Hare Krishna

A very casual vegetarian restaurant in London Soho Street. Large menu, peaceful setting. Most items may contain dairy - vegans to ask. Reported open, Nov 2019. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-21:00.

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First Review by Sernicki


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05 Dec 2023

Very tasty!

Even more surprising given they don’t use onion or garlic in any of their dishes!!

I had the 12 dish thali (the govinda’s) and gave the non vegan stuff to my family. Worth asking if those items can be swapped out as that thali is quite filling.

Kurma was very tasty (can’t remember what they call it though).



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15 Nov 2023

Cheap vegan food

The dahl was delicious, the pakoras dry. The samos was to sweet for my liking


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07 Oct 2023

Good food, small portions

The food tastes great! Some things weren't very warm. Accepts Visa/Mastercard
Staff was more than helpful to explain which items were vegan.

Overall can recommend

Pros: Good food

Cons: Small portion, Not very warm


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18 Sep 2023

Delicious home cooking

Had a great time at Govinda’s last week, sampled their small menu which is definitely enough for a perfectly filling lunch. If you’re hungry, I would recommend getting a larger portion. For £10-ish, delightful.

Pros: Delicious food, Great customer service


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01 Sep 2023

A place to come back to

I actually always go to a Govindas in every city because they always have good food and I am very grateful to the Hare Krishna movement because they often satisfied my hunger in South America. Here in London I like to go because it reminds me of my time in South America. The food is delicious, healthy and filling. You can pay cash here, which I find advantageous and has become a rarity in London. The people are friendly, courteous and helpful.

Pros: helpful staff, delicious, healthy, filling, fast, fresh, clean, pay in cash


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04 Aug 2023

Really nice

Really good authentic vegetarian and vegan food at excellent prices
We had a vegan cake for dessert and it was delicious

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-04


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23 Jul 2023

Food is good but sometimes cold.

Seems they are more interested in money these days.
Price has increased and portions have shrunk unacceptably (they also only fill the pots half way). Brought them many new customers, recommended them to many people and spent a lot of money here.
Customer care is virtually non existent even to the point of contempt cinsidering.
Not very Krishna conscious.
won't be using very often if at all in the future.

Pros: Food is good, The temple room, Convenience

Cons: Ever shrinking portions and increasing prices, Some bad attitude, Wait ages to pay


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20 Jun 2023

Cheap and cheerful

One of those places in London that’s been there forever. Full of families eating thalis off metal trays. You queue for self-service, there’s no frills, just good hearty Indian food. It’s vegetarian and vegan so check before you order.

Pros: Down to earth , Affordable , Large portions

Cons: Can be overcrowded , Vegan options not clearly labelled


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13 Jun 2023

Delicious and Affordable

A friend took me here as it’s his ‘happy place’. Now it’s mine too. Lots of options, really affordable, absolutely delicious, cafeteria style. The menu is really simple and easy to understand.

Pros: Lots of options, Delicious, Easy menu

Cons: Limited seating


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08 Jun 2023

Amazing and cheap food

The vegan options are delicious, a lot of food for only 6 pounds. Really worth it!


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02 Jun 2023

Solid Indian with vegan options

I stumbled upon Govinda's during a trip to London. Vegan options and Indian food. Govinda's is affiliated with the Hare Krishna movement so the food is stavvic aka no mushrooms, onions, or garlic.

Affordable food and is solid Indian.

Pros: Vegan Options


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13 May 2023

Great food, great price

Staff were friendly and food was great! It's no suprise that this is a popular joint. Lots of vegan choices.


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03 May 2023

Affordable delicious food

There is a set of different menus including a vegan one - the food is excellent and really affordable

Pros: Excellent food , Affordable


Points +88

07 Mar 2023

A wonderful place with food cooked with love and devotion ♥️

Delicious food and lovely people


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22 Feb 2023

Cheap and tasty vegan options

for less than 10£ you get a really nice portion. The sweets weren't vegan though


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05 Feb 2023

Amazing food low key setting

Tasty yummy food, fast buffet service and cheap


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20 Dec 2022

Fast and cheap but tasty!

It’s self service with a tray and it’s a real scramble to find a seat in the small restaurant. Despite this the food was very tasty and amazing my value at £6.95 for a decent sized thali and £8.95 unlimited thali!!

There is an unnecessary amount of dairy however, particularly in the lassis and the cakes. It would be great if they could provide more vegan cakes.


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18 Dec 2022

A delicious option in London’s West End

After shopping on Oxford Street, Govinda’s was my haven tonight with a delicious Indian vegan dinner at a very competitive price. I’ve been going to Govinda’s for years and the food just seems to get better - thank you!

Pros: Delicious food , Very good prices , Nice selection of vegan options

Cons: Crowded, Portions aren’t huge in the thali


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07 Dec 2022

Great food

You pick a number of dishes, the recomendation for vegans are 5 (more vegetarian options). It’s like a cantine and if you, like me, come during rush hour everything is happening very quickly. But the food is worth it.

Pros: Vegan options, Cheap

Cons: Not many places to sit


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07 Nov 2022

Tasty indian Hare Krishna restaurant

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Pros: Tasty + Hare Krishna, Great location, Great prices


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24 Oct 2022

Fair and fast

This is a good place to pop in for fast, cheap and tasty Indian food. You can get set sized meals or mix and match options and add extras if you like.
But I found the food fairly standard and a hit uninspired and we were full and pleased at the end but not blown away.
For a canteen type meal though, its a good option.

Pros: Cheap, Mostly vegan, Tasty

Cons: But unexciting, Expected more from reviews


Points +98

21 Aug 2022

Little hidden gem

So so good!! Almost everything is actually vegan. It’s extremely fairly priced - especially considering London prices. The staff wasn’t super friendly but I’d still 100% recommend going!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-21

Pros: Great value for money, Authentic, Central

Cons: Service wasn’t great


Points +106

12 Jun 2022

good value

great place for lunch with good prices for london


Points +13

31 May 2022

Great for a quick lunch

Tasty and fresh, can't go wrong.

Pros: Good value, Tasty

Cons: It can get busy


Points +13

14 Jan 2022

Don’t miss it!

Lovely spot in Mayfair for a nice veg lunch! It’s a sort of canteen vibes but if you are looking for a quick cheap eat in London is absolutely the place to go!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great value for money, Under 10£ lunch !


Points +120

05 Nov 2021

Great value for money

This was my second trip to Govindas. As before, the food was excellent value and very tasty - £6.95 for rice, dahl, a side of veg curry, chopped salad and a pappadom. Wish there were more places like this (and Thenga in Judd Street) like this in London. Basic food well cooked and reasonably priced.


Points +501

23 Oct 2021

Super good!

I’m disappointed I have only now discovered this place. Good value thalis for whatever kind of appetite you have. Atmosphere was chaotic at Saturday lunch time but I still managed to find a seat and enjoy the meal. I will definitely be back!

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