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Price is 7-10 euro per for dishes. Peaceful atmosphere, without smoking and alcohol drinks. No eggs, garlic, or onion used. Sits besides Prague castle. MAY 2016 REPORTED SHUT, CONFIRMED BY ITS FB.

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First Review by virajer


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19 Apr 2014

Interesting experience

I don't know how to start to describe this place- first visit, they let me in, welcomed me and when I tried to order they told me they were shut. Second visit they may as well have been! Had to get up and go to the counter to order my food, having first had to get myself a table... and paying at the end was equally problematic. Staff seemed distracted. Food was cold- stone cold. It tasted ok and was cheap and the staff were nice enough. Only one meal is offered as a 'set meal' and you can add/remove items as you see fit for extra cost (although removing items will not make it cheaper...removing items necessary for vegans)

Pros: cheap

Cons: terrible service


Leo Costa

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05 Mar 2014


The food was very cold. We get diferent price(like 2x expensive) than the local people. If you speak chek you pay half price only. They charge as extra for a glas of tap water. All the food was cold and looked also to be old. The boss was behiving very arogant and unprofessional, unfortunately his english was so bad, so he didnot understand any of our complain. The toilets were also in a very bad condition. We did not finish our meels and we will definitally not come again. Better we recomand to visit vegan restaurant Loveg (Nerudova 36)just ten meters up. There is much better food, cheaper, people more friendly and food is vegan

Cons: cold food, bad behiavour, TWO DIFERENT PRICES


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31 Jan 2014


Charges for the tap water. Rude service.


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23 Jul 2013

Good food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Despite other information, the staff here does speak English.

During lunch, they have a buffet for a fixed price. They bring you a plate of food with a dessert, soup, salad and main dish. After you eat everything, you tell them if you want more and which things you would like (more soup but not more salad, etc).

The day that we went, the main dish wasn't vegan, but the dessert, salad, soup and rice were all quite good. Food is Indian-inspired, and the atmosphere was nice. The service was good, as well. Definitely recommend this place.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Friendly, Buffet

Cons: Limited options


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18 Jul 2013

Nice place, small menu, good price

Gopal is one of the few veg places on the other side of the river, very close to the palace. It is in a nice and calm environment, in a courtyard behind an art gallery, and seem to be run by Krishna people. They have one (Indian-style) dish a day, an all-you-can-eat option, and one where you select what you want on your plate. All-you-can-eat means that you can go to the counter and ask for seconds, which they will happily serve you. Most of the food was vegan, it was easy to leave out the yogurt sauce for the desert). The food selection is not great, but you get good value for your money.

Pros: calm environment, close to palace, good/much food for low pice, veganizable

Cons: small selection of food


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11 Jun 2013

Nice Spot

A lovely place up the hill in Male Strana well signed from the main street go through an art gallery and to the restaurant. Basic food made from chunky vegetables and pulses. There are a few seats inside but if it's sunny there's a lovely external seating area. Food is cheap and cheerful served in the familiar metallic utensils used in Govinda type places. I had the chunky veg soup which at 30 CZK was sufficient and hearty. They also have another branch lower down the hill in Male Strana at the corner of Elišky Peškové and Malátova as you cross in to Male Strana from the Jiráskuv Bridge.

Pros: cheap, filling

Cons: basic


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01 Nov 2012


Love this place. Great food. Lovely vibe. Eat and chill.


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08 May 2012

An Interesting Experience

A very quiet and peaceful atmosphere, food is good, definitely a very interesting dining experience.
I had a "very healthy drink", which is just normal green juice without sweetener.


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30 Dec 2011

special restaurant

Peaceful Ambient. Food is really good, with big portions and the price is quite cheap! For two only 106 Kc! and staff is very kind!

Pros: healthy cuisine, good value, friendly staff


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12 Sep 2011

Handy location, but bit of a strange one!

The best thing about this place is the location, it's right down the street from the Castle, and as there's not much else in that area in terms of veggie and vegan options, it's handy if you're really hungry and need to eat in that area. The outside seating is lovely - it's in a little sheltered courtyard and was very peaceful - a nice welcome break.

