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19, Upper Dickson Road (at /in Little India), Central Singapore, Singapore, 207478

Large menu featuring mainly Indian and some rice and Indonesian meals. Over half of the menu is vegan, including the dosa. Uses no eggs, garlic, or onion. Large array of mock meats can be used in a number of dishes. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-10:30pm.

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23 Reviews

First Review by SteveAndPeggy

Food was good, staff is unfriendly - Edit

First time I give a 3-star review. Eventhough the food was good - we had the chicken korma, which was tasty but it comes without salad and rice which is weird.. Unfortunately the staff was not welcoming or kind at all so we didn't leave the restaurant with a good feeling and would not return.

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Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Indian Food - Edit

Best vegetarian restaurant serving large variety of Indian food. Good and tasty Asian/western food served as well

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best carrot cake and Hokkien mee I have ever tasted - Edit

Carrot cake used to be my comfort food in primary school, but at some point I stopped having them as often as I used to. This carrot cake is so flavourful and brought back so. Much. Memories. Even though it is slightly oily and overly salty, the flavour and texture contrast between generous portions of radish was on point! Hokkien mee was unlike any other I have tried at all - the ingredients were very generous, and the dish is not overpowered by the taste of yellow noodles, like that I have tried in most places. The taste is somewhat unique, and yet again extremely flavourful. I heard that the flavour remains even after you request for less oil and less salt, without all that extra guilt and sodium :D

Their service is very, very fast despite all the crowd. We also tried the mutton murtabak, and the plain dosa, but they pale in comparison to the carrot cake and yellow noodles (though still really good).

Pros: flavourful , comfort food, quick service

Cons: very very crowded during lunchtime

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proper chicken korma - Edit

Thank you gokul for the best chicken korma I've had. Prata was perfect and the mock mutton murtabak was great too. Special mention to the ice lychee drink also.


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really really good, even for non-vegetarians! - Edit

I was here with classmates and counterparts from Shanghai, they’re not vegetarian or vegans.
We ordered Nasi Goreng Kampong, Fried Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee, Masala Dosa, Murtabak, Horfun, curry chicken and more.

All of them tasted amazing, though a bit greasy. My friends from Shanghai really enjoyed the food and not for one moment knew the food are all plant-based.

Will come back again

Pros: great for large groups, really fast service, very good variety of Malay, Indian and Chinese dis

Cons: greasy

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Indian vegetarian - Edit

One of the best indian vegetarian cusine in Singapore suitable for Jains. Authentic tasting indian flavours. Their mock mutton nasi briyani is one of the best Ive had. Beware of their spices, too spicy at times for me.

If you like Indian cusine, you like Gokul.

Pros: Great flavors, Great variety

Cons: MSG added to food

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Extensive menu and generous portions! - Edit

We ate here 3 or 4 times, the satay kebabs were delicious. The chicken korma and butter chicken was handsdown THE most delicious Ive ever had in my and my partners entire lives, still in complete awe, would go back to singapore for those 2 dishes. Really rated their mock meats

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Best Indian Restaurant in Singapore!!! - Edit

I have heard of many good reviews about this place and I finally got the chance to visit it.

Well not only the food gave me the 'wow' effect, out of my surprise the staff too.

I could hardly notice any restaurants or cafes with staff that are so dedicated and full of positive energy. I guess that's the reason why the restaurant gives us the good vibes.

One staff that particularly caught my attention is the one with the name of .... (I forget, pardon me.... lol. He is a Chinese guy with spectacles). He has been working since morning yet still very committed to his job while we are having dinner over there. Kudos!!!

I am not sure it is the manager or just the staff or both. I think everyone should be given some credits on that probably annual bonus... lol.

Can't wait to be back again. Cheers.

Pros: Good food, Good people, Good price

Cons: Nil

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Wide range of choices and big portions - Edit

Food was good with very wide range of choices. Portions were big, and when I couldn’t finish my food, I requested to take-away and they kindly obliged and packed everything very nicely for me. Thumbs up!

