Eatery that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as brunch at the weekend. Menu may vary. Previously vegan but reported to serve non vegan items March 2023. Open Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00, Sat 10:00-22:00.

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First Review by HuntingForVeganFood


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23 Nov 2023

To expensive

The price of the food at Flavor Bastard is simply too high in relation to the experience. We got seven small dishes, which tasted fine, but were not exceptional. In addition, the table was so small that there was hardly any room for crockery, small dishes and glasses etc. You sat very close to the companion on the far side of the table. The bill was DKK 880 for two
including a single drink. Although we received very friendly and good service, I do not expect to come again.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-23

Pros: Good service

Cons: Very small tables, Expensive



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30 Jul 2023

Great Server, Delicious Falafel

Falafel is nice and green on the inside—a good indicator of great falafel.

My Portuguese server was very friendly and helpful.

Pros: Falafel is delicious , Green salted peppers , Service


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25 Jul 2023

Good taste in worn out place.

Food was overall delicious but heavy in cream, cheese and oil. The place looked a little too worn out to have the Nørrebro charm. Service was good.


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03 Jul 2023

Will not visit again

It is such a shame that they went vegetarian and turned their backs to the animals.

Pros: Central Nørrebro

Cons: Supporting the dairy industry, Supporting the abuse of chickens


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29 Jun 2023

Switched to animal abuse :(

Used to be fully vegan 😍 but suddenly they added cows breastmilk and chickens periods to their menu, which is absolutely disgusting 🤮 why they would take a step back & start abusing animals is beyond me. Not your mom, not your milk!! Used to go regularly but will never set my foot there again.

Cons: Supporting kidnapping of baby cows, Stealing cows milk, Stealing chickens eggs


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28 Jun 2023

Not fully vegan anymore

I give just 3 stars, because they were vegan. But not anymore! Why?
Nice Restaurant, a bit pricy and the service could be more friendly. The falafel plate was good.


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16 Jun 2023

Delicious and staff were lovely

We had a few sharing plates and lots of cocktails. Roasted cauliflower and radishes were especially delicious!


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11 Jun 2023

amazing brunch

The vegan brunch is such a highlight, with great variety of spreads and flavours. Absolutely loved it.

Pros: Delicious vegan options, Nice staff

Cons: Very expensive


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23 May 2023


I don't know what to tell you about this place. It's incredible. The waitress very kindly fit me in to a very busy & filled restaurant, everyone after me was turned away so I highly recommend you to book.
I went for the brunch and for the scrambled Tofu option. The flavours of the entire thing were amazing. This was the best meal I had in Copenhagan - Delicious!

Update: April 23 - been back to Copenhagen & back here. Highly recommend the delicious brunch board 😍
I am reducing my stars because they are no longer fully vegan.


Updated from previous review on 2023-05-23

Pros: Brunch board - mix of both


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20 May 2023

Not Vegan anymore, Overpriced

They used to be fully vegan, but now you almost can’t find anything on their menu without cheese, yoghourt and egg. So unnecessary & pointless in 2023! They were always overpriced but now I wouldn’t want to waste my money on them, while there’s so many better & vegan eateries around.


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06 May 2023

Not of any interest anymore

This used to be one of the best places in Copenhagen! Creative and delicious vegan food… now it has turned vegetarian and everything is with cheese on it… took a bug group of non-vegans there and even they thought the amount of cheese was so unnecessary! Why on earth did they decide not to be fully vegan anymore? The menu is also overall a lot less interesting…

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Cheese on almost everything, Slow service


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18 Apr 2023

Very nice brunch

Really nice food and service. My partner and I had the brunch plates which were very tasty and beautifully presented, but the serving could have been better with extra bread. There were a lot of dips (hummus, pesto, tofu, tomato…) but we had to ask for extra bread to use all of them up. There was an extra charge for more bread. I would return again.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice place, Nice staff

Cons: Copenhagen is expensive generally, More bread needed to match the number of dips


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18 Apr 2023

All good except the waffles

I ordered the vegan brunch plate to get a bit of sweet and savoury but didn’t like the waffle (sweet bit) as it was a bit too dry. If I went again I’d avoid the waffles.


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09 Apr 2023

VERY disappointed

I would like to give this place 0 starts if it was possible, since they recently decided to start abusing animals and serve vegetarian food. The milk and egg industries are some of the most horrifying industries in the world, and I won't ever go back to this place as long as they support them.
It used to be great though, and I've been there several times, so it's really disappointing.

