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Fresh Mint

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13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 85254

Small veggie restaurant with modern decor. Menu includes citrus spare ribs, black pepper steak, tapioca dessert, and others. The owners were the original creators of Fresh Mint in Paia, on Maui island. All vegan food, but some desserts may not be vegan. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm. Closed Sun.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, Thai, Vietnamese

Reviews (34)

First Review by energie

dishonest management and staff - Edit

This restaurant owner is serving non-vegetarian food in disguise of vegan restaurant.

All of his bakery items contains eggs and some may contain gelatin based icing too!!!

There is no exclusive mention about this. If you ask they may tell you truth or may not - all depends on their naive staff's mood.

I have met dozens of vegans who complained about non veg items but this owner is out of his ethics. When I asked for clarification he gave me a lame excuse saying "we don't have vegan bakery in Phoenix area!!" Can you believe it??

I have been buying vegan cakes from N number of bakeries in Phoenix from years. He just wants to dupe customers with cheap quality of standards and products.

Stay out of it respecting your dignities and allergies..

Pros: none

Cons: lying management, non veg product under vegan label, over priced

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Love this place! - Edit

Service is great. I love that they're entirely vegan, minus a few desserts that they get from another restaurant, and the food is so clean and fresh. Not heavy on oil. The owner is an amazing cook! Their lunch specials are very reasonably priced at $8, and provide a hearty serving of food.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 25, 2016

Pros: Lively atmosphere, Great service, Amazing vegan food!

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Good, but there is much room for improvement - Edit

I've returned since they've reclassified themselves as vegetarian instead of vegan.
The Clay Pot "fish" and vegetable fried rice are both very tasty. I especially love the flavors of the Clay Pot soy fish dish. This may be my favorite dish. The vegetable fried rice comes with a veggie beef, but for a couple more bucks you can add veggie chicken as well.

I agree with the person who said the Imperial Rolls were different. They no longer taste fresh. I agree that they are probably pre-made, frozen, and re-heated, and the quality suffers greatly due to this. I was so put off by the stale taste that I ended up throwing them away.

I ordered a side of roasted potatoes, which has an excellent flavor. However, I only got 10 little smaller-than-a-tater-tot pieces of potato for $4. With that portion, this side dish shouldn't exceed $2.

They loss an extra cow due to the poor service. They had a teenager, who I believe may be the owner's son, manning the register and taking the to-go orders. He was a rude kid with much attitude and a condescending demeanor. It was very hard to hold my tongue. If they know what's best for business, they'd remove him from the front and add someone with personality and customer service skills.

They need add more vegan dessert options. It isn't hard to find great tasting vegan cakes in the valley, so I do not understand why they're jeopardizing being a 100% vegan eatery solely based on non-vegan desserts.

Updated from previous review on Saturday November 03, 2012


I have visited twice and ordered the Kung Pao & Black Pepper Steak specials, and the Imperial Rolls. Everything was delicious. I loved the spices, flavor, & the preparation. They even included steamed veggies. There is enough food in each entree to either feed 2 people or last 1 person 2 days.

However, when I asked about their desert I was told that the tapioca was vegan, but the chocolate & carrots cakes may not be. She said that they come from an outside vendor so she wasn't sure.

Well, my thoughts are that if you are branding your establishment as 100% vegan, then everything you sell darn well should be.

Pros: large portion entrees, Tasty food, Plenty of parking

Cons: skimpy portioned roasted potatoes side order, needs more vegan desserts

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On the decline :( - Edit

Fresh Mint used to be my favorite vegan restaurant in the valley in 2010. I loved their pad thai and their imperial rolls. The man (husband of the chef?) was always so friendly and nice and donned a Hawaiian shirt. But when I went gluten-free, I had little reason to go here. Their gluten-free menu is full of very plain, uninspired dishes, and the chef refuses to alter any gluten-containing dishes. When my doctor required me to eat gluten for 30 days for a celiac test in 2014, I was excited to rush back to Fresh Mint and relive what I had always called my favorite pad thai. Well, it was a huge disappointment. The man who was the face of the restaurant wasn't there the day I went. My imperial rolls tasted like they had gotten freezer burn, and even deep frying didn't remove that taste. The pad thai was the worst I'd ever had, gluten free or not. It literally tasted like ketchup had replaced their once-delicious pad thai sauce - it was overly tomato-y and vinegar-y with no other spices. The dish used to be loaded with colorful vegetables, peanuts bean sprouts, garnished with a fresh sprig of basil or mint and a lime wedge. But on this occasion, there were a few small vegetables, some peanuts, and a lemon wedge. The presentation was a mess - a heap of orange noodles - a big change from their once beautiful, colorful presentations. The only that that I actually enjoyed was the coconut tapioca pudding (their other desserts are vegetarian but not vegan). The prices are still mid-range, but the food is now low quality. It's very sad to say, but I won't be returning. Something major has changed with this restaurant and it's not for the better.