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lots of mock meat bit more expensive - Edit

Had all kind of vegan options which were also marked
A bit more expensive compared to restaurants in that area

Pros: marked vegan food

Cons: bit more expensive

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great food and great ambience - Edit

Service is good, food is very delicious and flavourful.. great place to hang out with friends and also fantastic variety of food in the menu.. my fav includes the vegetarian dum briyani, Mee goreng, Mee rebus, thosai and paneer masala :) 👍🏻

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Delicious food, fast and affordable - Edit

I had the Aloo Gobi with rice. The waiter helped me choose the dish and was really friendly. The food came quickly, complimentary papadums with it and I was surprised by the big portions :) Surely didn't leave hungry. The Aloo Gobi was phenomenal, definitely recommend! And very filling with potaotes and rice. Paid 11$ (9+2 rice)

Pros: fresh, not oily, DELICIOUS

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Excellent food - Edit

They do not just serve indian food, but many local delicacies too like laksa, mee siam, mee robus, nasi lemak, carrot cake, chicken rice etc. Very tastety and most taste better than those chinese stalls. A pleasant surprise for someone like me who do not appreciate traditional indian food when i hv to dine in with friends who go there specially for their traditional indian food. From their feedbacks their indian food is very nice too.

Pros: Great variety of food, Good value, No onions garlic

Cons: Restaurant too crowded , Location far from mrt

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really vegan friendly - Edit

was really bowled over here. the menu is now over 50% vegan (more like 70%) and there has been a real effort made to upgrade many Indian dishes to vegan.
the restaurant is big, basic, clean and welcoming. staff were professional and nice. the vegan dished on the menu are very clear.
my entourage had a veg fried rice and butter chicken between them, they love is said the mock chicken tasted like it had been cooked in the tandoori oven I had a Ravi dosa (the only place I found offering ghee free dosa) which had a daal and two dips, all of which were tasty as.
we also had a nan and tandoori roti which were both varied, nan really soft, roti that but tougher. we had a stay aide which was spicy and cam with a great dip.
favourite place in little India.

Pros: loads of vegan, tasty as, good value.

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Huge Menu! - Edit

They claim to have the biggest vegetarian menu in Singapore, and I'm inclined to believe that! They must have about 200 items total on their menu, including Indian, Malay/Singaporean/Indonesian (like the goreng dishes--I liked the sambal goreng tempe) and Indo-Chinese (plus a few miscellaneous dishes). There were lots of items I'd never seen in any restaurant before. For those who are fine with mock meats, they have some dishes with that (generally not as common in Indian restaurants), so if one wants to try things like "Chicken 65" or "Mutton Masala", then that's possible without harming/killing an animal. Portion sizes are large, and you also get papads as a free appetizer. They have lots of desserts too.

Pros: huge selection, good food, good portion sizes

Cons: a little slower with service

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Great good, decent service - Edit

Let me start off by saying that my server knew what vegan meant! It seemed pretty rare for servers at vegetarian places to understand veganism, so I just told our server that we didn't eat dairy of any kind (as Gokul doesn't serve anything with egg). Low and behold, he asks if we're vegan! It was definitely a nice surprise to get after going weeks without having a server who understood the word.

We ate there two nights, and the servers were really helpful. They pointed out their favorite vegan friendly dishes, which led to two very delicious meals. We found the service to be alright, but I could definitely see others having issues.

Pros: Egg free dishes, Extensive Menu, Amazeballs vegan Indian food

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Poor service detracts from meal - Edit

After checking in to the hotel, my first mission was food! It was hours since breakfast in Bali and it was now dinner time. Gokul was the first vegetarian restaurant we had seen, so we headed straight there in the light rain.

We sat outside and it was difficult to get the attention of staff. Looking at the menu, I was pleased that there were such a large number of dishes from varying countries some using mock meat and others not. Mutton, shrimp and even sardines were some of the mock substitutes on offer. No garlic, onion or eggs are used either.

My partner ordered the Malai kofta and it arrived at the table well before my meal. The dish was large and each of the koftas were strangely decorated with a glacé cherry. While the koftas themselves were apparently tasty and stumbling block was the amount of cream that the curry was drowning in. We estimated around 200mls+ of cream. Apart from diluting the sauce and the huge amount of fat involved, the main problem was the richness. It simply couldn't be finished. Some of the koftas went back to the kitchen with around 95% of the sauce. When the plate was cleared, my partner mentioned that there was too much cream. "Yes, it's a very rich dish" was the response.

