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Goji Cafe

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2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas, Texas, USA, 75229

Open hours vary - call before you go. Offers a range of cuisines, from Vietnamese to American. Lunch is served buffet style with also a la carte menu. Large space, seats 90. In 2013 it replaced New Start Veggie Garden at this location. Apr 2016 update it's open again. Open Mon 11:30am-3:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, Wed-Sun 5:00pm-8:00pm. Closed Tues.

Category: Vegan, American, Buffet, Take-out, Asian, Catering, Vietnamese

Reviews (31)

First Review by PH0ENIX

Convenient Vegan Treasure - Edit

Easy to get to very near I-35E. Great Vegan food. Reasonable prices. Lots of variety.

Pros: Lots of healthy Vegan dishes.

Cons: Must look for since there is no great signage.

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Always great - Edit

The owner and staff are really nice and the food is always great. Look for them at the next Veggie Fair.

Pros: Inexpensive, Great taste, Laid back and friendly atmosphere

Cons: Not always open

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One of our favorite restaurants - Edit

We eat here regularly because the food is delicious! The owner is the same as "D' Vegan" very friendly and nice. He knows his stuff. Everything we had has been scrumptious and he tries to make everything on the healthy side yet still give full flavor. Our favorites are Lenongrass chicken on rice (great if you like spicy), chicken on rice (great for everyone and kids), Spicy Cha-Cha (spicy battered vegan shrimp), Spicy Pho noodle soup, raw pasta (surprisingly flavorful and very good for something totally raw). We couldn't get enough of the Nachos and also the Cheese bread. Cheesecake may not look fancy, but it is the best I've tasted anywhere! Must try!

Pros: EVERYTHING tastes great, Nice owner, Reasonable price

Cons: A little slow, Not best location but still ok

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Great food - Edit

I was pleasantly surprised at the tastiness of the food. I have attempted to try just about everything on the menu and have yet to find anything that I didn't like. I love the bar-b-que wrap and also discovered that my 4 y/o and 7 y/o grandkids also love it.
Also, be advised that they're closed on Tuesdays.

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too inconsistent - Edit

This has always been the most inconsistent of the vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Dallas. Never know when it is open or even what they will be serving. They can never seem to pick anything and stick to it. Went in today and now it is just a pretty standard menu, similar to D'vegan. Lights off. empty. "can I help you?" someone asked. "Are you open or not?" Buffet is "only one day a week only" I was told. They didn't bother to tell me what day though. oh well. won't be going back.

Cons: Need a magic 8 ball or a ouija board to figure out

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Closed? - Edit

I went by for lunch on Tuesday Jan 12th at noon and no signs of life, nor indication of being open recently.

1 Response

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KaiB 13 Apr 2016 - I was disappointed to read your review so I checked the website and found that they are just closed Tuesdays. I then double checked they are still open by going for lunch on Monday. :) They did do away with the buffet though.

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WOW!! - Edit

This might be the best vegan buffet that I have ever been to. Setting aside that this buffet is only $7.99, which is insane, the variety, the freshness and the cleanliness is second to none other place I have ever been. Veggie sushi, fresh rolls, spring rolls, wontons, sweet potato fritters, and other appetizers, along with many different soups and main dishes, and then fruit and salads and even carob cake squares and cheesecake squares. SEVEN NINETY-NINE!!!! I love this place.

Pros: Fresh, Variety, CHEAP!

Cons: Not in Chicago

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Great food, great value - Edit

I ate here for the first time today and it was very good. The restaurant is set up buffet style and it is very clean, the food is fresh and hot, and the manager, Maywon, was hovering over everything -- making sure the selections were filled, that the buffet stayed clean, that he greeted every customer. He was friendly and made a couple of suggestions for food to try (the Chinese bread is a WINNER). There are some meat selections (chicken and pork), but most everything is vegetarian and it is really GOOD. The tofu is awesome and if you like kimchi, it is also good. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Say hi to Maywon.

Pros: Excellent food. Hot food is hot., Very clean, Friendly staff

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Not Bad - Edit

Two friends and I were in Dallas for the weekend and before we left, we decided to stop by here after reading some of the reviews. We're well vegetarian and we don't eat foods with onion and garlic, which was a bit of a problem. After speaking with the owner(?), a man who spoke Mandarin, we found out that most of the food on the buffet line does include onion and garlic. I was disappointed, but we were allowed to order off the menu and they would cook it onion and garlic-free for us. Really helpful and friendly!

