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Vegetarian buffet style restaurant featuring a large variety of fresh prepared dishes. Pay for food by weight. No alcohol. Quiet and clean. Daily lunch is from 12-4pm, dinner is from 7:30pm. Refurbished and reopened, Sep 2014. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 9:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by camila


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22 Sep 2023

Excelente comida

Estuvimos anoche para cenar, tiene buffet con todo vegano, más cosas de repostería y otros productos veganos a la venta, todo lo que probé estuvo muy bueno, lo recomiendo, además de que atienden hasta las 23hrs

Pros: Muchas opciones , Para servir y llevar



Points +180

26 Jan 2023

Fully vegan now

We arrived 22:10 so they didn’t have everything available but contrary to other reviews this place is now fully vegan (they use vegan cheese).

Downside is that our food was pretty cold but this seems pretty standard in buffets here.

They had loads of options and it was really cheap (you pay by weight). Eat in or takeaway.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-26


Points +44

13 Feb 2019

Eat good for a fair price

Cheap and very good.


Points +38

Mostly Veg
27 Feb 2018

We ate here 6 times in 5 days...

Food was fantastic, reasonably priced, and for a town that’s closed half the day, their hours are very flexible!


Points +8543

19 Sep 2017

Good food, but needs better clarity about vegan items

Govinda is one of the better vegetarian restaurants in Mendoza, and (along with its sister location downtown) the only veg option in town that's open for dinner.

There's a reasonably good buffet selection, offering plenty of choice for lacto-vegetarians and roughly a dozen items for vegans, give or take.

Unfortunately, they aren't consistently well organized in the way they set out the vegan items, making it hard to tell for sure which items are vegan. There is a section that is labeled "vegan," but individual items aren't always labeled, and there are also a few vegan items placed randomly around the other tables, so vegans really need to inquire to be sure.

The other issue here (as with so many other Argentinian veg restaurants) is that the buffet food gets cold quickly and the only option for warming it up is a microwave oven, which has harmful effects both on nutrition and texture. It would be better if they would use the steam tables to keep the hot food hot, and also provide a conventional toaster-oven as an option for reheating items that have gotten cold.

Service was warm and helpful, and prices are reasonable.

Pros: Some vegan items (though one needs to ask), open for dinner

Cons: Microwave ovens


Points +36

08 Mar 2015


Super clean and nice food. Quite cheap.


Points +97

07 Feb 2015

calling all the vegans in the house!

This is definitely worth a meal while in Mendoza. Lots of vegan options, all clearly marked with the v-leaf. Interesting food fusions of Argentina, Asian, and Indian influences. You will leave full and happy!
Plus, the space is bright and clean. An easy place to relax and spend a few hours at.
There are also foods and organic products for sale.


Points +125

28 Jul 2014

currently closed

when i was in mendoza (end of july 2014) they were renovating govinda downtown, so its currently closed. the other govinda (in godoy cruz) is open though and definately worth a visit!


Points +584

19 Nov 2013

fine choice

govinda had a decent vegan section, and the staff was helpful in pointing out other vegan items not placed in that section. the restaurant is located a bit outside the center of the city, but worth a visit.


Points +348

17 Nov 2012

very good veggie food, nice atmosphere

Govinda in one of the best veggie restaurants I've visited, lot of veggie options, clearly labeled vegan section, home made fruit juice / beverages (lemon ginger is great!), in a nice atmosphere -recommend upstairs-.
Very tasty, with a bit of Indian style (but not spicy).

Pros: veggie choices, tasty, cozy atmosphere


Points +25

13 Nov 2012

Should be vegan

The food is delicious, but I should be 100% vegan.


Points +96

07 May 2012

Open everyday!

It was open even on Easter weekend, when everything else was closed. There is a great buffet but without a tenedor-libre option. You can buy only by weight (April.12: 45 peso por kilo). Even 15 minutes before the end of lunch time the variety of dishes was very good. Lots of delicious bakery. Some spicy things, all food is special, not just to full a stomach. Plenty of meat subsistutes.
There is a bar with desserts and drinks that is available between lunch and dinner.
there is free wifi.


Points +77

20 Sep 2011

Great place

This is the most well appointed veg restaurant in Mendoza so far.
Nice atmosphere, with a taste of indian cuisine.
It offers a full of options buffet and a Vegan section with delicious food.
You can stay or take out. Friendly staff and convenient hours (it's opened all day till 1 am, even on sundays)
It also has a tiny store / herbalist's.

Pros: variety, vegan options, well appointed


Points +39

26 Jul 2008

The best one

This is one of the best places to eat in Mendoza.
Pitty they don't have beer or any alcohol, but it's a very good place to eat. Good food, good desserts, to take out or to eat in the same place.

Pros: great food, no smokers, 100% vegetarian

Cons: no beer, they have not soup

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