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Family-run veggie food cafe. Features a hot food bar where you choose your combo plate which comes with soup and barley grain rice. Also offers an an extensive la carte menu from snacks and soups to noodle and rice meals with faux meat. Has fresh juices and a range of frozen and prepared foods for take home (dumpling, steamed buns, etc.). No egg, onion, or MSG used. Small and informal. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Fri 5:00pm-8:00pm, Sat 4:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by chobesoy


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26 Jul 2023

Great food for a great price

I've been vegetarian since I was 12yo, being a picky child I was way to afraid to get out of taste pallete's comfort zone. All I have to say is, I strongly reccomend taking a shot in the dark with this place. Never ever thought I'd crave mushrooms till I tried theirs. I get the lunch special alot its my favorite but everything I've tried so far has been delicious!!

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Pros: Taste, Price, Variety



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21 Feb 2022

One of my favorites

This place is amazing!
My favorite is the peppered oyster mushrooms. They batter and fry big chunks of king oysters with Thai basil and it's seriously the best. I can't stop eating
They also offer tofu jerky and ice cream :)

Pros: All vegan!, Amazing food, Lots of options


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01 Jan 2022

Great food that me and non veg people can agree on!

I really like the food here. I also like that my non-vegan friends enjoy the food too!


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09 Nov 2021

Cheap, tasty Chinese food

The Google business listing describes this place as "unassuming", which I always thought was kind of an odd word choice for sounding appealing to customers... but it's certainly accurate. It's located in a relatively dead plaza, and the business sign's lights weren't on at nighttime, so it can be easy to miss. Although the location is iffy, the food is definitely not.

I picked what seemed to be popular among the reviews: fried mushrooms w/ pepper, tangy soy chicken, and veggie chow mein. The portions were massive, and everything tasted great. Service was fast and friendly. I'll be visiting this spot regularly, for sure.


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30 Jul 2021

Exellent food

Glad I finally stopped by here, got a papaya smoothie and an order of the tangy oyster mushroom plate, the portion was huuuge and I couldn't help but eat it all in my car. It was delicious.

Pros: Good quality of ingredients


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20 Nov 2020

YOU’RE MISSING OUT. Vegan Chinese?! Get - #101 BEST FRIED CHICKEN & Ice Cream!!!


Pros: Over 100 items of deliciousness

Cons: My small stomach


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11 Nov 2020

Typical Chinese in a good way

If you’re craving Chinese food, this place will hit the spot


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27 Oct 2020

fire food

Really good spot close to work, staff is super friendly a lot of options to choose from & food cokes quick. You can call to order (well you can go inside & order as well but calling in order is dope) overall great place you should check out ❤️

Pros: Big menu to choose from , Food is really good


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24 Jun 2020

Amazing food

Great cuisine at a reasonable price. Love coming here.

Pros: Family owned, Delicious, Authentic


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06 Mar 2020


I’ve gone to so many places This is one of the best ones

Pros: So many vegan options

Cons: Fair price


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22 Sep 2019

Delicious 🤤

Great service and food!!!


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22 Jun 2019

Great food

Great food, it is Tawainese cuisine. Great flavors. I had the vegetable Chow mein with chicken, delicious. The veggie pancakes, it had cucumbers and radishes, delicious. They we also had the coconut corn soup. Wide selection of foods. And good service

Pros: Everything is vegan, wide selection

Cons: Very reasonable prices


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04 Apr 2018

One of our FAVORITES!

We love coming here to eat. Especially loved the fusion of Taiwanese and Korean flavored vegan foods :) also no onion/garlic as well!
Best though is to call ahead in advance to see if the restaurant is open or slammed with busy-ness. It’s ran by a small family and so sometimes they get super busy... or even not opened due to family events.

Pros: deliciousness! , organic food


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29 Oct 2017


I came here because of the reviews on Happy Cow, and was not dissapointed, will visit again!


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07 Oct 2017

Delicious food!

I've been here once before but today was amazing! Four of us had not eaten all day so we ordered quite a bit...like going to the grocery store hungry.
Appetizers: fried tofu and fried dumplings.
Spicy Korean tofu soup
Vegetable fried rice
Pan fried noodles
Crispy oyster mushrooms
Kung pao soy chicken
Sweet and sour mushroom
All of it tasted delicious and fresh. I cannot wait to come back again.

Pros: great service, great food , not crowded


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Mostly Veg
28 Jun 2017

great food great service

First time here and food was amazing. I will be back ..

Great friendly staff

Ryan MTB

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18 Mar 2017

Healthy and fast

Lunch is combo style, you select what items you want behind the glass and the server puts it on your tray. Simple casual atmosphere in a little shopping center, friendly efficient service.

Pros: All vegan, Free parking in lot, Friendly people


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26 Feb 2017

excellent food and great service!

We are staying south of LA and found this little gem tucked away in a small strip mall. Very modest ambiance, but super delicious food and very friendly service :)


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21 Oct 2013

Excellent food

I've been a regular customer for years now. I usually go during lunch time on Fridays and Saturdays but I also go at other times. Lunch gets really crowded around noon and some people place orders over the phone and they tend to those orders first. The con about the lunch special is that sometimes they run out of food, which tells you that it's good food too.

The whole family is Vegetarian, except for the cook's sister, who is now working as the server. As per the reviewer who talked about the snobbish daughter, I've had that experience as well. Both daughters are a little snobbish but the parents compensate by being extra friendly. The daughters are rarely there, so, please don't let that experience deter you from coming back.

