Fast food
Take-out only

Makes all food in-house and offers breakfasts, brunches, and more. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-22:00, Sat 09:30-22:00.

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First Review by FitVeganTrio


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28 Nov 2023


Delicious fresh foods and great portion. Friendly and quick service. Definitely will come back again.

Pros: Texture, Flavour, Plating



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28 Oct 2023

Sooo Bery Good

Friendly Welcoming Staff
Amazing Menu
Tasty Food - ahhhhh the ramen (even staff eating the ramen on break)
Chilled atmosphere


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28 Oct 2023

Great Brunch

Smaller place, hiding behind a small entrance in the corner.
Staff was very friendly, the food was good and not too expensive.

Pros: Backyard, Nice staff, Cat


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16 Oct 2023

Small door to a pleasant place

There is only one small corner door signing the restaurant. But when you enter, you can expect a very pleasant place with a backyard. The menu offers a rich variety of dishes, based mostly on modern substitute cuisine. It's located in the centre so be prepared to pay a bit more.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-16


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20 Jul 2023

nice backyard

We enjoyed two very yummy burgers.
Mine contained vegan Camembert, which was interesting and pretty heavy 😄
The interior is very welcoming, they have a nice and calm yard with many outdoor seats.
The menu is pretty junk-heavy, mostly sandwiches and burgers, some salad options or veggie-dishes would be cool.

Pros: Interior and outdoor area

Cons: No water-offering for the dog


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08 Jul 2023

so good so amazing

točena limča a skvělý jídlo🤍 děkujeme.

Pros: točená limča/limo on tap, krásnej vnitroblok/beautiful vnitroblok, queer😻


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26 Jun 2023

Very pleasant

Good food, nice employees. I got the burger with pinneapple and it was really fresh and tasty. It was not the best burger in my life, but it was good enough😄if you're in Brno try it out.


28 Jun 2023

magic mushroom is still a winner? 😍🍄


27 Jul 2023

Jasnee ten len tak nieco neprekona 🥺🤤


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17 Jun 2023

Great brunch

Came on a Saturday. We enjoyed big hearty cooked breakfasts and milkshakes in the cute garden out back. I loved the ‘scrambled egg’ part of my brekkie in particular. Would love to return and try more!


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20 May 2023

They have new restaurant!

)Edit: FRYENDS was before small open window just for takeaway, but niw they have amazing restaurant just few meters to the left from old window.)

From the location, interier, staff, place, garden to the best food in Brno! Not everything is super healthy, but all taste so good and you can choose if you want to have something light or big juicy burger or bagguete with fries😅 the garden inside is magical, amazing for summer evenings, just stunning 🙏🏻

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-20

Pros: Lots of options, BREAKFAST!😍, Garden, interier, pet friendly


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18 May 2023

Great restaurant

Great all vegan restaurant so had lots to choose from. The homemade raspberry lemonade was incredible and the portion size of the burrito was huge for a decent price. Also have a restaurant cat there.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cute cat, Amazing drinks


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17 May 2023

One of the best vegan burgers I’ve ever had

The food is absolute amazing. The service was fast, the restaurant doesn’t really give a “restaurant” vibes, more like a lunch place, but that doesn’t matter for the taste. Price was definitely more than fair for the quality of the food! Would recommend visiting!

Pros: Great burger, Fast service, Decent price

Cons: Not really feeling like a restaurant


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20 Mar 2023

Perfect mix of flavors and high-quality ingredients

I usually eat rather plain food because I’m lazy and always prefer nutritional quality, so when I eat at a place like this, I am usually a bit too overwhelmed by the salt and oil in the food. This place nailed this for me excellently! I had a large burger with in-house made seitan and handmade cashewbert made in a local place. The cheese was definitely the main actor of this meal as it flooded my mouth with velvety salty flavor with each bite. I can’t wait to come back to try something else.

Pros: Friendly staff, The owner was present, Delicious food


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10 Mar 2023

The best vegcheese baguettes

If you miss McDonald´s like buns for their taste, you should try meals in Fryends. You will love them all.


