Serves meat, vegan options available. Bistro making pizzas from stone oven, sandwiches, hearty soups, Mediterranean dishes, specials, grits, quinoa, baked goods, coffee. Focus is on local, organic, and healthy. Has Wi-Fi. Order online at Previously vegetarian but added meat to the menu February 2024. Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-9:30pm, Sun 11:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by roxette521


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28 Feb 2024

Good food - good service

We enjoyed the food - had the vegan Phili and the falafel sandwich. Potato salad was amazing. I need that recipe.

Pros: Potato salad , Items were clearly marked, Decently priced.

Cons: None



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26 Nov 2023

Great vegan choices

I ordered a vegan lasagna (ask for it if its not on the menu) and it came with a delicious salad. The lasagna was wonderful! I ordered one to go yoo!

Pros: Great vegan choices, Inside and outside dining, Nice and accommodating staff


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01 Nov 2023

Okay food, not a fully vegan restaurant

Please be aware that they are not 100% vegan! So you have the be cautious with the sauces/items that aren’t specifically labeled as vegan, but the staff was helpful with helping adjust items to be vegan. The owner seemed quite passionate about his restaurant and was very kind, which was wonderful to see. I got the falafel sandwich, which was decent and filling. My partner got the gyro which was also decent. They make the food fresh and they are open pretty late, which makes it a nice choice for a late night meal. I just wish the menu was a bit more descriptive on which items contain dairy.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-31

Pros: Friendly staff, Fresh food

Cons: Not 100% vegan, Menu labeling not clear


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25 Oct 2023

Great vegan chicken salad! Bread is out of this world.

Fresca on Addison has some great vegan dishes. I love it and hope for its continued success. The atmosphere is very very casual. But the food is great.

Pros: Great vegan dishes, Great pizza and bread

Cons: Not a very great dining atmosphere, hours are limited


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25 Sep 2023

A Decent Option

I loved that they used to be all vegan and had whole wheat bread. New owners have reintroduced animal products as others have mentioned. I also don't think their bread is whole wheat anymore sadly. Their vegan chicken salad sandwhich was my favorite out of anywhere. I used to crave it sometimes. Wish they wouldn't add so much salt to things sometimes though. Their pizza was hit or miss in the past (over seasoned/burnt). I have not tried it with the new owners yet though. I also loved the vegan carne asada and BBQ tacos. It seems like theh changed the setain some though and there is less in the tacos now. Otherwise, I noticed the new owners increased the prices on some items. Probably rightfully so if they make improvements. I agree with another commenter that it used to be kind of dirty. I know they used to keep the garage behind the building for storage. I assume the Health Dept. Ok'd that. The new owners added table clothes outside and appeared to clean the floors but I think they are just stained with wear and tear from the past. They didn't have the ingredients for a pizza I ordered one time and never called me. Instead they waited until I came to pick it up and then told me it wasn't made. I couldn't wait for it to cook. The old owners would have called me and left a voicemail before I was there to pick it up.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-16

Pros: Vegan chicken salad sandwhich, Vegan tacos, Fairly good parking on Cary

Cons: Menu changes causing confusion


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02 Sep 2023

New MGMT, items unclear

Still the best vegan chicken salad sandwich in town. It’s the best item on the menu, I order it once a week when I can! However, it seems this place has changed management at least twice in the last 6 years?? Items used to be clearly labeled vegan or veg, now they’re a little unclear on what’s what.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-17

Pros: Fresh pita, Friendly staff, Lots of options

Cons: Limited seating , Unclear vegan options


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22 Aug 2023

Great mix of menu items

Great place. Relaxed and sunlit with a real pizza oven. The kids enjoyed pizza with vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese. My husband loved the vegan gyro (made with seitan). I loved the tacos. You can pick three. I especially enjoyed the BBQ seitan with pineapple slaw and the carne asada seitan. The vegan baklava seems like an afterthought, but it is incredible. It is made fresh every other day and delicious - crisp phyllo layers and finely-minced walnuts soaked in simple syrup. I’m going back to get some baklava to go before we leave town. 😁

Pros: Vegetarian and vegan options, Fresh food


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07 Aug 2023

New owner, unclear menu, hit or miss

This was a purely vegan restaurant, which now has a new owner that is re-introducing animal products. The artful chalk menus have been replaced by lcd screens, menu items are continuing to change, and there are no clear markings about what's vegan/vegan-optional. I've already seen one person recommend the gyro in a vegan group just a couple days after I asked about it in the store... I'ts NOT vegan and they cannot (will not) make it vegan (the tzatziki has dairy). there are a few things i like. the chicken salad sandwich and white bean burger, assuming they are still vegan, are good. the rest has been pretty hit or miss in my opinion, even before the change of owner. i hate to leave a somewhat bad review for a vegetarian restaurant, but the changes for the worse are extremely disappointing and i feel like i can't trust it anymore.

Pros: vegan options, some of it's good

Cons: new owner re-introducing animal products, hit or miss


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01 Aug 2023

Five-star food and service

We ended up here with a large group just before closing time—already a faux-pas. But the chef was gracious and happy to accommodate us, going the extra mile with bonus hors d'oeuvres, and even offering us input on the music. He also informed us of which items were not vegan (only a couple).

The food itself was incredible; everything was fresh and the attention to detail was flawless. (Case in point: my gyro. The "meat" was "meaty" with an authentic flavor; the tzatziki was creamy and herby; the fries were perfectly crisp, and the pita was warm and straight from the oven.)

Among our group, we also tried the pizza, soup, salad, cookies—all amazing.

