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Five Star J Restaurant

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Contact +66-38421105

313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Rd (at 3rd road corner), Pattaya, Thailand,

Small restaurant serving vegetarian food. Renovated in 2015. Has menu with food photos and also sells some food products for takeaway. Uses dairy cheese for pizza and eggs in some breakfast dishes. Fries with coconut oil. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Italian, Thai, Western, Beer/Wine, Delivery

Reviews (41)

First Review by JohnnySensible

Six stars all the way. - Edit

The only place for truly fine, responsible, delicious, and massively extensive vegan diningin the region. As good as the Hilton in terms of quality at ridiculously low prices. If this place won't at least make you consider vegan food as a part of you nutrition, nothing will. By far the finestexampleof vegan food we've come across thus far in our many years of travel.

Pros: Pages upon pages of amazing vegan dishes.

Cons: None.

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awesome - Edit

Very glad I found this place, seems to be about the only healthy vegetarian option in Pattaya. Many choices on the menu. My first visit was tasty and the owner gave me samples and he was very knowlegeable about vegan living. Will be coming on a daily basis while in Patts and probably twice or thrice daily.

Been back a few times and every choice is good. The owner takes pride in quality.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-26

Pros: excellent quality food, good value, friendly knowledgeable owner

Cons: none, none, none

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positive experience - Edit

really nice staff and owner, the food was really good particularly the tempeh spaghetti but the vegan ice cream was the standout for me, i tried the green apple and kiwi fruit flavour not sure if ive ever had better ice cream before 😋

Pros: great staff, good food, affordable

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Amazing range of Vegan options - Edit

We are here twice while in Pattaya and the choice of food was amazing, sometimes meaning it tools us a while to decide what to eat!!! Staff are friendly, speak good English and understand the vegan concept so you don't have to worry about what you are eating.

Pros: Great range of dishes, Veg options can be made vegan, Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Cons: Limited seating so might have to wait at peak time

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Just awesome - Edit

Seriously one of the best vegan Restaurants I've ever been to. Was there almost 6 months ago and after I've found that nice place I either ordered something or went there everyday . Their temphe is superb and their "duck" dishes as well. Everybody is really friendly. This restaurant made my stay in pattaya.

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amazing "chicken" massaman - Edit

I always intend to order something other than the above, but it just tastes too good! I would prefer a more low key decor...lone visitors look a bit like plumps here. background music is a bit annoying....but the food is fantastic.... and that's what we go for. best massaman I've ever tasted.

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Five star everything. - Edit

Excellent restaurant. huge selection..
some with egg. A little expensive in comparison to other shops...but it's a proper air con and waiter restaurant. worth the extra cost. pic attached of imitation duck...massaman curry with fried tofu and noodles with soya meat. highly recommended. Best in pattaya

Pros: huge selection, easy to find.

Cons: pricey, German business conferences on every visit.

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Converted - Edit

I've been coming to Thailand for many years, as a long time vegetarian I always struggled with thai food. Inevitably a little chicken stock or fish sauce is nearly always used. I was envious of how everyone else simple simply ordered a range of dishes and ticked in, eating became an ordeal. of course there are Indian vegetarians which I like but which can be rather heavy. I tried five star and now for the first time I have tried real thai food and actually joined into an enjoyable experience of eating thai for the first time. This restaurant really is first class on every front, cleanliness, explanation, taste and price, cannot recommend highly enough.

Pros: No meat whatsoever, I can relax completely and try

Cons: No cons

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Kelly Kelly 28 Sep 2016 - I agree, what a joy to be able to trust anything coming to the table!

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Very good higher class vegetarian restaurant - Edit

This place comes with higher prices, but it's definitely worth visiting! Place is very clean and modern, with pleasant background music, staff is very professional and nice.

Their menu is huge with tons of really delicious stuff, I guarantee you won't be able to decide ;) I had noddles with tempeh, the tempeh was amazing! Portions are very reasonable also.

I highly recommend visiting at least once :)

Pros: clean modern place, huge menu, taste

Cons: higher prices

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Highly recommendable, everything very healthy. - Edit

For Thailand unusual clean, even the kitchen I was allowed to take a peek.
More than 160 dishes, most of them vegan, all fresh cooked. They have a lot of qualified staff. The service even asks for the wished temperature of the free, well purified water.
No chemicals in the food, they guarantee on the menu.
Very expensive ingredients such as organic coconut oil and meat-fakes made of soy protein. Very delicious all rice dishes, you can choose between organic black and red and high quality white rice. They even understand to prepare tempeh very tasty. I love the tempeh sate, burger, curry and spaghetti.
The portions are well proportioned and the prices very reasonable.
If you have only a small budget: You´ll find a lot of dishes at 88 or 99 THB.
My result: You can find me here every day during my stay.

