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Serves meat, vegan options available. Former food truck turned into a casual dining restaurant. Offers a seasonally changing menu which will always has labeled vegan options. Examples: beans and corn, cauliflower tacos, fried flower tacos. Open Tue-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by AutumnTierra


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20 Mar 2023

Great Food, Bad Attitudes

I'd give Funky Taco 5 stars for the food, but 2 stars for the service. Just about every time I've been there, I've been met with bad attitudes and made to feel like my presence is an annoyance and inconvenience to the hostess(es). You might think I'd done something to provoke them, but I am a friendly and polite person. I haven't experienced this behavior or attitude at any other Boise establishments. That said, I still go there on occasion for their nachos.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-20

Pros: Really good food

Cons: Bad attitudes from hosts, Less than friendly staff



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10 Sep 2022

Creative Taco Flavors

Several vegan options in multiple menu sections. Great environment.

Pros: Creative vegan options


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03 Sep 2022

Sooooo good

We ordered the fried rice nuggets, bahn mi tacos, and vegan chorizo burrito, plus some drinks. Seriously some of the best food we’ve had in a while. We discussed eating every meal here while in Boise😉


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13 Jul 2022

Flower power taco’s

Flower power tacos were very good. Got them due to all the recommendations on here. Packed with flavor. They were the most expensive tacos I have ever got that didn’t come with any sides. Four tacos and two sides of creamed corn and two normal drinks were $50 plus tip.

Pros: Quite a few vegan options, Service was good

Cons: Expensive , Sides are all sold separately from tacos


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09 Jul 2022

Flower Power

The flower power (cauliflower) taco is one of the best I’ve had

Pros: flower power taco

Cons: Not a lot of vegan choices


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09 Jun 2022

Vegan/Veg options growing!

They are famous for their vegan Cauliflower Tacos called Flower Power which are amazing. They also now have vegan nachos which are MASSIVE. One in our party enjoyed the vegetarian Shiitake Birria. Everything tastes as good as it looks. There’s a couple more vegan options I’ll have to try next time.

Pros: Vegan/Vegetarian friendly, Good outdoor patio space , Friendly staff

Cons: Semi-expensive , No liquor license so cocktails are mild


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Non Veg
24 Mar 2022

Good food, beautiful atmosphere

Ordered the vegan burrito with a side of the vegan cream corn and an order of the flower power tacos. Flower tacos were the better option, interior design was awesome

Pros: Good vegan selection

Cons: Menu was pretty overpriced


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20 Mar 2022

Really yummy food

I enjoyed having multiple vegan and gluten-free options as well as tasty non-alcoholic drink options. The food was complex and delicious too.


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28 Nov 2021

Vegan Nachos for the WIN

The vegan Nachos are so amazing! The biggest pile with amazing flavors. My non-vegan husband got the two shrimp street tacos that were somehow the same price and he said next time he's getting the delish nachos. Look at the photo of the nachos! Very bright artsy vibe.

Pros: Vegan Nachos, A couple vegan taco options

Cons: Pricey


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19 Sep 2021

Vegan greatness

My favorite restaurant in Boise. Get the vegan creamed corn. Flower power tacos and vegan burrito are my faves.

Pros: Excellent vegan options, Vegetarian options can be made vegan, Awesome waitresses


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29 Aug 2021

Fun and Delicious Twist on Mexican Food

Been twice and love the nachos and burrito. Can’t wait to try the tacos! Staff is very friendly!

Pros: Lots of labeled vegan options , Friendly staff , Indoor and outdoor dining

Cons: Only beer and wine - alcohol in a can


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21 Jul 2021


Venue for lunch, what we went there for, is great. Lots of windows with a high ceiling. They also had a set of double doors open to the patio dining so it felt nice and open.

The staff was great too. Friendly, attentive, and quick to drop by when we had questions.

