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Vegan eatery. Offer a ready made selection of dishes - point to it, and the staff will compose a plate for you. Or you could order flat rice noodles or soup noodles. Reported closed June 2023.

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First Review by Hanna.Flovers


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16 Jul 2021

Never come back

The staff is so rude, I asked for a plate of raw vegetables to eat with the noodles , but the staff used their hand took a handful of vegetables and put it directly into the bowl of noodles I was eating.

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Mostly Veg
17 Jun 2020

Not worth another visit

Don’t like this veg restaurant as much as others. It was not so tasty, clean and the staff was not so nice to me.


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04 Mar 2020

Delicious vegan vietnamese Street food!!!

It’s a cute little restaurant you’d almost didn’t recognize it as one, but the food is amazing!! It’s not at all where tourists go so you get the local real food.
They have so many meat replacements it’s impressive and all of it tastes so good and is so cheap! (The most expensive dish is 20.000)
They don’t have much of a selection and there is no menu but you can show her what you want and it’s like a buffet (they don’t speak English). The veggies and stuff are cold but the rice is hot and the soup as well obviously.
So delish, I can only recommend! (:

Updated from previous review on 2020-03-03

Pros: very authentic , Super cheap, 100% vegan

Cons: The atmosphere is a little lonely if you’re solo


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26 Feb 2020

Best food we had in da nang

It's a vegan eatery. Don't expect them to speak English... That s not a place for tourists and that s why you get the real deal. Cheap prices and a lot of mock meat and fish. Try it and use Google translate when you get there. They were all surprised by the fact we came there... And we communicated with a girl through a translator. The steamed cake was a cold noodles plate with some fishy stuff on top.. And the noodles were great!

Pros: Super cheap, Authentic dishes

Cons: They don't speak English


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20 Feb 2020

Com/my quang/bun chay

Typical com chay place. You choose couple of things from a table what, they serve you warm rice with them. Seen many people complaining about the food's temperature but most com chay places have their toppings cold :)

Pros: Tasty and many options to eat with the rice. Famil


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12 Feb 2020

0 Stars - Worst experience ever, avoid this place

Horrible and very strange experience, as I was served ice cold food by an extremely hostile elderly woman who didn't even offer me a menu, she just brought a plate of ice cold, inedible food, which she threw on the table and gave me a hateful look as she walked to the back room and disappeared.

I was shocked and very confused by this experience. Avoid this place.

PS: happy cow won't allow me to rate this 0 Stars, otherwise I would have.

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26 Dec 2019

Fantastic Mi Quang!

Nice owner, abundant servings, quick and tasty.

Pros: Good variety , Very cheap (20.000VDN per person), Tasty

Cons: Little to no English spoken, No menu. Just pick.


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07 Dec 2019

Super tasty

Food was so delicious and ended up being the most enjoyed meal in Da Nang.


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11 Nov 2019

Cheap and really fast vegan eatery

Dish of rice with veggies and several types of tofu for 15.000₫.
Very rustic place but nice staff, very local and vietnamese. Very little english

Pros: Very very cheap


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Mostly Veg
17 Sep 2019

How to ruin a good experience

The food was good, the young lady was friendly, and it was overall a good experience... untill the young girl went out, and the old witch took over. Extremely rude, she barked at us to hand some money, we couldn't understand the price.. she sneezed in the food, and throw some change at my GF... Plenty of nice vegetarian around here, they lost 2 regular customers that just moved to Da Nang. We will be eating elsewhere.


12 Feb 2020

Same experience with this crazy old lunatic, she should not be allowed to deal with the public


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15 Jul 2019



Pros: 安い、早い、旨い!

Cons: ちょっとローカル感


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24 May 2019


I arrived at 8 pm. The cutiest vietnamese grana served me Com Chay( rice and Vegetables)soup and at the end she gave us some fruit.
I asked for iced tea.
The price:20,000 dong.


Points +26

01 Apr 2019

Delicious food. Absolutely no english.

I dont actually know if i Got some Meat In my food bevares she didnt understand me. It looked like Meat, but didnt taste like it.

Pros: Good vegan food


Points +98

13 Jan 2019

No English, but Food is Good

Zero vocal communication but the old lady managed to surprise me with a huge dish with a variety of mock meats, vegetables, and rice. Extra cheap, this one for budget-ors.

Pros: Big portion, Cheap & Delicious, Friendly staff

Cons: More mock meats than plants., No English


Points +854

10 Dec 2018

Amazing street food

Huge serving of mysterious veggies and mock meats and rice for just 15,000 dong. Family run business, no English but very friendly. The food was a little oily but not heavy and with lots of good flavor. Great street food place!


Points +88

15 Aug 2018

Limited choice

Food not sensational, choices very limited

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Limited amount of choices


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12 Jun 2018

Favorite spot in Da Nang!

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Da Nang. It's a small place that's run by a really lovely woman. Most of the time you can only choose from a handful of dishes and there isn't a menu (at least I didn't see one). Simply point to what you want and she'll make it for you.

Soups are 15,000 VND. She usually also has a big buffet with heaps of veggie options. Not just mock meat! Unlike other places, you simply pay 15,000 VND for the buffet and that's it. She then gives you a plate full of food, it's incredible! If you are in Da Nang and love low-key places definitely try it out.

The people who run Giac Ngo are incredibly lovely. I loved everything I ate there. Especially the soup!

Pros: Great prices, local spot, Try the soup!! Best one I ever had!

Cons: Nothing!


Points +30

21 May 2018

2 Options

It was the closest to us, so we thought we’d try it out. Got there and they only had two options, noodles or rice. Sadly we didn’t enjoy the food but the owner was polite and the bill came to 30vnd (£1).

Pros: Value for money, Polite

Cons: Choices, Atmosphere


Points +275

19 Apr 2018

Big Potion

A nice experience. The local people were really nice and tried to let us feel comfortable!

Pros: Nice people, authentic vietnamese food, cheap

Cons: the local people don't speak english, Most of the food was cold


Points +27

31 Mar 2018

Nice place

Cheap, delicious and good portions. You could struggle a little bit because they barely speak English :)


Points +72

26 Mar 2018

Recommend this place

For 15k dong you cant beat this place for not only cheap eating but really tasty too. I had a plate of rice with veges and tofu and it was so yummy. The other day I had a pho and it was equally delicious. Not a big menu by any means but really good food! Will definitely return. Highly recommend this place.

Pros: Very cheap, Very tasty

Cons: None


Points +28

24 Sep 2017

Great Value

Came here for lunch and as we didn't speak Vietnamese and the staff didn't speak any English, we were just served plates of food with a little of everything and some soups. The food was very tasty but a lot of it was cold (including the soup) from sitting for a while so I was expecting to have an upset stomach but to my pleasure I had no issues. We got very large portions and my boyfriend got an extra plate of food all for 30K VND.

Pros: inexpensive, tasty, friendly staff (despite the language barrier)

Cons: some dishes were cold from sitting out


Points +87

28 Apr 2017

Very nice place!!

Really love this place! In our opinion - the best vegan place in Danang. You can have a big plate of rice with 3-5 dishes only for 15k dong! (beggining of 2017) Portions are big enough.
Very cute women hold this place. They dont speak english, but they can understand what you want;)
Also Vietnamese noodle soups availiable. Only for 15k too.
Works from morning to 7-8 p.m.
Sometimes some Vietnamese goods availiable as well. Like desserts. Buut I dont know the names:)
Really the best place:) Strongly reccomend!

Pros: Tasty food, Cheap, Lovely staff

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