Has an eight-course vegan tasting menu with optional wine pairing. Menus change each season. Transitioned from veg options to fully vegan June 2021. Open Tue-Fri 17:00-21:30, Sat 12:00-21:30. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by ericacrombie


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16 Sep 2023


Absolutely fabulous & what a treat to have a menu that is completely vegan, completely delicious & inspirational

Can’t wait to return

Pros: Beautiful setting , Delicious & interesting dishes, Wonderful service

Cons: Expensive (but worth it)



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02 Sep 2023


Came here for a friends birthday dinner. Food was delicious and well presented. Staff were kind and attentive. The wine was beautiful!!! The courses were all delicious and I was so full at the end!!! Tried some really creative dishes- the vegan caviar was very impressive! Perfect for a special occasion / event / celebration. The tasting menu was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend coming here

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01 Sep 2023

The best food I have EVER had, unforgettable

Listen, I love junky vegan burgers and Chinese take-out, so I wasn’t sure this high-end fancy food with a set menu would be for me. I was utterly blown away. A MUST-DO for vegans in London in my opinion!

The chef is just absolutely incredible, and has clearly made his cooking into an art-form. There are a couple duds in the menu, those being the clarified butter crudité thing and the savory cheesecake, but that is mostly down to individual taste. Everything else though, the bar just kept getting raised! Each time, after eating the most flavorful and complex little plate of food of my life, the next plate would come out and its flavors would be unlike anything I have ever had. The BEST croissant I have ever tried, vegan or not. The most incredible black garlic tortellini accompanied by a heavenly sun-dried tomato ravioli. A potato ROSE covered in a savory dashi broth. Heck, this is the only time I have ever liked beets! They were cooked to perfection.

Utterly masterful cooking, and a meal I will never forget! Your tastebuds will be challenged and delighted. For me, this was an experience worth every penny.


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24 Aug 2023

The best dinner of my life

This is simply the best restaurant I’ve ever been. Amazing food, amazing staff. Such a lovely evening. Can’t wait to be back, honestly!


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17 Aug 2023


Come si può descrivere uno stellato vegano?!?

Pros: Scelta , Raffinatezza

Cons: Prezzo


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06 Aug 2023

Stunning and Exquisite

We had the Grand Dîner, and every single dish was beautifully presented. The ravioli was definitely my favourite (though the brioche and the strawberry are not far behind), and the only dish I did not like was the olive cheesecake. Every dish was intriguing and unlike anything I’ve had before.

The service was good and the staff enthusiastic. The room was cozy - almost like it was a living room. When we left, I was surprised to find that almost 3 hours had passed since we sat down! Overall a very pleasant experience and will hopefully come back in the future.


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18 Jul 2023

Nice experience

We had a "petit diner" with wine pairing which of course was more expensive but definitely worth it! The food was so tasty and (surprisingly) very filling. I will absolutely come back next time I visit London :)

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15 Jul 2023

Fantastic dining experience

Excellent food and dining experience. Went for my birthday and ate from the slightly smaller 'Petit Diner' menu as there was no availability for the full tasting menu. The food was delicious and very unconventional. Staff were friendly. The only thing I would say is I felt as though perhaps as we were eating from the smaller menu which was only available at 5pm we were a bit rushed through the process. We had ordered an aperitif at the start which took a while to prepare but instead of waiting for us to have this first they started bringing the food first so we didn't get it until after we'd already eaten two courses which was not ideal. On the whole though I would highly recommend it.

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Pros: Inventive delicious food


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15 Jul 2023


The 8 course tasting menu is really inspired and impressive. The brioche with feta and the chocolate dessert were particular stand outs. Service is attentive. It's expensive, but a really special experience.


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05 Jul 2023

Wonderful dining experience

The food was full of flavour, the service was great and I cannot wait to return


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17 Jun 2023

Nice experience

We had the petit dinner and although I enjoyed my experience I feel I have had better vegan fine dining experiences for less money. The 3d printed beef was interesting and I’m glad to have tried it however I did find it a little weird to eat. It is very close to real beef and I prefer to have vegan food focused around whole foods and vegetables. It is down to personal preference.

Pros: Fully vegan and innovative

Cons: Expensive


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09 Jun 2023

Amazing fine dining vegan experience

Yes, it’s not cheap, but that’s for a reason… the food is so bloody good! Genuinely would eat there every day if I could! I loved it so much.


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04 Jun 2023

Incredible dining experience

Truly incredible experience, with amazing service and beautiful creative dishes. Every single course was unique and delicious. A little spendy but worth it, especially for a special night out.


