The atmosphere was colorful, relaxed and we felt at ease with the friendly wait staff. I had the green tea with ginger (sweet, but very good). We both ordered Sabrina's special sandwich, and I have to say that the onion bread was even tastier than my own version. I ordered the pecan pie dessert and it was excellent! I cannot wait to go there again. There are so many things on the menu that I would love to try. I would definitely give this place an A+ for food.

Pros: Creative Food, Vegan & Raw

Cons: Location

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Always out of something and SERVICE SUCKS - Edit

my wife and i have been eating at grassroot since it opened and everthing was great but 4 about about the last 6-8 mounths the 5 times ive driven 45mins to the tampa location they have been out of quite a bit of items like tonight no desserts and no more chickun sw either and i love it when i order a green light smoothie that takes 45mins to make and has to be made with water cause they r out of oranges how r u out of oranges in florida why cant someone drive their happy cow butt 2 the health food store right up the road and buy some and this happens at both locations my wife has waited 4 45min a few times 4 2 smoothies and if spencer or sabrina, the owners, arent waiting on u themselves then you will b suprised 2 get any kind of decent service it seems as if the staff doesn't care enough to provide good service it also seems like no big thing to be out of something it must be nice to be the only raw food restaurant in the tampa area and I feel that organic should not be in the title of the business when all the food is not organic i feel that is misleading just keeping it real

Pros: healthy food, mom and pop ownership, family friendly

Cons: low inventory of food, inexperienced service, not all organic

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Grass Root in Lakeland - Edit

I visisted their newer Lakeland location and was very impressed with the whole experience. I am a total vegetarian and I thought the food was excellent and very healthful. I also brought my sister and her fiance who are meat consumers and they were also very satisfied and delighted with their dishes. I was so happy for them to have the oppurtunity to taste the possibilities of gourmet vegan/vegetarian cuisine! The atmosphere was simple, and very beautiful. The service was outstanding and we were blessed in speaking with the owner who was present.

Pros: great food, nice atmosphere, affordable and friendly

Cons: shaes but no desserts, some dishes may be on the smaller side

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Great Find - Edit

My wife and I were taking a trip to Cape Coral, and were hungry along the way. We found this place by doing a search on my phone. It took us off the interstate a bit, but it was well worth the visit. This was the best food we had during our 3 day visit to Florida. The burger was wonderful. It had all the toppings and condiments I love, but never get any more. Cheeze, mayo, etc. My wife had the Ramen noodles, and they were excellent as well. I ended the meal with a slice of pecan pie, and after it was all over. I was full, but not overly full. It was a perfect feeling. A great restaurant, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Well worth the visit. I'll go back again if I ever find myself in the area. We do come to the Orlando area quite a bit, we may even make the trek again just for the excellent food and service.

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cuuuuuuuuuute. - Edit

Although this restaurant is situated in a sketch neighborhood, it is well maintained, clean, and comfortable. The food is excellent. EVERYTHING I ate here was delish and the service was fantastic as well. There are a few raw items on the menu. The only thing I did not enjoy was the tea --it was way too sweet. IF you are a vegan living in or visitng Tampa - go here!!

Pros: excellent vega/raw food, excellent service, great atmosphere

Cons: location

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Love this place! - Edit

My then-fiance and I visited the Grass Root in April of 2009 while we were in Tampa scouting places to have our wedding, and to look around a bit before hopefully moving there next year. We had only one restaurant experience, but had great food and service (the sprout wraps & sauce for them are awesome...so was the ginger chick-un). It did seem a little expensive to us, and other things surprised us like the .50 cents for the reverse osmosis water. But it all tasted really nice, and so we considered it well worth it. At the time, I'd only been vegan for about half a year; since then I've learned that you really do just get what you pay for. It's easy to get cheap food that can be MADE vegan, but

A) you have to hunt for it on the menus at other restaurants (here, everything was "safe" except for the bee pollen in some items, which were clearly listed),
B) you have to explain veganism to your server at other restaurants, and haggle with them about what'll go on your plate, and
C) the ingredients aren't going to be as good at another type of restaurant. Add in the fact that the owners of the Grass Root are trying to provide good, wholesome vegan and RAW food to a city that's not exactly brimming with it, and I think that's all worth a few extra dollars. But I'm one of those vegans who are trying to change the world even with small actions, I guess.