We had the Trio of Sauteed Julienned Veggies, Fried Rice, and the Chinese Broccoli (don't quote me on any of these names). They were all freshly prepared and not overly seasoned - nor were they under-seasoned. The portions weren't too big but they were enough, especially with the free rice refills.

All in all, the fare was pretty good, the portions were decent for the price (3 dishes for just over $21), and everyone was helpful. Ah... I still crave myself some good Korean vegetarian buffet food that's been cooked with no onion or garlic. Must I wait until the next time I'm in Korea to get some??

Pros: Perfect seasoning, Accommodating & friendly staff, Spacious

Cons: Foods cooked with onion and garlic

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Pleasant surprise - Edit

Everything about this place should have been bad - it is in a sketchy neighborhood, in an uninspiring strip mall, with tacky decor and a dreary looking buffet table. So, if I had driven off (which was my first impulse), I would have missed a wonderful, delicious, interesting meal. As many of you know from my previous reviews, I hate to serve myself, but I made an exception because I had just arrived in Dallas and wanted to be part of the "buffet" scene, which appears to be a big deal here. New Start Veggie Garden is an "Asian" restaurant, but the primary influence of the cook (who is Mexican) is largely Korean (the background of the owners, I was told). Today's buffet included two soups that were (thankfully) undersalted. The pumpkin soup was velvety and lovely, with a real taste of pumpkin. The eggless bi-bim-bap was lovely and aromatic. The sauteed eggplant and potato noodles were delicious, and the sushi and wrap were yummy. The chef prepared tacos, which were not very Korean, but very yummy. The only thing that did not work for me was the chicken dish - the chef obviously does not know how to cook TVP (she needs rehydrate TVP with something flavorful like vegetarian broth, and to squeeze out the excess liquid after rehydrating them!!). I did not eat the dessert because I read that there might be honey in the food, and I was (admittedly) too lazy to ask. All in all, for about ten dollars for lunch, you leave sated and happy. The restaurant also has a nice little vegan grocery and nutrient store with good prices. I'll go back, but maybe on a less dreary and rainy day.

Pros: Tasty food, Abundance / value, Lovely host

Cons: Uninspired location / decor, Why do they use honey???, Chef needs a TVP-101 cooking lesson

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Great value buffet - Edit

We were driving through Dallas last week and our usual Veg Dining stop for Dallas was closed so we decided to give this place a try.
It's very clean! We enjoyed their buffet very much as there were many selections to choose from. There were several Asian dishes I had never had before and the taste of the food was quite good. The staff was friendly, too.
If you're looking for an Asian buffet in the Dallas area, definitely consider coming to New Start.

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Get in my mouth... so good! - Edit

This place is well worth the visit for anyone in the Metroplex to try. I've taken vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends there and they have all found something that they like. Yong is friendly and so is the rest of the staff. I'm so glad this place has remained open in the land of "Steak and Taters".

Pros: Fresh Vegetables, Great Atmosphere, Reasonable Price

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Very Pleasant Visit!! - Edit

After hearing all the great views of New Start Veggie Garden, I decided to try it out for myself. I really enjoyed most of the food I chose; although There were many items I did not try (I only picked familiar items or ones that at least looked yummy to me). The customer service was the best I've seen anywhere. Staff were extremely nice, and very hospitable. I must say, there could always be something to complain about though. I did not like the Mushroom Tea at all (although many say it's delicious)and a few other things I tested. It would have been nice to have some sort of sweet desserts added to the buffet other than the fruit or tofu cheesecake they had (Did not taste good to me). Overall I really liked it. And with the $6.99 Dinner Buffet, I couldn't beat that. I plan to visit again.

Pros: Great Price- $6.99 Dinner Buffet, Extremely Friendly, Very Clean and Comfortable

Cons: Bland Desserts

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Food A++, Atmosphere A+, Owner A+++++++++ - Edit

The food here is awesome and since the owners are dedicated to the Vegan lifestyle, you can guarantee that their food will fit into your diet, unlike what I read about some other supposedly Vegan restaurants around Dallas. Their food is exceptional and we often eat off of their menu instead of the buffet (not because the buffet is bad, but because they offer such a great selection at a reasonable price $4-8). We especially enjoy their buffet. The food is almost always stocked and if you mention it, they will quickly cook up whatever has depleted.

