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Golden Temple

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Utrechtsestraat 126, Amsterdam, Netherlands,

Amsterdam's oldest vegetarian restaurant. Offers sandwiches, international cuisine, pizza, soy ice cream, juices, raw food, and desserts. Lunch is vegan, gluten-free. Floor seating area on the 2nd level and a terrace when weather permits. Operated by a yoga-teacher couple, the woman is knowledgeable about raw food & nutrition. International staff. Spiritual chanting and music nights. Mon-Sun 5:00pm-11:00pm Kitchen closes 9:30pm.

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Reviews (63)

First Review by mvanmaasdijk

Nice people, good food - Edit

We came here for the first time and had a wonderful experience. We honestly do not know where some previous reviews about the staff came from: they were both so nice! The waitress told us she is vegan as well and was very welcoming. The food did not take long at all and was delicious. We agree, it's not a big portion, but not small either: we ate a starter, main and dessert and were completely stuffed at the end (and we are big eaters). Will definitely come back some time.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-16

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff

Cons: Main courses somewhat pricey

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Great little place! - Edit

Visited Amsterdam with a fellow-veggie friend, and found Golden Temple listed amongst the recommended veggie places in my rather out of date guide book. We confirmed via the internets that it did still exist, and headed there for dinner.
Place was already quite full, but we were greeted and invited to wait a few minutes as a table was about to be vacated. We squeezed in (not much elbow room between the tightly packed tables!) and were then spoilt for choice from the menu!
I opted for the vegan version of the kedgeree dish (the waitress said I would get some of the soup instead of raita) while my veggie-but-not-vegan friend went for one of the burrito/enchilada type options.
Food was beautifully presented and delicious, enjoyed a chai (soy) while my friend had a tasty looking smoothie.
Agree with other reviewers that portion sizes could be a little larger, (eg maybe more than one chapatti with the curry?) but decided that as there were VEGAN DESSERTS on the menu and I still had room, it would be rude not to try one! Went for the raw chocolate pie with a hint of coffee...soooo good!! Enjoyed the decor and friendly little dogs, would definitely return again!

Pros: Quirky/laid back vibe and decor, Varied menu, lots of vegan options, Very tasty food

Cons: Can be very full , Not the largest of portions

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Poor service, small portions - Edit

All the food was pretty expensive and we received tiny portions of not so great food. Dishes with truffel only tasted like truffel. The costumer service was definately lacking and slow.

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Still hungry after visiting - Edit

First, the staff is very unfriendly. It was also really personal, others around us (it seemed) were helped fine? And I consider myself totally as a friendly neat guy. The food was not much better, the portions were very small (for that price). What you get has a good taste, 'finger licking good' to be honest. Cake as dessert: for takeaway of course, to go out of there asap.

Cons: Expensive , Unfriendly staff, Small Portions

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Loved Golden Temple - Edit

Loved the food and international menu options and dishes. Something for everyone. Really cute and cosy interiors and wholesome food. I had the mexican soft tacos, super filling and delicious. Recommend it if you are in Amsterdam and staying in the East side of town

Pros: cosy interior design, wide menu selection, yummy desserts & drinks

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Cute! - Edit

Very nice vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. The food is delicious, but maybe a bit expensive for some people. Nice ambiance and friendly staff. Worth a visit!

Pros: Wide variety of dishes ranging from Asian to Mexic, Cute ambiance/interior, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricy

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Perfect Veggie Restaurant - Edit

The place has a nice atmosphere (compared to other vegan restaurants that can be very odd in styling and hygiene). There were a lot of options for a vegan on the menu. And it was not only indian food -as I would expect- but a lot of variety in dishes, which I liked.
The staff was a bit messy, but my overall experience of the food was great!

Pros: Nice food, Good atmosphere, Variety in dishes

Cons: Expensive, Busy, Messy staff

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Improving :) - Edit

I've been here three times, December 28, 2013, February 19, 2015 and September 3, 2015. It's a nice setting and I like the ambiance. I do not like the prices (ratio to serving sizes) though, although it is manageable with the 15% discount I receive as a member of the Dutch vegan society.

On December 28, 2013 (a Saturday), we sat down next to the entrance in front of the window, where you can lounge on some cushions, very laid-back! Overall we had quite a good evening although service was a bit slow (even though we sat down at 5 pm), but, then came dessert... three very small pieces of pie, the three raw pies of the menu, for over 10 euros. Absolutely not worth it! Moreover, one of us ordered just one piece and got almost as much as I did for much less money. It was a disappointment to end the night this way.