When it came time to organize my wedding, I was referred to Amore Catering in Tampa and was told they had experience in doing vegan wedding cakes. After some truly frustrating lack of communication and empty promises from them, I remembered the Grass Root and e-mailed to see if they could do it or knew anyone who could. Sabrina e-mailed me back and said that they could it. No more frustration! E-mails were a bit slow in coming, but she's not only got a family, she's got a business to run so I understood. The bottom line is that the Grass Root really came through for us, the cake was there and beautiful when we got to our venue, and everyone exclaimed over how good it was. None of my non-vegan guests (everyone other than me, basically, lol) could believe how good the cake was, knowing it was vegan.

I love that the Grass Root provides great vegan food in Tampa (and I'll be going there all the time once we move down!), and I love that they helped me prove to all our wedding guests that vegans don't have to live on tasteless twigs and berries. The Grass Root is helping to change the world!

Pros: Food tastes great!, Food presented attractively!, Knowledgeable owners!

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No problems in the early evening - Edit

I was at this restaurant 3 times between March and June of 2009. The visits were during the early evening, when it was still light. The restaurant had a moderate number of people in it, not crowded. I had no problem with the service speed, or neighborhood.
I found the tap water in Tampa to be a bit salty, so I was happy to pay a small amount for their purified water.
I tried ordering a smoothie, but they told me they were out of the ingredients for the one I wanted. I ordered the vegan cheesecake each time, and each time they told me they were all out, or were giving me the last piece. Once, I was eating the last piece, and I could hear the table next to me trying to order it.
I wish there were a restaurant like this near where I live.

Pros: Pleasant atmosphere, Comfort food

Cons: Don't make enough cheesecake

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Great Place for Lunch - Edit

Grass Root has a very eclectic feel, the atmosphere is urban and they even sell jewelry and other trinkets. The food is very good, I give them props for their creativity with some of their raw dishes, such as the raw dessert they have there. The Smoothies are very nice as well, although some may find a little pricey. Some of their menu items you can find in Health Food stores though, so If you are going to splurge here I would defiantly suggest it be on one of their fabulous raw dishes such as "Raw Burrito", or the "Sabrina's favorite Sandwich" (Which has inspired some restaurants to come up with their own versions. We went for Dinner and seen that service was running slow so we just got a few desserts to take with us. If you haven't been though, it's worth a trip. But because of the area, I would try for lunch, walking out of there at night time can be a little scary.

Pros: Creative Dishes, Cozy Atmosphere, Interesting reading Material Available

Cons: Pricey , Slow Service , Shady Neighborhood

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Delicious! - Edit

I stopped here while in town for work. The food was so good, I recommended Grass Roots to two friends on separate occasions who were also visiting and they loved it! The neighborhood is a little strange but once you taste the food, you'll be happy you came.

Pros: Food, Smoothies

Cons: Neighborhood

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Great food, especially the key lime pie! - Edit

I live in England and on numerous trips to the USA we always try to find new vegan places to eat during our trip. This was the first time we visited Grass Roots and after problems finding the restaurant in what we would call a 'Dodgey area' we were pleasently surprized at the decor and friendliness of the staff as we walked in.
We had a mixtures of raw and vwegggie dishes which were delicious and yes we did have to wait to order our desserts but the staff were very apologetic and the key lime pie and chocolate cheesecake were the best we have tried!
We will definately be going back on our next trip!