However, if you're strict vegan, this might not be the best choice for you. The menu is in English, but it's a little bit confusing. For an easy life, we opted for the 'all you can eat' option which is a set meal. It comes on a canteen style tray and they come back when you've eaten it and ask if you'd like more of anything. The food was a little bit strange and not very hot. There was a lentil soup which was nice enough, then a possibly vegan curry which had pineapple in it and was OK, but I probably wouldn't eat a lot of it unless I was desperate, there was a small portion of salad which I think contained some pickled veg - so fine, if you like pickled veg, some bread, which was nice, and a pudding which was berry yoghurt (didn't eat it as try to be vegan)and a sort of sweet dumpling thing which I tasted a little bit of out of curiosity but didn't finish as I wasn't sure what was in it. I wasn't unhappy, it was fine and I'm just always happy when I get something that I can eat OK, but I wouldn't recommend it as a gourmet option.

They do juices here too - you can get wheatgrass juice. You could probably get something a bit more standard if you took your time over the menu and worked things out but we were too hungry! It's very reasonably priced too, so a good budget option, particularly if you take them up on the 'all you can eat' offer. We didn't finish our first tray so didn't test them on this.

Pros: Handy location, Peaceful setting, Good prices

Cons: Food a bit strange


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17 Aug 2011

Indian heaven

Delicious and authentic indian buffet with rice, stew, raita and sweets. Tasty juices and wonderlful atmosphere.

Pros: outdoor seating, buffet

Cons: small menu


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06 May 2011

A very odd eating experience

We came across this place by chance while wandering down Nerudova after a visit to the castle. The pictures on the door seemed appealing, so we gave it a go, and...well, the pictures may have been a bit misleading. The set menu consisted of a very nice chick pea soup, a less appetising sludge-coloured courgette curry, a rather unappealing bit of salad floating in yoghurt, a strange yellow combination of coconut, aniseed and a prune, and a rather flat sponge cake in banana yoghurt.

We were asked if we wanted seconds before we left, but that seemed like a rather misplaced enquiry considering we hadn't managed to finish our firsts. Perhaps this is just a style of cooking that I'm not used to or don't appreciate the nuances of (and it must be said that the other customers were happily polishing off their trays of food in record time), but I certainly wouldn't recommend spending your 150 korunas here.

Noelle Elia

Points +31

05 Dec 2010

once was enough

i happened to find myself in the neighborhood of Gopal, so i made the effort to track it down.
one time was enough -- the attitude of the man working there was pretty unfriendly. was miffed by my questions - as i'm lactose intolerant, i decided to only have the soup. apparently it was lentil, but it was mostly broth - barely any lentils, barely any vegetables. and i had to pay extra for a bit of rice. and even more if i wanted a little bit of chutney... mostly it was the man's attitude that turned me off. and compared to veggie dhaba (both praha 1 locations) which is ALWAYS packed with people, there were only two other people eating @ Gopal - and it was lunchtime.
don't plan on going back - the energy and the food were not great.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 05, 2010

Cons: unfriendly staff, poor cuisine, watery soup, overpriced for what i got


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05 Oct 2010

Not so good vegan

Visited in september 2010 for lunch. The vegetarian dish seemed nice but the vegan variation was the same with some stuff removed.

Pros: friendly staff, cosy place


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08 Jun 2010

friendly escape from the castle crowds

below ground cafe style resteraunt set in a courtyard near the castle. set menu of the day is 108 czech crowns - very cheap. with that you get soup, chutney, rice, curry, salad, halva + banana yoghurt, all washed down with herb tea. obviously the menu probably changes daily, but this gives you some idea. great value for money + the owner is super friendly. it's a little oasis of calm after you've been trampled by the hoardes around the castle.

Pros: friendly, bargain, portion size


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Non Veg
02 Apr 2010

the best of Prague

Excelent food, nice people!


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23 Jan 2010

Surprising restaurant

This restaurant is not that easy to spot. You have to look for the sign on the right during the walk uphill to the castle. Enter the yard, take the stair down and get through a white door to enter the restaurant. It was a nice surprise. Nice Ambient. Food is really good. The price is quite cheap (108 for the whole lunch).

Pros: value for money, nice ambient


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05 Jan 2010

Nice Suprise

I found Gopal by mistake while wandering near the castle and had an excellent meal there. Of all the places i ate in prague the food was the nicest and the cheapest.

The staff where helpful and friendly, highly recommend

Pros: Excellent food, great value, central location


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07 Dec 2009



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