Pros: Clean and cosy, No chemicals like MSG, etc., Good portions at low prices.

Cons: none, none, none

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Great food. New ownership as of July 2014 - Edit

I've been going to this restaurant for over 5 years and they have always maintained a great taste and variety in their food.
The place has been renovated and looks a lot cleaner and nicer, including a new toilet which is much better.
The prices have increased a bit, and the portions have somewhat decreased since previous owners... but still very good value and quality food.
Some would say prices are a bit high for Pattaya, but will be difficult to find another place locally with food made this healthy and with so much attention and love.
New owners many have made many changes and have added many new dishes. You must try the Shitake mushroom & spinach pizza. And just recently added some very delicious tempeh options. WOW! I truly love their tempeh.

Another good thing is that they have eliminated most of the sugar, oils and done away with MSG (this is great), which Thai cooking tends to use lots of. Can also order food as you like it, spicy or not spicy. New hours also make it much more convenient to find vegetarian food in the late hours. They are now open from 11am-11pm.
Give it a try... the owners are very friendly and accommodating.

Pros: food very yummy, excellent quality, excellent location which is easy to find, Less sugar and less oil

Cons: None

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Sevin you are underwhelmed - Edit

I visit this restaurant since more then 20 years. In the past, because it was the only one I could reach easily from my house, since the new owner is there because I love it. The place became so nice and clean, no plastic on the tables but cotton tableware. The cutlery is no longer brought with dirty hands, it's wrapped in tissues.
The quality of the food can't be topped and the prizes were increased very slightly. The portions have not become smaller.
They banned the usual white sugar and use not extra sweets, MSG and other poisons are banned, too. The oils are very light, sunflower and coconut oil ist mostly used. Palm oil the don't have.

I have been in the restaurant when this bad guy showed up. He was complaining already before he has seen the food.
He became very unfriendly and I could hear him shout that he will write a very bad review. At this time I didnt know what that is, now I know that he tries everything to defame the owner and the restaurant.
As I wish very much that this phantastic restaurant exists long time so I can eat there, I post this review. [edit by staff - see tos]

Pros: Good atmosphere, everything clean, Light and very tasty food, Ongoing new dishes, over 100

Cons: None , None, None

2 Responses

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Thonglor Sadiang 08 Apr 2015 - Thank you very much, dear Helen, for this comment. It´s good to see, that in this mostly rather poor emotional times there is somebody with courage and sense of justice. We will be glad to see you soon

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Kelly Kelly 05 May 2015 - I have had nothing but great experiences in this fine restaurant.

Great food, great prices, great service.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to dine!!

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Underwhelmed - Edit


Having dined here hundreds of times over the past 8+ years, since the change in ownership I've been unimpressed. The food is the same...very good...but the prices have skyrocketed while the portions are noticeably smaller and the customer service severely diminished.

Pros: Clean, Good food

Cons: Small portions, Prohibitively expensive, New owner

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Sevin 06 Apr 2015 - This is strictly business, not personal. However, I must make one thing perfectly clear,as you keep wrongly stating that we did not pay that day. Although our food was offered gratis, we did NOT accept this offer. As we departed, we left nearly 600 baht on the table...more than covering our bill AND a tip of approximately 10%. The farang owner followed us outside and tried to return the money. We politely refused and said that if he didn't want the money, then he should give it to the staff. With that, we left and he kept the money.

This is EXACTLY what transpired and anyone who says differently is being dishonest.

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Thonglor Sadiang 07 Apr 2015 - Hi Sevin,

Thank you for your review. Sorry for the harsh first response which I'm revising now.

We are so glad to see that you still enjoy our food! We find it very encouraging that you and and our other reviewers and customers seem to all agree on our excellent food quality. Being that you ate at the restaurant when it was under different ownership hundreds of times and think our food quality is still as good means a lot to us.

In order to keep our food ingredients and quality at our high standards, we have had no choice but to raise our prices slightly due to international food price increases. We feel our prices are still very reasonable for the top quality food that we offer.

We also put great pride into keeping our restaurant very clean as you mention.

