Fully vegan meal catering and delivery service. Menu changes every Monday, order by noon on Monday for delivery on Friday. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Some gluten free options. Contact via website for more information.

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16 Apr 2023

Delicious and decadent!

Picked up a chick’n sweet potato turnover at the farmer’s market today and it was an easy, delicious dinner. So satisfying and I’m looking forward to trying other options.



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11 Nov 2022

Best vegan catering company in the triangle!

They are moving to Wake Forest and switching up their model soon, but will always support them! 😊

Pros: Bomb vegan dishes, Easy to cook, Friendly service


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23 May 2021

great italian home cooking

I fully concur with the great things others have said including reheating instructions; and am adding the following:
1. food is outstanding; the majority of which would not be easily identified as vegan to skeptical non vegans; both meals and desserts are creative, flavorful, and attractively presented.
2. Prices cannot be beat
3. Portions are extremely generous especially given #3 above
4. Convenience: couldn't ask for more - reliably delivered to your door, contact free; and if delivery must be charged, it is minimal.
5. Customer service: this is where they go above and beyond all expectations. They want and listen to feedback; welcome and then quickly accommodate requests. They are kind, attentive, eager to make their customers happy. This doesn't feel like a vegan meal delivery service - it feels like my cousin Steve is dropping off food that my Nana made for me with all the love that only a Nana does.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-23

Pros: flavor and presentation, cost and portion size, customer service and attention

Cons: if anything-non eco friendly packaging


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Mostly Veg
23 May 2021

Wonderful food and personal service

This family owned business not only creates the tastiest food and brings it to your door but also goes above and beyond to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Even though “birthday cakes” weren’t listed on the menu, when I called in a long distance order for my daughter they immediately made suggestions and offered to create something she would love. Give this sweet mother and daughter business an opportunity to create a delicious, healthy, cruelty free meal or dessert for your family!

Pros: Delicious, generous, healthy meal options , Sensitive to customer's requests , Delivery!


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20 Mar 2021


Everything we have tried here was so good. If you’re worried about reheating the food, don’t be!! It’s so creamy and delicious. They give you excellent rehearing instructions!!! Such large portions!


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20 Mar 2021

Everything is so delicious!

We have ordered Gaia's Friday delivery every week since I first heard about them. We love it so much! Last night, my eight year old son exclaimed- "This mac and cheese is next level!" We always order the amazing Smack 'n cheese and the Lasagna Alla Bolognese. We also enjoy every dessert we've tried. I loved the Ravioli dish from last week! I love that the menu changes so that there is always something new to try, but there are a few regular items that we can get addicted to! I highly recommend! The quality, price, and customer service can't be beat!

Pros: Excellent Food, Great value, Home Delivery

Cons: Lots of plastic packaging


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Non Veg
11 Mar 2021


Gaia's Kitchen and Catering got me, a non-vegan, to discover that vegan foods can be delicious, and affordable! Their garlic sesame noodles are fantastic! Full on flavor! The Smack and Cheese is creamy, and delightful. The lasagna was a happy surprise to a non vegan! Sooooo good. I have placed another order from them to try out even more vegan items. The menu has something for everyone....even desserts! The packaging is great because you can microwave right in their bases, or freeze them if you need to. I totally recommend Gaia's Kitchen and Catering... for vegans, and non-vegans alike! I look forward to trying many more tasty, healthy foods.

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-10

Pros: Healthy, Delicious , Great prices


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11 Mar 2021

EXCELLENT!!!! Couldn't tell there is no meat

We are not vegetarians or vegans, we just try to eat well. We have tried and enjoyed several items from Gaia's Kitchen. For anyone out there that is a meat eater, you would not even know these dishes do not have meat. The dishes are incredible! I could eat the chicken teriyaki every day! I LOVE the "rice" which is cauliflower. SOOO good. I could not believe I was eating food actually good for me. The Lasagna was so rich and creamy with just the right seasoning. I could go on and on but overall I would say - try it! You won't be sorry and you will be back again and again. If you are having meat eating guests over for dinner - this lasagna would be perfect - they won't even know!

Pros: Food is delicious!, Delivery is right on, Higher quality containers


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Non Veg
10 Mar 2021


The garlic sesame noodles, minestrone soup and the custard-fruit puff pastry were to die for. Great portion size too - the soup easily fed 2, and delivered on time. Definitely recommend.

Pros: Excellent Food, Community Minded


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10 Mar 2021

A Godsend

Honestly, and I do not say this lightly. EVERY. SINGLE. DISH. IS. SHEER. PERFECTION.

Really. I can't think of one thing I would change about any of them: Smack 'n cheese (and the bites), minestrone soup and the custard-fruit puff pastry, lasagna and eggplant parm, sesame noodles and stuffed tomato.

I've sampled a lot of things since they launched over the last few weeks and have been DELIGHTED with every single dish! The fact that there is delicious, vegan, healthy food delivery -- combined with the fact that it's a women-owned business which is very engaged with nonprofits in the community -- makes this my favorite local business.

The portions are extremely generous (and filling!), comprising multiple meals for one person, and their prices are very reasonable. I think non-vegetarian/vegans have been very pleasantly surprised when they've had these dishes. Plus, my toddler grandson loves everything too - bonus!

Gaia's Kitchen + Catering has given me something to look forward to each week which is priceless. Huge kudos to all involved!


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10 Mar 2021

Awesome Vegan Delivery and Catering

LOVE Gaia's Kitchen and Catering. We plan our Friday dinner around the weekly offers. The food is delicious. Love the fact that it is completely Vegan. We also love that we are helping to support a local family owned business. The items offered each week vary and we like the fact that different types of food are offered. The convenience of having it delivered is wonderful. We fully recommend checking them out.

Pros: Delious Food, Vegan, Delivery


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Non Veg
10 Mar 2021

Delicious and Nutritious

Wow! Thank you Gaia's Kitchen! Totally enjoyed the lasagna alla bolognese!! I can't eat a lot of tomato sauces, especially late in the day. This dish had just the right amount of everything! Delicious!! Reasonably priced serving for one or two meals, I will order this again after I sampled your next new dishes! I also loved the chocolate strawberry pastry! Nice light dessert after a delicious meal!! Thank you, Morgan and Sandra Carrington-Smith !!


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10 Mar 2021

Fabulous Food!

The food is wonderful! Generous portions and great customer service. My favorite (so far) is the teriyaki “chicken” over riced cauliflower! Local family run business. The food options change each week so I enjoy trying something new each time I order.

Pros: Quality Food, Great Customer Service


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10 Mar 2021

Delish, healthy, super convenient vegan!!

I l❤️Ve love Gaia’s Kitchen and Catering. I take care of my bedridden mom and trying to plan meals for her, my family and me would be impossible without GK and C! The food is super tasty and more impressive is the fact it started with a dream of a 16 year old girl and her mom.

The older I get the more health conscious I’ve become. And I just don’t want to eat animals anymore. The “sausage” pastries and the “chicken “ cacciatore this week were wonderful. It completely satisfies my taste buds that are still primed for meat taste. Knowing you aren’t contributing to inhumane farm or worse butchering practices makes me have peace with my soul. Oh and the desserts are scrumptious!!

Also, I totally love the fact the Gaia’s kitchen has partnered with the community and NO food at all is wasted. We all should stop subsidizing the global billionaire elite class and start shopping local and actually make a difference in your community. I eat. Someone in need eats. Now that’s a win/win!!

Love the food and the people behind this vision
Liz G.

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-10

Pros: Delish, Healthy, Good for animals

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