Pros: Variety, Unique, Fun atmosphere

Cons: Declining in quality/value, A little pricey, Dessert menu isn't 100% vegan

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Great food, Amazing staff - Edit

This was a great find! We had the Kung Pao Chicken, Mint Fresh Roll, and Lemon Grass Beef, all of which were delicious. The portions were large, and the service was wonderful. We also had the mint lemonade- best lemonade ever!!

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amazing food!!! extremely vegan friendly - Edit

love, love, love this place! i can't believe i haven't written a review yet. the first time we came, was right after our friend married us on top of south mountain on 1/12/11. we've been coming at least once a month since then. the food is fresh and made when ordered, so don't expect to pop in here for fast food. this is a family run business and we are usually waited on by the daughter or the dad while mom is cooking in back. the service can be a little odd at times, but we're servers so we're probably overly critcal;-) some of our faves are the spicy ginger soy beef, the spicy lemongrass soup (only spicy if you put the side sauces on it), hot pot, vegetable fried rice, and kung pao chicken. when we first started coming, they would let you bring in your own wine and uncork it for you. since then, i believe their license for that has lapsed. my only wish is that they would get it back:-)

Pros: awesome food

Cons: no alcohol, closed on sundays

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loved! almost completely vegan - Edit

Everything I had was delicious. Only 4 items on the menu were NOT vegan. Cute cafe. Super friendly staff. Fresh Mint Tomatoes were a unique dish and completely wonderful.

Pros: almost all vegan, fresh mint tomatoes, delicious food

Cons: none

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A little slice of vegan Heaven - Edit

We ordered take-out from here for the first time yesterday and it was FABULOUS! Fresh, crispy veggies in flavorful entrees. The eggplant dishes are the best I have ever tasted. Husband & kiddos all devoured the food and are craving more!

Oh and we ordered take-out because we had just got off the plane and were tired and crabby....but I still couldn't find a reason to give the food less than 5 stars!

Now we just need one of these in Boulder please...

Pros: fresh, all vegan, flavorful, colorful

Cons: We live in the wrong State to eat here regularly!

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Pad Thai Is Amazing - Edit

I have always loved Fresh Mint's PadThai. I just got back from a 2 week trip to Thailand... expecting to have the most amazing Pad Thai I had ever had while on the trip. Guess what. ...nothing compared to the sauce they make at Fresh Mint. It is my gold standard now. Also love the spring rolls with peanut sauce... great presentation. Their blended coffee is also a super treat!

Pros: Delicious, Consistent, Clean

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Love This Place! - Edit

Fresh Mint is a wonderful place to eat. We try to eat there once a week when we are snow birds. We've tried many of the dishes which are so delicious and are presented in an artistic and simply beautiful way. They have a quick, inexpensive lunch menu in addition to the regular menu. The owners are very nice and the service is excellent. The only improvements would be if it was much bigger and they had locations nationwide. But then, it probably wouldn't be as good.

Pros: Outstanding food, Fresh, Many choices

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Delicious, Healthful Food - Edit

My omnivore husband and I loved this place! It had many healthful and delicious options. We loved a tofu curry dish and the Fresh Island Green Salad was huge (enough for 2) and made with this amazingly-flavored, oil-free dressing! It was great to fill up on delicious vegan food without feeling guilty/heavy afterwards. Sure, we love vegan cheese-steaks, but it was really nice to instead eat a light, yet filling meal at Fresh Mint. We would definitely return to this place next time we are in Arizona (or Hawaii, where they apparently originated).

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Vietnamese... Vegan... and Kosher? - Edit

First off, let's give some praise to the concept: A vegan, vietnamese-style, Kosher restaurant? That's the coolest thing I've heard since someone explained nonstick frying pans to me. Unfortunately, the service can be a bit slow, and a bit weird, but you've got to give them some credit for opening a place like this.

Most of the dishes are composed of rice/noodles, steamed veggies, and one of their vegan meats like chicken, beef, ribs, fish, etc., doused in sauce. It's awesome sauce (saucesome?) but it pretty much negates a lot of the healthier aspects of the dish. Why not wait to add those extra calories with some vegan carrot or chocolate cake instead? As far as recommendations, the lemongrass tofu rolls and green papaya salad are both light, filling and fresh tasting dishes. If you're a sauce-o-holic, opt for the tasty BBQ citrus spare ribs or soy fish in a clay pot.

....For those of you who don't want to read any of that, refer to the short & sweet version below:

Concept: hell yeah.
Service: weird.
Selection of "meat": awesome.
Vegan desserts: much appreciated.
Dishes: varied & satisfactory.
Sauces: too heavy.
Overall: 3.5 stars. I'll probably go back at some point.

