Vegetarian Indian restaurant on the loop. Offers all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffet daily. The buffet on Monday nights is all-vegan. Currently take out and delivery only. Open Mon 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by soulestiallife


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16 Feb 2022

So so

Food is so so and very hit or miss here. It’s not the best place to go in town for vegan Indian food. Try Bombay Food Junkies instead.



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18 Apr 2021

So delicious

I’ve never had a bad meal there. No trip to the Lou is complete without visiting Gokul! Sit down meals with wait staff in addition to the all-you-can-eat buffet. Many vegan choices. This place is certified kosher, so you can rest assured no meat has ever been in the kitchen. These folks understand that chicken broth is NOT vegetarian. Not in my budget for every day, but I have to visit at least once whenever I’m in town.

Pros: Buffet, Service , Location

Cons: No parking lot


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05 Jan 2020


I come here often and I love their vegan paneer and tikka masala, also the korma. However, once when I came on a day that wasn’t Monday, I got several buffet items that were labeled vegan (naan and 2 sauce dishes), and then the server came up to me at my table and told me that those dishes weren’t vegan. I asked why they were labeled as so, then, and she went back to check with the staff and it was a mistake in labeling. So, if you’re worried about dairy contamination, I would make an effort to only go on Mondays. However, I still love the restaurant and won’t stop going because of the mistake. They also make the vegan dishes they have on Monday per request, which is very nice.


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26 Aug 2019

Lots of Vegan Options

Lots of options for the whole family including a toddler. We love going on Sundays! Not crowded.😄


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20 May 2019

Great food!

I have no other experiences with Indian food but I enjoyed the vegan buffet on Monday


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27 Mar 2019

Easily my favorite restaurant in STL!

I’ve been going to this restaurant biweekly for years now and I always come out full and satisfied. I always go for the buffet. The buffet is the best in the city for vegans. Monday night buffet is mostly vegan although I usually come on other days and there are always vegan options available too.

My only complaint is that they repeat a lot of dishes for the buffet. I think they only cycle between the same 10-12 dishes across the week. While they’re all delicious, I’d love to try something new from the menu.

Pros: Student discount (with cash and student ID), Friendly staff

Cons: Nan isn’t vegan


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20 Oct 2018

Heaven for a Vegan

The lady who served me and my friends was very kind to us. I enjoyed being able to eat delicious vegan food without feeling limited to what I could have. The wonderful thing about Gokul is that all food is meat free. Vegans just have to worry about not consuming dairy regarding smoothies and other drinks. I recommend coming here for a family gathering or a gathering with your friends. Prepare to spend over 10 dollars for your meal.

Pros: Vegan options are clearly labeled at the buffet, There are much more than one vegan option, They have a happy cow sticker

Cons: This is not a 5 dollar lunch deal, it’s pricey

Vegan Victoria

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11 Aug 2018


My non-vegan husband couldn’t wait to return to Gokul in Little India. It’s a simple place with outstanding food.. love the carrot cake and Punjabi. We order a full lunch plus enough leftovers for dinner and a couple juice drinks (no alcohol) and it’s under $80SGD

Pros: Amazing delicious Indian food, Inexpensive , Lots of vegan options but non-vegans love it

Cons: Lots of fried food, so not the healthiest fare, Pretty bland atmosphere , Service can be slow


18 Apr 2021


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08 Jun 2018

Delicious and cheap!

Great options for vegans! I would say to just start ordering things that sound good and then go family style and share so you can try a bunch.

Pros: Lots of great options, Good prices


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06 Jun 2018

Best Indian buffet ever!!

I am obsessed with this buffet!! They do NOT serve any meat. I come here often, especially for the Monday night vegan buffet. Great selection and food has always tasted amazing

Pros: buffet, vegan, taste


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05 Feb 2018

love Indian food

Tried their fried rice and murtabak!! Wow both very amazing esp their murtabak!! Portion size is also huge so it’s worth your money!!! One bad thing is that it is slightly oily but overall GREAT FOOD


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30 Aug 2017

best Monday night dining for vegans

This place is amazing. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about different diets, and basically everything on the menu can be easily made vegan if it isn't already. MONDAY NIGHTS FEATURE A FULL VEGAN BUFFET! How cool is that?? I'm going back whenever I'm in the area!

Pros: great helpful staff, amazing vegan food.


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03 Aug 2017

vegetarian and vegan food only

Many vegan options and I love that all food items on buffet were marked vegan or vegetarian so there was no need to ask. Food was good and the buffet was reasonably priced.