February 2015 (a Thursday) I was here again on a date. We did enjoy it, our waitress was a bit unfocused but it didn't bother us. We had one appetizer, two main courses and we split a dessert, that was enough. We had the South East Asian Coconut Curry - divine - and the Traditional Mexican - okay but small - dishes, the Salt & Pepper Tofu as appetizer - good - and a chocolate pie - not my taste but my date liked it - for dessert. Considering the serving sizes I think it's a little overpriced; with the 15% discount as a member of the Dutch vegan society it is manageable though.

September 3rd (a Thursday) was my most recent visit here, with a friend. This time it was great, with good food and good service; we took our time and enjoyed everything.

Pros: Nice vibe, Vegan options & options to veganise, Friendly staff

Cons: Ratios price - portion

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Very dissapointing - Edit

I paid 17€ for my pizza and was still hungry afterwards. I ordered the vegan mushroom pizza, which surely looked nice, but was really tasteless. I had to put salt and pepper on it to add at least little taste to it. The crust was whole wheat, healthy but not really tasty. I really enjoy healthy food, don't get me wrong here, but from time to time I wanna have a nice burger and pizza with lots of vegan cheese, which this pizza was definitely lacking. I liked the atmosphere, but the food and the personnel were really disappointing. I wont visit this place again.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Expensive, Unfriendly personnel, Tasteless

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Wonderful all around - Edit

I have so many good things to say about this place. Love the atmosphere, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and there are so many options. My only regret is that we stumbled upon the Golden Temple after dinner, so I only had room for dessert. The "vegan dessert of the day" was not available, but I was not disappointed with my raw lime/coconut cheesecake. Next time we're in Amsterdam, we'll definitely be giving this place a full visit!

Pros: Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Great atmosphere, Number of options

Cons: A little cramped

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Disappointed and annoyed - Edit

As a long time vegan, it is important that the food ordered is what you are given to eat. I ordered the thali and was very specific that I was a plant based eater and that it had to be vegan. It would have been an ok mistake if I had not been the one to point out that they had served me a vegetarian dish after eating some of it. It is important that customers can trust the restaurant they are eating in.

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Veggies done well. - Edit

Golden Temple has something for everyone. The staff were lovely, the food tasted great and the decor was intriguing. The only downsides was that it quickly grew noisy as it was quite busy, and the meals were quite expensive, but other than that I have no complaints!

Pros: Delicious food, Nice decor

Cons: Noisy

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Funky, comfortable decor - Attentive services - Edit

Many vegan and gluten free options. Food is good but didn't hit it out of the park for us. There are so many vegetarian choices in Amsterdam, this should be on the list but it wasn't a favorite.

Pros: good basic flavors

Cons: too basic

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not the best - Edit

really nice decor, and extremely friendly staff, but overall I was confused. This restaurant is based on a Gurdwara (temple) in India, so I was expecting Indian food, but the menu was a world away from Indian. yes, it had a few Indian options, but it also had mexican, Chinese & shepards pie!
the food was ok, I had the coconut curry, but it was lacking seasoning.

Pros: nice decor

Cons: expensive for what it was

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Deliciously amazing! - Edit

This restaurant is outstanding!
The food is super tasty, they offer food from different par tof the world (india, south america...) and it's all very delicous. Moreover the atmosphere is perfect for the kind of restaurant it is! I would definetely reccomend it!

Pros: food, personnel, atmosphere

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Nice - Edit

The place was clean and nicely decorated with handpainted murals. The food was good and plentiful. Waiting staff was friendly and when we accidentally received starters and main courses at the same time, they were very accommodating by offering us free drinks. When we had a question about one of the courses the owner(?) gave us a passionate elaboration about Indian cuisine. The desserts were very nice as well.

Pros: Friendly bilingual staff, Broad range of vegan and vegetarian meal, Nice and fresh ambiance

Cons: Prices slightly above average

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Disappointed - Edit

I decided to try out Golden Temple while travelling in Amsterdam. I was hesitant to go based on the Happy Cow and Trip Advisor reviews, however I liked the location and the menu looked nice when reading it online.

When arriving I was greeted warmly by my waitress. She seated me and offered some of her opinions on her favourite dishes on the menu.