We ordered the Flower Power Tacos and the Cream Corn (both vegan options). The flower power tacos were fantastic. Great textures and crunch, about the right size for lunch. Messy though so if you are shy or on a first date and don't want to be seen with sauce running down your arm, use a knife and fork. But, for me, all in with my hands.

About the only thing I would change is add a lime slice to the plate. These are presented like street tacos and there is no lime slice! The sauce is very tasty but feels like it is high in fat. A squeeze of lime would make the flower power tacos a 5/5 but, 4.5 out of 5 since they are a little out of balance. Lime juice would be perfect to cut the fat.

The cream corn (again vegan), is delicious BUT you don't need much at all. It is very rich. It will coat your mouth like a spoon full of full fat coconut cream. The spices are great, the corn is great but don't order this one as a side. This dish, for me, would be best in SMALL amounts and put on top of a dish as a complimentary condiment to a salsa or pico. Flavor, I'd give it a 4/5. But the overall rating for the cream corn is a 3/5 because it is too rich in a bad way. Too much coconut or whatever they are using in their lime crema. Maybe use a fork when you eat it so some of the sauce can run out of it. My using a spoon gave me the full experience and I wouldn't eat just the sauce from it. The corn and spices are on point though.

I am not letting the cream corn lower my rating as that dish could just be a preference thing and since the flavor was great but the mouth feel and amount of heavy that it brought to my mouth I would personally pass on it. Maybe I would use it as a topper on a main dish, but only a forkful and only if someone else ordered it. It is pretty easy to get too much of a good thing.

Three of us order the Flower Power Tacos and we got our lunch pretty quick. I highly recommend it and I will be back. There are a number of other options calling out to me to try.

Pros: The people, The atmosphere, The location


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14 Jun 2021

REALLY good Tacos

Wow. The entire menu isn't vegan but their options are amazing! The burrito and vegan tacos were SO GOOD. The seating is awesome and really good vibes from the staff. The chips and salsa was DELCIOUS. I'll be back very soon.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-14

Pros: Home made non-alcholic delicious drinks.

Cons: Not a TON of choices, but the choices all tastes, very good


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10 May 2021

Amazing tacos

So far we've tried both vegan taco options, as well as the vegan nachos. The standout has been the flower power taco, with fried cauliflower and a delicious sauce. The atmosphere might be the best in Boise.

Pros: Numerous vegan options , Clearly labeled vegan options

Cons: Not exclusively vegan


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16 Apr 2021

This place is amazing

The vegan food here is so good. Probably in my top 5 vegan food dishes ever


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03 Apr 2021

Phenomenally tasty!

Stopped in thinking it was a conventional mexican place to grab an a la cart taco and continue riding our bikes around. Pleasantly surprised to discover creative takes on tacos with bright, gourmet flavors. Chill ambiance and the waitress who served us was very down to Earth and attentive. Best vegan food I've had in Boise and best service I've had anywhere in a long time, especially considering I lived in Portland 12 years.

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked, Fresh and flavorful, Great service

Cons: Busy on weekend, sometimes need reservations, Pricey but worth it


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19 Sep 2020

Best restaurant in Boise

Funky Taco is seriously amazing. I’ve been there 4 times in the last 3 weeks. I’ve taken everyone I know. Not only do they have incredibly delicious vegan options, but they’re presented beautifully and the people there are wonderful. My favorite vegan menu items are the Flower Power (panko fried cauliflower) tacos, pinto beans, cream corn, and idaho yukon papas (no remoulade). But, I’ve tried every vegan option on their menu and it’s all great. Seriously, come here!!!!


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10 Aug 2020

Absolutely Amazing

Wow. What an amazing experience my partner and I just had. Incredible food, super kind wait staff, rad 90’s hip hop music. This place is so fun. And their Mexican vegan options are INSANE! We got the nachos, burrito and flower power cauliflower. Each dish was better than the next. Do not skip this stop on your plant based tour in Boise. A must visit!! It’s amazing.

