Vegetarian food cafe with vegan options. Has vegan cakes and soya or almond milk is available for drinks. Offers takeaway coffees and smoothies. Live music and events. Open Mon-Thu 11:00-00:00, Fri 11:00-02:00, Sat 10:30-02:00, Sun 10:00-23:00.

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First Review by ebo


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11 Oct 2023

Affordable and nice vibes

Vegan options labelled on the menu and the options were pretty affordable. Service was slow but it was lunchtime with only one person serving.
Level entrance but I didn't see a downstairs bathroom.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-11

Pros: Wheelchair accessible

Cons: No accessible bathroom



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11 Oct 2023

Cute trendy vegetarian place

Went here for breakfast as a review said it was queer friendly. Hadn't been to the area before and really liked the vibe. The place itself was nice and the staff were friendly. Enjoyed our food. Pleasant experience.

Pros: Decent food , Friendly vibe , Lovely area

Cons: Bit of a wait as its popular


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28 Jun 2023

Friendly and Queer Safe Space

Delicious and wonderful staff.
It was unclear if fish sandwich is actually fish. I think it is. It’s listed as vegetarian, but it may be pescatarian….?

Update: the “fish” is actually cheese. Thanks for the clarity everyone. Greatly appreciated 🙏🏽.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-28


23 Feb 2023

i believe it's a halloumi "fish" butty ? but i could be wrong. because they also serve halloumi "fish" and chips :))


25 Feb 2023

I hope so. If someone gets an update of confirmation, please do share,


27 Feb 2023


28 Feb 2023


27 Jun 2023

There is no meat or fish served at Fuel. It is a vegetarian halloumi ‘fish.’


28 Jun 2023

Thank you. Halloumi is a cheese made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk, and sometimes cow's milk. I was asking if it’s Vegan, meaning not made from exploited animals’ milk aka coconut or soy milk, etc. I guess you are saying it is not vegan; it is vegetarian. Got it. Thank you for the clarification. 👌


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09 Jun 2023

Good food

Had a great time, food was nice and had a nice feel to the interior


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09 Jun 2023

Decent food at a really good price!

Food is so-so, sort of quite good on a hangover, but it’s very reasonable so can’t really complain!


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23 Feb 2023

cheap and delicious food

love the vibe in fuel! would definitely recommend the goats cheese, butternut squash and beetroot salad!!

Pros: lots of options, fun decor, cheap meals


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29 Oct 2022

All good - yummy

I've been to Fuel many times for gigs, though none recenty, and for food. There are always lots of good vegan choices, the prices are reasonable and the staff are lovely. Excellent place!


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28 Nov 2021

Impressive value for money

Really love Fuel. Used to come here years ago, it’s had its ups and downs but still going strong, lots of reasonably priced options.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-30

Pros: Reasonable price, Lots of options, Friendly staff and staff good wall mural!

Cons: Upstairs is a little scruffy


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20 Aug 2021

My favourite caff

This is a gem of a cafe. Delish food and very well priced. Love love love

Pros: £6 breakfast!, Great atmosphere, Supa yums


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24 Feb 2020

Good lunch stop

Second time been here. Been veggie for years but vegan since Christmas. Unlike others found it easy it to workout what is vegan or veggie, happy without fake vegan cheese as tastie without. Great options veggie and vegan and well priced. Would definitely eat here again when in the area.

Pros: Inexpensive


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24 Jul 2019

Serves eggs & lots of dairy

Not clearly labelled vegan options, have to ask the staff who then just say verbally, which is quite inadequate for a vegetarian resturant. Dont even sell vegan cheese, only have dairy cheeses. Menu items that are told can be vegan dont replace the eggs & dairy with vegan replacements they just remove them from the plate.

Pros: does not sell animal flesh

Cons: Serves eggs & dairy


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25 May 2019

All time favourite

Been coming here for years and it feels like a second home. Always happy with the food, service can be a little slow in busy times so be aware if you’re in a rush, but for me it just adds to the relaxed vibe.

NB: some veggie dishes can be easily veganised.

Pros: Good vegan options, Good atmosphere, Creative hub

Cons: Needs more post-scran sofas, Can be a long wait at times, No disabled bathroom


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22 Aug 2018

Great place for dinner (lunch)

Had dinner here which was lovely. We were all happy with our food, there was 1 vegetarian and 2 of us (vegans). I had a falafel burger which came with chips, an elderflower drink, a lemon and blueberry cake and a chocolate hazelnut ‘milkshake’. I enjoyed everything! The service was good, the food was tasty, the prices were reasonable! I also parked for free nearby on the main street.


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22 Jun 2018

Lots of variety

Delicious vegan food for relatively good value. Very chill atmosphere and vegetarian options also.

Pros: Friendly atmoshere, Lots of variety, Vegan desert


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29 Apr 2018

Disappointing Vegan Main

I tried lunch here. I quite liked the venue as it seemed alternative, with artistic types inside (and space upstairs for live music and spoken word events).

I was disappointed by the food unfortunately. I went for the burrito which I found way too hot (spicy) and tomatoey. I didn't feel it was that great in terms of vegan main food options and think it could have been more imaginative.

It is not really wheelchair accessible as the toilets are up a lot of stairs.

If I ate sugar, I would probably go more as there did seem to be more vegan sweet options.

Pros: Hip hangout place, vegan sweet options

Cons: Could investigate vegan hot food options more


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15 Apr 2018

Reasonable price and good portion

We was planning to go to other restaurant but we end up here, It’s a good option when you don’t have much budget to eat out.