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17 Apr 2016

Great Buffet

I've never ordered from the menu here because the buffet is always going, and it's quite extensive. The danger is overeating! Monday night is vegan night, which is best of all! Other nights there is still plenty of vegan fare on display. And they will even make vegan nan special for you on regular nights (without asking for it, simply if you mention you are vegan they pop some in for you). The food is good. The lady who runs it is pretty pushy, but in a friendly way. She made me write this review (just kidding!).

Pros: extensive buffet, monday is vegan night!

Cons: ordinary decor, fine but not special


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09 Feb 2014

love this place

By far the freshest buffet I have been to. The Food is excellent everytime very consistent. Some items are very spicy and some are milder depending on the dish. The staff goes out of the way to make you happy they will make vegan nann for your table on non vegan nights.They always ask if there is anything else you want to make you happier. My family eats there weekly its not high priced like some say its reasonable for the quality of food you get. If someone isn't familiar with Indian food this is a great restaurant to take them to its not overwhelming and the people are so outgoing and friendly.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Fresh, Clean

Cons: cream bases are dairy


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15 Oct 2013

love it!

I eat here almost every time I'm in St. Louis. Monday night vegan buffets are amazing and it is hands down the best Indian I've ever eaten.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 14, 2013

Updated from previous review on Monday October 14, 2013

Pros: good food, buffet

Cons: none


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29 Apr 2013

Ask to make it vegan

This place is really cute and friendly, with an all day endless buffet.
The food was good, however, not many vegan choices.
Apparently every monday evening they have a Vegan buffet for dinner
but lunch and other times evenings it is vegetarian but not vegan… you can ask to have items specially made vegan for you though so they are trying :)

Pros: great location, tasty food, friendly staff

Cons: not a lot of vegan on Buffet, vegan buffet only once a week, lots of dairy items


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19 Jul 2012

Lacks Flavor of Good Indian Food

Gokul gets props for being 100% vegetarian and even more props for having an all vegan buffet once a week. The unfortunate thing is that this Indian food is far from delicious. Granted, I have been to Indian and have lived in cities where real Indian food exists. Gokul seems to cater to the American taste bud. I'm not sure if they aren't using enough spices or if they're preparing in a rush.

Honestly, I get shocked every time I hear someone suggest this restaurant to me for good Indian. It makes me wonder if they've ever had good Indian.

I do love the fact that I can go in on vegan night and not have to ask which items from the buffet I can have. But, I usually don't go in because I know it's going to be a huge disappointment every time.

Pros: vegan buffet, 100% vegetarian, knowledgeable staff

Cons: bland, not real Indian


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08 Jan 2012


I love Indian food. So much here is vegan. It's just a lovely thing. The buffet, however, usually serves the same or similar stuff every time. I like to order from the menu and take home the left overs :)


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03 Nov 2011


Food is the same as their Page location which is fabulous. The ambiance is much nicer then the Page location. Staff is very knowledgeable and can easily explain which dishes on the buffet are vegan. I'd say more then half the buffet is typically vegan and then on every other Monday the buffet is 100% vegan.


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25 May 2011

My Frequent Go To...

I am elated that the Loop finally has a vegetarian option for people like me so who are inclined. I still am yet to get over to the the one on Olive but I like this spot. They can get super busy in the evenings and weekends but I never have a problem with getting a seat so that is a plus. Parking is not too bad except just having to find change for a meter or sometimes parking (I am sure illegally) behind back.

Food is good. After going so much I am finding that it comprises soups, rices, a lot of different sauces, and maybe a dessert with the salad bear nearby. Don't get me wrong the food is really good but now it has peaked me interest to try the vegan buffet offered at the other one. I don't always want dairy and this one definitely provides a good portion of it.

The cost to me, especially given other buffets that I can get at other Indian restaurants, is a bit high. Its ranges from 10.99-13.99 on different days for the buffet. That excludes any sort of drink. Speaking of which if you order a drink, the owner very well may forget. I have ordered one several times only for him to get into conversations with customers and then forget to bring it or bring it when I am about to leave. So FYI.

My final thoughts - if they offered a vegan buffet night that would be nice; also if they lowered their buffet price during the day/week to work in tandem with their competition they could get even more business from me. IAll in all, I would continue to take friends/suggest it others. ENJOY!

Pros: healthy cuisine, very spacious, tasty food

Cons: a bit pricey, only vegetarian options, often chatty/forgetful manager


22 Feb 2013

Hi Soulestiallife - I just wanted to let you know that they DO offer a vegan buffet. Just get on their email list and they'll send you notifications and coupons for the vegan buffet - typically for $1 off. This is the email address that I receive the offers from: specials@gokulrestaurant.com

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