Vegetarian Asian fusion restaurant. Menu includes soup, spring rolls, salads, roti, samosa, curries, stir-frys, pasta, laksa, burgers and rice dishes. Counter service with cafeteria style seating. Please note that menu is not coded, so please request vegan when ordering. Reported closed April 2023.

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First Review by Aloo


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02 Aug 2022

bit sad

I’ve had global veg quite a few times and they weren’t that bad, the quality and quantity was good. But i am so disappointed at the recent change. The quantity has decreased SO much. I had it literally 2 weeks ago when I ordered sweet and sour chicken where I got the chicken, rice and sauce separately in a great amount for the price and now after buying it today was so disappointed at what i got.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-02

Cons: Expensive , Quantity , Consistency



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30 Jun 2022

One of my local faves!

I love Global Vegetarian, always yummy and good portion sizes.


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03 Feb 2021


Great value and tasty, healthy food. Most dishes are vegan and can otherwise be made vegan. Kung Po mock beef is good, the Indian curry, combination fried rice & the Mee Goreng.
Apple crumble is vegan for dessert.

Pros: Great value


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17 Nov 2020

So good

When you have cravings for unhealthy fried rice variations and other dishes, this it the place. Fast service, huge servings, great prices, and so delicious. The mixed mock meat fried rice is an absolute favourite, wouldn't recommend the noodle dishes as much, still good though.

Pros: cheap, big servings, delicious


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13 Jan 2020

Not bad for vegan food

I got the dumplings and while they were nice, they were just cabbage so would be nice to see a more complex menu. I ordered from UberEats so can't make too many comments on the pricing but it's convenient to have delivery.

Pros: Can specify vegan when ordering


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23 Dec 2019

Worth a look

#3 Dec 2019: New(ish) menu is a definite improvement, although it is unfortunately now quite mocky in places. Very good value though, the comment from another reviewer that they are expensive is surprising (even on the oft confused happycow).
I had the kebabs, which I won't be having again due to the 'pork', the sweet and sour chick'n which was quite good, although there was more sauce than anything else, and the combination fried rice which was okay, but far from great.

#2 Feb 2016: Not as impressed, the Laksa was quite bland as was the Nutty rice. Both dishes do contain a lot of vegetables though, which is a welcome change from other similar restaurants. Would suggest asking them to spice most dishes up when ordering.

#1 June 2015 Very impressed with the food, the service and the prices. The staff member who served us was very friendly and clearly knowledgeable about the Vegan options, easily setting our minds at ease. The tom yum soup, the lentil & vegetable soup, the samosa and the roti with curry sauce were all very good. Looking forward to trying a great deal more of the menu very soon.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 03, 2015

Updated from previous review on 2019-12-23

Pros: Service inc Vegan knowledge, Value, large servings

Cons: No menu coding, food can sometimes be bland


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13 Dec 2018

Good food, but a bit pricey

Good food, not great, but good! Lots of veges and good portions, but just a little too expensive to be your local lunch spot.

Pros: Lots of vegan/veg options, Good portions, Healthy, good amount of fresh veg

Cons: Expensive


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18 Jun 2018

Nice staff, mediocre food

We just moved in nearby and were excited to find this restaurant. Unfortunately it seems as if they haven't changed anything in 20 years. The best thing is that you can get a lot of vegetables in each dish, so it's worth going if you need your vegie fix. But every dish has exactly the same mix of very chunky veggies in a different and very ordinary sauce. We call it "90's veg", because it's exactly what we would have been eating back then before anyone thought to bring a slightly gourmet touch to vegetarian and vegan food. I sincerely wish that the owners would consider doing something radical like maybe making some dishes from their home country, because at the moment it really doesn't matter what you order, it is pretty much the same. I recommend noodles. Avoid curries, they are extremely bland.

On the plus side they've brought in fake meat options to add to dishes. They just don't drop the giant tofu cubes when you order fake meat so there are piles of food.