I would recommend the fried oyster mushrooms with basil, Dumpling noodle soup, Soy fish in any of the many sauces, KungPao Tofu or soy chicken.

In the afternoon, the ladies leave and the cook is left alone tending the restaurant, he does not speak much English, so I would recommend you to take the menu and tell him the numbers. The menu is in English and Chinese. Be patient with him as he'll be alone and cooks the food as you order it. No reheating or microwave in that kitchen so you'll hear him chopping and frying and rattling pans as you wait. In the evenings, the wife or the sister come back to help with dinner, so you don't have to wait that long.

Highly recommended vegan restaurant.

Updated from previous review on Monday October 21, 2013

Updated from previous review on Monday October 21, 2013


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11 Feb 2013

Causal and tasty

I had read the recent good reviews for this place on HappyCow and decided to give it another try. Was just here in February 2013, and here's my Garden Fresh review.

I ate here one time many years ago and not impressed. But this time around I was pleased with the food. It's a simple little eatery located in a strip mall. The interior is casual and simple--to one side is a steamtable with each day's lunch offer, to the other side is tables for seating and a TV in the corner.

I noticed that they offer a la carte menus at both lunch and dinner time. I tried their dumpling was was surprised and delighted to see that the owners make their own dumpling skin with a wheat flour which was thicker than the typical white flour dumpling skin. I also got a stir fry noodle, and that was pretty tasty.

Overall I enjoyed my meal and would definitely return again to try the other menu stuff. The food is more home-style Taiwanese and healthier than the other veg restaurants around here (Veggie Family, Happy Veggie Garden).

Pros: friendly and courteous, homestyle healthier food, reasonable prices

Naan Cee

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Mostly Veg
11 Feb 2013

healthy and delicious!

I was surprise to find this place in my neck of the woods (or atleast my parents neck of the woods). I'm use to the few more popular veg places on Colima & Nogales but this place is way better/tasty and healthy. Everything we ordered I enjoyed. The wheat dumplings, stir fried noodles, stinky tofu (Taiwanese fave), wheat noodle soup and the fresh made to order juice. The charming family that runs this place are super nice. I WISH THEY HAD THIS IN THE WESTSIDE!

Pros: wholesome, friendly service, delicious!


11 Feb 2013

Yea, the stinky tofu was tasty, especially with hot chili sauce.


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10 Feb 2013

Great little place!

This little strip-mall cafe offers traditional Taiwanese fare. The food is healthier than your average Chinese veg place and uses whole wheat for noodles, dumplings, and pancakes which they make on-site. They also offer fresh juices, and traditional deserts. I really liked this place and will definitely be back.

Pros: Healthy Options, Traditional, Good food

Cons: Decor


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27 Jan 2013

Wonderful hole in the wall restaurant

A hole in the wall (healthy) vegan restaurant with many organic ingredients.

I was afraid that the dishes would be too greasy and salty, so asked for light oil and light salt. The dishes came out perfect! The green papaya soup was lightly herbally and delicious. Not many places have vegan-friendly dumplings, so I was very happy they serve steamed dumplings made with buckwheat wrap. The mixed veggie wasn't all organic (even though the menu said they were), but were non-greasy and delicious. They even served us vegan banana nut muffin as complimentary dessert!

It's hard to find vegan places around Hacienda Heights, so am very happy to have found this place. This has become one of my regular places to get takeout whenever I'm in town.

Pros: quality, taste


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16 Nov 2010


I love this restaurant! There are slim pickings in this area for vegans, and since I work in the area it is a great find for lunch. They always have different lunch options (you can choose how many items you want) and the food always tastes fresh and never greasy. The woman who works the counter (I assume an owner) is so friendly! Basically I have no complaints about this place. Great food, friendly staff.

Pros: Variety, Friendly Staff, Fresh Food


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03 Sep 2010

VERY friendly staff

This place is a little basic, the setting isn't somewhere that you'd go for an occasion, rather a place for a quick dinner if you don't feel like looking. The food is very flavorful and the staff are the friendliest restaurateurs I have encountered in a very long time.

They noticed that this was our first time and were very welcoming, there may have been a little language barrier but we made it work.

This is the first place I have eaten that has such an extensive range of mushroom dishes, and I must say, I loved them!

Pros: Friendly, Clean, Boba Tea

Cons: Cash Only


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25 Sep 2008

Excellent, fast, delicious, organic!

One of my top favorite places for a nice lunch. Completely organic. Buddhist cafe, small and friendly (about ten tables). There are combo plates (hot bar, you can choose 2-4 items, plus soup and barley grain rice for about 5 bucks), or menu dishes to order from. Additional treats: fresh juices, packaged items like dry grains and legumes to buy, and then fresh items are also available to take home for dinner or freeze for another day. I often get the 50 pack of fresh homemade wontons, the mushroom and nut zhong zi, complete with sticky organic grains, true to the style of the traditional option, or the steam wheat buns, chock full of veggies. I highly recommend this place for a casual meal. I am rarely in this area, but when I am, I make a point to come here. Bring a friend too, so you can try more. I usually share a combo meal with a friend, we order a plate from the menu, take home frozen goodies, and wash everything down with carrot apple ginger juice or whatever strikes our fancy. :)

Pros: organic, delicious, fresh

Cons: location (for me)

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