功德林 brand was originally established in 1922. This one is a neighborhood noodle shop spin-off from the restaurant. Menu focuses on noodles with a few mock meats. Try the wontons. A few major dishes are translated into English. An associated shop selling sweets is nearby on Huashan. Relocated from 97 Wukang Rd, Xuhui District. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:30pm.

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First Review by flamekat


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25 Jan 2023

Good choice

Huge selection of food, the lady is really nice and can help choosing options without eggs.
Everything is tasty and the atmosphere is relaxed.
We paid around 10 euros each eating a lot



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19 May 2020

Around The Corner

So if you're trying to find this place at the address you'll find Cozy Bar, but just round the corner is where this actually is. We were out walking in our neighbourhood, exploring and went to find this place. It was a lovely quiet evening and the place was not too busy. We just had 3 dishes between us, the shredded potatoes with peppers, dried tofu with celery & the crispy veggie chicken with sticky rice. All were very tasty and reasonably priced. I'll definitely come back to try more of the large menu.
So this was one of the first places I tried in Shanghai and I've only been back a couple of times, so I decided to revisit with my assistant and give it another try. We had the pork cutlet which was quite small served sliced on a lettuce leaf with ketchup, it was ok didn't taste too porky. The vegan duck (fried tofu skin) was really good, I'm getting used to this dish now. The curry and rice was good but not my favourite. The dumplings were excellent though, served with a peanut sauce over them, really great. We sat in the outside section which was nice and shaded. The menu is pretty big and with English translations, the staff spoke some English too.

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-04

Pros: Huge selection, Menu in English, Reasonable.


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08 Jun 2019

loooots of chinese food

the selection was almost too big but everything was delicious and the service was quick and friendly


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27 Mar 2019


Favourite restaurant in Shanghai.
Have the dumplings (饺子), either in soup or dry or in peanut sauce, and the eggplants (茄子)for a vegan twist of classic Chinese food. Fried duck for a tasty surprise.
The menu is in English too.

Pros: Traditional Chinese atmosphere, Outdoor seating


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11 Mar 2019


One of my favorite vegan restaurant in Shanghai. Best dish: 饺子(dumplings)

Pros: Lots of veggies, Quite place to eat and chat

Cons: A bit cold during winter


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28 Oct 2018

Gong de lin Godly

I had the Crispy chicken with sticky rice. It was pretty good. It has the sticky rice in he middle of the mock meat. If you are a small eater then it’s perfect for two. Staff doesn’t speak English but the menu has options in English.

***the address is not correct. Instead of what is listed it’s actually 303 but right next door so not that big of a deal if you look around the corner.

Pros: Friendly staff, Reasonable prices


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21 Jul 2018


While staff don't speak any English, and you are expected to use WeChat to choose from the menu, they are very helpful and friendly.
I had a lovely dish of noodles and mushrooms, spinach dumplings in broth and mock duck that I really enjoyed.
They even after some hesitation ordered me a cab. I'd definitely go again and try more.

Pros: English menu, tasty food, friendly service


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20 Jul 2018

Great mock meat!

I'm not always a fan of mock meat, but the ones we tried here really good. Even though they tasted quite similar, the crispy "chicken" and the mock "duck", we're both delicious. They came with the same dipping sauce, which was perfectly sweet & salty. We also got eggplant in a sauce, that was way too sweet for our liking. The wonton and noodle soup was okay, the broth is very light. Four dishes for 2 people was more than enough, and cost us around 200 rmb. P.S. If you're in need of Western groceries, the avocado lady is a 5 minute walk from here :)

Pros: Great mock meats


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06 Dec 2017

good food, good place

I always go here when in shanghai, the food is good and the menu is in english too. Nice venue with big windows. Staff is ok but don't expect much english spoken and prepare to take initiative for water..
The neighborhood is very posh though with lots of westerners.


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02 Mar 2017

Great food

Really lovely place, delicious food at a very reasonable price. Lots and lots of delicious mock meats to choose from. Plenty of options if you want to splurge, but also some very reliable, reasonably priced choices as well.

Pros: Delicious, Well priced

Shanghai Sally

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14 Feb 2016

easy no fuss food

I love godly - the service is great - food simple - great location for where I live - they are also open really early so I've ordered some great noodles and dumplings for breakfast before - my favorite dishes are their setzuan tofu and their fried shiitake mushrooms but everything I've had here has been delicious - it's not expensive the food is created and served with care and quick - it's possible to get a beer 'leffe' if that's what your after but teas and other drinks are the main go here

Pros: quick, cheerful, lots of interesting Chinese choices with English m

Cons: none


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31 Mar 2014

Excellent Food

The bright sunny spring day made for a wonderful lunch while dining outside. The restaurant is clean, the food excellent, price is reasonable; all the things one can ask for! In addition, even during the lunch hour rush, it was not that crowded and was not noisy: (something that is a particular problem in most Chinese restaurants!). I added a picture of their Ma Lan Tou (马兰头). This is a seasonal dish that is quite tasty, but only available in the spring. One note: the address on the door is not the same as that shown in the map. However, the smart phone app worked correctly and got us right to the door of the restaurant.