After ordering I noticed there was a small dog in the restaurant. I'm still unclear if it belonged to them or to another patron. I am not used to animals in a restaurant environment, and to be honest, I didn't like it. The door didn't close on its own, so if someone left and the door didn't shut, one of the guests would either yell across the room to have someone close it or she would constantly get up. It was very distracting.

I ordered the Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls as a starter and the Tempeh Peanut and Vegetable salad. I asked the server if she thought if these 2 things were too similar to order. She said no, and thought it was a good idea.

The Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls came out first on a very small slate plate. I could tell by looking at them that they were going to fall apart. There was too much stuffed in, and they were open on both ends. This made it hard to dip into the sauce. Half of the filling fell out on the table - so I didn't eat it. The wraps could have been assembled better AND came on a plate, or side plates in case anything fell out. They were delicious and the sauce had a little kick to it.

The Tempeh Peanut and Vegetable Salad came out shortly after. The tempeh was marinated nicely. The salad was good - nothing too special. I felt like there was way too much purple cabbage and I got very bored about 1/4 of the way in to the meal. About 75% of my plate was purple cabbage. I would suggest asked for half of the salad on a bed of brown rice or quinoa with the tempeh. To me, that would have been a much for satisfying meal.

I found for the price and what you get it was not a good value. I would not recommend this restaurant based on what I ordered. Perhaps some of the other dishes are more filling, better prepared and more well-rounded. I would probably not return to Golden Temple. I feel like there are much better choices in Amsterdam. I wanted to rate this 1 cow, however Happy Cow won't allow me since it's a vegetarian restaurant (min 2 cows).

Pros: Marinated Tempeh, Peanut sauce

Cons: Price/value, Boring main dish, Not well-rounded meals

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Big disappointment - Edit

After reading lots of great reviews I decided to take my kids to this restaurant, where I once had a great meal thirty years ago. It was a big disappointment. First of all the waitress could not have been less enthusiastic and slow. Than the people in the kitchen, which is open, did not seem to move much. They also barely laughed or talked. We waited over one and a half hour, and almost fainted with hunger. When the meals came they turned out to be TINY. Not worth the money at all, this restaurant, but worse: it will ruin your evening.

Pros: Food tastes ok, Nice pet in the restaurant

Cons: bad service, slow service, very little food

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Convenient for vegans - Edit

Whilst the service here can be a little slow, this is a good go-to option for vegans in Amsterdam as it is fully vegetarian with vegan options clearly marked, and has such a varied cuisine that there is something to suit all moods. I particularly like the Italian and Indian menus. For vegetarians, note that dairy is used whilst eggs are not. On Tuesdays, yoga classes are held in the same building, and there is also a raw reservation-only area which has a separate listing on this site, "Life is Yummy."

Pros: fully veggie, vegan options marked

Cons: slow service

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Worst restaurant ever. - Edit

Firstly, how rude the staff was. We where a company of 5. We got a table, an after that practically got ignored. We had to ask for menus. We all ordered 5 pizzas, the same "we love shrooms pizza" but two vegan with smoked tofu, 3 with mozzarella and 2 of them with tofu. We also double checked if the pizza dough was vegan and got answered "i dont know" 30 minutes later we get 2 of the pizzas, one is plain with nothing of the extra we ordered and one was right. We send back the other one after the waitress tried saying we didnt order different. Comes back with the pizza with raw mozzarella on when it was ment to be melted. After a while two more pizzas comes out one with raw tofu (not smoked) and the other one with no tofu on, we had to send that back and got it back with some thrown not so fresh looking smoked tofu pieces. After that it took 10 more minutes to get hold of the waitress to ask her to get knives and forks for our table. Our friends ordered two smoothies and one mineral water and me and my boyfriend ordered a beer each. They forgot our friends water and when we tried to oder 2 more smoothies, they didnt have any or offered any others (even if they served others costumers smoothies). The food was dull, boring and most unsatisfying food i have eaten, staff got even ruder when we asked for salt and it appeared the waitress went out to the kitchen and talked to the chef and they kept glancing back to us laughing. Then after 45 minutes we asked where the 5th pizza was, and she said we never ordered five (we where 5 in the company and the order was pretty simple). I never been treated so rudely at any restaurant, all orders was something wrong with and one didn't even get his food. And on top of that when we finally got the bill they have written up 3 smoothies and no water. At that point we just wanted to leave the place cause we all felt horrible after the treatment we didn't even argued the fact they took 5,50 euro extra for a smoothie we didn't order just because we wanted to flee the place. 94 euros for 4 most boring, dull and wrong pizzas ever eaten, 2 smoothies (and a imaginary third) and 2 beers. Expensive tasteless food, horrible, arrogant, rude staff that made this experience very unpleasant. If a waitress cant do a order of 5 we love shrooms pizza, 3 with mozzarella, 4 with tofu it is something seriously wrong, and as for money for something we didnt even order. Sorry for the ranting, but this was ridiculous an waist of money. Horrible.

