Vegan ice cream parlor opened 2016 in Pike/Pine area. Offers varying flavors such as brown sugar vanilla, chocolate date, and gingerbread golden milk. Sorbet, selection of toppings, and seasonal specials available. Also sells ice cream by the tub. Has outdoor seating. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by Shel Graves


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Mostly Veg
23 Sep 2023

Interesting seasonal flavors

Tasty vegan ice cream. I enjoyed the variety of flavors, especially the fresh seasonal options. The waffle cones are very good! The downsides: some flavors' texture is pretty chalky/gritty, and I wish the prices weren't quite so high. We paid $31 for two waffle cones with tax and tip.



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05 Aug 2023

Unique options

Partner tried the California Cabin flavor, said it was very good and a unique flavor. The waffle cones have great texture

Pros: All vegan, Unique flavors, The cones

Cons: $$$


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26 Jul 2023

The only ice cream I eat

Their ice cream is more like gelato to me, which is why I like it so much. I frequented their Ballard location as often as I could, especially during Summer evenings when I could easily walk there. I am placing their online orders bc I love their delicious ice cream so much and I no longer live in Seattle. Nothing compares. And their waffle cones…oh my, I miss those. My favorite flavors are chocolate tahini supercokie & salty caramel ash. Every flavor I tried is amazing. Yum. They ship nation wide btw…

Pros: Taste, texture, flavors, Service


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25 Jul 2023

Yum! A fully vegan scoop shop!

Ice cream was great, as expected, and the waffle cone made it a five star experience. Kind of like Van Leeuwen's but entirely vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-25

Pros: Waffle cone


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Mostly Veg
22 Jul 2023

Delicious waffle cone!

Loved the waffle cone. Ice creams were good, I loved the transparency of all the ingredients. $12 USD for a standard cone though😒

Pros: Flavours, Transparency of ingredients

Cons: Price


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28 Jun 2023

Haiku Review

Lots of fun flavors
Pleasant pine tree aroma
It still melts too fast

Pros: All vegan with Great texture, Multiple waffle options, Ready Pints to go available


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08 Jun 2023

Overpriced Bougie Bloodmouths

Had a terrible time here. Really sorry to report that this place is awful, the servers and management aren't vegan, I can only assume the owners aren't either. This is the embodiment of greenwashing. Twelve bucks for two of the tiniest balls of ice cream I've ever seen (like smaller than french ice cream) and if you want, they'll sell you half as much for eleven dollars!! When I complained about the weird up-sale of less ice cream for more money, the manager Alex gave me a free scoop, and then said the weirdest thing ever, "I hope you can get to a place where you don't feel ashamed for eating as much ice cream as you want." Holy crap.

Believe me, I don't give a fugg what a bunch of filthy bloothmouths think of my eating habits, after all, their opinions of food are garbage just like their ethical consideration for sentient life.

I have no idea how to explain this except they all got but hurt when I asked if they were vegans and they had to answer no. At least they were honest, but c'mon I'm not the one making you feel bad, you're the ones making Animals and the Earth not just feel bad, but die. Time to flush the vampire crew and get some vegans inside.

Pros: delicious flavors, nice product

Cons: no restroom, tiny portions, overpriced, weirdest up-sale, no vegan servers here, $2.75 for a cone if you don't want paper waste


05 Jul 2023

The photo of the worker is uncalled for. She’s just trying to make a living, leave her alone.


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04 Jun 2023

Amazing Vegan Ice Cream Shop

The service was excellent and so kind! I was able to try a bunch of flavors (recommend them all), but my favorites were definitely the Veracruz Vanilla (hurry, they get new flavors the first Wednesday of the month and it’s seasonal), California Cabin, and Strawberry Milk but ended up going with the Beet Strawberry Rose Sorbet because I wanted something summery.

Will totally come back! The waffle cones are made in-house and had a cinnamon hint to me but it could be the brown sugar. Yum!

Pros: Fully Plant-Based Vegan • Eco-Friendly Wares, Amazing and Kind Service, Cute Interior


24 Jun 2023


25 Jun 2023


Points +57

13 May 2023


The flavors are really interesting

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , unusual flavors, Nice staff


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01 May 2023

The best vegan ice cream

Not much else to say. It is the best.


Points +125

28 Nov 2022

Mooooon GOO!

Awesome vibe and decor style. Delicious vegan options.

Pros: Awesome variety of flavors, unique! , Cute decor + vibe


Points +91

11 Nov 2022

Yumz times a million.

FJ’s is delicious and they make their own gluten free waffle cones. The chocolate tahini super cookie is a favorite!!!

Pros: Homemade GF waffle cones , Lots of choices , Super scoops!!!!

Cons: Pricey but worth it.


Points +20

10 Sep 2022

Best ice cream of any kind I’ve had vegan or not

Unique flavors and the texture reminded me of premium local creamery style dairy ice cream from a certain famous creamery I used to go to in central PA. I had a seasonal lemon one 6 months ago and I’m still thinking about it.


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22 Aug 2022

Overrated but decent

Line was very long (~45 minute wait). Ice cream was good but not worth the wait. The flavors with things mixed in (like cookies, etc) are much better than their other flavors. (Burnt brown sugar ice cream just tastes like coconut vanilla.)