Pros: Good price, Food not too oily

Cons: No sure if staff could speak any English, Seating could be limited on a crowded da


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16 Jul 2013


Was easy to find, a bit formal, food was good, one of the staff spoke English so so. The menu had English translation. Reasonable priced


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31 May 2013

Bland food

This small restaurant in the French Concession has a menu that largely contains mock meat dishes.

The taste of all dishes I tried was very bland, perhaps due to the lack of MSG that the cooks are used to cooking with?

The price was moderate at around 30RMB per dish, but at the same time rather expensive for the same kind of cooking that'd go for 10 RMB in any small non vegetarian neighborhood restaurant in the area.

Overall I wouldn't go again and other options aren't too far away.

My friend told me it gets very packed in the evening, so be aware of that in case you go for dinner.

Cons: Very small in case you go with friends, Bland cooking, Overpriced for the cooking on offer


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09 Sep 2011

Not a good choice

As vegan restaurants are not many, this is an option.
I went twice but I didn't enjoy the meal.
Some of the dishes are in English, I recomend noodels with vegetables (it's on the photo).
The service was very poor. The first day they tried to cheat us, and we counted the money looking at the prices of the menu, because in the receipt you don't understand anything, in case they want to give it to you.
The second day the waiter spoke us in a very bad way, and I got nervous. I will never come back and I don't recommend it at all.
I preffer to eat rice in the street that going there.
I also recommend street food, choose the vegetables and enjoy them, they are grilled and not mixed with meat, and you can eat for 1 or 2 euros!

Pros: not at all, they tried to cheat us

Cons: bad service, not tasty, you have to pay the "take away"


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Mostly Veg
03 Aug 2011


my first meal from a vegetarian restaurant in shanghai and i ate it all.


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06 May 2009

Cheap food, not bad

I rented an apartment right around the corner from this place, and went in not even knowing it was vegetarian. How great to have it so close! The food is good, and you get a lot of it for a very low price. Lunch for 2 was 79rmb ($12) and a bowl of soup is 13rmb ($2). Great place if you're nearby, but better food can be had at Wu Guan Tang.

Pros: Fast, Cheap, Good

Cons: No English, Fake Meats


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29 Apr 2009

Good grub

This is a no-nonsense neighborhood noodle shop. As long as that's what you're expecting, you won't be disappointed. When you sit down, they will hand you a menu and expect you to order pretty much immediately. Even if you ask them to wait a minute, they will leave for about 20 seconds and come straight back. TIC.

Most people come here for a quick meal of either a bowl of wontons or noodles. The wontons are very good - heavy on the cilantro/coriander. The noodles are also pretty tasty, but tricky if you're trying to share.

There are many other dishes to choose from, but there are no pictures, the staff only speaks Chinese, and only about 25% of the menu items are written in English. They will try to get you to order those. They will point and point, but ignore them! There are better dishes - you just have to be adventurous. Point at one of the Chinese only items. Try one that is about 28-38 yuan. You will most likely get a delicious concoction of mushrooms, vegetables, and mock meat that has been cooked until bubbling in a clay pot. Or maybe a delicious stir fry. Much better than stir fried potato and pepper strips, right?

To be fair, one English translated main dish is worth trying - the veggie black pepper steak. It's stir fried with carrots and is very nice. Don't bother with the mapo (spicy tofu) as you can get a much better version at Vegetarian Lifestyle. They might try to warn you that something is spicy by telling you it's "la". This warning seems to be inconsistent with the actual spiciness of the dish, so unless you really hate spice, disregard this warning as it could mean anything from a drizzle of chili oil to 5-6 fresh chopped chilies covering your food. Plain rice isn't listed on the menu, so if you'd like that, ask for "mi fahn".

Service here is simple. The staff can be pretty friendly, but probably not on your fist visit. No individual plates like in other restaurants and as always here, food comes as it's ready and not in any particular order. They have beer, water, and soft drinks available. When you go to the register to pay, consider taking some of the packaged steamed buns for a snack later. They are stuffed with spinach and are quite handy to keep around when out and about. If you want something sweet, walk down Wukang Lu one block and turn right. On the right side of the street is the sister shop selling products such as cookies. Dinner for two can go from 40 yuan for wontons and rice to about 100 for several dishes.

Pros: good value, fast service, close to my apartment!

Cons: no picture menu, small space, so can be crowded at times, closes early


12 Jun 2017

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