Cons: Rude staff, Expensive, Tasteless food

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Great veggie place in Amsterdam - Edit

I went there with a non-vegetarian friend and we both enjoyed our meal. As a starter, I took their salt and pepper grilled tofu that was excellent, a thai soup with chapati and red rice as the main dishes and a lemon-coconut vegan ice cream as a dessert. The soup was good and generous. My friend took the pakoras as a starter and the quesadilla with cheese as the main dish and has apreciated them. In terms of price, we find the restaurant a little pricey even if not exagerated.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is zen and colorfull and the staff is friendly. It would also be great if the restaurant was open for lunch!

Pros: lots of vegan dishes, friendly staff and atmosphere, tasty food

Cons: a little pricey, not open for lunch

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Abundant vegan food - Edit

I have been to this place about 3 years ago and always happy to return... the down turn was that it ran out of the green juice about 2 weeks ago, but food quality was predictable and good. I came by myself around dinner time and the place was full. It would be advisable for 2 or more visitors to reserve a table in advance.

Pros: Good quantity and quality of food, Warm ambience

Cons: More supply for green juice

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Cozy atmosphere, good service and taste food (most - Edit

Good service and home-like atmosphere. We went there twice on our visit to Amsterdam. The vegan choices were well marked on the menu. The house-specials were the greatest succes. We will be back when in Amsteram.

Pros: Nice service, Taste food (especially the "specials"), Vegn choices marked on menu

Cons: Tiny tables

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Decent food, waitress was a moron & rude - Edit

The food at this place was nice, and we liked the atmosphere. Downstairs, you can sit at a table. Upstairs, you can sit on cushions on the floor. We sat upstairs, ordered our food and drinks, and then relaxed and ate some bread while we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The next time we saw our waitress, she was sitting in the corner making out with her boyfriend and petting a dog. We were still waiting for our food.

Our food finally arrives, and we ate. It was pretty good.

I realized that one of the things my girlfriend had on her plate looked like the yoghurt we told them to not to bring, because we are both vegan. Since we couldn't find our waitress, we asked someone else. Sure enough, it's not vegan, and my girlfriend had 2 bites of it before we realized. Shitty. This guy (who was super nice and really apologetic) tells us he will let our waitress know and tell her to be more careful.

When our waitress returned to our table, she gave a half-assed, insincere apology and says that she thought everything on the plate my girlfriend ordered was vegan. This is not true, since we told her twice "no yoghurt." Whatever.

Then, she gives us the bill and informs us that the bread she brought earlier was actually meant for the table next to us, it was a mistake, but now we have to pay for it because we ate it (which we thought was free or included in the sampler platters we ordered). We were so tired of talking to her that we just agreed to pay for it so we could leave sooner.

However, the waitress couldn't figure out how to work the credit card machine, and my girlfriend had to go into the kitchen and show her how to work it/swipe the card herself, because the waitress didn't know what she was doing.

Not only did this lady feed my girlfriend non-vegan food and make us pay for something that was her mistake, then she didn't even know how to work the credit card machine to allow us to pay.

She should spend more time with the credit card machine and less time making out with her boyfriend at work. I'd give this place a lower score than 2, if it was possible.

Pros: All-vegetarian

Cons: Rude waitress, Waitress completely incompetent, Waitress disappeared

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Don't get the 4 choice meal if you are hungry - Edit

I saw the four stars and the close location to our hotel and went for it without reading the reviews -- mistake.
We got the same 16 € meal as many of the other reviewers did. Same results. The hummus looked like someone scooped out the small small dish leaving about a tablespoon left. Got the same 2 little pieces of broc. and tofu, etc. etc.
It almost reminds me of the old joke where the waiter asks the customer how he enjoyed his meal and the customer replies: "The food was terrible and there wasn't enough!"
The meal actually looked exactly the same as the "sampler" dish that we get back in the States at our local Indian restaurant. The difference is that when you try to order it at our local place the waiter tries to talk you out of it saying that you really get a lot more if you just order the dishes separately.
At the golden temple the menu says quite the opposite: "This dish is a full meal".
The restaurant dog doesn't help the ambience by constantly scratching himself on the fur carpeting. The wait staff couldn't be nicer, though.
I would be tempted to give them another try if I could order a-la-carte because I liked the food I did get, there just wasn't enough.