Pros: Food, Frendly staff

Cons: Area, Prepare for a wait at busy times

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Yea, It is Delicious! - Edit

Safe to say, one of Tampa's best restaurants and not just because its vegetarian/vegan/raw friendly! The food is packed with flavor and creativity. Never allow anyone to speak ill of vegetarian cuisine until they have visited Grass Roots! They lose one "Happy Cow" however for their high prices and slow service.
This is also a great place to take non-vegetarians. EVERYONE can absolutely enjoy this food! I recomend everything from the raw menu!

Pros: Unbelievably Fresh!, Flavorful, Nutritious!

Cons: EXPENSIVE, Long Wait for Food

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Great food...long wait - Edit

Don't go here if you're in a rush, the staff is very laid back. We sat for nearly 10 minutes before we were handed menus and another 20 before our order was taken!
But the sunshine burger (with cashew "cheese"!) made the wait worth while!

Pros: Good food

Cons: Kinda expensive, Slow staff

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Only raw food restaurant in town - Edit

I have been here twice, and I will continue to do so. The price is a bit high, but it is for a good reason. The food is very good, and I wish I had the discipline to make some raw food myself. The zucchini noodles are great and I really like the raw hummus.

Pros: raw and cooked , variety, quality taste

Cons: sketchy area, out of the way

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The BEST in Tampa, I miss this restaurant! - Edit

Although I never ever had any negative experience, I agree with other reviews: YES the neighborhood is not the best, and YES the service maybe slow sometimes BUT their food is the best without any doubt! I love sabrina's sandwich. Their onion bread is the BEST I've ever had. My other favorite was the live spaghetti marinara with treatballs, they were soooooooo good! My non-vegetarian friend even loved it. They often change menus and they changed it to Alfredo now but this is also good, too. The one I really really miss is the raw sweet potato pie! I don't know why they don't make it anymore - when I went there last time, I had to ask why. I was told that the lady who makes the pie has been so busy she discontinued making it, however, if there's enough demand, she may re-consider. So, if you're curious, demand her to make it. I guarantee you won't regret it. Lastly, for those folks who complain about service, avoid going there on Saturdays as it usually gets packed quickly with longer waiting. Try during day times on weekdays instead.

I with I could go to this restaurant again. I really really miss Grass Root!

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Best Veggie Burger I've Ever Had - Edit

Bad neighborhood, weird decor. Best veggie burger I've ever had! The sunshine burger was incredible. The moment I was done I nearly ordered another one on the spot! I had to restrain myself.

Slow service, yes. And loud and noisy from some machine they had running nearly non-stop. Friendly staff though. Just go with the expectation of hanging out and not being in a hurry.

I would eat there again in a heartbeat despite the few drawbacks. And please, for heaven's sake, make more vegan key lime cheesecake. I really wanted some and they were out, at noon! It's obviously popular. Make more!

Pros: Great food

Cons: Slow service

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Saying Something Positive? - Edit

To Whom it may Concern:

Can a person that you don't know, writing to you on a website, you may or may not, have spent more than a few moments on, influence your behavior? Is it possible that someone would, without any personal benefit, pay, or advancement in any way, take their time to write you about a restaurant because it was that good? Or, is it even possible for you to imagine that the time spent typing this is actually a way of saying thanks? Can someone's efforts to earn a living providing a service be that good? What if influence wasn't the purpose of this writing? What if gratitude for someone just getting out of bed just to go to work at this restaurant was being expressed instead? Would you believe me? Would you consider this a recommendation to support this restaurant?

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Great food, terrible service - Edit

After all the glowing reviews, I was very excited to try Grass Root.

The food was really good, some of it excellent. The raw sandwich on "onion bread," ginger chicken and vegan Parmesan were all delicious.

However the service ruined the entire experience for us. We went there with a party of four and three of us got our food delivered to us. We waited a few minutes to see if the last order would arrive, but it didn't and our server didn't say anything when he dropped off the rest of the food to indicate it was on its way. We finally got his attention and asked where the last dish was, and he said it's on its way. Well considering it was another 15 minutes before the food arrived, it was obvious the order was completely forgotten. The food was for my niece, and she was very hungry and grumpy by the time her veggie burger got there. Everyone else was done eating. The server gave a unconvincing apology and then disappeared again.

