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5501- B Airport Way S (at Georgetown area), Seattle, Washington, USA, 98108

Must be at least 18 years to patron. A retro-gaming / dark gothic / biker-Ishmael hipster bar with free Wi-Fi. Sandwiches, field roast, appetizers, salads, and main entrees. Brunch is available on the weekends along with make your own bloody marys. Kitchen open until 10pm. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-2:00am, Mon-Fri 11:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 10:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Beer/Wine

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First Review by aaronsk

great vegan options - Edit

We've eaten here several times. All the food was delicious and so was the beer! The first time we went my husband had the gyro, and he said it was one of the best things he'd ever had, and he still talks about it! I had a veg burger and soup, and both were very good. The 2nd time we went in we took family. I had the chickpea salad sandwich and vegan cheddar broccoli soup - and OMG, both were so good. I don't remember what everyone else had but I remember my non-vegan cousin had the vegan cheese enchiladas and he loved them! We also had a pitcher of beer and it was great! Highly recommend this place! Never had a bad experience.

Pros: great vegan options , great atmosphere , booze, 18+ no kiddies

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Good Food, Good Service, Good Environment - Edit

The food here is good and a good number of options. The staff was reasonable as were the prices. The cafe was good. I will return when I am in the neighbourhood.

Pros: Good Food and Good Prices, Good Staff and Good Environment , Good Number of Choices

Cons: Off the Beaten Path--Maybe that is good

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Just discovered this place - Edit

Retro indeed but great food, great beer and attentive staff. GO!

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yumm - Edit

The artichoke dip was amazing!!!

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One Star! - Edit

We went here after reading good reviews on a local blog about their Sunday brunch with Bloody Mary bar. Drove twenty minutes there. When we entered we were never greeted so we picked our own table and looked around to see what the deal was because we didn't see anyone working there. Scoping the place out, it's predominately a dive bar, appears on the dingy side with sticky floors from the night before and looks to cater to early twenty year olds. We waited a long time before anyone came. Then a person walked by, never greeted us and dropped off menus and kept waking. Looking at the menu, the bloody maries were $10 each! At that point we were all torn whether we should just go. So we decided to flag down the server and see what the deal was about their food since it was priced like a 4-star restaurant! We yelped "Excuse me!" several times, but she would continue walking around ignoring us! We had to walk around and track her, then standing next to her saying "Excuse me" she still didn't respond! Then she looked over, and what seemed to be pretending to be startled, she said "oh, what's up". We asked her about the bloody mary, which was just vodka and V8 juice. We went back to our table and started gathering our stuff. The server walked by at this time, coincidentally, and says, " aw, are you guys going somewhere else?", which came off like, "oh, too bad, so sad". Odd, why would the first idea she assume be that we were leaving? How would she know we were going elsewhere? She never said "is there anything I can get you guys?", "is everything ok?", etc. Very odd place! It's a shame we drove a long way and couldn't try the food. The service just made it impossible to even get to ordering our food!

Pros: Nothing Unfortunately

Cons: Service, Cleanliness, Atmosphere

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AMAZING!! - Edit

My husband and I ate here the last night of our vacation in Washington State. The food was divine, the service outstanding! The decor is quirky and the atmosphere was easy and peaceful. The drinks, well, you gotta try them yourself...really, you do! YUM!!! Can't wait to go back!

Pros: Food, Drinks, Service

Cons: Location difficult to determine for non-

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A cool bar, all vegetarian food. Need I say more? - Edit

Just back from 2+ years around the world and wow, we're so spoiled with choice here in Seattle for good vegetarian options! I feel privledged and happy to live in such a forward minded city. But back to the review... when in need of a cool bar to hang out with my veggie friends we always come here. Anyone vegetarian into a good pub now and again, this is a must!

Pros: good food, cool pub, good value

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Good food, bad service - Edit

Bottom line, the food is good, especially if you're vegetarian/vegan. However the service can go from mediocre to bad.

Since my job is located nearby, my coworkers and I have been eating at GLC for years and the trick to getting somewhat decent service is to just call your order in early (before noon) and take it to go. However, if you're there hoping to get some food during your allotted lunch time, you'd better make sure you have at least an hour to spare.

