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Health foods, supplements, herbs, skin care, natural cosmetics, organic wines & spirits, and more. Open Mon-Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-17:00.

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First Review by heidi_ann


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19 Feb 2020

Vegan but also ethical and eco friendly......

This shop is such an asset to Guildford and Kingston! They stock a fab range of vegan foods, which may sometimes be cheaper to source online. BUT once you factor in shipping (especially on chilled items!), not being able to browse for what you fancy in that particular moment, missing out on tasting opportunities for newly stocked things, the product knowledge of the staff, recommendations etc. I personally think you're better off with the in store experience! Especially if you're new to the veggie/vegan thing!

Not to mention that they stock great home and body care brands with fantastic ethical and eco ratings (again yes a little bit more pricey in some cases) but far better for your health and the planet, and really great supplements! Again great for recommendations based on personal needs! I don't know many on line stores which can filter out all products containing, for example, citric acid or alfalfa or multivitamins without iron!

On the subject of vitamins..... I know there's a long running argument that if you're eating a well rounded, plant based diet that you'll be getting all the vitamins you need but that's just not true with how our agricultural land management has developed since the 1950's when vitamin and mineral content of our produce was last measured! Research had shown that our soils have become extremely depleted by pesticide use and over production since then and it's really worthwhile looking into supplements if you're serious about your health.

Pros: Great range of all products , Staff knowledge , Regular tastings and events

Cons: I lose hours of my life browsing....!



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14 May 2018

great vegan choices

Great variety from vegan cheese, milks, grains, tea, drinks, frozen things, hair & cleaning products.The staff are super helpful too and actually know the products well which is super helpful!

Pros: variety


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23 Jul 2017

Everything you could need as a vegan

When looking for new vegan foods to try out, Food for Thought is your place to go. Stocking One Planet Pizza, Vbites, Booja Booja and Follow Your Heart (to name a few) at the same pricing as online. I love to be able to look at products rather than buying online, so absolutely love this place!

A lovely place to browse and pick up all of your favourite products and more, I am forever returning to this place!

Pros: Excellent range of vegan products, Friendly staff

Cons: n/a


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25 Jun 2017

Great selection of pricy goods

They have 3 or 4 types of nutritional yeast! Just started stocking the frozen One Planet Pizzas. Lots of supplements of course and a good selection of make-up, cosmetics and household products. This shop is one of those "how much?!?!?!" Health food shops though.


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21 Dec 2016

The best!!!

I'd be so rich if I didn't live near this shop. Such a big selection including things like Follow Your Heart and Tofurky that aren't easy to come by. Helpful staff who will let you order in if they can get something.

Just brilliant in every way

Raw Morka

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13 Aug 2016

Amazing choice

The range of products is huge, staff is friendly, sometimes they have very good sales. One of my favourite shops.


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Mostly Veg
03 Oct 2015


Great health food shop with friendly staff who will help you as much as they can. If they don't have it they will do what they can to get it. Staff are passionate about what they do and they live the lifestyle and are clued up too. Huge range of products, pretty much a room of food and a room of supplements, skincare, etc. So much choice, almost too much! Best health food shop for miles!

Pros: Great product variety, Friendly staff

Cons: Location


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25 Apr 2015

Money for thought

Unfortunately the health food shop in Guildford is half food and then the other half supplements pills and potions. That’s what they make their money on pushing. If you eat a proper varied less processed vegan diet then there is little need for supplements. As with most stores that sell vegan products they are extremely expensive and not always that good or better than main stream shops. Sometimes it is best to shop around and find products in other stores that are exactly the same and are less expensive. Food wise Linda McCartney range can be found in most supermarkets cheaper, Soya butter “Pure or Vitalite dairy free margarine can generally be found in most supermarkets and for less. Soya milk, almond milk, rice milk and soya ice cream can also be purchased again in most supermarkets for less. Along with tofu & soya chunks/mince. The cooperative have a range of toiletries for men and women that are vegan & cruelty free, along with their washing up liquid. Along with some of their food items. So don’t be miss guided as they are at normal prices as they are not sold as “vegan” but say on the label that they are suitable. I am just making you aware that there are other choices out there than just being stuck with buying your goods from the health food shop. Holland & Barrett also have vegan products but can also be just as expensive, unless they have their offers on. Food for thought is not the only choice for a vegan or vegetarian in Guildford.

Pros: Has a range of vegan products

Cons: Expensive


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10 Aug 2012

natural living nirvana

my go to health store. amazing range of tea, wholefoods, vegan/vege substitue food, skincare products, soaps, dental care products and supplements. Most of the products sold are vegan/vegetarian/for a speciality diet/organic/raw/fairtrade which makes it a natural living nirvana

Pros: wide selection, good staff, good sales

Cons: end up buying too much!

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