Pros: Lightly cooked healthy veggies, Really nice staff, MASSIVE serves

Cons: Still in the 90's, Poor quality sauces - jar?, Not much flavour


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17 May 2018

Healthy eating, friendly staff

Been invited by friends to this place. Found it interesting with the fusion of east-west cooking styles, with a focus on healthy eating.
Recently, I have been informed that some dishes may have elements of onion or/and garlic. So, strict veg friends please be aware and let them know of your requirements.
I do hope that they will consider re-adjusting their ingredients :-)

Pros: Fusion, Wide variety of choices

Cons: Not all GOF [garlic, onion free]

Chris Bartlett 57

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04 Feb 2018

Yummy and Reliable

I cannot say how many times I have eaten at Global but it is at least 20. The food is always delicious and very cheap. It's a cafe style place where most people just come, eat their food and go but they also do take away. The food is healthy, the service is quick and the menu varied. Highly recommended.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Reliable

Cons: Can be a bit noisy


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28 Dec 2017

affordable meals

It isn't gourmet, but it also is fresh, huge portions and tasty.
Most of the menu is vegan except for dairy available in some meals and also a non-vegan pudding/drinks.

They do a (vegan) set meal for i think $18 which was 3 courses including dumplings and black rice coconut pudding.... what's not to like about that?!

Staff were so lovely as well, if we can we will visit again!


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09 Oct 2017

Cheap, basic but alright food.

Look, it's not amazing food. However it is cheap, the staff are nice, they almost always chuck in something free.

It's a good take-away option for the family, especially because they have a wide variety of food including desserts. They will direct you to the vegan options without any trouble.

I particularly like it because it reminds me of Al's Pancake World in Gilmore Girls: a confusing place where they haven't quite figured out what cuisine they're going for haha.

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-09

Pros: Cheap, Friendly staff, Wide variety of food

Cons: Pretty basic food


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26 Oct 2016

friendly staff

Staff was extremely friendly, had great knowledge of what we could have vegan, was very clean and great value for money.


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22 Jan 2016

My New Favourite Restaurant

My partner and I arrived 15 minutes before closing time and we were greeted with a smile and A-Class service. We placed our order and it was a shock to realise how cheap our order was. We bought 2 mains and a vegan miso udon which we thought would be small but was also a main. For side dishes we ordered wantons, spring rolls and a were delighted with a FREE serving of fried dumplings.
Everything has been delicious and prepared with lots of thought and care.
I will be recommending Global Vegetarian to my friends. #happyfatvegan

Pros: Majority of the menu is vegan., After 5pm kids under 10 years old can eat for free, Literally a 1 minute walk from Ormond train statio

Cons: When driving to GV the resturant is situated close


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27 Jul 2015

Global goodness

A sizable menu with a wide range of great value Vegan options. If you're on a budget, you can fill up with very little cash.

Standouts include the large bowls of soups for under $6, the best samosa in Melbourne and the roti with curry sauce.


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07 Nov 2014

global noms

Really friendly staff, simple foods, almost all dishes vegan and staff super knowledgeable on gluten free things. Simplicity! I dig!

Pros: loads of vegan options, super friendly staff


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10 Jun 2012

Global veg

Awesome food, large servings, complete vego so no worries about animal foods intruding. And their deserts are homemade and great too. They are a bit slow on the service side but take that into account before you go and the staff are very friendly. The tofu bars are fried perfectly. Good cheap vegetarian all rounder.

Pros: Great value, No animals products used, Large portions

Cons: Noisy, Slow to get food


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08 Jun 2011

very cheap and yummy-lunch specials

I've eaten here quite a lot :) my partner worked a across the road and i would order dinner and wait for him. Loved loved the goyza/dumplings and the polenta chips are pretty amazing.
I liked the mix of using mock meats in some dishes and tofu in others, just in case your freaked out by mock meats. They have lunch and dinner box specials, eat in or take away. It's right near Ormond train station and the sticky date pudding is TO DIE FOR!

Pros: cheap, delicious, very friendly staff

Cons: suburbia, only open for lunch and dinner


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05 Oct 2010

Good wholesome fare

Very happy when we arrived to see many GF and Vegan options.
The Polenta chips where definately the highlight and everyone enjoyed the Nasi Goreng also. The Polenta in Tomato and Bean stew was very nice. The curry dish was a bit bland. Overall, our feelings where very positive with huge servings of wholesome,nutritious food served by friendly people who really kwn what Gluten Free and Vegan mean.

Pros: Huge Servings, Good Value

Cons: Atmosphere


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16 Feb 2007

Excellent Variety on the menu

Whatever you feel like, when you go there, there's something on the menu to suit- Italian, Mexican, Indian, small, sweet, soup, noodles.. It's good value for money, & always fresh food. Cafe style seating, go up and order at the counter and expect a bit of a wait if it's busy- which it usually is.

Pros: Wholesome good food, Staff helpful

Cons: can get noisy

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