Pros: 100% vegetarian , Nice waitresses, Food is not heavy on the oil

Cons: Skimpy portions on the combo meals, Scratching dog

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Expensive, tasteless, stingy - Edit

I don't understand the positive reviews. The portions were miniscule and flavourless. Like another reviewer I had the "joke" kebab - a couple of semi raw pieces of broccoli and 2 pieces of tofu, barely a mouthful and completely bland. The tiny serving of pakora was soft, soggy and
unrecognisable. This 4 part dish cost E16 and left me hungry. A total rip off. We went else where for desert and coffee

Pros: none

Cons: Expensive, Tiny portions, poor quality food

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Hated it - rip-off place - Edit

This place really put a damper on my mood. All the seats were taken downstairs, so we went and found a table upstairs. The floors upstairs are covered with rugs and pillows, and the tables are low so that you can sit on the floor. I found the area dirty and unappealing. The rugs were dirty, torn up magazines were lying about, as was a kit for rolling joints.

The waiting staff came over immediately and were very friendly and knowledgeable about the food on the menu. I guess they should be since the menu doesn't seem to have changed for several years. The food itself arrived within a reasonable amount of time. But the portions were so minuscule it was aggravating. A friend arrived late so she decided to only order starters. Her three starters, together costing less than a main course, had the double amount of food than any of the main courses we had ordered. Aaargh! When we ate, all we could think of was how much nicer it would have been to have eaten at home instead. After leaving the restaurant, those of us who had eaten only a main course were still hungry so we went and bought a portion of fries.

The restaurant looked like it was doing really good business, so why does the menu never change and why do the portions continue to be so small and overpriced?

We felt so cheated and so annoyed by this restaurant that we all left feeling pretty annoyed and we all agreed that we will never, ever go there again. Ever.

Pros: Friendly staff, Location

Cons: Dirty, Small portions, Rip-off

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They close early! - Edit

I read about this place before arriving, and when I landed at Schiphol today I figured out how to get here. Dropped off my bags and jumped on the Metro. Although it closes at 10, i walked in a 935 and was told they couldn't serve me because the kitchen was closed.

Maybe I'm spoiled by the hospitality of the real Golden Temple and Punjabi culture, so this was a little disappointing. Get here early.

And if you're turned away like me, try the Indian place next door called Tagore. A big poster of Rabindranath himself hangs on the door, and the owner was super warm and hospitable (quite a contrast from the neighbor). Unfortunately Tagore is not completely vegan, but I had a daal and roti. Very very good, way better than my expectations. (I'm Indian and quite critical of Indian places in general)

Hope to try GT again so I can rewrite this review

Updated from previous review on Thursday September 06, 2012

Pros: Variety of the menu

Cons: Aloof, Closes early, Seems pricey

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Simply Great! - Edit

The atmosphere of this place was more posh than most of the other veg places I went in Amsterdam, but still with plenty of character (Asian influenced decor). My partner and I both had thali-style Indian dishes which were wonderful! Great to try a bunch of different things, all good and overall decent portion size. Also, almost everything is vegan here, so great selection for vegans.
We also had a weird circumstance which was that we had very limited time because we had to make a boat tour (we had about 45 minutes in the restaurant) - we asked when we came in if they could accommodate and they could, which was SUPER -nice. I don't recommend repeating that, better to stay and enjoy it, but I can say the staff and cook were great.

Pros: tasty food, almost all vegan, wonderful staff

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Visit in April 2012 - Edit

We had the thali and the mezze. To be honest, we were a little disappointed with the portion size and the temperature of the food. The place was full and seemed to be staffed by one chef, one waitress and a dog - all run off their feet. Having said that, the waitress reduced our bill when we commented that the food was tepid and we would probably give it another try next time we go to Amsterdam, although we would try different dishes - the couple at the table next to us had burritos and those looked pretty good.

Pros: Friendly service, Extensive selection of teas

Cons: Slow service as not enough staff, Small portions, Expensive

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Delicious, Nutritious - Edit

Golden Temple is my go-to restaurant in amsterdam for delicious vegan food. They have asian food, middle eastern food, and pizza, all three are amazing. But the best part about this place is the desserts!!

