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Frituur Veggie Eetboetiek Royal

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Contact +32-50684184

Langestraat 181 A, Brugge, Bruges, Belgium, 8000

Serves meat, vegan options available. Makes french fries (chips), sandwiches with vegetables, vegetarian meatball, eggplant cakes, vegan spaghetti, soups, organic veggie burgers including sunflowerburger, hazelnutburger, risottoburger. Has vegan mayonaise. Veggie snacks are fried separately from meats. Wed-Sat 11:30am-1:30pm, Wed-Thu 5:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11:00pm

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Non-veg

Reviews (26)

First Review by jon active

Good fried food - Edit

If you're looking for healthy food or something quick, this might not be for you. For me I was just glad to find vegan options close by. I ate there twice and got the same thing both times.
The first time was in the evening around 8pm and it was packed(not a lot is open later, so it made sense), the second time was around 5:30 or so not long after she opened so it was not busy at all.
Also it's just the one woman working there, but when it's busy, she is pretty efficient.
I also think it's pretty cool that she goes the extra step of making her own vegan mayos for fries on top those awesome vegan burgers.

Pros: tasty vegan food and house made mayo , great location for takeout by a park

Cons: all fried food might be a con for some

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Terrible, uncomfortable experience. - Edit

I've been there 2 months ago with my husband.
First of all, this is a TAKE AWAY. There is no space to eat inside besides the 3 chairs in front of the window. So, if you're a tourist, if it's raining and if you don't wish to eat your fast food on a bench nearby (because the owner will tell you to go there as far as you don't sit on the road in front of her nice frituur), this place is not for you.
if you do mind being terribly disappointed and having your heart broken after discovering that, from the enormous amount of vegan options displayed in the vegan menu (you'll have to ask for it in english if you are not dutch speaking), only very few ones are actually available, this place is not for you, also.
If you're concerned about your (very limited choice) of vegan treats being fried in the same oil as the carnivore ones, this place is not for you.
It's not very hygienic, too: the owner, the lady who prepares the foods, is the same person who stays behind the counter, handles cash money etc, without hair nets, gloves or any sanitary protection.
If you want to give it a try, anyway, be careful: this lady bites! If you are like us, you will be treated badly and you'll have to be double check the bill: it may be a little saltier that expected.
Besides… Why is this called "Frituur VEGGIE" with so many carnivore stuff?? Disappointing.

Cons: Awful and unkind service., Only take away, no space to eat inside, Carnivore, very limited vegan options

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Good For A Fast Food Fix - Edit

Absolutely loads of veg and vegan options, the vegan ones clearly marked. I had tofu and sietan burger with frites, pretty good but I'm not one for too much deep fried stuff and this was one huge serving of deep fried stuff! Did the job though, great to have so much choice.

Pros: Choices, Inexpensive, Quantity

Cons: Very Fried!, Toilet Not Working, Had To Go To Nearest Backpacke

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Belgian chippy does vegan... - Edit

After a week of the deep friend potato and beer diet that vegans undergo in Belgium, we were quite happy to find a vegan-friendly listing and went out of our way to find it. It was nice to have a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options, however keep in mind that it is essentially a chippy and the food is almost all burgers and spring rolls and other snacks- not much in the fresh vegetables department. However we were confident that the vegan food was, in fact, vegan and it was nice to have some veganaise with our chips!

Pros: Vegan clearly marked, Veganaise, Cheap

Cons: All takeaways, Minimal seating, Unfriendly owner

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Decent vegan options! - Edit

This place is one of the few places in town where vegan options are clearly indicated. Everything is fried and mostly to take away because the sitting area is just a bar with four seats. We came here half an hour before the closing and had not a lot of cash but the women was really helpful and friendly. She kindly indicated me where was the closest ATM, took our order and let us finish our food even after the closing without any problem. She also kindly explained us the menu with the different vegan options.

In terms of food, there are decent vegan options: samossas, spring rolls, 4 or 5 different vegan burgers, 6 different veganaises and fries. There are also good and healthy drinks. We find the food relatively good and tasty and not too oily even if it's a "frituur". It's not fine cuisine but it was ok for a quick bite. In terms of price, we found it relatively fair because several things are homemade: I paid around 12 euros for a burger, a special drink, fries, samossas and veganaise.

The place closes quite early and is small but we were happy of our meal.

Pros: vegan options clearly indicated, homemade veganaise, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: opening hours, small sitting area

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easy option - Edit

Considering there wasn't a lot available for vegans in Central Bruges and that this was round the corner from our hotel, we went there a few times during our stay. The woman was obviously stressed out when there were more people and more relaxed when it was quiet. The homemade veganaise was divine!

