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Hare Krishna affiliated restaurant, previously known as Govinda's. The daily hot food offering include a vegan dish, a vegetarian dish, an Indian dish, a Mediterranean dish, soup, rice/potatoes/couscous, and 2 kinds of more exotic food. There is an additional salad bar and desserts bar. Closed through mid-August. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-17:00.

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First Review by kaitimar


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04 Aug 2022

Vegan buffet!

A vegetarian restaurant which only had vegan options when I came.
The place is self-service, so you can pick everything from a buffet and it is weighted at the end. The buffet includes salad and desert.

I especially liked that I found the typical Slovenia cake in a vegan version!



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07 Oct 2021

Nice food

I have only gotten takeout from them and it was very good and the portions were large. They make some of the best veggie patties I have ever had.

I would prefer the lunch option (when getting takeout) to feature one main dish and two sides instead of four to five smaller portions. It’s nice to sample everything but it’s just too many flavors at once for me.

They also make the best house made vegan donuts I’ve ever tried but they might only offer them in February for Pust/Mardi Gras.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-15


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26 Jul 2021

Something for everyone

Radha is one of my favorite restaurants in Ljubljana. It offers a lot of different vegan (and vegetarian) food. The stuff is always nice and the food is generally quite good. They also have the best vegan desserts and the prices are reasonable.


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09 Feb 2021


everything is clearly labeled and very very tasty. they also make their own pasta in different shapes and colors, their own vegan mayonnaise (with beetroot juice, with turmeric with pumpkin seed oil or with secret spices) and the best donuts for mardi gras.


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03 Nov 2019

Tasty and budget friendly buffet

Went here for a quick lunch and left very satisfied. The vegan options are plenty and are clearly labeled. For a student coupon (3.44€ I think) you get soup, dessert and a plate you can fill with anything you like. The food was tasty and the staff very friendly.

Pros: Many vegan options, Budget friendly, Student coupons


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10 Sep 2019

Good food, not expensive and friendly people

Nice place to eat. A bit outside the city center. Very friendly people, and the food is good. Fresh made. Not expensive. For a whole meal including a drink I paid 7 euros.

Pros: Friendly staff, Cheap, Good food

Cons: A bit outside city center, Closes at 19u


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16 Dec 2014

great food and atmosphere

The staff was friendly and helpful (the hostess spoke English). The layout and decor is nice. Upon entering there is a sink to wash your hands before serving your plate. The food seemed fresh and there was good variety. My only complaint is the markings of what was vegetarian versus vegan were not clear to me. The food was yummy and well-priced. After eating the trays are placed on a cart and quickly cleared for washing. The bathroom was clearly marked and clean. A very nice restaurant!

Pros: Good prices, Delicious food, Nice staff & atmosphere

Cons: Markings could be better


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22 Feb 2014

expected better

the food was not good... the soup was bad, the salad was...bad, and the main dish options were..........bad. the cake was nice though, and the staff was friendly.

Pros: nice staff, studentski boni, cake

Cons: everything else


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04 Jan 2014

Sumptuous food

Govinda's offers you several options regarding the variety of food and the quantity you would like to eat. The food is lacto-vegetarian, but they have several vegan options. Good thing is if you choose the largest plate which is priced 9.5 Euros, you can fill it up with lots of food. The food is delicious. Also, there is a temple a couple blocks from the restaurant and a store where they sell Indian food, spices, etc.

Pros: Sumptuous food, Friendly staff, Customizable options

Cons: A little far from city center


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05 Apr 2013

Great food, nice people, pleasent ambient

The local hare-krishna self-catering restaurant offers a variety of dishes, daily soup, salad and about 4 different desserts. It is all nicely marked if it's vegan, gluten-free.. The food is great, people are really friendly and I like the nice ambient, hare-krishna music playing in the background.. It's just a 10min walk away from the centre of the city, so the location is also great.

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Prices, maybe


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21 Oct 2011

Good buffet

This is a decent vegetarian buffet restaurant. There is a good salad bar and a changing daily menu. The Indian dish I had was good and I liked that it was buffet style. Not as cheap as I thought (11.5 Euro for the buffet and a drink), but still good value and worth the 10-15 minute walk from the centre of Ljubljana.

Pros: Good food, Salad bar

Cons: A bit expensive


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01 Sep 2011

Very nice!

As a student I am quite lucky I can use my student's coupons there, otherwise it's not so cheap for amount you can take. I like self-service but if you are vegan, you have to have in mind there is not always much choice for you. I've eaten there many times and sometimes I've been really happy, almost everything was vegan, other time it was more the opposite. Still, you will love the food! Good tastes:) Salads and desserts are good too. I always eat too much there, that's the only problem. I would share it with some friend but the stuff can complicate about it. I miss some raw options (beside salad). In general, I recommend this place, especially for vegetarians but also for vegans. Enjoy;)

Pros: excellent food, nice atmosphere, student coupons

Cons: a bit pricey, could be more vegan


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24 Jul 2011

One of my favorites in Ljubljana

I really like this restaurant, because they have coupons for students (which I am) and you really get a lot of good food for it. They always have different salads, main dishes and desserts. The good thing is you can try several at once, because it is self service.
It is a little further from the center of the city, but still manageable. And you have to be really hungry because the danger of taking too much because you want to try everything is big.
The atmosphere is calm and the staff is friendly. I like going there.

Pros: good value, excellent food, calm atmosphere


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18 Sep 2010


I love to eat there, because you get your food quickly, you take what you want, it's fresh and very very tasty!
I live in India and the food is quite different here - in a good way. It's way better.
And staff is always very friendly!

Pros: Very good, Near centre, Cheap

Cons: A bit hard to find the first time, Sometimes tastes of food are too similar, Not as classy as you would sometimes wnt


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07 Feb 2009

Krishna's takeaway

This place is hidden in a side street 15 minute walk from the city center, but well worth the stroll. The food is self-service, half lacto vege, half vegan, with price determined by the dish you choose. There is always also a more european option available, such as mini pizza or stew, always good but not always vegan.
Important thing for me is that Krishnas don't use onion or garlic. So my only problem with this place is that I always stuff myself, as I want to try everything, and everything is so good...

Pros: Good, fast food (not fastfood), Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, Good prices

Cons: Cash only, Toilet downstairs

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