Pros: delicious food, very healthy ingredients , cool atmosphere (sit by the window)

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Nice pizza! - Edit

I like the atmosphere in here, although we were seated next to the toilet which I found a bit annoying!
We received a welcome drink and the waitress was OK...although she kept having to ask us what we had ordered because she had forgotten (why didn't she write it down?!?)
My partner had the soup of the day - sweet potato -- which I wish I'd ordered when I saw the size of the pakora I received, although his accompanying bread was miniscule too.
We both ordered pizza. I had the vegan Pizza Rossa which was on a wholewheat crust, which I loved, and had loads of toppings. The tomato base could have been less stingy, though, as there were parts of the pizza that had no topping on it at all! My partner had Pizza Bianca, which had cheese on it (he isn't vegan) which he said was tasty enough.
I was full after the pizza but I think that was mainly because of the wholewheat crust. I was expecting something a bit more amazing for the price (and considering their promotional video on their website) but it was OK. Nothing special. Eat in there if you want to try something a bit different but not if you've been walking around The Hague in the morning and then Amsterdam in the afternoon, as we were, as we definitely needed something a bit more rewarding!

Pros: nice atmosphere, wholesome food

Cons: stingy portions, a bit bland

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Avoid at all costs - Edit

I seriously do not understand where all these good reviews came from. My partner and I went out of our way to come here for dinner at 7-ish and saw only two persons dining. Although we were feeling a bit iffy about this place, we still went in because I remembered about the positive reviews on here.

After we sat down we were served two welcome drinks, which were quite nice; then everything went downhill. As we weren't that hungry, we just ordered a mango chutney with flatbread (€4.25) as starter and the middle eastern plate (€16.20) as main dish to share. Thought it would be enough food given the price tags; but no, the portions were outrageously stingy. We basically got a tiny condiment plate of mango chutney and a piece of palm-sized flatbread split in half. The so-called middle eastern plate was even more of a rip-off. The four mezes we chose were tofu-broccoli kebab, yam curry, eggplant curry, and falafel. The kebab was a joke; it came in a skewer (yes, just one) composed of three pieces of steamed/boiled, mushy, tiny, bland broccoli florets and three pieces of tasteless tofu about half the size of your thumb. Then the curries, they tasted OK but we couldn't even tell which was which. Where was the eggplant? Onto the last meze, we got three pieces of flattened coin-sized falafel with some kind of tahini sauce. It just boggled our minds how they could possibly make them this small, not that they were tasty anyway. Except for the couscous, which BTW was flavorless, the flatbread (again palm-sized), and the falafel, there was nothing middle eastern about the whole plate whatsoever; also everything was just lukewarm. Grossly overpriced for what it was.

The setting was kind of hippie in a bad way. The rug and cushions on the low table looked like they had never been washed. The floor seemed a bit dirty, and then there was the cat that walked everywhere.

When we left, we noticed this shoddy electric fountain decoration thing just outside the door, and in it were a carrot, an onion, and a garlic head, WTH is that???

This was the worst dining experience we had during our trip to Amsterdam. Two cows is a generous rating.

Cons: skimpy portions, overpriced, dingy setting

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Good food - Edit

Large panel of dishes, very vegan-friendly, very tasty and big portions. Indian wave, but it is not an indian restaurant for all that. Prices are reasonable.
Welcoming was not really friendly.

Pros: Tasty food, Choice of dishes, Price

Cons: Welcoming

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Rawfood at Golden Temple - Edit

Enjoyed a rawfood meal twice now here. It was excellent. The wife of the owner is a raw foodist and she started now serving rawfood on request in the restaurant. Book in advance and ask for rawfood. (If you want rawfood, otherwise they have lots of good veggie by default on the menu of course)

She is pregnant at the moment. So not sure how long she keeps on working. When she stops working they will also be no raw food anymore, since the food comes from their private kitchen.

I have put some pictures online of the dishes she prepared for us:


Updated from previous review on Friday November 05, 2010

She is still serving RawFood!


Pros: rawfood, organic, nice people

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Great food & atmosphere - Edit

We ate here on a weekday evening and had a great meal - thali, pizza, pakora, fresh juices. We sat at a low table on rugs which added to the atmosphere. The restaurant was busy so sometimes the service was slow but the food was good and the people friendly. We went back on our final lunchtime but it was unexpectedly closed.

They were advertising yoga + dinner for €25 on a Monday evening.