It's really unfortunate how bad the service has gotten. It didn't use to be this bad a few years back and it seems like during the past 2 years, it has gotten progressively worse. Most recently my significant other and I decided to go there during my lunch time and I called in the order at 11:58am stating that I would be there in 5 minutes and wanted to get a jump start on my order since I only get a 30 minute lunch. We got there and it took the waiter about 10 minutes to take our drink orders. Finally at 12:20 pm I asked if our order was ready since I had called it in earlier and true to form, the waiter was completely apathetic stating that they were being served as they came up. He didn't even bother checking with the kitchen. Now I know that restaurants get busy during the lunch hour,however our order was placed far in advance and it was the daily special along with an extra bowel of soup. This wasn't a complicated or large order and shouldn't have taken so long to prepare. At the very least, the waiter should have checked on it and showed at least some concern for our time and appreciation for our business.

I will not be eating there again and if you're a local, I highly recommend going to St. Dames instead where they food is great and the service is excellent.

Pros: Vegan options, Good food, Central location

Cons: mediocre to bad service, bad parking, a little pricey

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Yum! - Edit

My wife and I just spent three weeks out of town and we could not stop craving this place. We have been there many many many times. My favorite is the Darth Reuben. My only complaint is that it is so far from my house in North Seattle.

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Super awesome! - Edit

Georgetown is so awesome! I love all the nerdy names for their food and the retro gaming atmosphere. Plus there food is awesome! They are a little out of the way if you are just visiting, but worth the trip.

Get the Picard sandwich and the split pea soup. Their cherry and saffron mousse is amazing too! Oh, but beware, their cocktails are strong!

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Good vegan pub food, edgy atmosphere - Edit

The food here is 100% vegetarian with a huge vegan selection. Ales and ciders are excellent (order a pitcher to share, I prefer the ciders myself). Food is hearty and the atmosphere is edgy/eclectic -- classic Seattle art/grunge next to the railroad tracks with free Nintendo/Atari games and a digital jukebox. Funky wall-art changes often. Don't expect white linen tablecloth dining -- come as you are (wearing flannel and feeling hungry!) because the food and portions are filling and the attitude here is laid-back!

Be sure to check out the few antiques stores just down the road (1-2 minutes' walking distance) because they have some really weirdly awesome stuff! We came for lunch one day and went home with a massive 25-lb iridescent polished blue moonstone we found in one of those shops -- an amazing natural artefact I've never seen anywhere else. A totally unexpected, like an excellent vegetarian pub in the middle of Georgetown!

Pros: Hearty food, 100% vegetarian, Tons of vegan options

Cons: A little out of the way, Parking lot is falling apart, Noisy trains sometimes

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Great samiches - Edit

This place is great. I got the Piccard which was delicious!! It came w a side salad with vegan ranch which was also very good. They have, as the name suggests, a nice beer and booze options. What a nice surprise. I know in the past I have been critical of places that simply have field roast samiches and such, but none had transformed it in this way. I really like it and would suggest it for anyone in that area.

My only thing, and this is bc I am a freak, is I like to see my food and it is pretty dark in there. But it is a small thing to sacrifice for the ambience of this place.

Good stuff, actually better than most places in Seattle.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 13, 2010

Pros: Good food & beers, Creative sandwiches, nice folks

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Great veggie retro gaming bar, very vegan friendly - Edit

I've only been here a couple times and I enjoyed it every time, the only real complaint I have is that it is so far away from where I live. A vegetarian restaurant/bar that is very vegan friendly. I enjoyed the food every time I went, not exactly healthy but good solid bar food, don't know if the food at the High Line is better or worse, though Georgetown Liquor defantly has a bitter and better selection and the video games are fun especially if you are there with friends to play them with you. The more I think about this place the more it makes me realize how much I really like this place and I wonder why I don't go here more often.

Pros: great bar food, lots of vegan options, parking

Cons: location is kind of tucked away

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Bar+vegetarian food+retro games=awesome - Edit

I've been here literally dozens of times. Entire menu is vegetarian with many vegan options, and everything I've had has been extremely tasty. The focus is sandwiches, many with field roast, but there are a few entrees such as tamales and such on the menu. Don't feel like you are missing out if you order a salad...they are huge and loaded with fixin's. Their vegan split pea soup with veggie ham is also a standout. In the sandwich section, try the Picard complete with "au jus" or the Lowell with veggie ham and cheese. This is definitely a bar (with a great beer selection, I might add), but don't let the slightly grungy atmosphere scare you. This is some seriously yummy food. Service can be slightly grumpy at times but if you get to know the servers they will be very good to you.

