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Thai ice cream shop where you can choose any number of ingredients and compose your own mix. Uses only fresh fruits and sweets like Oreos, Knoppres etc. You can also get vegan versions. Organic and gluten free. Open Mon-Thu 12:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-22:00. Open April - October.

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First Review by JanNiezbędny


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29 Aug 2023


Option of freshly made ice cream from coconut milk or mashed banana, on its own or with powdered oreos or chopped fresh fruit.
I went for a naughty but nice option of Oreo-banana. It was delicious and perfect for the summer heat! Hard to find at first as we were looking for a shop so note that this is a stall!



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08 Jul 2023

Great ice cream!

Great place to get ice cream. Two vegan base options (coconut or banana) to choose fron. Wide variety of flavours available.

I got banana base with raspberries and oreos 😊

Pros: Many vegan options, Staff well informed about veganism


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27 Jul 2022


Always wanted to try these😄


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23 Sep 2020


- super nice tasty ice rolls
- you can try so many different options
- huge portion
- I recommend banana, pineapple, oreo and peanut


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27 Jul 2020

So delicious

Loved it. Got a peach, oreo and nut ice cream. So good!


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24 Sep 2019

Tasty and fun to watch being made

Good selection of sweet items (e.g Oreo), fruit and nuts and seeds to mix into an almond milk and banana based icecream thats made right in front of you.

Great to have a non dairy option and I’d say it’s more the gimmick of how the icecream roll is made than it being amazing icecream. Was grateful vegans/non-cows milk folk like myself could try it anyhow.

Costs 15 zloty.

Pros: Make your own unique vegan icecream

Cons: Same surface used - beware if lactose allergic


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01 Sep 2019

Novel and tasty

I had never encountered anything like Frozen Rolls before, it was super fun to watch them make it! For only 15 zloty you can choose a vegan base of almond milk or banana and then add as many toppings as you like, some options are oreos, peach, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, chia seeds and more. It’s all organic and gluten free, but you must be aware that they use the same rolling surface for both vegan and non-vegan ice cream. It is cleaned in between orders, but if you have a dairy allergy, I wouldn’t recommend it just in case there’s some cross contamination. The staff however, are very knowledgeable and friendly. Make sure you bring zloty as they are cash only.

If you're interested in reading my vegan guide to Krakow, you can check it out here: https://hannahimsa.com/vegan-krakow/


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28 Aug 2019

Rolled ice-cream

You can have your own customised rolled ice-cream with the ingredients you wish. I had mine made with almond milk, Oreo cookies, blackberries, banana and hazelnut bits.

Pros: A good choice of vegan options


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04 Apr 2019

Loved this place!

Great experience watching how this ice cream is made - a real happening! Super yummy as well, for 15 zly you can choose a base - I took almondmilk - and as many toppings as you like. I went for oreos, banana, strawberry and mixed nuts and seeds.

Pros: Unique style , good vegan options , tasty

Cons: a little more pricey (but worth it)


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14 Sep 2018

great range of flavors

Regular and vegan options. Confirmed the oreos are vegan there. Great to watch and even better to eat!

Pros: almond milk for vegans, oreos are vegan, location is awesome (old Jewish quarter)


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29 Jul 2018

Different Ice Cream

If you're bored with Italian-style ice cream you'll enjoy the new trend that is Thai ice cream rolls.

It's really interesting to watch them make the rolls, but you have to be aware that they make them on the same surface as the non-vegan rolls. It depends on you if you want to reward the effort of offering vegan choices, or if you dislike the idea of cross-contaminated ice cream. Obviously, if you are lactose intolerant or allergic, this place is not an option at all.

The guys working there were at least quite knowledgeable about the vegan options so you don't just get one thing, but there are many combinations possible.

Pros: Interesting options

Cons: Made on the same surface as non-vegan rolls


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20 Jul 2018

Tasty vegan ice cream rolls

I have eaten there before becoming vegan and am very happy to say their vegan option tastes even better. Much better! It would be the best, of course, if they went 100% vegan - maybe one day. :) anyway, scrumptious rolls! :) if having regular and vegan options prepared on the same machine bothers you, just request them to clean it before making your rolls - they are nice people over there and I bet they would do it for you.

Pros: Fruit and Oreo as vegan ingredients , Super customer service

Cons: Cross contamination


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30 Jun 2018

Good vegan options

Nice oreo flavours


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Non Veg
01 Mar 2018


Nice team with passion and really good ice cream - I've tried banana, strawberries, cacao and pear with peach. Worth to try at least once.


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01 Mar 2018

WOW this is really cool place!!!

I tried vegan option with banana, peach and pear and that was amazing!!!!

Pros: tasty, good price, vegan!!!


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01 Mar 2018

Best thai ice cream in Cracow

This is such a nice place, I spent my holidays in Krakow and I was looking for cool places with vegan cuisine and this place definitely stood out from the rest. If you plan to eat a delicious dessert in warm weather, Frozen Rolls is probably the best solution in Krakow. They offer Thai vegan ice cream based on coconut milk or banana. You can choose how much you want the supplements to be always the same. I recommend everyone, it's really worth it. I chose the fruit mix with the addition of nuts and it was a great idea, next time I will certainly experiment a little. for example, connections with cucumbers are an interesting option. My friend tried to combine it with chocolate and you can believe it or not but the taste was amazing. Also if you have never tried a rolled-up ice cream or tried iam did not taste it's worth visiting this place. For example, I did not have good memories of Thai ice cream before. The first time I tried them in the US, but the ones that serve in Krakow are something for the better.
if we talk about the price and size of the portions it is great. For the price of 3 Euro we get a full mug (five rolls !!!!!!!!!!). After a large dinner, we treated this Thai ice cream as a dessert and I have to say that although they were delicious it was hard to eat whole. I had a great desire to order one more portion, but unfortunately I was not able to.
If we talk about the price and size of the portions it is great. For the price of 3 Euro we get a full mug (five rolls !!!!!!!!!!). After a large dinner, we treated this Thai ice cream as a dessert and I have to say that although they were delicious it was hard to eat whole. I had a great desire to order one more portion, but unfortunately I was not able to.
An additional plus is the atmosphere of this place. Positive vibrations flow from loudspeakers and sitting at the Frozen Rolls booth, you can feel like in the Caribbean, and you are still in Kazimierz in Krakow :) The wholety of positive impressions is complemented by great service. There are no such polite salespeople in Poland, and in this ice cream box, the guys really do. I will say world class :)
And one more !!! this place is located among several other foodtrach, where you can eat a bit, but also have a lolal beer. I also recommend this place for a getaway with family or friends, you can spend nice even the whole afternoon.

Pros: tasty food, friendly staff, good vibe

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