Pros: Good range of food, Good curries, Friendly

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Worth a visit - Edit

My boyfriend and I went to the Golden Temple in July 2010. There were quite a lot of vegan options on the menu which consisted of an indian section, middle eastern section, pizza section and favourites section (mostly mexican). I had an indian thali and my boyfriend had enchilados. The food was good and the portion size was reasonable. We thought it was pricey as a main cost on average 16 euros. The waitress who served us was polite but clearly stressed as she was the only one serving on a Friday evening. The atmosphere was very chilled out and informal. It was however very hot in there which meant by the end of our meal we were uncomfortably hot and quite keen to leave. It is however worth a visit and we would return when in Amsterdam again.

Pros: good vegan options, relaxed atmosphere

Cons: way too hot, pricey

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Golden Golden Temple - Edit

I went to the golden temple in July 2010 for a late lunch with my wife and shared one lunch which consisted of selecting four indian dishes with some bread.

Each dish was quite small with more sauce than vegetables but tasty and enough for a small lunch for two. There are other options if you do not like indian food such as a middle east selection.

The setting was great, heaviuly influenced by sikh/hindu religions. Comfortable if you do not mind sitting on cushions on the floor at a low table.

Would go back again.

Pros: Unique Setting, Tasty Food, Peaceful

Cons: Lots of Sauce

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I found this restaurant through happy cow and I had such a great meal here. the people were very friendly and spoke perfect english. it was very peaceful and my food was delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyone traveling through amsterdam.

Pros: lovely food, friendly

Cons: none

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A Mixed Experience - Edit

During our time in Amsterdam we went to the Golden Temple twice, and while its atmosphere is nice and laid-back (although we were slightly put off by what appeared to be sheepskin rugs - not very animal-friendly!), we unfortunately had a mixed dining experience.

Our first visit was for lunch, which was a good, hearty lentil soup, and some excellent raw chocolate dessert, along with spice Indian tea and fresh fruit juice. We went back the next day for dinner, where I ordered a perfectly good pizza. My companion, however, ordered the 'Middle Eastern' menu, which (apart from some bread and cous-cous) appeared to have no real Middle Eastern influence and tasted identical to any standard £5 curry you might get in the UK. On top of this, it arrived lukewarm, and was way too small to be worth the 16Euro price tag.

So we had good and bad experiences here, and despite my reservations I would overall say that it is still a good place for vegans and vegetarians to visit in Amsterdam, but that there are better.

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astonishing :) - Edit

I really LOVED this place. the food was delicious, the prices were ok, the dessert was fantastic, the service was more than nice and they had some interesting books to read while waiting for the food or afterwards. Highly recommended !!!

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Nom! - Edit

Wow, it was such a nice place! The serves had a little trouble speaking english, but it worked out fine :) The food was amazing, the plac was nice, and the music was suitable. I think we spend two-three ours in there, talking and eating.

Pros: vegan-friendly, nice setting, good food!

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great vegan chocolate cake - Edit

really nice food well presented and in a relaxed atomosphere, really quiet maybe lacked atomosphere because of that but. food was great service was friendly and the great vegan desserts. was slightly expensive but worth it for the cake. portions could be bigger, could have eaten more of my main and dessert.

Pros: good choice, vegan chocolate cake

Cons: expensive, small portions

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Nice Chill Place - Edit

Very laid back, possibly high on life, type establishment. The chef was really personable and chatted with us and offered up suggestions and samples of his special and desserts. Its a nice place, we were bummed they were out of soy ice cream, though! Easy walking distance from pretty much anywhere so a must go if you're in Amsterdam for a few days

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Desserts to Die for! - Edit

The Golden Temple had a three track menu: a middle eastern theme, and Indian theme, and a pizza theme! We love middle eastern food, but had been eating at Maoz Falafel all week, so decided to order a vegan pizza and a lentils & rice dish from the Indian menu. The pizza was okay. It consisted of a very thin, slightly undercooked crust, with sauce and some veggies. The Indian dish was much better. The best part about this restaurant is the amazing vegan desserts!!! If you're a vegan visiting Amsterdam, this place is worth the visit-- if only to sample the desserts.