Cons: Not vegan anymore


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07 Apr 2023

Not vegan anymore

Was a 100% vegan place, now they serve egg and chesse. Shame on you - I’m never going here again.


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19 Mar 2023

Not vegan

They have introduced eggs into their menu



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18 Mar 2023

Not going again

Unfortunately wont go again as it took a step back from being vegan to now being vegetarian. Taking that step back is a huge deal to me, and doesnt make sense..

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-18


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16 Mar 2023

Changed to vegetarian

This used to be my absolute favourite vegan restaurant in Copenhagen. They have just changed the menu and now include animal products, relabelling as vegetarian.


17 Mar 2023


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13 Mar 2023

French Toast Heaven!

The French toast was so nice, but we could have easily shared one, it’s huge! The vibe is cool with good music, and great coffee!


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11 Mar 2023

Not bad, expensive

Service was great: friendly, relaxed and fast. We had French toast, fries and vegan breakfast. The French toast was great, but for 180DKK the vegan breakfast wasn't amazing. The scrambled tofu was dry and it was difficult to eat with everything in separate little dishes.
Coffee was excellent.

Pros: Lovely service, Great coffee, Tight menu

Cons: No longer vegan , Expensive


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11 Mar 2023

Delicious waffles

Lovely place with excellent staff. The brunch waffle with hummus and avocado is delicious.

Pros: Good glutenfree options, Fresh and healthy food

Cons: Limited menu


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02 Mar 2023

Not 100% Vegan.

Super friendly staff and great atmosphere the food was nice but beware its not 100% vegan, some drinks are make with animal products etc, they also said they are adding some vegetarian options to the menu in a week's time. Bit of a shame its not 100% vegan as advertised on here. As soon as we tried to order something none vegan they did inform us that it wasn't vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-02

Pros: Lots of vegan option, Super friendly staff, Speak great English

Cons: Expensive, Not 100% vegan


12 Mar 2023

They are not vegan anymore. The place serves eggs, cheese and it’s not 100% plant based.


15 Mar 2023

I just saw they are not vegan anymore it’s so sad. Not like it was the best food in the world but I always like supporting vegan places. Also they didn’t change the menu on their Instagram yet 🙄


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12 Feb 2023


Came in for brunch around 13:30 on Sunday and got a table easily. Service was friendly and fast. It was great to find some less common options (we went for the chickpea-based savoury waffles which were really tasty and very filling).

Pros: 100% plant based , Fantastic service


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10 Feb 2023

Best waffles

Edited review: Flavour Bastards have upped their game and now serves the most delicious waffles for breakfast and lunch as well as yummy Truffle Fries.

Some of the staff are suuuper friendly, others less so. Prices keep me from giving five stars😄

Old review: Pancakes were lovely, but 85 kr is too expensive. The omelet was 95kr. and tasted horrible! Both me and my friend had it, and she didn’t even want to finish it. It had a really bitter aftertaste from the chickpea flower and was really sticky, like it wasn’t finished all the way through.

Adjust prices and change omelet recipe and I will give 5 stars.

Good music and lively atmosphere ❤️

Updated from previous review on 2020-05-18

Pros: All Vegan , Good seeting options, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive compared to what you get, Omelet was bad, Water 35 kr!


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28 Jan 2023

Must visit: Amazing breakfast

Best meal we had so far in Copenhagen!

This breakfast was very tasty. We couldn't eat at the place we planned so ended up here by coincidence. Luckily there was still some space.

We had a golden latte and Moroccan mint tea. Both tasty.
The French toast was the best!! With fruit and hazelnut paste.
The waffle was okay, especially the topping was tasty. The waffle itself was not as crispy as expected.

Overall great experience!

Pros: Super friendly staff, Loose leaf tea ♻️


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28 Jan 2023

Best Breakfast

We had the four corners waffle (savoury) and the stuffed french toast. They didn’t really work well together but we shared them anyway! It was all amazing.

Pros: Entirely plant based, Flavour is amazing, Enough food to leave you satisfied


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23 Jan 2023

High quality, thoughtful food

Really enjoyed the “butter chicken” curry, with crispy and flavoursome onion bhajis to accompany. My partner, who isn’t vegan, thought the title of the dish was a bit misleading as there’s no fake meat to replace the chicken but I really enjoyed it! The setting was cool and great vibes from the cocktail bar.

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