The restaurant has been very clean every time we go. I have yet to see a table with dirty dishes on them for more than a few minutes. The employees quickly clean up after people leave.

I LOVE (and this is a man saying this ;-)) the owners. They are always grateful for your patronage and have often given us free food to try ever since we began going there. On our first trip, the owner actually helped us prepare a rice dish with seasoning and veggies that was amazing, which I still cannot duplicate. But luckily the owner is always willing to help me make it!!! :-D

I admit I have not been to the other Vegan restaurants yet, but after reading their reviews, I find that New Start excels in the areas where I see the other Vegan restaurants falling short.

Since this is my first review, go check out "Suma's Veggie Cafe" and "Veggie Garden" within a month and I will hopefully have reviewed them also.

PS We were eating "Rice Dream" for the first month of our new lifestyle and then we heard of "So Delicious" ice cream substitute, which our friends can't tell is non-dairy. It's awesome.

Pros: Owners, Buffet (Lunch and Dinner), New extended hours

Cons: Distance from Garland

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Great food at great price! - Edit

I just went there for the first time tonight and it was very good! The atmosphere was great and the manager provided excelent service! It is all vegan but my non-vegan boyfriend loved it just as much as I did. For the next three months the dinner buffet is only $6.99! They also cary vegan supplements for a very reasonable price. This is a place that vegans and non-vegans must try!

Pros: Great Price, Excellent Service, awesome food

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$6.99 lunch/dinner buffet special - Great food! - Edit

I just ate at this restaurant and could not wait to get home and write a review for them. Firstly the place is immaculate and has a very inviting & warm atmosphere. I travel quite a bit and have never found such an extensive vegan buffet. All of the dishes were amazing. I can't even begin to mention how great the service was. The manager visited our table several times and made us a special dish from a mixture of wonderful ingredients on the buffet. They are also currently having a $6.99 lunch and dinner special - you can't beat that, so give them a try...you will not be disappointed. They also switch up the buffet daily so there is always something new and different. Great food, great service, great place!! I can't wait to go back!

Pros: fantastic service, great food, very clean

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THE place to go in the dallas/ft worth metroplex - Edit

One of the best restaurants in the country. Plus, it is a buffet. The food being vegan is so light and very healthy. You can gorge on it for an hour and walk away feeling wonderful. I eat here every chance i get. It is very clean, and the owner serves wonderful phellinus linteus mushroon tea that makes you feel very good. She also sells the mushroom if you want to make your own, along with faux meat products that they use in their cooking.

Pros: Very Very Healthy, Very Very Tasty, All you can drink mushroom tea!

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So healthy and delicious! - Edit

Where else can you find Korean food with a conscience?!? New Start is doing an amazing job at providing delicious food with your health in mind. Their cancer-fighting mushroom tea is amazing. There is always a great and wide selection of foods on the buffet and the staff is absolutely divine.

Pros: healthy, good selection, great staff

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An Oasis of Healthy Eating! - Edit

This place really brings the philosophy of good health together with great taste and quality. A key factor in the decision-making for most vegetarians/vegans when going out to eat is TRUST, and I hope that this review will help those on the fence try this place out.

I have been to this restaurant several times, and I am surprised each time I go. First of all, it's buffet style, which is perfect. The dishes on the buffet line stand for themselves and are packed with flavor. There are a few exceptions where there are non-seasoned items, but there are plenty of healthy toppings on the counter space to liven things up in those cases. I asked the owner about their cooking practices, and she said that they try not to fry anything, but when they do, they do it very lightly and only use the oil not more than twice. The owner is a cancer survivor who discovered the vegan way during her illness and made a total recovery (remission) in part by completely changing her diet. What you see in this restaurant is a culmination of her research and association with doctors and vegan chefs across two continents. She apparently also has health seminars right in the restaurant.

At any rate, the food is made just-in-time in most cases, which means that though there seems to be not much in the bins, they get filled quickly to meet demand and the owner's freshness requirements. The owner came by and started explaining things to me and suggested all kinds of combinations that were fantastic. She is obviously very dedicated, and she really cares about her customers!

Some items have substitute meat, which is not bad at all. Their curry with potatoes was great, and their black bean noodle sauce is to die for. I just could not stop eating the black bean sauce! To wash everything down, they have a special tea made from anti-carcinogenic mountain mushroom. Very nutty and tasty, and FREE.