Pros: Exotic, 100% Vegan, Vegan Desserts!

Cons: Decadent, Weird Service, Can be Pricey

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I usually hate faux meat,but here.. - Edit

I had the Kung Paolo soy chicken and it was awsome. my friends had the golden curry veggies, lemongrass tofu and ribs and they were excellent as well. chappo! !

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Excellent and Affordable - Edit

Had the Mongolian "beef," lemonade and mango tapioca "pudding." Excellent! I am fully vegan. Would absolutely come here again!

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy, Good portions

Cons: Might be a little hard to find.

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Great Food!!! - Edit

We go to Fresh Mint as often as we can make it to N. Scottsdale... We love it; they even remember us when we come in. I have tried many items and still go back to my favorite, the #32 Kung Pao Chicken; I'm writing this review b/c I am currently enjoying my leftovers for lunch and realized that I have never posted a review.

Their food is always packed with great flavors, is fresh and looks beautiful when it comes out. The one thing to try when you are there is orgasmic - it's their Coconut Mango Tapioca pudding that takes them 10-14 hours to cook! Now that is dedication and you can taste the love put into it... A great place that you have to try if in the area.

Pros: Great Food, Nice Selection, Fresh Ingredients

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Favorite Vegetarian place - Edit

This is my favorite restaurant by far and I decided to signup to Happy Cow just so that I can help spread the word. I found the restaurant a couple of years ago, and started trying it out more and more. It is extremely difficult to find good healthy eating in Arizona, and this is the one place I frequent at least once a month.

Appetizers - I always start with the Summer Roll or Fried Imperial Rolls. I'd go with the Imperial if you are new to vegetarian. The summer rolls are delicious and worth a try if you've tried Vietnamese rolls before.

Favorite dinner options:
#17 Stir Fried Noodles - Good entry level dish if you're new. It is a good size dish and I usually do not finish it unless I'm starving. Very light, not oily, got a tangy and salty flavor to it. Add some hot sauce for spice.
#33 Hot Pot - If you're starving, this is the dish to get. Comes extremely hot though and it takes a while to prepare so better get some appetizers. Good for 2 if you're just tasting. Very flavorful, sweet and tangy, lots of vegetables and tofu.
#35 Mushroom Wonder - The dish to go with if you love mushrooms. The mushrooms are very meaty, and with the rice, still gives you a full meal. The sauce is very sweet.

There you go, hope you try it!

Pros: Good value, Excellent, Friendly Staff

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ReFreshing Experience - Edit

I was visiting Arizona and always do my HappyCow research to find spots to eat while there. I was pleased to have an excellent experience at Fresh Mint. The owner was very friendly, and accomodated my tastebuds :-) I ordered the pad thai and it was one of the best pad thai's i've had and i've eaten at a lot of thai restaurants. In addition, the fresh jasmine tea was completely refreshing! The only downfall was that they were not open Sunday, Monday was a holiday, and I left Arizona on tuesday, so i was only able to eat there once :-( I will definitely be returning to Fresh Mint any time i'm in Phoenix or the surrounding areas!

Pros: good value, excellent tasting food, friendly owner and staff

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Great Food - Edit

All, or almost all, of the food here was vegan. I'd describe it as pan-Asian. Everything we had was good, and some of it was excellent. Some members of our group weren't vegetarian, and they enjoyed it also. The rest of the experience -- the service, the ambience, etc. -- was only OK. It's a strip mall location. But if we're ever back in the Phoenix area, we'll go there again. The food was really terrific.

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Go here NOW! - Edit

Ever since they opened up I go as many times I can. The black pepper steak is to die for! The clay pot fake fish soup was delicious! The spring rolls were yummy, and the service is so friendly!I recomend comming at lunch time when the food is cheaper!

Pros: Great food, close to house, friendly service

Cons: Its almost too good!

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Excellent pick - Edit

Located in a shopping "strip mall" the restaurant looks very unassuming. However the menu was varied with multiple good choices. The service was above average and the food was excellent. The citrus ribs were outstanding, they did a tapioca concoction for desert that was first rate, and it was all fairly priced. A bit of a pain to get to, but well worth the effort.