We are always working to improve our customer service. If there is a specific issue that you have with our servers or staff, please feel free to let us know directly, and we will do anything we can to accommodate your needs. We only accept money from fully satisfied customers, and we decided not to charge you for your meal because you had some issue with the value that we offer. We will continue to strive to do our very best with all of our customers by providing high quality food at reasonable prices with unparalleled service."

To make the case clear for you. We do not have a farang owner, it´s me who owns and runs this restaurant and the money you left behind was given to the temple, as we really don´t accept money from dissatisfied guests.

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Five Star J - every other day! - Edit

I eat here several times a week, and sometimes order home delivery at their website. The food is high quality and delicious. I love so many of their dishes with pumpkin, kale, mushrooms, and other wholesome ingredients. Very satisfying!

Pros: nutritious, tasty food, over 100 dishes, friendly staff

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Thonglor Sadiang 07 Mar 2015 - Thank you very much for this nice review.

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I was dining excellent, not getting fed !!! - Edit

Entering this place I was impressed. Everything clean, two tablecloths, one cream, one red, cutlery wrapped in tissues and a huge menu (over one hundred). Beside Thai you find excellent international dishes such as pizza, risotto, pasta, Swiss roesti, fried potatos and pancakes and, and. Every menu is in Thai and English, with real photos and well described. As vegan I only had to look for the J in the menu-list.
With the menu came free, very good tasting drinking water and my glass never was empty. The owner, a friendly and competent Thailady came to explain the menu. They banned all white sugar and use the brown one very careful, use different oils like coconut for deep-frying because soy oil cannot be heated enough. She also explained the dishes, told me about crab meat made of konjac roots, grilled shiitake mushrooms that taste a little bit like lamb steaks and a new drinking water machine. They serve food for non-Thais usually moderate spicy because everything is daily-fresh. I could not really believe, it sounded too good.
I ordered the fried rice with pineapple (THB 99), the Mama Thai noodles with duck (THB 149) and the spinach Pizza with shiitake mushrooms (THB 299). The very friendly service lady asked me, how spicy I can eat. They categorize from one to five chillies.
Two minutes later the attractive Thai owner asked me, whether I really can eat all that, but if not, they would pack in for take away. We decided to do like that.
However more than ten guests were in the restaurant, my first dish was served after 12 minutes. Thinking about the rubber soles I first tried the topping –Wow-, what was that. Tasty, a little bit sweet. Ning, the owner explained me, this are miitake mushrooms. What a difference. The pineapple cut very small, the rice tasty and no oil to be seen. And the portion overfilled a fresh, half pineapple. Meanwhile the Mama Thai noodles arrived. Just one word: d e l i c o u s. The fake-duck like a real one. A little spicy, just like I ordered.
And they seem to know their food, the pizza I had to take home. But I tried one piece in the restaurant, crispy base (they asked me before how I want it) and tasty topping. The shiitakes are sensationell.
Consumption: Worth every baht.
If you like to dine, not to be fed for s

Pros: Priceworthy, Top Quality, Friendly and competent staff

Cons: Should have more seats, Close already at 09 PM

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The name is true - Edit

Even it is only a small restaurant, max. 30 seats, it really should have five stars.
The outfit is European style, extremely clean, even the toilets. They take very good care of the customers, fulfill every special wish, free, very good drinking water, refilled already when the glas isn't empty only half.
The variety of the dishes is impressive, more then one hundred of them, everyone made fresh (must be, because the can take out or put in ingredients according to the wishes), categorised the spicy in chillies from one to five, and they even ask for it when taking the orders.
Every dish has its own taste. I've eaten there four times and was very sad because I had to leave pattaya. It will be my first way I have to go, when I come back.
One of my favourites is the happy cow birthday pizza, spinach with shiitake mushrooms, another the massamna curry with shiitakes, the tomato salad with balsamic, the seaweed salad, and... and...
A glas of drinkable red wine and a extrordinary espresso are served, too.
The owner Mrs. Ning takes good care of the customers, explains everything and really lives this job, Seems for her its a,profession. The whole staff is very friendly, even the kitchen master lek comes out to take special wishes. I felt really at home from the first visit on.
I never heard before: if you don't like, you dont have to pay. I think they now why they can do that, I was told up to now they didn't have a customer who didn't like to pay.

I can recommend this restaurant to every vegetarian, vegan and all other persons who like five star quality.