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09 Jul 2022

we arrived there & were received by the two nicest ladies ever,best foodintown!

Perfect place! The two ladies were smiling, explaining everything in english for tourist like us. The best food, they offered us a present too, unexpected place! So lovely! 🍀♥️🙏

Pros: Love, Generous and smiling crew, Best tastes ever

Cons: Perfection , Perfection, Perfection


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03 Jul 2022

always a pleasure

definitely worth trying

Pros: creative and delicious


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23 May 2022

Local street food made vegan

I had a strips baguette which is actually a sub-type sandwich with vegan chicken nuggets. I choose the garlic and pea dressing which made it even more delicious. Every sandwich is served with (a lot of!!) fresh lettuce, tomatoes, finely sliced red onion and pickles (that I omitted). I tried the "eggie" (red lentil based vegan omelette) from my sister's sandwich and it was very good too.
Fryends also serve burgers. It's a take away place only but there are a few benches to sit just in front of the restaurant.

Pros: Fresh veggies, Customizable order, Local street food


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15 May 2022

Great fast food - really delicious

I had the beat baguette with BBQ chilli sauce and it was really delicious:) Will go back for sure😄


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01 Apr 2022

Always a great choice

I've been going to their window since years and I was never really disappointed with what I got. Their seitan is great, bacon and potatoes, too. It just tends to bee a bit more salty than desired...

Pros: Taste, Price, Consistency

Cons: A bit too salty, I preferred the original seitan


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01 Jan 2022


I do not eat fast food very often so I was worried How this place will be however I was hungry and I decided to get some red lentil omelet and it was Amazing! Light but filling enought without feeling of too much oil or fried. I can recomend!!!


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12 Sep 2021

Amazing baguettes

We had 2 baguettes - “cheese” and seitan, both with soy mayo.
The cheese one was very tasty, we both loved it. The seitan one was not that good, but still yummy.
The baked potatoes are also very good.
I recommend having the cheese baguette with potatoes. 😊

Pros: Cheese baguette, Baked potatoes

Cons: Opening hours


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05 Sep 2021


It was truely an extra-ordinary experience to eat this flavorful Cheesburger. Glad having a tiny stick holding the big burger together.
Take two tissues. It’s worth it.
Very kind staff.


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02 Jul 2021



Cons: Long waiting


Points +26

04 Oct 2020

Great burgers and baguettes

Fryends make great seitan burgers and baguettes, their garlic-peas dressing is just awesome.

Pros: Great dressings

Cons: Cash only


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25 Aug 2020

Great Burger

The beet burger was really good


Points +29

17 Jul 2020


I ordered Cheese burger, cant express how tasty it was! Also the cheese substitution, cant tell difference. Loved it. For sure will come next time.

Pros: Delicious burgers

Cons: Price equal for what you get


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22 Feb 2020

Fast food with option to eat in a café

Fryends is just a fast food window but just recently they opened a café next door where you can eat the food in. So you can first pick up a plate in the café, give it to the staff at the window and order there, wait in the café as long as you are told and then pick up your food when ready. Eat it in the warm café that is also vegan so you can continue with a dessert or just enjoy a cup of coffee as you wait (oat or coconut milks are available). Bathroom is upstairs, there is a free wifi and the staff is really sweet. The food is delicious, You choose your own dip so pay attention, some might be a better choice than the other, for example bbq is quite spicy. The cheese burger (cheese instead of a pate) is excellent, Violife is the best vegan cheese I know. I loved the baked potatoes and there was a great amount of dip, you can always get a mix of two dips if you wish.

Pros: friendly staff, tasty and big portions, great value


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12 Feb 2020

Great late night option

One of the only places with vegan options that is open until midnight on weekends. The burger buns can be a little dry, but the patties themselves are very tasty and they always have a good ratio of burger to salad to bun - meaning the take-out meals are still well assembled/not leaking or collapsing by the time they get to their destination.

Pros: Open late, All vegan

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