Pros: selection, quality of food, fair prices

Cons: dreary setting

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Vegetables bland and undercooked - Edit

It is great to have another all-vegan option available in Arizona. The cafe atmosphere was clean and bright (and hot with the July sun coming in all the windows). The owner doubled as the server and was very friendly. Being somewhat skeptical of the ingredients in mock meat products, even those in dishes or restaurants that are marketed as vegan, I opted for the sesame tofu. The tofu was very yummy (of course, most things that are fried and salty are, right?), but the vegetables that came along with it were undercooked - even for a stir fry (almost raw) - and bland (even though the dish was supposed to be "spicy"). The accompanying brown rice was fluffy and nutty. Strange not to have soy sauce or other condiments available on the table. My friend's entree also was incredibly bland. Disappointingly, we were excited to order the plantains from the dessert menu, but they said they did not have them and never had (which made me wonder why they left them on the menu). Vegan -- awesome. Food -- good. The best vegan Asian I've ever had? Nope. Price -- a little high for what you get quality and quantity. However, I would go back again if I am in north Scottsdale and it's convenient, though. Good to have options where you can eat everything on the menu.

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Amazing place! - Edit

Went to Fresh Mint during a business trip to Arizona and was thrilled to find Fresh Mint! One of my friends suggested it and the three of us that went were absolutely thrilled. Everything about this place rocks. The food is incredible. My fiance had the pepper steak and it was so delicious. I had the Kung Pao Chicken, and my friend had the ribs and they were all hits. Everything on the menu is fresh, delicious, and truly amazing, even if you are not vegan. The desserts are to die for so save room, which will be hard since the entire menu is wonderful and if you're like me, you'll want everything.

Our service was impressive, as was the simple, yet tasteful atmosphere. We even learned something since we were asked a trivia question by our waiter, who is also one of the owners.

Once thing is for sure, the next time I'm in the area, I will go back and try some of the other things on the menu I wanted.

If you are in the Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale area, do yourself a HUGE favor and go to Fresh Mint. You'll love it!

Pros: Food, Service, Food!

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Reviewer Avatar

Pretty good - Edit

We ordered a soy chicken dish that came in strips with a tangy sauce and the pepper "steak". Both dishes were good and the perfect portion of food. The food was fresh and good, the table cloths were a nice touch, but, at least on the day we were there, the service was a bit lacking. Our waitress might have been new, because every question we asked, (including, "may we have some salt?") were responded to with a long delay and a somewhat blank stare. Also, we thought the meals were overpriced-- $38 for 2 meals, 1 small appetizer and 1 dessert... we drank plain tap water. Overall, it's nice to have vegetarian restaurants in the area, I can see why some people would like this restaurant, but because the price and style of food were different than we like, we probably won't go back.

Pros: clean, fresh food, all veg

Cons: price, little food variety, limited desserts

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I LOVE This Place! - Edit

My family and I decided to try Fresh Mint after reading Happy Cow reviews, and none of us was disappointed ... including the non-veg folks! WOW, was it good! The atmosphere was cheery and upbeat, and service was fast and friendly. We started off with cucumber rolls (yum!), and we each tried a different dish and sampled from each other. I had the ginger soy beef, and it was absolutely fabulous! It was hard to share little bits for the rest of my family to try - until I realized that their food was just as wonderful!
We'll definitely be going back.
BTW - my Google map showed Fresh Mint to be on the southwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Thunderbird. It's actually on the northwest corner.

Pros: EXCELLENT FOOD, nice atmosphere, great portion size, friendly service, convenient location

Cons: I'd love to see more of this franchise!

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Great Find! - Edit

We were out on Christmas day looking for anyplace that was open and found Fresh Mint purely by chance. It was wonderful. The food is billed as "Modern Healthy Cuisine", and it's very good. Mostly Vietnamese with other Asian influences. Portions are very large. A large soup is enough for two people. Excellent Pho (5 Spice Noodle Soup) with both seitan and tofu in it, plus lots of veggies, sauces, etc. Great curries, especially the Lemongrass Curry. I had the Vegetarian Black Pepper Steak which was wonderful. I had to fight off my friends who were constantly "sampling" it.

The restaurant is very nice - a little more upscale than some vegetarian places but still casual. Very good service and great value for the money. This is a good place to support - we all need more restaurants like it.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Excellent value

Cons: None

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Feelin' Fresh Mint - Edit

I heard about this place from my mom in Chicago...
Thanks mom!
If it wasn't for her I don't know when I would have ventured out to Fresh Mint?
What a great find---although I am located in downtown Phoenix--this place is well worth the drive.
So many choices...fresh veggie stuffed spring rolls with peanut sauce, a good variety of entrees including stuffed tomatos, "spare ribs" and "soy fish" with choice of steamed white rice or brown.
I look forward to going again and sampling more from their menu.

Pros: Fresh taste, Desserts, Service with a smile

Cons: No website, Should be in Phoenix

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Fresh Mint Rocks! - Edit

I love Fresh Mint! Everything I have had here is delicious and I've been here several times. The restaurant itself is very clean; the staff is extremely courteous. If FM were a little closer to CenPho, I'd probably be including into my monthly rotation however it is worth the drive.

Pros: Delicious food, Healthy, Fresh

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