We flagged him down for some water and I asked him if we could get our dessert. I had placed the order with the food just in case it got busy, which it did. He gave an excuse about having to take care of other tables first so it would be a while. About 15 minutes later we got the key lime pie and it was partially frozen. It wasn't inedible, but it certainly wasn't how it was supposed to be served. When the table next to us tried to order the key lime pie he told them it was frozen and they should take it to go if they wanted it. Oh really? Well why didn't he warn us if he was very well aware that it was frozen?

I am in no way cheap, but I can't believe they charge 50 cents a glass for tap water. It's not the price; it's the principle. Charging your customers for tap water is pretty much a slap in the face.

Unfortunately I would never return here even though the food is good and the options in the area are slim. I felt extremely uncomfortable after leaving this place, like the server was sending us a lot of negative energy. We didn't do anything wrong, and in fact we were extremely patient and tolerant considering the situation. One bad server can ruin an establishment and its reputation. I hope Grass Root will look into this.

Pros: Good Food, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Terrible service, Charges for tap water, Not a great neighborhood

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A Tampa Delight - Edit

Grass Roots food was a delightful discovery for me. Having a restaurant that in our area that is strictly a vegan/raw foods experience without having to work with the waiter/waitress to get an acceptable meal is a welcome relief. I have been blessed to experience vegan food in SF, Atlanta, Tokyo, and Costa Rica, and our Own Tampa Grass Roots can compete with the best of them. The presentation and plating of the food was visually exciting, and the taste and flavors show that quality cooking can be applied to healthy food. No matter what your food preferences, the taste say it all.

Pros: Great Favors, Well Plated, Friendly Service

Cons: Location, Tea was too sweet, Some oil.

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excellent - Edit

this is honestly one of the best veg*n restaurants i've been too. the staff/owners are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. the food is absolutely outstanding. everything is so fresh and meticulously put together and the recipes are very creative! i want to try everything on the menu.

the only con i can think of is that it kind of takes a while to get your food but when you take your first bite you realize it was worth every minute. this is not fast food.

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Grass Root - Edit

My daughter and I love to eat here..we had tried many items on the menu and have never been disappointed...the smoothies are her favorite, and I love the soups and salads. It is awesome!

Pros: small

Cons: don't be in a hurry!

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Pros: Delicious, Super nice people, Raw

Cons: Expensive, Not enough raw choices

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worth the wait - Edit

I've been 3 times already and have enjoyed every savory morsel, the latest being their onion bread sandwich. Only disappointment was that there was no sweet potato pie or any ohter desserts made that evening as they were too busy with the regular entrees.

Pros: down to earth goodness, pleasant staff, large selection vegan or raw

Cons: runs out of items on occassion

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The Wheatgrass !!! Awsome !!! - Edit

The wheatgrass is the Best ever tasting !!! Order it when you first sit down . Then the hard part comes trying to decide what to order !!! Its All Excellent Food, SOOOOOO very very very GOOOD !!!

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Top class - Edit

Make a point of trying the onion bread. I couldn't get enough of it. Whether you like raw or cooked vegan, this restaurant is a treat. The staff are friendly and the food wonderful. I ate there every day for four days. I'd have gone more often if it was closer to where I was staying. The smoothies are sensational also. Really can't wait to go back.

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Excellent! - Edit

I ate here last August while on vacation in Florida and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is great as is the service and the food and drinks are to die for! I ate here with three meat eaters and they really enjoyed it too.