Pros: The whole menu is yours!, Great beer selection

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The best Sandwiches in Seattle~ Piccard you MUST - Edit

This was our last stop on our Vegan tour of Seattle. Its on the way to the airport so if you have a late flight like we did its an awesome way to kill an hour or two. Its easy to miss because its around back and you have to make a funky flip around when you get off the highway so as you're going down Airport before the big bridge its the last building on your left around the back.

Now that you've found it you'll experience the best Vegan Sandwich possibly on the planet the Piccard = French Dip. The Darth Vegan is also outstanding. I've never had field roast prepared so fantastically.

This is a bar, with some blue collar drinkers, but also there are random video games and nice booths to sit in and enjoy your meal. The staff is super friendly.

Pros: Piccard, Darth Vegan, Near Airport

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Vegetarian bar, with pretty good food. - Edit

This is my first time going here, there is a new owner now. Lots of micros on tap, including 9lb porter which was great. They have a supplier issue currently and have no vegan cheese, so you won't get any cheese if you're vegan which was a small letdown. I had the chips and salsa, the salsa was housemade but not great, the chips were out of a bag. The tamales were ok, but really needed an extra dimension of either sour cream, cheese, or something else to really round out the dish. The salad and black rice it came with were both good. The entire entree was a ton of food and came on two plates which was a pleasant suprise. However at $13.50 it was really hoping for a little extra flavor on the tamales. After tip my meal was $25. I might go back to try a sandwich, but not until they get a vegan cheese back in. I like neighborhood with the old brick buildings and the building is pretty cool. Oh, and tax was included in the prices, which isn't something to sneeze at. Oh, if you go late, the service may be slow or you'll have to jockey for the bartender's attention. Keep in mind this is a bar first so if you want to eat here without a lot of noise go early, otherwise plan to have a few beers and watch a show.

Pros: all veg, can be vegan, large portions, microbrews

Cons: a little pricey, no vegan cheese currently, service can be spotty

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We were trying out different vegetarian restaurants and stopped at GLC for some early dinner... I had not seen anything on Happycow saying this was an adult-only place, and besides, maybe "liquor company" was just a cute name and kids were still allowed. Further, I had called previously to ask what was on the kid's menu, and a guy on the phone very sleepily said that you just order off the main menu.

So, when we got there, I went in first with everyone waiting in the car to see if this was a cool place, good for families, clean, etc. etc. The place looked mostly like a bar and the waitress very abruptly told me "no kids. we're a bar!" And so I was like, uh, ok!! And turned and left. She could have been nicer and said, "oh I'm sorry (with a smile) I wish we could but due to the fact that we're just a bar that's just not allowed..." It was onward to find another classier, family-friendly veg restaurant. Sometimes my husband and I do get a sitter and go out, just he and I. But because of that unpleasant experience, I doubt I'd want to come here with kids or without! Maybe one day when they have nicer people working there I can come back and write about the food and more pleasant experiences.

Pros: Veg offerings

Cons: Not kid-friendly, Dark, not clean, Unfriendly waitress

4 Responses

kindlizard 01 Sep 2008 - kid friendly?! i think it raises more questions about your parenting and judgment rather the establishment. why would you bring kids to a dark bar, veg or not?  

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Cascadian 18 Sep 2010 - If you do not care for a persons review, fine. That said, the comments above were uncalled for to say the least. As a vegan parent of vegan kids and as someone who generally does not drink, I still like the option of going to establishments that do serve alcohol, including with my kids. I appreciate the original review and I do NOT assume that because a place is a bar or similar that it is automatically NOT kid/family friendly - many ARE!  

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - Cascadia, you know better than to bring your kids to a place called liquor company, or yourself if you don't drink for that matter. It is not uncalled for to challenge her notion that the cafe is at fault. They are a bar. The people here are really nice. Don't know any BARS that are kid-friendly, they aren't allowed in!!!  

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j.lee 22 Feb 2013 - I could totally see how a place named "Georgetown LIQUOR Company" could be confused as someplace Kid Friendly.  

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YUM - Edit

The paccard---get it, love it. vegan or not!

Pros: free video games, bar, good prices

Cons: limited menu, parking

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