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Vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Lunch menu includes dim sum, rice and noodle dishes. Set dinner menus are available for parties. Dinner reservations suggested on weekends as it is generally crowded from 6-8pm. No smoking. Confirmed closed November 2023.

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First Review by gregster


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14 Jul 2023


Asked very clearly “what are the veggies in the dish”? Lady said Bok Choi broccoli…I get this fish and it’s full of peppers and mushroom maybe 1 piece of broccoli and a bit of Bok Choi. So I left. Plus the service was like second class cause I wasn’t Asian. Didn’t give me the bowl of hot water to rince chopsticks and bowls like they gave everyone sitting around me. Lady seemed annoyed because I asked questions. I’m Never going back.

Cons: Service , Second class treatment for not being Asian



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03 Dec 2022

Vegan Chinese food / dim sum

Found this restaurant on happy cow so I decided to check out their vegan Chinese food. The menu has a great selection of vegetarian mock meats. I told the waitress that I was vegan, and she recommended me the meatballs and the beef noodles. Ask for no eggs.

Overall, their food is legit and delicious. Big portions so don't get carried away! Nice, spacey decor. Friendly service. Cash only. Overall great restaurant and surely worth a try.


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13 Nov 2022

One of my favourite places

This is one of my go to restaurants for vegetarian food. They have a wide selection of choices. Nice mock meat and vegetables dishes. The flavor is very good and always eat in or take out when I'm in the area! Give it a try

Pros: Mock meats, Veg dishes, Atmosphere


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30 Mar 2022

Great service, great options, and great portions

Great experience! Staff were so kind and gracious. Will be back

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of options, Good value


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16 Dec 2021

great veggie chinese food!

authentic, delicious, and great prices!

Pros: excellent and fast service


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Mostly Veg
25 Feb 2020

Good takeout options

I usually come by this place for takeout. The 齋鹵味 they offer is a delicious and quick takeout option to feed a family of 4. It costs roughly $10 and goes well with rice. This is my go to restaurant for a quick takeout!

Pros: Fast and tasty


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Mostly Veg
05 Mar 2018

Affordable food with lots of option

Their menu is thick! Lots of option and affordable. It's nothing fancy, but it's good if you want to get quick take out. They also have snacks and TVPs available.


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11 Sep 2016

Good food

Reasonably priced lunch menu and decent service.

Had the Fish in black bean sauce with steamed rice and it was very good - 4 stars

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-11

Pros: Good food, Quick service


Points +42

22 May 2016

not what it used to be

We used to really enjoy this place. The last 3 times we have been the quality has declined drastically. Many items are greasy and flavorless. We have also been experiencing gastrointestinal upset after eating there.

Pros: plenty of veg meat options, large portions

Cons: greasy


Points +1168

01 Mar 2016

Excellent vegan Chinese food

Our friends treated us to some takeaway from this place, as this was their favourite vegetarian Chinese resto. I was blown away by the assorted gluten and soy plate. They make it in-house fresh every day and it was delicious. Highly recommended.


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03 Nov 2015

My All-time Favourite Veggie Restaurant!

My family and I have been coming here for years. We come almost once every week and we always leave full and happy with extras to take home! The prices are decent and the portions are very generous so it's definitely worth your money!Also, they serve a different dessert (chinese style) each time after your meal (dinner only) for free!
I have have probably tried almost everything on the menu so I highly recommend their soups, the mashed taro fish and this other fried seaweed fish.

One thing I would say though is to ask for less oil in your food because some of the more oily dishes can be a bit more oily than my liking but it's not a big issue. And if you go there during dinnertime, it will be really busy and the waiters might be a bit inattentive, but overall their service is good and the waiters and the owner are all really nice people.

Pros: Large variety & selections available, Great prices, large portions, Free dessert!

Cons: Food can be a bit oily, May have to wait during dinnertime, Busy servers, can be abit inattentive


Points +55

20 Sep 2015

Wow...this place is fantastic!!!

Okay, on first glance this looks like a hole-in-the wall in the middle of a strip mall...the obvious has been stated.

Venture into this busy restaurant and you are in for a treat! This is a traditional (i.e. not western style) vegetarian Chinese restaurant, with pages and pages of options (overwhelming really). If you like Chinese food you WILL find something to make you happy here. Also, the prices are very decent, and the portions are generous.

I found the customer service to be friendly and attentive, very aware of dietary preferences (e.g. the waiter asked if I was vegetarian or vegan before filling my order).

Verdict: If you are in the area GO to this restaurant - if not, GO to this restaurant!!!

Pros: Food, Choices, Price

Cons: None

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