Pros: Vegetarian, vegan, raw food, Unusual clean and friendly, Big selection, fulfill special wishes

Cons: Should be bigger, close already at 09:00 p.m

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I was so impressed with this restaurant, they say they are vegetarian, but little do they know that half there menu is Vegan !!!!!!!! I am a Vegan Chef and normally never eat out, because of my husband's and my high standards, but we had just arrived in Pattaya from a 14 hour train ride from Chiang Mia and decided to eat here. I have been in Pattaya 5 days and have gone there for every meal! I want to take them all back to United States with me. The food is well made, and differently made with love. Even after eating a nice size meal, I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really impressed !!!! This restaurant is not only for Vegetarians, Vegans , but for anyone and everyone, stop in and you will see what Impressed me. 5 Stars!!! And that is coming from a Picky and Honest food critic!!!!! They have affected my taste buds deeply and left a lifetime impression. Thank you Five Star J, Venus Crowningshield
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 20, 2014

Pros: Vegan, Vegetarian, for everyone!!!!!!, Taste/ Presentation/ friendly atmosphere, Great Price, lasting impression !!!!!

Cons: No Cons!!!!!!!

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Reviewer Avatar

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Five Star J - five times a week! - Edit

I eat here about five times a week because the food is so tasty, nutritious, high quality and lots of variety.

Pros: nutritious food, 100 dishes, friendly staff

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Fantastic restaurant that lives up to its name - Edit

I visited this restaurant twice in the week I was in Pattaya back in October. Both occasions were an absolute pleasure. The food was delicious and imaginative. The menu was extensive and varied and the owner and his wife were very welcoming. I enjoyed a coffee from the owner's espresso machine, which I recommend and a chat following the meal. I intend to return one day and really hope they maintain this high standard. It would be nice to think they could expand to other cities in Thailand or even come to London! Here's hoping.

Pros: Delicious food, Variety, Atmosphere of restaurant

Cons: May be hard to get in if busy.

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10 Star RAting - Edit

I have ate and traveled many places in my life. This one atands out about all if them. It going beyond the food, it's an experience the service is top notch, the chef was the every day. She has 40
Years of experience. All the food is fresh and prepared perfect. They have a 1-5 rating on how spicy you prefer your dish. I like it hot and 3 was as high is I could go. If you travel to pattaya do yourself a BIG favor. Eat at this spot. 0h, I almost forgot.There take out service and web site is amazing. Will be back in 24 days. Stacey C

Pros: Fresh, Clean, Friendly servixe

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WOW! Totally impressed. - Edit

Had a fairly long walk to get to Five Star J's from my location but it was worth every step of the way!!

Greeted with big smiles as I stepped into a super clean, bright environment. An oasis in the array of often iffy looking restaurants where cleanliness is not high on their list.

The menu is so extensive, it will take many, many visits to get to the items that caught my eye.

For my first visit I went for the veggie tempura, the yellow tofu curry, a side of brown rice and to wash it all down I had a real fruit shake.

Here is an example of how graciously they go the extra mile for their customers. They have about 15 different fruit shakes. I saw both Pineapple and Coconut on the list. I asked if they would mix them in one shake. A big yes with zero hesitation.

In my 44 years as a vegetarian I have been to many veggie restaurants. This one slips in near the top of my list immediately.

The flavors were superb. Everything was so fresh. My body was singing. Every single bite and sip was a delight.

I waddled out totally stuffed and all that for 289 baht.

Oh > and the owner made a point of coming over and visiting with me, with genuine interest.

I highly recommend Five Star J's with zero reservations.

Pros: Excellent food, Excellent friendly staff, Great value

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Delicious food and friendly stuff - Edit

Very nice place with delicious food. The staff is very friendly. The waiter treats cold water and follows its presence in the glass and regularly adds it. Very pleased that menu with pictures and English. Prices and portions are reasonable. A reminder that the food is very tasty! There is free wifi. I really liked this place.

Pros: Many vegan dishes, Friendly stuff, Free wifi

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5 star j new management and chef cleaner better.. - Edit

I been eating here for more than 10 years , mainly because of the shortage of vegetarian restaurants , this place recently taken over , and everything has improved the food is better tastier and better presented . the new chef a older thai lady is superb, and speaks very good english, toilets upgraded very clean , tables and decor fresh and new...the food excellent thai style dishes , my recommendations Panang Gi , yum.... fried and steamed spring rolls , a must try ...
just to many good items to mention..
well done to new owners..... better than ever

Pros: great woman chef, fantastic tasty menu none, easy location

Cons: none, none, none

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Excellent Veggie In Pattaya - Edit

Easy to find in south Pattaya road with a big vegetarian sign outside.

