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Hauptstraße 46, Großmugl, Grossmugl, Austria, 2002

Situated 40 km outside Vienna. A large list of vegan cocktails with or without alcohol. Vegan-deer ragout, cordon bleu, blood veg-sausages, veg-chicken salad, grilled veg-duck, and desserts. Previously vegan-friendly, now 100% vegan. Confirmed closed, Jun 2017.

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First Review by oneoftheforeigners

Worth trekking 25 miles to get to! - Edit

Ah! the legendary vegan pub in the middle of the Austrian countryside 25 miles or so from Vienna this place has been on my 'to do' list for about 20 years . Three times I was in Vienna and either failed to persuade my hosts, or the band I was driving that we had to visit this place. Nowadays a pub that does traditional Austrian food all vegan doesn't seem so outrageously unlikely but back in the 1990's it was a big deal, well it was for a 'vegan foodie' like me! So this time after a few repetitions of past tales of woe and failure regarding my getting to Schillinger my benevolent (non vegan) hosts agreed to drive me out there. It's possible they feared I might not make it back alive if I cycled which I was threatening to do!
It is literally the village pub, not an old one, but full of dark wood, low lights, local men at the bar watching TV and swigging beer. The menu however is a full on fake meat fest and all 100% vegan.,! There are deserts too, and cake specials ( though only one option - chocolate cake - on the day we visited . The waitress seemed bemused if not amused by the enquiry after a sugar free cake. It has to be said that the food at Schillinger is great, it's tasty it's generous in portions and it's not
that expensive. Gerf and I shared the double of everything platter "Hausplatte" and it served us well, we got to try all the meats and chips, salad and a delicious creamy coleslaw. I had the chocolate dumplings in vanilla yoghurt and they went down a treat. The tiramisu that Gerf had was a unique interpretation of this famous dish that I think many would not have recognised, but it's was a very tasty and not too sweet one.
I was let down by the drinks. Firstly my Earl Grey tea - full marks for having it on the menu - came with a huge home filed tea bag that once I had taken it out of the cup left me with only two thirds of a not very big cup of tea. Then I ordered an organic blackcurrent juice which included my clearly pointing it out on the menu, I was brought an orange juice. I can't drink that much OJ during a meal so I uncharacteristically pointed out the mistake, only to be brought a blackcurrent juice with soda in..... Argh even worse! I gave up, Gerf drank my evil fizzy juice and I had a glass of water, as Gerf said, there's Not much point in having an English menu if the workers can't understand it.
Anyway my pilgrimage to the Austrian vegan Mecca is done, if I do it again, which I hope to I'll cycle out along the Danube to it :)

Pros: Legendary fake meat mecca!, Quality food., In the middle of nowhere!

Cons: In the middle of nowhere!, No sugar free desserts., English service a bit dodgy!

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typical austrian food - Edit

The menu looks like a "normal" menu in typical austrian restaurants even though everything is vegan. food is very tasty, I recommend the "wildragout" ;)

Pros: tasty, fair prices, nice atmosphere

Cons: none

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Amazing Vegan Normal Fare in the Countryside - Edit

I finally made it to Schillinger, after having heard so much about it.

And I definitely did not regret it, as they had a number of very fine dishes.

To be honest - some were good, but not incredibly spectacular, e.g. the "Backhendl" (fried chicken), a specialty of Viennese cuisine. This was basically a number of seitan slabs that were deep fried, definitely ok, but no revelation. The same applies to the "Kaesespaetzle", which were not tasting very strong. More like noodles in Alfredo sauce. However, it has to be noted that there are two ways to make "Kaesespaetzle", the Tyrolean/Bavarian way with very strong tasting cheese, and the Baden-Wuerttemberg way that basically does not taste much. So maybe it was this second variety.

Definitely spectacular, however, were their Cordon Bleu and the "Paprikahendl" (Chicken in red pepper sauce). While the chicken was the same seitan, it nevertheless tasted much nicer due to the spices of the sauce and the "Nockerln" that came with it. Those two dishes are definitely worth the way from Vienna (which is very long).

Also, their desserts were wonderful, so I can only suggest it to everybody who is adventurous.

When I first heard the story of the restaurant - in the family for decades, then the family decided to go vegan and changed the menu, which is not easy for a rural pub, I was immediately intrigued. Even more so as I now know that they are by far not the only restaurant in the area, so die-hard meat-eaters would have found it very easy to simply boycott them ... but they managed to convince them with the taste of their dishes. My respects!

Also check out Mr. Schillingers Burger restaurant "Swing Kitchen" in Vienna!

Pros: Some very nice dishes, great taste!, Rustic charme, Consequently vegan, unusual surroundings

Cons: Far away from civilization as we know it

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A must go! - Edit

We went twice while staying in Vienna. First time we didn't book so we ate at the counter, with lot of fun. Afterwards we made the required reservation and opted for a non-smokers table, but I suggest you to stay where smoking is allowed which is a better part of the restaurant.