I'd ordered the mock mutton paratha. It arrived well after the koftas. There wasn't a huge amount of filling and the paratha itself was quite oily. It was tasty when dipped into the curry sauce or the small amount of rich mutton curry. Ketchup was also added as a condiment, which I'd never seen before. While it was around half the price of the koftas, the serving was a little small and as I was hungry to begin with, I could have eaten more.

Clearing the table took a while. Getting the attention of the staff to get the bill took a little more effort. I think I took the money in as I knew it was going to take a while. Didn't leave a tip, which is a real rarity. (I prided myself on my level of service when I worked on the floor and received pretty good tips but as an Australian, tips are given for great service and are not mandatory.) The staff were obviously nice people, just not that attentive.

I suppose, if you hungrily rush to the first restaurant you see in an area with a plethora of fantastic vegetarian options, this is what will happen and you will pay a bit more. Not a complete disaster but there are better places around Little India.

Pros: Huge menu, Lots of mock meat

Cons: Unattentive service, Oily/fatty dishes

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Horrible service & unacceptable staff behaviour! - Edit

Went to this restaurant with my family. It wasnt too late & was about 9:15 PM.

Issue # 1:

Ordered soup & the main course. The main course arrived first. I told the waiter that our soup had not arrived when he said it would get delayed & hence we could start with our main course. I told him thats not the order in which one takes dinner & requested him to take the main course dishes (briyani & parathas) back & bring it after the soup. With great reluctance this guy took it back, after a long wait served the soup & brought back the main course which was as cold as the air-con. Obviously the long wait for the soup had taken its toll & the guy did nt bother to re-heat the main course dishes!

Issue # 2:

We were having dinner when one of the waiters literally threw the bill on our table without even asking if we needed anything else. I decided to finish dinner & then pay up. I was shocked when the waiter came back in about 5 minutes & asked if my cash was inside. He said they needed to close the cash-counter etc etc (it was hardly 10 PM & there were a few more people eating). I paid up even before finishing my meals!

Issue # 3:

The height of all of this was when I complained to the so called manager there. He was not even listening & was busy instructing his kitchen people on a completely different matter!!!

Overall, I find the attitude of the staff way below acceptable standards! I am also in the service industry & if I treat my customers like this, I would become jobless very soon!!

Cons: Poor staff attitude, No customer focus

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Decent Indian - Edit

The menu is mostly Indian and the dishes that aren't come with an Indian twist. Mock meat dishes are available as well as vegetable options. A pretty big menu is available and the staff are friendly. Had the mock chicken tikka, a jalfrezi and the hot and sour soup. All very nice and inexpensive.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Comfortable

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Extensive Indian Asian Vegetarian Food @ Gukul - Edit

An Indian Vegetarian Restaurant hidden in Little India - Upper Dickson Road (a side road from Serangoon Road) very near to Komala's Restaurant along the same stretch.

The first piece of good news is that this eatery does not use any onion or garlic, so it is suitable for strict Buddhist Vegetarians or Vegetarian who do not eat onion or garlic.

The second piece of good news is that if you are not a big fan of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine (South or North), the extensive menu offers Asian, Chinese Dishes, Local dishes like Chinese Rojak, Tahu Goreng, Indian Rojak etc all in vegetarian version and a good selection of local desserts like Ice Kacang!

The third piece of good news is - No Service Charge and No GST ... So, it worth going there ... have a reasonable price meal in an Indian Restaurant and at the same time enjoy the Indian Music there.

My first visit there, I ordered Mutton Murtabak @ S$5 (the waiter's recommendation, other variants - Chicken and Sardine) and it was delicious. The spiciness of the mock mutton curry sauce was just nice measure and perfect for me.

With the easy-on-the-wallet prices so I can't really fault too much. Ambience - just a normal Indian restaurant but does attract Tourists and Chinese Customers which I guess are mainly non-vegetarian as many vegetarian are not aware that they do not use garlic and onion in their cooking.

Must Tries: Naan, Gokuk Special Fish Head Curry

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Nice human Touch - Edit

There seem to be an upgrade now this restaurant accepts NETS
Very friendly and helpful staff.

Pros: variaties, friendly staff

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Slow service - Edit

Great tasting food and good variety, but service is a bit slow.

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Very helpful staff, because i'm not indian.Really good dum briyani, lentil soup, tandoori roti(yum) and curried veggie. They use sunflower oil!

Pros: One to one service, Very vegan friendly, Super affordable!

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