Serves meat, vegan options available. European-style cafe and bakery that offers labeled food menus with multiple choices for vegans. Look to the "plant" sections as well as items marked by v. Example of dishes include breakfast tofu scramble, avocado toast, tomato basil soup, a few salads, coconut burry, tempeh tacos, beyond burger, vegan mac n cheese, and tempeh reuben sandwich. Check the dessert case for vegan sweet options. Open Mon-Thu 7:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 7:00am-10:00pm, Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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11 Feb 2024

They removed their Vegan burger

They used to have a great impossible or beyond burger with a good house-made tomato marmalade on it. Not sure what to get there for lunch anymore. I tried the tempeh reuben, but it wasn't for me.

Pros: Clearly labeled vegan options

Cons: removed vegan burger, Not a lot of vegan options


18 Feb 2024

The cowboy burger is only on the dinner menu



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15 Sep 2023

Solid choice with a fair amount of clearly labeled options.

Enjoyed the blueberry corncake. Meant to eat half. May have, may have, eaten the whole thing. Maybe. It was very good, not great but been having pancake cravings lately :)

Coffee is good, service was great and had no issue with me lingering with a friend for a few hours

Pros: Coffee, Good options


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12 Sep 2023

Fantastic store, kind owner, great food

We walked in and were unsure about where to sit, but were soon greeted by a cheerful woman who informed us she was the owner. She talked about opening the store and expanding on our way to the table. The waitress was just as kind, bringing water and the silverware that the owner forgot to set down in her pleasantries. The menu was full of diverse vegan options, I got the blueberry corn pancakes while my wife got the vegan quesadilla. The pancake was delicious, I only wish there was more maple syrup to add. The bite of the quesadilla I had was up to the standards of my wife's praise, delicious and filling. We're definitely coming back here as often as we can.


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01 Feb 2023

Pretty good options

I've been here several times for brunch and I always enjoy the vegan options. A solid place to have a weekend meal with friends or family and have options for everyone. Brunch is always a little crazy so expect to wait for a table.

Pros: The classic vegan breakfast is great, The Reuben is tasty but messy to eat.


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20 Jun 2022

Many Options, All Good

I've had a bunch of their vegan options here and they are all fantastic. Today I got their Tempeh rueben and it was THICK. They do not shy away from large portions and I love it. Truly a meal for the whole day.

Pros: A good number of vegan options, Large space both indoor and outdoor, Been around for a while, knows whats up

Cons: Kinda spendy, [censored] parking, might have to walk a ways


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17 Jun 2022

Some Good Options

They were recently named best plant based food in MSP and I honestly question who they asked, because there are over half dozen other dedicated veg spots who have entered the chat and would like a word.

Anyway, I tried this place because I wanted some vegan breakfast.

Blueberry Corn Pancake was pretty tasty. It’s one huge pancake but they only give you one little syrup container. I’d buy extra syrup next time.

I veganized the Cajun Hashbrowns by omitting cheese and requesting vegan sausage. These were delicious, but not cajun. No spicy factor and no cajun flavor, but still very good. The potatoes were shredded and crispy on top, just like I like ‘em. It was filled with veggies that tasted as if they were fresh from the garden. The sausage was good, but not the best. Overall, I loved this dish and would definitely order it again. Large portion!

I tried a side of tofu scramble. It was gross. There’s an extremely heavy (what I think is) vinegar presence. I couldn’t stand another bite.

I also tried the vegan chocolate turtle cake. It was dry and stale. I informed the restaurant of this, via the square survey, and never received a response. I’m not a fan of ignoring customers when they tell you about a mistake. Surely, serving stale cake was a mistake, and an expensive one at that.

Regardless, there are a couple of things that I’d like to try on their lunch menu so I will return…eventually.


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15 Jun 2022


A few vegan options that are pretty good but nothing too special. The reuben has been my favorite here.


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11 Jun 2022

Lots of vegan options

We enjoy many of their dishes and their vegan mocha! Everything is very clearly labeled. Little pricey, but overall very good.


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16 May 2022


I e joyed the zen salad abd lovely outdoor seating on a 70 degree MN day!!

Pros: Healthy portions

Cons: Seemed under staffed


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21 Dec 2021

Varied menu

Well marked menu with lots of choices including on the dessert menu! If you're looking for a vaguely upscale place for carnists and vegans alike, this is a good choice.


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01 Nov 2021

Great food and choices

I loved my meal, would definitely come back. Great service and food.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Quality food


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20 Jul 2021

Cool atmosphere

We had the vegan Mac and cheese which was really tasty but didn't blow me away. We also had the vegan Ruben. Now that was a winner. Their Ruben was fantastic! Their corned tempeh was delightful and the firecracker slaw was too. The cheese had the best consistency of vegan cheese I have had. They get their cheese from the Herbivorous Butcher.


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06 May 2021


AVOID IT: Rude, Terrible Service!!!

Have been to this restaurant many times in the past but will not go again! Had a reservation, arrived and requested a booth on the patio. The man doing the seating never looked up from his screen, mumbled and was rude from the start. When a booth opened up, we asked a waiter if we could move and he said sure. When we started to move, the man doing the seating returned and yelled at the waiter and told us to sit where he put us. I followed him and told him he was rude and had bad customer service. He started yelling at me and waving his hands around in my face. At that, I turned around and went back to my table. He followed me to the table, yelling and still waving his arms. I asked him multiple times to leave us alone and he refused to leave so me and my husband left the restaurant.