A couple of vegetarians beside us (or maybe he was omnivorous and she was vegetarian, I didn't catch) were disappointed by faux meats because too realistic. He said ironically "Now I need a restaurant where meat tastes like vegetables!". Well, this restaurant is 100% vegan without looking like. That's relaxing, in a way.

Countryside around is nice, after lunch go and take a walk. And remember to ask for homemade cakes not listed on the menu.

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Großmuggl, get to know austrian countryside - Edit

It took us quite a while to get with public transport from Vienna to Großmuggl, the only reason we went there was: Gasthaus Schillinger.
We arrived there and had amazing food, first some coffees and later a soup and traditional Austrian food, like Käsespätzle, Schnitzel and also some desserts. Good that we walked before all this food in the beautiful countryside around this place!

After all this food we realized we cannot get home anymore, there aren't any busses, but the owner, a vegan activist, was so nice and drove us home, which took him at least 30 minutes. So nice!! And we talked about many things in the car.

Prices are completely fine and portions are reasonable. Worth the visit and even with public transport I am sure you will find someone bringing you home.
Updated from previous review on Friday March 07, 2014

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The best - Edit

Sometimes I contemplate moving there because i miss the food so much.
Great atmosphere, great food, generous portions and nice desserts.

Pros: great food, good value, cozy place

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Incredible! - Edit

Well worth an hour's drive, this restaurant was flawless. The service was fantastic, the pub itself is warm and welcoming, with great decor. The menu is entirely vegan, and such a great price. The desserts in particular were great, and my main course (chilli burger and fries) was perfect. I wish I could be there now!

Pros: Friendly staff, English menu, everything vegan, Amazing food!

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Amazing! Authentic Austrian food, hard to believe - Edit

The problem with going to Schillinger's is that you might have some flashbacks or nightmares because the food could fool anyone! It's the first and only time I've eaten what felt like sausages with butter on top... such a weird feeling!

For real, it was amazing to try European classic dishes I would otherwise basically have no idea about. The service and place were very classic and nice, only negative is they do allow smoking inside. But the food was totally worth it. I ate so much I promptly fell asleep after the meal!

It was also a beautiful drive for visitors to get out of Vienna. It seems that there are some busses during weekdays to (inconveniently) enable you to get there without a car, but on weekends it's nearly impossible. We were so lucky to meet some Viennese vegans at a vegan wine night (search and see if you can find one, totally recommended) who were driving out so we could join them.

Don't pass up an opportunity to go here, it's really unique in the incredibly detailed and realistic recreation of classic dishes fully vegan. A very special experience.

Pros: Food amazing, Authentic

Cons: Smoking permitted inside, Hard to get to, but worth it!

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Simply amazing - Edit

We went to this restaurant a couple of years ago (thought I'd left a review already!)

Our hotel in Vienna helped arrange transport out to this gem of a restaurant (a train and a taxi)

Without a doubt, this is the best vegan place in the whole of Austria and one of the best I've been to throughout Europe.

The menu is typically Austrian but with everything vegetarian and nearly everything vegan. We opted for the large mix plate which came with a mountain of thick-cut fries topped off with delicious schnitzl, bratwurst and other faux-meat delights.

The owner is fantastic, he took the time out to thank us for coming to visit his restaurant and sat with us and talked about veganism. He's an active member of the local community and provides vegan meals-on-wheels for the elderly as well as cooking vegan meals for the local school.

The restaurant was popular and traditionally decorated with a chic but down-to-earth feel. The owner told us that the only reason he serves real cheese in one of his schnitzls is to ensure the locals come and enjoy veg food.

The food is delicious, the atmosphere great and the ethos and management of this place is outstanding!

Don't be put off by it not being in Vienna - this place is definitely worth it - the trip adds to the over all experience!

Pros: Food (quality and variety), Atmosphere, Ethos

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A *proper* restaurant - Edit

This is a proper restaurant, whether you're vegan or not. Not for the rawfoodist nutcases!!! The menu is world class. The rations are huuuge. The prices or very fair considering austria. The drinks are just amazing (whether it's coffee with coco milk or just huge pots of hot tea). The food needs not to be described, it needs to be experienced. It's a shame it's do far away from Wien, but that's maybe an advantage as well.

Take all your friends with you. They will be eternally grateful.

Pros: menu, prices, rations

Cons: location, ?smoking not prohibited?

