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Global Green is a vegetarian and vegan food store that offers a wide range of retail and wholesale products. Find frozen foods and frozen vege mock meats, cooking sauces, herbs, snack foods, soy and tofu products, Asian groceries, seaweed, and other vegetarian food items. Current location since Feb 2011. Bus route 216, 219. Confirmed open, Apr 2017. NOTE: Signage reads Liên Hoa Tâm, with Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart underneath. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by lisamjb


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08 Apr 2018

Don't expect customer service

While there used to have a nice couple of people serving, it seems to have changed hands, or staff anyhow. They'll be somewhere out the back or on the phone while they put your groceries through.

Prices are often not marked or misaligned on the shelf. If they overcharge you, don't expect to get it back when you realise. They will not believe that you only took one block of tofu when they charged you for 14!!

This food mart has consistently got a wide range of products, including faux meats of every type. Sausages, bacon, pies, salami, fish, burgers, schnitzels, ready meals and party food and more - all vego. Vegan products are sometimes labelled.

They always have cheese , unlike some of the other veggie marts, they keep stocking levels up so if you're travelling in just to pick up something you need that day, you can be confident they will have it.

Updated from previous review on 2018-04-08

Pros: range

Cons: Prices often not marked, Lack of customer service



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18 Mar 2018

Mockie Mart

A tiny but well stocked store with a wide range of mock meats and sauces, both vegetarian and vegan.

Cons: Very stuffy on hot days, Labelling issues


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17 Mar 2018

Liên Hoa Tâm

Very large range of mock (mainly frozen) vegetarian and vegan products, as well as condiments, snacks etc.
The prices that are visible are generally very good, unfortunately half the prices are missing.

Cons: door buzzer has a bad attitude, mainly vegetarian, missing prices


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01 Sep 2013

cheezly, tofutti and asian products

In addition to regular asian mockmeats they sell cheezly, tofutti and much more but at great prices!


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10 Jul 2013

great store

You can get all you are looking for ! my daughter loves the vegan bacon ! highly recommended !!!!

Pros: huge range

Cons: location


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23 Jun 2011

great place! wonderful people!

I love this place. Christine (the owner) is so sweet and will do whatever she can to help you find what you want. She also can make recommendations of products and recipes if you need them! Can't recommend this place highly enough. Worth the trip from wherever you live!!

Pros: great range of food, helpful staff, reasonable prices

Cons: not carrying nacho cheezly!


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31 Mar 2011


How amazing are Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart?! They have every thing for Vegan Bro. I was extremely surprised for the cheese they have especially for the Bult Island Sheese Cheese. Also the ice-cream and Pies. My boyfriend and I are so happy that it is close to our house. The lady running the buisness was super friendly and helpful.

Pros: Good Service, Reasonable Price, Vegan (non-read label)


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01 Mar 2011


This shop not only sells mock meats but it also has soya creams, tofutti cream cheeses and ice creams... Must see - worth the visit to stock up. Loads of variety and a very well stocked shop. Also sells nuts, seaweeds and some seeds.
- Has now moved to Braybrook.

Pros: Friendly staff, Very clean, variety

Cons: Location (for some)


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25 Oct 2010

This place rules!

Since my boyfriend went Veg, he has dearly missed many of his favourite Asian foods such a sashimi, scallops and also pork; Global Green has (ethically) filled the spot in his tummy by stocking almost EVERY imitation meat that you can think of! As well as vegie buns (savory + sweet), dumplings, noodles, vege sauces and a wide range of other goods!

We used some of the prawns and chicken and served them to non-veg friends for dinner, lo and behold, they didn't notice that they weren't eating meat! Haha!

The business is family owned and prices are totally worth it! Catch the 55 tram and go there today!!!

Pros: Amazing range, Family Owned, Friendly staff

Cons: Can be a bit pricey


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01 Aug 2010

Great vegetarian store

What a find! This is a fantastic Asian vegetarian supermarket across the road from the Queen Victoria market. The lady running the shop was very friendly and helpful, and everything that was vegan was labelled as such, which made it very easy to pick out things that I could eat.

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