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21 May 2023

Vegan Michelin Star Dining

We did the Petit dinner because we had tickets for Six the musical at 8 PM. It was an eight course meal. We could not have made it through the 10 course meal. I was stuffed when we were finished. The service was excellent. We rang the doorbell like we were going to a friend's house. They took my coat and my husband's backpack (we were tourists and had our passports in the backpack). We were dressed business casual even with the backpack. My husband and I had two bottles of the water which was great. I also had a drink that was delicious. Alexis Gauthier came out to the dining room to talk to another dinner he knew. It was like a celebrity spotting for us. He is the first Michelin Star Chef we have ever laid eyes on. But a vegan Michelin Star Chef is very impressive to us. The cheese sauce with the croissants was magical. The sauce was creamy and the croissants crunchy, flaky and soft on the inside. French cuisine magic. There was another dish with white and green asparagus. I could taste the difference in the two types of asparagus. Another dish had a broth with morels that was so good. The superstar was the 3D printed vegan steak with a red wine sauce. It was unbelievable. The vegetables were 3D printed on this dish as well. All the desserts were scrumptious. The Petit four had a dessert with a razor sliver of strawberry on top. But I could really taste the strawberry. I had coffee with the desserts and of course they had a vegan cream for the coffee. I really enjoyed this dinner.


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13 May 2023


Inspired next level vegan food.

Pros: Light but satisfying tasting menu, Interesting, balanced flavours , Great wine list


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11 May 2023

I don’t get the hype

Was disappointed the first time I went so tried it again, and was disappointed the second time. Also tried their home kits which was more successful but overall not for me.

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04 May 2023

Best vegan experience I’ve ever had!

Upscale and delicious vegan food!

Pros: 10 course tasting menu, Wine pairing option


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01 May 2023

The best food ive ever eaten (including pre-vegan)!

Did the set tasting menu for my GFs birthday.
I wasnt sure what to expect - but it blew my mind.
I won't go into detail and ruin the experience for others.
I would simply recommend this. Make it a special occasion and treat you and someone else to an experience with Vegan food you wouldnt normally get elsewhere.

Also, the 'Future' dish is genius.

Pros: Phenomenal experience, Lovely wine, Incredible flavours

Cons: Big budget but worth it., Need to book well in advance


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20 Apr 2023

Vegan Fine Dining at it’s Best

Treated my sister to dinner here a few years ago. 5* dining experience. Pre fixe menu was creative, presented beautifully, and delicious.

Pros: Vegan pre fixe menu , Presentation

Cons: Not cheap, but well worth splurging


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19 Mar 2023

Grand Dîner (11 courses) 100% vegan, 100% amazing

Best meal I've had in my life, let alone since going vegan six years ago. The service was friendly and well informed. I had the Grand Dîner 11 course with the wine pairing (highly recommended) and it was an absolute dream from start to finish.

The pairings were masterful and the meal was perfectly paced and sequenced. I have eaten at other Michelin star restaurants, but this experience eclipsed them all. Much love to Alexis and his genius sommelier, staff and vision for a better future! Much love!

Pros: A magnificent Michelin Star experience, 100% Vegan, Wine pairing is superb

Cons: Pricey and several hours of time commitment, Must reserve in advance - limited calendar, Small, minimalist, but exclusive dining room


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17 Mar 2023


Delicious French food, but plant-based.


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15 Mar 2023


Mediocre food that tries hard to be something else. Ambience is a bit dead in my opinion probably because people tend to act pretentious in a pretentious space.
Not for me.

Cons: Expensive


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02 Mar 2023

Unforgettable experience

This place was impeccable from start to finish - the service, the food, the presentation, everything was so special. We would love to come again to try the other season menus they create. We had the grand dinner winter menu and every dish was packed with flavour. We had never eaten at a restaurant with a Michelin star chef before so weren’t completely sure what to expect but we loved it, and we were stuffed by the end. Getting to try redefine meat was just insanely good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-01

Pros: Excellent service , Delicious, flavour-packed food, Classy restaurant atmosphere

Cons: Expensive- but it is a Michelin star restaurant


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30 Dec 2022

Wonderful French tasting menu

Each course was delicious and delivered by knowledgeable servers happy to explain the dishes. One of them was 3D-printed beef from an Israeli company that is a glimpse of the future of plant-based dining. Book far in advance as reservations fill quickly. #Veganuary

Pros: Everything is vegan!, Cozy townhouse location , Friendly staff


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22 Dec 2022


Food = amazing. Ambiance = extraordinary. Staff = superb. When in London, a MUST.

Pros: 100% vegan for the animals

Cons: Not one I can think of.


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08 Dec 2022

Such a wonderful meal

This entire meal and experience was excellent. The restaurant itself is a tasteful and intimate spot with attentive, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The tasting menu we had was extremely delicious, well executed and rich. It was so nice to have French cuisine as a vegan as it’s been so long. The refine meat they use is honestly the closest thing to lamb I have ever tried and had it been at any other restaurant I would have been concerned they gave me real meat. Obviously it’s not cheap but for a special night out this is really an excellent choice!! The cocktails were a big hit too!

Pros: Delicious seasonal menu, Redone meat is incredibly realistic , Nice vibe and great cocktails

Cons: Expensive


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11 Nov 2022

The Best…

…. Vegan Restaurant we’ve been to

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