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The best place to enjoy vegan food in Austria - Edit

The Gasthaus Schillinger is THE place to go to in order to enjoy delicous, Austrian-style vegan food in Austria! They offer a range of excellent dishes, including burgers, all kinds of schnitzel and other Austrian or international food. Everything we tried so far tasted absolutely terrific: I had a cordon bleu which was just perfect, very crisp outside and creamy inside with a lovely texture. I had chips (fries) and salad to go along with it and everything was freshly prepared and very tasty. For dessert I chose the 'Schoko-Nuss-Palla', a kind of pancake served with soya cream, chocolate sauce and roasted almonds - delicious! So delicious that I decided to have another dessert and tried the coconut milk mousse with mango cream, which was fantastic as well. Even though the fact that I had two desserts after a main dish seems to suggest that the portions may not be too satisfying, they totally are, especially the 'house platter' (for two to share) is huge! It's just so good that you cannot stop eating, especially if you are starving for excellent traditional Austrian food, which usually rarely comes in a vegetarian (least of all vegan) way.
The atmosphere is very typically Austrian - laid-back and in a true, yet modern inn('Wirtshaus')-style. We weren't served by the owners, but I saw them once in a television interview and they were very relaxed and truly seemed to love what they're doing.
The only drop of bitterness is that you need a car to get there, but then the effort is totally worth it.

Pros: excellent (excellent!) food, good value, friendly staff

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My Favourite Restaurant in the world! - Edit

And I mean that - I have travelled all over! Stunning gasthaus, run by a really great guy and helpful and friendly staff. The food is absolute perfection - every single thing we ate was WOW! The passion put into this place really shows when you sample it's delights. We went back there for a second visit especially (yes, drove for hours and even crossed a border!) during our holiday and specifically didn't eat lunch so we could gorge ourselves here, it's that good. To be honest, pretty much 95% of the menu is vegan, and there's a lot to choose from - too much in fact! Cocktails, starters, soups, mains, hausplatters, desserts, icecreams..... And it's incredible that this place exists and is thriving in a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere! Go find it, you will not be disappointed!

Pros: wonderful atmosphere, creative and traditional dishes, value for money

Cons: no overnight accom at the gasthaus

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Delicious food! - Edit

I've been to Schillingers only once but I loved the food. You can find any Austrian meat dish you can think of on the menu, there was even something like black pudding when I went there, horrible ;)
For desert I had Nougatknodel with strawberry sauce - I'm still dreaming of it.
The prices are normal restaurant prices, for two people we paid around 30€.
The only, very big, minus is that there was no non-smoking area. How can you eat with smoke in your nose, clothes etc.? Apparently they used to have one (It's such a big house!) but then changed their mind. What a shame!

Pros: great food

Cons: no non-smoking area!

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best down to earth restaurant out in t countryside - Edit

always go there when were in the area. doesnt matter if we have a car or taking the train n bus which takes you hours. its worth it!!!!
its a really comfy restaurant out in the countryside. all the farmers sit there for their coffeebreak or beer after work. the construction workers or plumbers or whatever come for a really cheap lunch meal. youd never imgine its a vegetarian restaurant.
i love the fritatten soup(vegetable stock with crepes cut into small pieces)i used to love that as a child.
everything i had from the menu was always good. hmmm and at this place ill always go for a dessert even if i had enough! a must. The schillingers are really nice people as well.

Pros: simple delicious food, atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: not easy to get there without car

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yummi !!!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

Great traditional Austrian food, but all vegan.
Best french fries and the dishes are generally very good.
It is hard to get to without a car but if you have one it is well worth the effort. After lunch you can take a beautiful walk down the back roads. I loved it.

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Best food we had in Vienna! - Edit

Schillinger is amazing - the only drawback is it's about 40 minutes out of the city and really NOT accessible by public transport!! Still, if you have a car then I'd definitely recommend it. English menus available on request (needed if your German is as bad as mine!) and there didn't seem to be a duff item on it! Hungarian style chicken and the deer ragout were fantastic and the desserts were even better - quite possibly the best vegan dessert I've ever had! Also one of the few restaurants where it's the veggie stuff that's highlighted on the menu as the majority of items are vegan.

Pros: Fantastic food, Loads of vegan choices, helpful staff

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Vegan heaven!! - Edit

A hell of a vegan(vegetarian) restaurant!!! :)

Awesome traditional Austrian dishes (Wienerschnitzel, deer ragout, mixed grill) and almost all of them are vegan (13 out of 14 main courses are vegan, vegetarian dishes are marked). Tried this before I became vegan and I have to admit, it tastes much better than most of the meat-containing alternatives :)

Excellent cocktail range (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and really fair prices (about 6€ for a main course). I fell in love with the desserts!!! (all vegan, like Austrian pancakes -> palatschinken, tiramisu, nougat filled dumplings with strawberry sauce,...)

First and only non-US restaurant that got the "restaurant of the month" award from Peta's VegCooking!!

Pros: Awesome vegan choice, Perfect quality and taste, High class atmosphere

Cons: So far away from my home

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