Pros: many vegan options, fast

Cons: greasy

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Wow vegan in Bruges? Let's try! - Edit

Reading the comments here below is a bit negative but true. She was doing her best in the beginning but you know she has to deal with daily fustrations. Clients are not always what you dreamed of. Yes the toilet is always broken she's scared someone makes it again so dirty! The toilet has a wrong place to! She makes her own vegan veganaise and is very tasty but most people rather choose the classics from dairy. It makes me fustrating to! But that's the problem, mixing meat, veggie and vegan is not a good idea. Vegans don't trust it and meateaters don't want it! And in between you have veggies. The choices on the menu takes time as vegans. What can I take and what the hell is vegan? Asking questns takes time, quick go on damned! It's a bit stressy for vegans and even 4 her! Vegans in Bruges are annoying is the mentality. Small business to sit. But she offers food 4 vegans and that's something. It's not easy to start veganfood in Bruges ok but it depend how you bring it and very important you need to be vegan to! The shop need improvements for vegans and the food is very fatty. Yip you can't compare it with quality, it's fried junky food. But if you don't care it's average good. Don't expect it's healthy.

Pros: veganchoices, small but nice environment

Cons: small and grumpy , not so cheap , not much veganchoices

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No fun - Edit

Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews before going to Brugge. Otherwise I would have been prepared for the unpleasant experience. The woman in charge was just as inhospitable as earlier reviews described. And I'm Dutch so it wasn't the language. An empty snack bar, no customers but us two, with 3 stools at the counter en 4 outside and not being allowed to sit unless you ordered drinks as well. We didn't want to be forced to do so, so we didn't order drinks. I had a burger in a wrap and my daughter had a burger in a bun, 6 euro's each since we ordered them as a meal. There were some other interesting snacks I would've liked to try but I didn't want to stay there anymore, we took the food with us and ate it by the canal. The food was okay. Oh, and the toilet that was broken 2 years ago still is. You wonder what has happened that the nice lady that was described in the oldest reviews suddenly became the grumpy one somewhere around two years ago. Brugge is a beautiful town but no feast for vegans. I recommend a short stay and then go to Gent for a decent meal.

Cons: rude staff

2 Responses

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Disappointed - Edit

I went there to buy some vegan food. I was looking at the foods (behind the glass) because I needed time to find the vegan stuff. The lady came out and since there was a French couple behind me I let them choose so I can think. Than I asked a few questions (because I wanted to be sure of things and ingredients since I have also gluten-intolerance) but after the 3rd question the lady got annoyed and started to swear in Flamish. So I left the place. I believe that as lond as I am the one who spends money she should be there for me. I don't know what was her problem, but she lost one client at least.
(and they use too much soy)

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Too much soy, deep-fries, Only a bartable with 3 seats

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Average fatty food. - Edit

We went there on our first day in Bruges, only to discover it was closed from 2pm to 5pm. Even though this was rather discouraging, as it is quite far from the city center (15min walk?), we came back the day after.

The owner did not seem to like the fact that we wanted to think about what we were picking. It took us a while, but that was not our fault, as the menu was huge and rather unorganized. Eventually we had a large portion of chips (it took us a while to find the price...), spring rolls, a tofu-seitan burger, some seasonal burger based on peas and hot veganaise (normal was out). For all this we payed around 12 euros, which isn't all that much, but I felt ripped of by their burger policy a little. The burger itself is 3 euros and for another 50 cents you get a bun, some salad and some ketchup. 3.50 for a burger with bun is fine, but 3 euros for only the burger is rather pricey.

We asked if we could stay, but were told that we could only stay if we would buy something to drink :-/ (even though the place was empty). We decided to take it with us and eat it outside.

The spring rolls tasted pretty nice, especially with the veganaise that was unlike others we had before and very tasty. I liked the burgers okay, my girlfriend found them tasteless. We both agreed on the fact that the ketchup dominated the whole burger. The chips were okay, but rather cold already. Overall nothing great about the food. It was pretty fatty, but I guess you shouldn't expect anything else when getting food at a snack bar.

The owner seemed rather grumpy, and somehow you had the feeling you weren't really welcome. It was especially weird that the name contains the word "veggie", while they sell a large variety of meat and seriously promote it inside.

Pros: Not too expensive by Bruges' standards

Cons: Opening hours, Taste of food, Atmosphere

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Excellent vegetarian menu! - Edit

My husband and I ate here for dinner one evening. They have an excellent vegetarian menu with plenty of choice! Even for my husband who does not eat anything that contains egg.

The lady was very friendly and helpful in advising us what did and did not contain egg. They fry their chips in seperate oil as opposed to meat fat like most places so we were able to try the frites!