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-22

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: Long wait, Ice cream quality heavily dependent on flavor , Pricey


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14 Jul 2022

Hipster ice cream

Yes it’s hipster but it’s also very good. I went with the least- refined choices…brown sugar vanilla and mint brownie. Wow! So good! Waffle cone was fresh and delicious. A bit pricey but wow good!

Pros: Refined once cream flavors , Fresh waffle cones

Cons: A bit pricey


Points +16

11 Jul 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream (twice!) while in town!

We were in town only a few days but managed to squeeze in two trips to Frankie & Jo’s. Everything we tried was delicious, you cant go wrong!

Pros: Only vegan options on the menu, Good, interesting flavors, Yummy toppings


Points +297

05 May 2022

My favorite vegan ice cream

Core and seasonal flavors are so creative and thoughtful!
I have enjoyed everything I’ve tried here - you can’t go wrong.
Good service, long lines, wish there was seating available aside from the one sitting area outside.


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24 Apr 2022

Unique fancy all vegan flavors!

Really interesting tastes, sometimes a bit too sweet/pricy, but overall a nice change of pace from regular flavors!


Points +110

02 Apr 2022


The best tasting and textured vegan ice cream I have ever had. Had the California cabin in the little chunks of blondie or cake and it were so good. Get the waffle cone for sure, it was so delicious in the texture was perfectly crumbly and easy on the teeth.

Pros: All vegan , Cool flavor options , Creamy!


Points +142

06 Feb 2022

Dream State + Strawberry Milk

This place is sooo good. Incredible plant based ice cream. And they’ve nailed the flavors. Mouth watering for real!


Points +267

19 Sep 2021

Awesome ice cream

My compulsive sweet tooth drags me here sometimes when I'm craving some refreshing plant-based ice cream. I've always loved every flavor I try here. I like getting a cone, but $2.50 is super pricey so I think I'll steer clear of getting the cone and stick with cups going forward. Sometimes there can be a line but generally it moves quickly. Staff always courteous and warm.


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11 Sep 2021

Delicious, many options, friendly staff

It's a fun little spot with several delicious options. They allow samples, so we tried the mountain berry magic, chocolate tahini supercookie, date shake, mint brownie, and jamocha chaga fudge. All were excellent, but we went with mountain berry, chocolate tahini, and jamocha chaga fudge. The waffle cone was thick and tasted very toasted, which was nice. Prices weren't too bad, $4.50 for 1 scoop, $7 for 2, but $2.50 for the cone. Worth a visit for sure though!

Pros: All vegan , Delicious , Friendly staff

Cons: Not much, just a little pricier than we'd like


Points +4737

01 Sep 2021

Intentional Ice Cream that will blow you away!

I feel like this plant based ice cream should be in it's own category! This 100% vegan ice cream shop makes the best quality ice cream! I LOVED the California Cabin, unique with pepper cardamom shortbread pieces! The other one we tried was chocolate fudge enriched with all kinds of goodness including oats and almonds, even mushroom powder! It is also sweetened with maple syrup instead of cane sugar. You can tell you are eating something of substance, not just a sweet dessert. The ice cream is phenomenal and it is a great place if you have food allergies. There are many choices for ice cream and you can either get them by the scoop or by the pint. Check out their website for their offerings!


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07 May 2021

Unusual Flavors & Rich scoops

The line outside on a weekday night said it all: delicious ice cream. The consistency is rich and creamy; the flavors are diverse and unusual. We tried: mint-chocolate brownie; chocolate jamoca; chocolate tahini. All were excellent.
And the line? The staff provided great service, and the line moved quickly.

Pros: 100 percent vegan , All creamy rich, Great service

Cons: At this time, no cash accepted


Points +2189

10 Mar 2021


The ice cream was DELICIOUS! Ordered the seasonal lemom chia seed flavor which also came with chunks of lemon cake on the inside. All of the ice creams are made with dates too, score!

Pros: Low glycemic friendly, Friendly staff, Cute interior


Points +113

01 Nov 2020

Best Vegan Ice Cream

Frankie and Jo's is hands down the best vegan ice cream I've ever had. I had to persuade my girlfriend to pick up the rotating flavors for me while I was back on the East Coast so I could try them when I came to visit. My only complaint would be the pints are definitely pricey, but to use the quality of ingredients they do and to pay their staff real wages, I will gladly support a local business. I look forward to seeing their new flavors each month.

Pros: Fully vegan ice cream, Rotating monthly flavors, Multiple locations

Cons: A bit expensive


Points +1017

15 Aug 2020

Best vegan ice cream!

Frankie & Jo’s is our favorite celebratory ice cream spot. We usually head there for dessert after enjoying dinner at Plum Bistro and picking up a dozen donuts from Mighty O to take home. All three places are on the same block! They have lots of creative rotating flavors, which you can sample before making a decision. My favorite so far has been the beet rose sorbet!
Make sure to plan your visit ahead, because the line often snakes out the door and down the sidewalk!

Pros: Very creative flavors, All vegan , Close to other vegan restaurants

Cons: Long lines , Limited seating

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