Pros: Incredible Vegan Options, Best plant based Mexican food , Super friendly staff and environment


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11 Jun 2020

Great vegan options

Amazing flavor even for a new vegan. Flower Power tacos and vegan nachos are amazing.


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12 Feb 2020

Always a favorite!

The Funky Taco has got to be one of my favorite places to eat downtown for lunch. They have a good selection of vegan items - the Fried Flower is possibly my favorite taco EVER. My dad (an avid iced tea drinker) deemed theirs the best iced tea he has ever had. The service has been excellent every time I've been in, no matter how slow or how busy they are. Stop by on a sunny day and grab a spot on the patio!

Pros: Vegan options, Great service, Great environment

Cons: Parking can be hard to find


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23 Sep 2019

Awesome, except...

Had the cauliflower tacos, and they were impossibly good! I was in town for work, but would be a regular here for that dish. They had another vegan option I didn’t try. And I noticed several dishes that could be modified to vegan. Everything is made to order, so I assume they would accommodate such requests. The only downside was the music they were playing, which had the F word repeatedly throughout my visit. I’m no prude, but it was over the top. A group at the bar left, and I overheard them citing this as the reason.

Pros: Solid vegan options

Cons: Explicit background music


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06 Sep 2019


Great vegan taco options. Super tasty.


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03 Sep 2019

So delicious

They have delicious vegan options. I always get the fried flower tacos and they are consistently fantastic.

Pros: A number of vegan options, They make their own tortillas , Super friendly staff


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Mostly Veg
10 Aug 2019


A close friend gave us a positive recommendation for your restaurant. Wanting a spicy flair and a downtown patio, we read menus and reviews, and chose to visit Funky Taco. We sat down at one of the only two available dirty tables outside. When the server stopped by to drop off menus, set-ups, and take our drink orders, we asked him if he could bring a wet towel so the table could be wiped down. For what felt like an an awkward 20-ish seconds, the server explained that he *could* bring a towel over, but the table wasn't truly dirty - that we should just trust him that the tables simply looked that way. His words, "It's only dust." We showed him a piece of hair that was on the table, and he responded by reaching across the table to push the hair off the edge and condescendingly saying with his hands up in the air, "There! All gone!" With disgust and disappointment, we immediately left to eat at Diablo & Sons. We let the server know that we we're not staying, and he replied, "Good!" Given the context of our first experience at Funky Taco, the Superman shirt the server is wearing is quite ironic. Your server's arrogance, laziness and condescension all make for an unimaginably unwelcoming introduction to your establishment. Cleaning a table between guests is a simple request that was ignored in such a rude manner, that we were not willing to endure further disregard. As we finish our delicious meal at Diablo & Sons, complete with exceptional service, it seems we made the right choice.

Cons: Service, Attitude, Cleanliness


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08 Jul 2019

an all time favorite

I was lucky to be introduced to this place by a fellow plant-based pal. The vegan tacos here are delicious, as is the creamed corn. I highly recommend the fried flower, but the bahn mi mi is also delicious. I’d take anyone who is veg-curious here to expose them to amazing vegan food in a fun atmosphere. The options are clearly labeled, and they are super filling and satisfying!

Pros: nice staff, great area, generally delicious


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28 Jun 2019


Y'all this place is so amazing!! We had the cauliflower bites and the vegan enchiladas! It was so so yummy. I'm already having dreams of coming back! Definitely recommend

Would give 5 stars if I could!


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09 Jun 2019

Tasty and fun!

This was my second visit to the Funky Taco and I was so pleased! It’s not always easy to have a gf vegan filling option, but the Funky Taco delivered with delicious, hearty enchiladas! Both side options, the beans and creamed corn are packed full of flavor. The creamed corn is seriously drool-worthy. Be sure to try their sauces, the green pairs fantastically with the enchiladas.

Pros: Diverse, clear vegan options! , Awesome patio and vibe! , Good portions!

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