The seating area is wide-open, clean, and welcoming, and sometimes they will have interesting documentaries on health, GMO foods, and nutrition playing on a big flatscreen LCD. There are live plants that line the area. Everything looks new, and the men's bathroom is pristine.

They have a menu-based breakfast during the week, but I have yet to check that out. It'll probably be soon, since I'm not too far away. At least the pictures look great!

In all, I love this place and hope that more people go so that they stay in business. We need more pure places like this in Dallas (and the world)!

Pros: Quality of Food, Creative and Tasty, Buffet and Price

Cons: Closed on Saturday

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Fantastic healthy meal you can trust!! - Edit

Veggie Garden is a restaurant that you can trust as genuinely vegan. In other so-called restaurants that claim they are vegan, I can sometimes taste butter; or, to make the dishes tasty, they'd add so much MSG that I would feel simply awful. Veggie Garden, however, is pure to its cause. I always feel great after the meal and come back for more. Nothing is deep fried- another added plus; and, there are no strange additives. I find some of the dishes using raw veggies quite innovative. This is one restaurant you can absolutely trust. I heard that they use organic products as well. Be sure to ask for their awesome Veggie Burger. (Best Veggie Burger I've ever tasted!)

Pros: Healthy, excellent food, friendly staff

Cons: none

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I loved it - Edit

I loved this place-- The food seemed real healthy and the atmosphere was great. The woman working was a s nice as could be, I wasnt sure if she was the owner but she was awesome. It is buffet style and the food seemed as if it was baked not fried. I would def go back and have wanted to since we left,

Pros: Everything

Cons: nothing

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Bland and Overpriced - Edit

I completely agree with the last reviewer. The food was just bad. Bland, bland, and bland. Just weak all the way around. The food was all cold, the fried rice was basically white rice with a little carrot and oil, the fake meat was akin to a rubber sponge, and several items instructed a sauce to be added, yet no no sauce was provided. They also ran out of brown rice and it was never refilled, and the bathroom smelled like cigars. Adding insult to injury, this weak suggestion of a vegan buffet was priced at $10.

If you want a good vegan buffet in the asian style, just go to Suma Veggie. It's hands down the best option in town.

Pros: None

Cons: Bland, Overpriced, Food was cold

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TexasVegan 22 Feb 2013 - Suma Veggie isn't listed on happycow. Can you please add it? I'll be traveling to Dallas soon and would like to know all of my options.

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circuitbrain 22 Feb 2013 - Give me a break. Cigars in the bathroom? Wow, that is reaching since the place is almost brand new and they do not allow smoking! Oh well. I loved it. The sauces can a make or break a vegan dish, and they do have them available in plain sight. I was amazed that they had kelp powder (next to the chili sauce and sesame oil!), as this gave my Asian "jambalaya" the finishing touch. I go there regularly, and the hot foods are hot, while the cold foods are cold. I have yet to have the opposite occur since the food rests on heated or iced water. If anything, some of the hot foods can dry out if you come late. The brown rice is plentiful as is the soup. Honestly, when I read your review, I did not recognize your descriptions at all. If it were truly that bad, that sucks, but I have had nothing but stellar food and experiences there. Read my review of the place, and maybe you'll try it again. Their menu changes (they serve breakfast off a menu now) and they also have Pho (Vietnamese noodles), which is absolutely phenomenal. Oh, and the veggie burgers rock!

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Confused - Edit

I'm so sorry, I am a vegan and I strongly support all things/businesses that are vegan friendly. But I must have gone to a different restaurant than the reviewers below...but, it was simply awful! There was one glass noodle dish that I enjoyed, and the tea was really good...but the rest of it was terrible! They do have a good selection, but seriously, with other AMAZING vegan restaurants in the dallas area, I just wouldn't waste your time on this place. My boyfriend and I went there for our anniversary dinner--in the name of trying new places---and we headed out after 15 minutes, and went to our favorite Indian restaurant instead. And, we were the only people in the whole restaurant. So...I don't know...I'm am very regretful to say that my experience was not stellar at all...or any where near decent.

Pros: super friendly owner, great effort put forth

Cons: horrendous cuisine

2 Responses

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TexasVegan 12 Sep 2008 - What are the AMAZING vegan restaurants in the area?