It is fast food so not somewhere you would want to go for a nice romantic meal. Perhaps more suited for lucn but defintely a great place!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Underwhelming - Edit

I was looking forward to vegetarian fries in Belgium and happy to find this place. We ordered fries and a tofu burger and were told that we can only have that as a take-away. It remained unclear why. The place was empty and it was raining outside. Anway, we took the heavily wrapped food (I wanted it unwrapped since we would eat it straight away but was told that the law requires to wrap take-out food) and ate it outside. The fries weren't exactly overwhelming, the burger wasn't either. Make sure you say you're vegan. Otherwise you might end up with some non-vegan sauce even if you ordered an otherwise vegan dish.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: mediocre taste, mediocre service

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Unfortunately, the only vegan "friendly" left - Edit

Brugge is an extremely unfriendly vegan city. I have visited it a few times and always had to end in this frituur because, simply, there are not other places with vegan options. The only 3 vegetarian places in the city have apparently closed down.

However, this eating place is getting worse. Or, rather, the owner. Throughout one year, this lady became a bit rude. The first time I visited, she was quite nice and helpful. The second time, no smiles and straight to business. The last time, only a couple of days ago, I find her to be rude towards customers! During the 5 minutes I was there ordering and waiting for my food, I didn't see a smile. While I was ordering, two ladies were at the door reading some info in the hall and the owner rudely and with a bad face asked them to get out of there because the little electronic welcome bell was ringing every 5 seconds. Why not saying it nicely?
Afterwards, a POLITE mature couple came in and asked for vegetarian options (very nicely). With a serious face, the lady owner said that the vegetarian options were at the right of the blackboard. However, they didn't speak dutch so she was asked to please translate. She did this with a serious face, almost stating that it was annoying to do so. The couple had to ask a couple of questions about certain meals because they were a bit lost in translation and the owner's face and tone were terrible: she found their inquiry annoying. I don't understand why a person whose business is based on a direct communication with customers would treat them like that, especially being such a nice and humble mature couple.

Apart from that, the food itself is good. A vegan burger is around 3/4e, +0.5e if you want it with bread. You can also have fries (2e, 2.5e and 2.75e for small, medium and large).
They also have gluten free choices.
It's about 15-20min walk from city centre, and the buses 6 or 16 will take you there.

Just to point it out, this is not really a restaurant, but a take away of sorts. There are 4 or 5 seats with a bit of space to eat, although most of the people take their food with them.

The sight of pieces of dead animals and the moody owner might put you off. Unfortunately, this is the only place in the city with vegan options.

Pros: 5 vegan options, Gluten free options, Only place with vegan choices in Brugge

Cons: Rude owner, Serving dead animals, Not much sitting space

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Vegan Friendly & Cheap - Edit

Visited on 22.03.12. Fast food joint with multiple well labeled vegan options. Good for those on a tight budget. Very friendly and helpful lady behind the counter. Nice burgers, chips and vegan mayo (4 different types), well worth a visit, Brugge is quite difficult for vegans.

Pros: Good Choice, Friendly, Tasty

Cons: Limited Space

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Glad they had this in Bruges - Edit

The fact that almost everything in Belgium is fried in animal fat even doesn't give a vegan the possibility of eating french fries, so I was happy to find this place. There were a lot of vegetarian options, the vegan ones were marked with a flower. I had a vegan hazelnut burger and my boyfriend a bermuda burger (not vegan, just veg) and we could choose between 4 kinds of veganaise! Portions were big - I wanted a small portion of fries but it was still a lot. Because we ordered a whole meal we could sit there, and since it was freezing about -15C I was very happy there were seats left even though it was quite busy at the take away. Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: friendly staff, veganaise!, clean place

Cons: few seating places

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Disappointed in Bruges - Edit

My wife and I walked all the way across the city from the tram to try the restaurant. It looks small and pleasant from the outside. The restaurant accepts CASH only, so don't try to use a credit card. All the food was fried, not as healthy as we had hoped. The owner did speak perfect English, which made ordering easier. However, we did not order a drink, just a wrap, veggie burger, and fries. Because we did not order a drink she told us we could not eat in her store! At the time we were her only customers,there was no one else eating or sitting. When we asked if we could use the toilette before leaving she told us it was broken! So we were left to eat below average fried food in the rain.

We will certainly not eat at this restaurant again.