Don't sleep on this place!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-01

Pros: Outstanding food, Outstanding service


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11 Mar 2023

Best potato salad

Their food is absolutely delicious! They have the best potato salad in the world and I love their falafel. The owners are great and the environment is amazing


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Mostly Veg
15 Dec 2022


The menu for this place is diverse and looked promising, but both me and my daughter were disappointed. She got the pizza, which had cheese that had a weird consistency and sour flavor. I got the "carne asada" seitan tacos; the flavor was decent, but more like lamb than beef, but they so salty I could only eat one of the three (portion sizes are generous). My top concern about the place, however, was how dirty it was. I would not order from this restaurant again.

Pros: Generous portion sizes, Variety of foods

Cons: DIRTY, Food was salty


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26 Nov 2022

Delicious sadwich

Stopped in for lunch and had the vegan “chicken” salad pita sandwich and a side salad. The salad flavors blended perfectly, and the arugula added a nice peppery bite to the sandwich. It was plenty filling even without the side salad.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-26

Pros: Many options at this all-vegan eatery, Very welcoming service

Cons: Strange mirror placement in the bathroom


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09 Oct 2022

Amazing food!

Amazing food! Super service!


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25 Aug 2022

Good but could be better

I had a chicken salad sandwich and my friend had the falafel platter. As others have mentioned the falafel was flavored differently than normal, but it was okay. The chicken salad was also okay, but it's better at Ipanema, another Richmond vegan restaurant. Most disappointing was that even though we ate at the restaurant (on the patio, a plus), everything was served in single-use plastic containers. The containers were actually put into a serving basket. They were completely unnecessary.

Pros: Decent food

Cons: Everything is served in plastic containers


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26 Jul 2022

All vegan eclectic menu

Many options including pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc. with many sides too. Got the falafel sandwich, which was tasty but spiced unusually for falafel, curry spices, which I wouldn’t have chosen if it had been described as such on the menu. But fries w/ lemon pepper spice were very good!


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12 Jul 2022

Love Fresca!

Fantastic food and very friendly people!

Pros: Great Food, Wonderful service

Cons: A little slow


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01 Jul 2022

Delicious variety!

We ordered the falafel platter, the potato pizza, pb&j and the baklava. We were driving from SC up to DC and this was the perfect stop because the food was so good. Finding street parking was difficult and it was a good ways off from i95 but worth it.

Pros: All vegan, Healthy options

Cons: Parking can be difficult


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29 Jun 2022

Everything is vegan

Amazing place , I love the old school booth😄reminds me of the good old time😄


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22 May 2022

So delicious!

Went with a friend today. I had the barbecue seitan with pineapple coleslaw, he had one of each taco and fries. Everything is made fresh in house and it shows! The pita the bbq sandwich was made in was excellent, as was everything else. It’s one of those places that you go and find a favorite, then the next time find a new favorite! I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Pros: Lots of variety!, Healthy! Vegan does not always equal healthy!, Friendly staff!

Cons: None!


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15 Apr 2022


Fantastic vegan menu. The food was amazing, had the tacos and pizza.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-15


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30 Mar 2022

One of my fave casual spots!

I enjoy the casual atmosphere. They don’t have a huge staff so the wait times can be a bit longer but it’s always worth it! The employees there are really friendly and accommodating. Although it’s not a formal restaurant, the owner always comes to check if our food is good. The baklava is the best I’ve had. I LOVE their greek salad sandwich and pizzas. I just got their falafel sandwich. The sauce was a bit too salty but everything else was perfect.

Pros: All vegan, Accommodating staff, Fair prices


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30 Mar 2022

Lunch at Fresca on Addison

Great Began menu. Had the delicious black bean burger and fries. Definitely coming back.


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11 Feb 2022

I voted it for the v72*2!

Vegan week v72*2 and it has a great location on carry street

Pros: Great food quality, Great flavors, All vegan 🌱


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08 Jan 2022

Insanely Good

Hands down my favorite place for lunch, vegan or not. I used to go here often when I was a student at VCU and tried out many of the menu items. They didn't ever disappoint. My favorites were the potato salad, lentil burger and fennel apple slaw. All of the desserts and cupcakes I tried were very good, too. Everything is always incredibly fresh and tasty. The owner (now previous owner) was always quite pleasant and polite to customers. Have not been back since the pandemic began, but I am certain that under the new management they are still serving up some of the best vegan grub in the Richmond area. Cna't wait to go back and try out some of the new items on the menu!

Pros: Very fresh/good quality ingredients, Pleasant staff, Lots of great menu items to choose from

Cons: Can be a little on the pricey side, but worth it


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26 Sep 2021

All vegan 🙏🏻

Amazingly fresh and all vegan!

Pros: A lot of gluten free options , Creative menu items , Everything tastes delicious


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31 Jul 2020

Nice place, good chicken salad

We've been waiting to try this place for quite a few months since we live in the area and we were happy to see they opened up for takeout. We ordered a large mushroom pizza, a chicken salad sandwich with a side of pineapple coleslaw and the cobb salad. Overall, our favorite item was the chicken salad sandwich. The bread it came on was really hearty, the flavor was great, and it was quite filling. We also enjoyed how generous they were with the avocado on the cobb salad. The dressing the salad came with was very dill-forward though which we weren't expecting and we weren't big fans of the coleslaw. The pizza was decent with vegan cheese that melted well and the pine nuts were a nice touch. We also were happy to see that they are now serving all vegan food.

Pros: Good value, Good bread

Cons: Some menu items didn't seem intriguing , Strange hours of operation


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03 Feb 2020


I’m hoping I just chose the wrong thing to try, because I want to like this place!! The employees were sweet and helpful, the cookie I got while waiting for my food was tasty, but once I got my food it was disappointing. The steak didn’t seem like it was supposed to be eaten. Suuuuper rubbery. The soup was very bland. I’d be willing to try again because of the nice atmosphere and convenience to my apartment, but so far unfortunately underwhelmed.

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