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circuitbrain 22 Feb 2013 - Sorry to hear about your less-than-stellar experience. I am a regular and love the place. They have some great new stuff like veggie burgers and Vietnamese noodles, which are both definitely worth a try. Aside from the dishes they put out (lasagna, black bean noodles, stir-fry, tofu-every-which-way, etc), if you are creative (or enlist the help of the owner, who is everywhere doing almost everything), you can come up with some great-tasting combinations using the individual elements in the buffet line. The sauces help a lot as well. They now have curry+potatoes, but that's about it in terms of Indian food. It's mostly Korean/Asian fare. In fact, in my visits there, I've seen Indian couples stay to eat while others do a quick U-turn when they find nothing familiar to them. It's all a matter of preference.

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A Must-Go-To Vegan Restaurant - Edit

This place is amazing. Be confident that you can eat guilt-free because everything they prepare is vegan, incredibly fresh and super healthy (the owner even once stated to me, "No unhealthy things are served here"). Of course, whether you like each individual specific buffet item is personal preference, but I have found very few that I wouldn't try again. I'm not a fan of Korean food since mouth-blazing spices are not to my liking, but New Start Veggie Garden's diverse items offer something for every palate. The decor and atmosphere is very pleasing. A nice bistro-style wall mural and tasteful table/chair settings give the interior a modern, unblemished look. The restaurant is exceptionally clean, with an honorable mention going to the sanitized condition of the bathrooms. The seating area is rather large and spacey, but overall the restaurant is very stylish and would appear at first glance to be more expensive than what is charged. I give New Start Veggie Garden 10 stars out of 10. It is a Must-Go-To each time I'm heading out in the direction of Dallas.

Pros: Vegan, Super Fresh & Healthy, Inexpensive

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Reviewer Avatar

Good - Edit

New Start Vegi Garden confuses me. I mean im glad there is an all vegan buffet but I wish it was just a little less health oriented. Half of the food is amazing half of the food is just blah. They dont have juice or soft drinks your options are water or tea which isnt bad sometimes but still I like to have options and there is really no dessert. The buffet isnt huge but its nice size if only all of the items were as good as some of the items are I would come back alot more often.

They make this red sweet and sour type fake meat dish that is amazing!

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Great Variety and Delicious - Edit

This place is wonderful! They had a large variety of dishes to chose from. The soups were amazing! The only dishes I didn't like was the Veggie "meat" patty (mushy inside like wet bread and little flavor) and the enchiladas (they were more like empty corn tortilla rolls covered in sauce); but there was plenty more to choose from...I had 3 platefuls! Also, I went right at noon and hardly anyone was there. Please go so they can stay open and we can continue to enjoy.

Pros: Totally Vegan, Very Friendly, Super Clean

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Heaven for Vegans, Vegetarians, and everyone else! - Edit

Whether you're seeking zesty immunity-building, kimchi or comforting yet exotic soups or sumptuous BBQ or delightful dumplings, THIS is the place to come. And if you share our care for the animals of this world, you'll love it even more. No animal were harmed or otherwise exploited in the making of any of amazing array of buffet choices or menu items. Wonderful choices and everything is freshly made, even the melt-in-your-mouth bread.

Pros: Fantastic food, Healthy preparation, Great value

Cons: Closed some evenings

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Awesome vegan asian buffet in Texas - Edit

I was in Dallas on a business trip last week, and didn't think I would be able to find good vegetarian food in this land of cattle and steak. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the discovery of this tasty vegan buffet restaurant. I was only able to eat there once however, as they had temporarily stopped serving dinner Monday-Wednesday due to slow winter business. The food was amazing. You can see some photos on their web page, and the interior was spotless.

There is a huge variety of dishes, and it's all freshly made from scratch in their kitchen (not bought from elsewhere). Their web page claims that they don't even used processed sugar, and they offer healthy alternatives like brown rice in their sushi rolls, and they use raw ingredients where possible to preserve nutrients. The focus is on health, but not at the expense of taste. I tried a little bit of everything, and wish I could have access to a restaurant like this in Phoenix. I would be in heaven! At $8.99 for lunch, and $10 for dinner, it's very reasonably priced for healthy, tasty vegetarian cuisine.

By the way, try the mushroom tea, it's delicious! I really hope this restaurant survives, so go with your friends and try it, and support awesome vegetarian food in Dallas!

Pros: Healthy and tasty food, Huge variety of buffet items, Clean and nice decor

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