Pros: English Speaking, Clean

Cons: Poor Service, All fried food, cash only

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Great food, excellent service - best in Brugges! - Edit

My boyfriend and I were famished and wanted to check this place out. We arrived 6 minutes before they closed and the woman was nice enough to allow us to order. She gave us recommendations for other restaurants to try in the area, she was completely aware of the needs of vegans, and was a joy to interact with. She also spoke excellent English. My boyfriend had the Tofu-Seitan burger with fries (the only vegetarian fries available in Brugge - the rest are fried in animal fat), and I got the hazelnut burger with fries and a veganaise dipping sauce. The food was inexpensive and delicious. We are going back today for lunch and I would highly recommend any vegan coming to Brugge check it out.

Pros: Very vegan friendly, Excellent service, Inexpensive

Cons: A little out of the way

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Vegan-friendly in Brugge! - Edit

It is true that Brugge is not very vegan-friendly...there are very few places to grab a bite to eat, and while some are accommodating, most are very expensive.
Frituur Veggie Eetboetiek Royal is off the main tourist area, and maybe this is why they are less expensive.
The food is good, we had the hazelnut burger and the risotto burger (which are deep-fried!), and the home-made vegannaise is ok. It is definitely worth the trip there if you are in Brugge, and you can get your food to-go and sit on some benches near the windmill on the canal!

Pros: vegan options, affordable, helpful staff

Cons: Overly fried

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Vegan fast food - Edit

The woman who was running the place when I ate there was very nice and spoke perfect English. I ordered the tofu-seitan burger with fries and vegan mayo. It was ok. Basically just fried a piece of tofu/seitan.

Not exactly healthy, but if you want to be vegan in Brugges, this is one of the very few options you have.

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: greasy food

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Lovely food in a quiet part of the city - Edit

The staff explained what was suitable for vegans and even had homemade vegan mayonnaise. The burger and chips were lovely in a city where it is difficult to find vegan food.

Pros: Nice food, Good Value, Friendly Staff

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Nice find in Bruges - Edit

I found this place via Happy Cow and walked across town to explore. Crossing Bruges on a Sunday afternoon there were lots of people and various things going on. I passed over the picturesque canals on my way to the restaurant.

The owner was very nice and helpful. I had the spinach burger, which was very good. The fries are great - I recommend trying them with the vegan mayonnaise :-)

There is counter seating for about 8 people, and the counter was empty when I arrived at 5:30 PM on Sunday. However there were many locals doing take-out before and after me.

Pros: Many vegetarian and vegan options, Clean, Friendly

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Awesome, Friendly, Made me happy :) - Edit

So, first: nice people, cute green decor and adverts for organic (and vegan) teas, &c. I.e. nice crisp ambiance, though good luck sitting down (there is only a small bar area with stools). Second: good vegan options. In addition to the hazelnut burger, risotto burger, spijsburger of some sort (I forget what the lady told me about it), there is also a tofu burger and a tofu-seitan burger. I had gotten excited about hazelnut (which was good), so I passed on the tofu-seitan, but please someone tell us how it is! Frites come with vegan sauce (if you tell them you're vegan), though if you get a medium or large serving, you'll pay more for the frites than your burger! My total was €6,25, with €3 of that being my hazelnut burger, and €3,25 of that being med. frites & tax. (Also: med. frites are way more than enough for one person for lunch...had no idea about the sizes and was trying my Dutch so I panicked...) Cute windmills and canal nearby that you can go and sit by while eating your lunch, and when I asked I was allowed to take my tray along with me and return it later. Third, of course: nice people. Nice clientele, nice staff. All-in-all, fun little find!

Pros: food, cheeeeeeap, cute, nice

Cons: little / no seating, seating, again

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good find - Edit

This is a takeaway in Langestraat, a very long street in Bruges, it is very clean and bright inside.We read the reviews on Happy Cow before our visit so we knew where to go and what to expect.There was a good choice of vegetarian food but only a couple of vegan choices, but in Bruges even one would have been more than welcome! We had a hazlenut burger and a risotto burger with fries and sauce. They were both delicious. The owner was very friendly and polite and explained all the choices. We will definitely visit again.

Pros: vegetarian and vegan, friendly owner, clean and bright premises

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Crisp and Tasty - Edit

It is a pleasure to find delicious frites cooked in fresh vegetable oil in a city famous for fried potatoes,aka "French Fries", most are cooked in animal fat and quite unhealthy.
The owner-chef Anne, is a friendly person and the cafe is bright, clean and attractive with just a few seats at a counter, most clents do take away.

Pros: friendly, attractive, tasty food

Cons: no tables

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A Broccoli Burger! - Edit

Run by a friendly woman for over 2 years this is a rare haven in a town saturated with meat dominated menus and hardly a vegetarian option anywhere. Loads of veggie options and plenty of vegan ones too. Situated on Brugges "alternative' street, Langestr which has record shops, punky bars and the like.

Pros: Friendly vegan concious, Safe chips!

Cons: Meat on sale

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