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"Grass Root Organic Restaurant is dedicated to contributing to the Bay Area, with the first and only Vegan, and Raw/Living Food alternative. We select the freshest produce and highest quality, non genetically modified foods. Our menu identifies the foods' orientation and is marked vegan, vegetarian or Raw/Living accordingly. "

I've been trying to get to this place for a long time & last night, I was not disappointed at all!! When you walk in, you're not sure if you seat yourself - so we just took the available table. The place has this great cozy vibe with an afro-cuban flare - I loved it. Sabrina greeted us & was a great help, played with our kids & made us feel comfortable.
We ordered:
~ Water - reverse osmosis - that was a plus
~ Blue Grass Shake - My husband loved it - my 10 month old love it as well!
~ Peanut Shake - All I can say is YUM!
~ Sprout Wrap - FRESH, tasted like veggie were just picked & I loved the Shoyu dipping sauce w/sesame seeds.
~ Chick-Un w/Pasta sautéed with garlic, pesto and olive oil - Out of this world - great portion, though I was full - I didn't want to stop eating ... really that good.
~ Parm w/Pasta - My husband cleaned his plate & was VERY pleased - I tried it & it was awesome full of flavor, again great portion.
~ Key Lime Cheesecake - homemade by Sabrina - really good, the whole family just dug in.

Overall, I wish we were not moving out of the area - I FINALLY found a place that is genuinely a rare find in Tampa. The staff was excellent & you can tell they take pride in their place. If you are looking for a different dining experience away from the norm, than Grass Root is for you. I can't tell you how great it is to not have to worry about ingredients when feeding my family at a restaurant as this place serves up some fresh, healthy, flavorful dishes that we all enjoyed.

Pros: Great Healthy Food, Ambiance, Cleanliness

Cons: Parking can be challenging on busy night, Wait for food is a little more

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Great find! - Edit

While visiting Tampa discovered this wonderful restaurant. Outstanding food and service. Creative and delicious. Enjoyed sharing a variety of foods including the raw burrito, chili non carne, guacamole and chips, classic American burger and chocolate milkshake. Oh, my! Everything was sooo delicious. The service was friendly, helpful and professional. I just wish I lived near by. I would eat there often. I will certainly come back each time I am in the Tampa area. Loved it! Yum!

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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Great Food and Friendly Service - Edit

What a great experience! As soon as you walk into this resteraunt you feel like you found a hidden gem. The diverse menu offered a little taste for everyone. I had the miso and sushi and really enjoyed it.

Pros: Diverse menu, Friendly staff

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Best Vegan Food In Town! - Edit

Grass Root Organic is the best restaurant I have found in years! The menu is varied and the food is scrumptious! I have been there several times and always try to order something different...I have never been disappointed. The key lime cheese cake is out of this world!

Pros: excellent food, warm and friendly, fun place

Cons: pricy, slow service

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Sweet! - Edit

My favorite restaurant, I'd have to say. I took my non-vegan friends and they told me they'd go back.

Pros: great staff, nice atmosphere, incredible food

Cons: expensive(with good reason)

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Good food & good people - Edit

Delicious food, especially the key lime pie. Ordered the parmesan & mongolian entrees, both fantastic. We're from out of town and walked from our hotel downtown. I would NOT recommend this for the average person. Fortunately, while there, we met some nice people who offered to drive us back to our hotel after dinner. Good food & friendly patrons willing to help out - what more do you want?

Pros: delicious food, friendly service, friendly patrons

Cons: location, number of tables

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Don't get the hype - Edit

Whenever I've gone to Grass Root, the food is decent, but I don't know what about the restaurant has inspired thirty people to write such glowing reviews. There are definitely better veg*n meals throughout the Tampa Bay area. Prices are way too high ($3 for a small side of brown rice is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of), service leaves a lot to be desired, and the menu is kind of limited. While it is nice to have an all veg*n restaurant in Tampa, I think Grass Root could do a lot better.