I sent an email to the Manager the next day detailing our poor experience and have received NO response. Real great French Meadow, real good.

Cons: Poor service, Lack of management response, Loud


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01 Sep 2019

Man State fair location

Beware of their vegan scone deal it’s not vegan!!!


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17 Jul 2019

food for anyone

revamped menu. more options and flexibility. tempeh Reuben was great. wish the prices didn't feel inflated for non-meat dishes but it's just a tad high. great patio location

Pros: variety, creative menu options , patio and drinks

Cons: non-meat costs


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26 Jun 2019

Perfect Night Out

Vegan & need to grab a bite somewhere that is a step up? French Meadow is perfect. It has a variety of vegan options and has a date night feel to the restaurant. I always wish there were more vegan options but what they have are fairly substantial— healthy and less healthy options are there with local suppliers (Herbivorous butcher for example). The salads and the vegan tempeh sandwich are pretty good.

Pros: Diverse vegan options

Cons: A little spendy


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10 Mar 2019

Great Burger

They recently added a Beyond Burger to their menu. I've had it twice and think it's the best burger and fries in the Cities. Also, their tempeh tacos and tempeh Reuben are great too.

They do have a few vegan desserts which are ok, but nothing like what you might get at Vegan East or Eureka Compass.

Finally, the ambience is really nice and romantic, and the patio accepts dogs. Overall, one of our favorite places to eat and it's within walking distance of our house.

Pros: Lots of clearly marked vegan options, Ambience

Cons: Prices on alcohol and appetizers are steep


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09 Oct 2018

a bit overrated

They have a couple options for vegans but not very exciting. Sausage in classic vegan breakfast is just ok. Nice atmosphere but not my favorite brunch place in the cities.


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11 Jan 2018

Date Night Favorite

French Meadow Bakery has a warm friendly atmosphere with several vegan options on the menu. Each week they usually have a vegan special as well. They have 2 vegan breakfast options as well. The quality of the food is outstanding.

Pros: Warm friendly atmosphere, Excellent food, Serves 2 vegan breakfasts

Cons: Can be noisy.


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Mostly Veg
08 Aug 2017

Excellent desserts!!

I had the rose cake - dairy and gf. Amazing! And decadent - will be going back there for years specifically for that cake. The rest of the food is also good, but I was blown away by the cake.

Pros: Lots of options - vegan, gf, and vegetarian, Not too expensive

Cons: Not a lot of parking


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08 May 2017

GREAT veg/vegan friendly spot

By choice and chance, I ate dinner here all 3 nights of my recent trip to Saint Paul. The first night I had planned it; the secound night, we returned because it was so darned good; the third, our other reservation didn't work out, so we came back and were happy yet again.

The menu is good for omnivores as well as vegetarian and vegans. The food is creative and tasty. The wine and beer lists are extensive. For the dessert minded, there is a display case of desserts, muffins and savory baked goods at the entrance.

To add to the charm, there is a lovely back garden, as well as sidewalk tables out front. What's not to like?

Pros: Excellent food, Good for all: veg/vegan, gluten-free, omnivores, Outdoor dining


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25 Jun 2016

good vegan-friendly option

French Meadow has several good vegan choices and I appreciate that vegan items are clearly marked on the menu. The tempeh chorizo tostada was good. Service was friendly.


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20 Jul 2015

Vegan on the menu!

Delicious vegan food on the menu. I've had the classic vegan breakfast many times. They also have a bakery with a selection of vegan cakes and pastries, as well as dairy free options for their drinks. The staff have all been very friendly and familiar with veganism.

Pros: Friendly staff, Vegan marked on the menu, Good quality food

Cons: Few breakfast options


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21 Feb 2015

Nice breakfast location

On a weekend brunch-time, it was quite crowded. We were able to walk right up to chairs at the bar to eat, so no waiting (otherwise 25min). Very high ceilings and crowded so quite loud, but still nice.

The "classic vegan breakfast" was a simple fare of hash browns (the shredded kind, nicely crisped), faux sausage patties (I am guessing Gimme Lean brand) and tofu scramble (a little too heavy on the turmeric, a tad dry and light on any veggies). Still, we were happy to be eating breakfast out and not have to worry about vegan choices.

The rest of the menu looked like there were some creative options for a "next" visit-- vegan and/or easy to convert to such. We didn't look too hard at the bakery selection to see what vegan options were there. Next time.

The bartender/waiter was very attentive and friendly. Décor was rustic wood, brick and nicely done.
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 21, 2015

Pros: Easy vegan choices, tho limited, Friendly staff

Cons: Crowded/noisy, Tofu scramble needed a little work


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13 Sep 2014

Tastiness In St Paul

French meadow in minneapolis is one of my favorite restaurants and now they are in saint paul. They largely have the same great menu of vegan and non-vegan options all clearly labeled in addition to a smaller selection of the vegan baked goods. Some of my favorite dishes are the spa salad, healing plate, tempeh tacos, and classic vegan breakfast.

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