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12 Sep 2017

Good food but can be hit and miss

If the cafe is relatively quiet you can get some great food here, but if there's a band night on or it's terribly busy, expect to get some average food.

I enjoy the breakfast they do and the coffee, although as far as I know they only offer soy milk as an alternative.

The menu is a little unimaginative - falafel is about the best you can hope for. But it's good value for money and has a friendly atmosphere - if a little dated in decor.

I still like it here, mainly because of the convenience when I live in Withington.

Pros: Central to Withington, Friendly staff

Cons: Not many options for vegans, Not many milk alternatives, Average food


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07 Aug 2017

Cute place

I hate to admit it but the food was kinda average, could be a bit more vegan friendly and the food itself could have a lil more flavour and creativity but the atmosphere and the look of the food place was so lovely and welcoming, I'd recommend if you're passing by or just to give it a try and support a small business


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06 Jul 2017


I've been to Fuel before, and not been that impressed, partly because anything vegan seemed to involve falafel, which isn't terribly imaginative. I was disappointed to see that it hadn't improved.

The decor is gloomy. The music was too loud to talk (I do have a hearing impairment, but my partner also found it difficult to hear). There was only one menu per table, so during busier periods (when you can't take one from another table) apparently people have to take turns reading it!

The vegan items (or vegan options) were mostly not labelled (only the vegan breakfast and vegan mezze sharing plate were, but not mains, sides, salads, etc) on the menu or specials board, and there weren't that many of them considering it's a vegetarian cafe. Nor were NGCI items. I don't want to rely on being able to communicate effectively with a well-informed staff member on the day (which often doesn't happen, especially with loud music interfering), and have to remember everything they've said, to check the food is suitable; I need to see it in writing on the menu.

There was someone from the cafe who went out and stood by the doorway to smoke, so the smoke blew into the cafe and filled the room. I got the feeling this was a staff member, but even if not you'd have thought they'd have asked them to move away from the door. There was someone else vaping inside the cafe. This went on for some time before they asked if we minded (we did). We shouldn't have to say that though. Even if it's not unlawful yet, it's banned on buses etc already, and people should have the social consideration not to do it indoors - there are still significant health risks even if it's not quite as bad as smoking.

My soup was tasty (the best bit of the whole experience). My partner's salad was OK, though the dressing appeared to have been poured on the plate rather than mixed in, so it didn't taste of much till he got to the bottom. And his "roasted" broccoli was charred but still crunchy and uncooked. He said some hummus would have been good with the bread. The chips tasted nice but were greasily soggy. The portions were reasonable for the price.

I don't think I can force myself to return again, however good the soup is.

Pros: Reasonable prices/portions, Tasty soup

Cons: Unacceptable tolerance of smoking/vaping, Lack of vegan labelling


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08 Jun 2017

Very nice vegan breakfast

We went there for a veganised full English breakfast and we weren't disappointed - the food was nice and rich. We also had a bug cup of coffee with soy milk. It's reasonable pricewise. A pity they don't have too many vegan options. The place is a bit further from the city center but worth the trip.


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07 Jun 2017

Great value veggie food

The vegan breakfast is the best! Really good value for money. Nice atmosphere. Awesome décor.

Pros: completely veggie, plenty of vegan options, cheap


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02 Mar 2017

Lovely Cafe with Tasty Food!

An awesome little cafe with a great vibe and a menu full of veggie and vegan delights at a very reasonable price!

Pros: lots of veggie and vegan options, nice atmosphere


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30 Dec 2015

Best vegan full English!

I love Fuel! There's a great choice of food (and beer!) and the vegan breakfast was fantastic!

I took my (non-veg) parents here and they were happy with their food too.

If you've not been there yet, make the effort to go there and try it out!


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28 Oct 2015

Do not eat here if your Vegan

Two weeks ago we went to this Cafe with our daughter. Been to this cafe about 3 times before.
Ordered chips, and stated that because our daughter has allergies, would not want certain foods.
The waiter came over to us after about 10mins and said are you bothered about the chips being cooked with cheese.
Well yes we are vegan, which we had stated when we made the order.
Do not eat here if you are Vegan even though the menu says vv for Vegan.
They truly should know better being a veggie cafe.
So not happy!
Will not be going there again.

Pros: was good value

Cons: states vegan, not


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18 Sep 2015

First visit for ten years and it hasn't changed.

Visited recently for a lunch out with family and was surprised to see the interior didn't appear to have changed since I was a student.
Vegan options clearly marked on the menu. Good food including a vegan breakfast and falafel wrap.
The atmosphere and the staff are warm and friendly.

Pros: Vegan options marked, Late opening, Friendly staff

Cons: No Kids options


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26 Jul 2015

Get the falafel burger

There's a few decent vegan options on the menu but the best is the falafel burger. The burger itself is excellent and has a yummy salsa sauce, and the hand cut fries it comes with are the best in town. The vegan chocolate cake they do is heavenly but you can feel the pounds going on with each bite. They play pretty cool music mostly and have some nights on from time to time (the quiz is fun). It's pretty decent value - you're looking at about 6 quid for a main.

Vegetarian friends tell me the fried haloumi fish fingers are tasty, too.

Only problem is the other people that go there. I'm okay, it's just the rest of them...

Pros: falafel burger, music, good value

Cons: not a lot of seating (can't eat upstairs, people that go there


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08 Mar 2015

Lovely breakfast

There are a few vegan options on the menu but I've only tried the big breakfast and the cake, both of which are good. The breakfast has a few really nice touches, like homemade spicy beans and sweet potato wedges.
There are usually a couple of vegan cake options, and the smoothies are lovely!

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