Pros: all veg*n menu, decent food

Cons: prices are high, service

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I travel the U.S. and find THIS in my HOME TOWN!! - Edit

O.K. I have to start this by saying I travel all over the United States, each week in fact, I am in a different state.. and I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS IN TAMPA. I found out about this absolutely GREAT place last weekend, and decided we'd go. I was surprised at first about the location, because we couldn't find a place to park. Upon going inside, we realized why.. there were about 8 tables,( I think) and 4 were filled and we'd fill the 5th. Right when I walked in I was telling my husband that THIS is what I see all over the place. Cute, appealing, REAL atmosphere. I guess if you're into the modern look,it wouldn't be, but this place is pure authentic!
We ordered a "Beet me up Scotty" beet, cuke and celery drink. It was a bit on the pricey side since I'm used to paying about $5.25 average nation-wide for the juices... but, IT WAS GREAT!
We had the Kale salad that was " massaged" and just perfectly seasoned and moist with an incredible citrus dressing.. not too wet, not too dry... JUST THE RIGHT amount to bring out the flavor of the tomatoes and avocados.
We also had the Falafel.. and IT WAS THE BEST I have ever had. My husband is not a vegetarian, and usually doesn't like anything that resembles it.. in fact, he didn't even want to go... he mumbled on the way and (but.. WAS OPEN TO THE IDEA... because I was really pushing him) but, after all that.. we had no room to try dessert..
people aren't used to having such fiber, taste, AND actual nutrition in their foods.
I want to write SO much.. but the best things about this place are NOT JUST THE FOOD.....
THE OWNERS ARE AMAZING.. they've taken a dream and made it into their reality and are living and working to make Tampa and the world a better place. AND AGAIN... REAL ... not often found these days!!!
I'll be back FOR SURE.. too bad I'm not closer!!!!
Thanks you guys!!!
I think you'd do a BOOMING, BOOMING BIZ IN THE "TREADY" SIDES OF TOWN.. LIKE: New Tampa or even more so in the Howard Blvd. area where all the different types of restuarants are. I'd LOVE to see a another location at some point.. but KNOW you can't clone yourselves.. :)

Pros: culinary EXPERTISE, OWNERS, who ARE the staff, unique concept

Cons: location, location, location

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First time - Edit

My wife and I are trying to work at making out lives more healthy. We both eat meat but want to branch out and try new things. I was excited to find a raw food restaruant close to us. I had read about eating raw foods and the health benefits. The location of the restaurant is not the best, parking was hard to find and not in the greatest of neighborhoods. The decorations inside are very inviting and warm. I love the orange walls. I read the reviews that talked about how wonderful the wait staff were. That was not the case with us. The place was not that busy, and the server found us a table. She took our drink order and food order at the same time. I asked for the spaghetti and was told they were making more and it was not ready. She directed me to the meatloaf and "mashed potatoes (califlower)". I agreed. Our food came within a reasonable time, but no drinks. We had to call our server for drinks. For some reason they were skimpy on the ice in the drinks and when my wife asked for more she got maybe 2 cubes which left her with less than cool water. Oddly enough, within minutes of our food coming out, another couple got served none other than the spaghetti and meatballs. I would rate the food about a 4. The mashed potatoes were too salty. I loved the raw meatloaf it was excellent. My wife got a veggie burger which she stated was nothing better than the veggie burger at the local burger king. I was very disappointed with the server, she was on the phone a whole lot. There were no more than just a few customers in the restaurant. There was none of this warm and inviting reception that I had read about and no one's mother was serving samples. Over all, I would give them another chance to see if they were having an off day. The food was good except for the salty mashed potatoes. I also must mention the raw chocolate pie---it is to die for. I would love to order a whole one for the holidays.

Pros: meatloaf, chocolate pie, atmosphere

Cons: Server, location

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Good to the last Chop. - Edit

I'm a non-vegetarian who enjoys trying out different fare from different lifestyles and cultures.

I was introduced to Grass Root yesterday by a friend who thought I might actually enjoy the food.

Amazingly, he was quite right about his assumption. I went back today to try something different, to see if I could enjoy it despite my throat being a nuisance.

I found myself quite pleased with what I had today (The Cucumber Chop was definitely one of my favorites!), and would recommend the food here to all.

Pros: delicious food, great atmosphere, great portions

Cons: a bit pricey

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Grass Root is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

I've been to many vegetarian restaurants over the past 20 plus years and Grass Root is probably the BEST. The food was phenomenal. I know that that's a big claim but it's true. If you are in the Tampa area do not miss this restaurant. Even if you are not a vegetarian you will not be disappointed....I promise!!!!