Pros: Good Service, Incredible Desserts, Friendly Staff

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Lovely, tasty food in a calm atmosphere - Edit

This was so good, we went two nights in a row - Monday 11th & Tues 12th May). The service is swift and friendly and the food is excellent. We both ordered the thali on the first night - one vegan and one veggie and both were hot, fresh and tasty. The portions are generous - a good dish of rice, chapatti plus 4 different portions. I had the saag paneer, veg korma, pakoras and kofta, which were all individually flavoured with distinct differences between the flavours. We then indulged and had dessert - vegan chocolate cheesecake which was so rich, it was a real treat and I had the banana cream pie, amazing. The second night, my husband had vegan pizza, which was a good 12" diameter and topped with five different veg and lots of it, very filling and only €11,50 and I had the thali (€16,25) but tried the other dishes which I hadn't had the first night, another triumph! The freshness stands out and the restaurant is very clean. Toilets clean too (a plus!) There is a kind of lounging area at the front for 2-6 people and this was very popular but there are lots of tables for regular dining! Our bill for two with thali, pizza and drinks came to €37.25 and it was worth every penny.

Pros: Fresh, tasty food, Generous portions, Friendly & helpful waitress

Cons: Can't think of any

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Great place ! - Edit

I will always eat at the Golden Temple when I'm in Amsterdam. Brilliant athmosphere, nice people (both staff and customers) and good food. You can choose exactly the food you like and mix it as you want. The "esoteric" side of it all is not "too much" and it always fun to see some excentric people around. Fruit and tea drinks are excellent too.
Really a great place with very good food.

Pros: Food, People, Place

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Nice and relaxed - Edit

Offers a great range of veggie / vegan food. Mostly Indian, but some Mexican and pizza. Slightly odd.
Prices are no more expensive than most places in Amsterdam. Around €45 inc drinks for two people.
Service is "unhurried". Not a place to go if you're in a hurry. But it has a nice atmosphere and a good range of food and drink.

Pros: Nice food, Relaxing atmosphere.

Cons: Slow service, Expensive desserts

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Hmmm - Edit

So my friend's family used to own this place as there used to be many all over the world, but he sadly moved and sold it. I hadn't been to the restraunt before he sold it, but I'm sure the prices were not that much.
We ordered a medeteranian plate( the portions of this were extremely small but the food was lovely), a goat cheese salad(very tasty and OVERLOADED with delicious cheese-a bit too much maybe?), two yogi raj's (yogi tea made with cinnamon, cardomom and black tea topped with whipped cream) and a homemade maple ice cream sundae which came out to 50 euros-a bit too much for us, but the food was delicious.
And we saw on the other table that the pizza looked large and yummy. The owner also brings his doggie to work with him, a small cute thing and not uncommon in europe it seemed. They also import Vergil's rootbeer from America because the original Golden Temple restraunts had these as a norm.
All in all, great food, decent portions, BIG price.

Pros: DELICIOUS, Great vibe, Friendly staff

Cons: EXPENSIVE, smaller portions

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The Golden Temple is open - Edit

I just ate lunch at the Golden Temple yesterday. The service/staff were very friendly and accomodating. I enjoyed my meal and loved the atmosphere.

Pros: healthy cuisine, friendly staff, peaceful environment

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It's gone! - Edit

I was in Amsterdam in February and I was planning to have a long overdue visit to The Golden Temple. When I arrived on the street, I discovered that it is a new establishment. I hope that there is going to be a new premises opening soon - I love the food, the staff and the atmosphere in The Golden Temple. I will be visiting Amsterdam at the end of December and I would love to visit a Sikh restaurant on 25th December.

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Casual - Edit

Menu is mostly Broodjen, which means sandwiches, and includes many vegan dishes.

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: A bit sloppy

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Very friendly but small portions! - Edit

The service was excellent and staff very friendly. The juices were great but the food disapointing. I had a Thali and found it to be a little flavourless and i was very hungry afterwards. Lots of other dishes on the menu though and it is always very busy so i would give it another go if i had chance!

Pros: friendly staff, good juices

Cons: Very small portions, Bland

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Good food! - Edit

This is a nice place with good food. Really tasty and very much options: Italian to Indian etc. Hard to make a choice! I will really return here. There is no alcohol here by the way, but I didn't miss it :-)

Pros: Good food, Lot\'s of dishes, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Non

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also Yoga, Breakfast & Lunch - Edit

Wonderful experience at the Golden Temple Lifestyle restaurant. This nice Sikh oriented healthy lifestyle restaurant combines all international foodpleasures with very cosy atmospheres. Yoga starts at 08;00 in the morning with yogic breakfast, later lunch and profound dinner, spiritual lounging (chantinfg and music) on friday nights

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