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Great Atmosphere, Good food, AMAZING OWNERS - Edit

I walked into "Grass Root", sat down and could simply feel the vibe of the restaurant. The inside of the "Grass Root" isn't a 5 star hotel by any means, but Trevor did a good job with the budget he had to make it look good. His colors are actually my companies corporate colors, so I can't complain!
As for the food, it was pretty good. I had 3 official dishes (which were for take out for later, but I sampled all of them while I was sitting down and eating)
The strange, but wonderful thing was that Trevor's mom kept on bringing me samples of goodies as she would make them. The Blue Berry ?smoothie? she gave me was ok, the chili was pretty good, and the Melon ?smoothie? she gave me gave me chills to the bone. It was off the chart good.
The other main dishes they gave me ranged from ick to good. I'm not a fan of ginger and one of the dishes was overloaded with it. They didn't offer to take it back. (but make up for it with all the samples) The un-chicken was good for "Saiten :)" and the Burger was very good for a Burger. If they would use the Mayo from the Vegan Mayo made at a Philippines restaurant, it would be a perfect Burger.

Overall the food was above average, and I have a feeling that some of the food is simply amazing. Yet the only Amazing food I had was the free samples.

As for the staff, they are extremely attentive, loving and intelligent. Each person brought a completely different vibe to the restaurant. I would give the food 4 "happy cows", and everything else 5 "happy cows."

Pros: Portions, Staff, Food was pretty good

Cons: Price was a bit high

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Best Restaurant - Edit

The food at Grassroots is awesome. The sweet potato pie is soooo good. They are a gem in an area of conventional corporate restaurants and stores. Every time I go in there I order something different, and each time I am amazed of how good the food is. The service is great, they make you feel at home. The smoothies are really good, especially the hulk and mango-ra. I definitely recommend grassroots to anyone, vegetarian or not.

Pros: excellent food, great prices, nice staff

Cons: none

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Worth looking for - Edit

Although I am an omnivore, I loved the food. Try the parmesan lasagna. Wait-staff-owners were great and their little girl was a pleasant diversion between courses. The location is a bit out from where many potential customers might live and is not the prettiest part of town. But once inside, the atmosphere is great.

Pros: food, price, atmosphere

Cons: location

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GREAT for both veg and non-veg - Edit

My husband and I, Tampa locals, just discovered Grass Root. He's a devout meat eater, so dining out is always a challenge to balance our preferences. The Grass Root offers FABULOUS meals, including a tasty raw menu, and even my husband asks to dine there now.

Between the two of we've ordered: Falafel, Raw Burritos, Chili Non-Carne, Chick-UN (suprising - I'm not big on fake meat, but this stuff is great), and a few juice drinks that were all to die for.

The food is all made fresh and enzyme-full, so it may take longer than you accustomed to for dinner to hit your table. But we've never waited for a seat, and the food is definitely worth the wait.

Pros: environment, people, very fresh

Cons: may have a longer wait

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Awesome food - Edit

My husband and I were in Florida for a long weekend to visit his grandma. I knew I probably wouldn't be eating very delicious food for a while since his grandma is not vegetarian. I found Grass Root on Happy Cow and decided that was where I wanted to go before we headed to Grandma Jean's. The food, atmosphere, and people are wonderful. I had the Chile Non-carne w/brown rice and it was excellent!! We also had an Incredible Hulk juice which was to die for. My husband is not vegetarian so he had the PB&J sandwich but even that was amazing. I wanted to go back soo badly before we came back home but alas, there was no time. I definitely reccommend eating here when given the chance.

Pros: Excellent food, Great prices

Cons: Can't think of any

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excellent food - Edit

it's the kinda food that makes you beautiful from the inside out. unique atmosphere goes with the simple, good-for-you and every other living creature food. definitely worth the trip for a meal. the juices are great.

Pros: price, atmosphere, food

Cons: hmmm, maybe location

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