The restaurant is simple and has a huge menu in Thai and English mostly with photos to accompany the description.

Lots of mock meat dishes. We ordered 3: chicken sausage which was very tasty, a delicious sweet chicken curry and cashews (kai pad med ma mung nam prig pao) and a crispy duck dish.

Along with 2 portions of rice and a hot ginger tea the total bill was only 300 Baht. Bargain!

Pros: Menu, Taste, Speed

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Great restaurant with a wide menu - Edit

Amazing restaurant with a wide menu. It was possible to get vegetarian versions of those thai foods that you couldn´t have otherwise.

There were several fried mock meat portions, several noodle soups, curries, salads, fried vegetables etc.

I had a noodle soup with three different kinds of mock meats, and fried mock duck. Both were excellent.

I visited on December 2013.

Pros: wide menu, good location, easy to find, great food

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One of the best dinner choices in Pattaya - Edit

I visited Five Star J several times during my short stay in Jomtien, in part because they're one of the few veg*n restaurants in the area that's open for dinner, and also because the large and diverse menu offers many possibilities.

Unfortunately, the three most appealing appetizers on the menu were never available during my visits, but there was still plenty to enjoy.

I particularly liked the curries (all of them), which were authentic Thai and very flavorful.

Prices are reasonable and service was friendly and reasonably efficient considering the family-style vibe.

The shelves are adorned with images and statues representing multiple faiths (i counted at least three), and such displays of open-mindedness are heartening and speak to the good-naturedness of the proprietors.

Pros: Large, diverse, mostly vegan menu, reasonable prices, open for dinner

Cons: WC had no water on my visit

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Best restaurant in Thailand - Edit

Superb restaurant.

Has a wide ranging menu, enough to keep you going back for a week or two. Lots of different types of curries, stir-frys, soups, salads, appetizers, a few Western meals and a few desserts; though I wish they would add some more variety cos I been going there regularly for several years now. :)

They use a lot of different types of vegetarian meats - duck, squid, pork, fish balls, sausage, catfish. The quality of the preparation is excellent - always authentic tasting. Nice staff and service too. And price is fine.

To look for a downside - maybe they could use more fresh fruit on the menu. And, I know it's against their religion to use garlic and onion, but these are 2 of my favourite foods. I wish they would have a few dishes with them included.

Pros: Excellent choices, Excellent taste, Good value

Cons: Lack of fruit, Lack of onion and garlic, Closes early without noticeon occassion

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inviting atmosphere with delicious thai food - Edit

love the little boy running around playing as im am eating some Pad Thai and Som Tum....the best ive had in Pattaya...great menu with photos, and many regular farang customers to connect with...

Pros: many options vegan

Cons: maybe using MSG

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Yummy Veggie Thai Food - Edit

Great little place with friendly staff and delicious Thai food. They have a very large menu to choose from and both my husband and 14 month old were very happy with the food. Able to stack plastic chairs to make a kids highchair seat for our little one. Will be going back while we are in Pattaya. Note: the map directions provided on this site are wrong. The restaurant is located on the corner of South Pattaya Road and 3rd Street.

Pros: tasty food, friendly staff, large menu selection

Cons: map location wrong, no soap in bathroom

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Never changes - Edit

I have been visiting this restaurant since 2005, and nothing much has changed in that time. It seems to be a family affair, run and staffed by the same people, the picture menu has not changed, nor has the cosy interior, the food is still of the same standard, and prices have increased only marginally. All of this is for the good, because this is a fabulous little restaurant.

I find that in Pattaya there is not much of a need to seek out vegetarian restaurants given that many of the hotels have veg friendly breakfast and dinner buffets, not to mention the salad bar at the Sizzlers in the malls. I usually walk around town with such a bloated stomach that I don't think about exploring the vegetarian restaurant scene.

So I come to Jeh 5 star, more just to see the same old friendly faces and try my favourite dish, the 'Kaeng Tai Pla Jai' which I would translate into English as 'South Thai firecracker going off in mouth'...pretty spicy south Thai soup and vegatable conooction which I have not seen on too many other restaurant menus. A meal for one comes to about 140 baht.

Pros: Friendly service, picture menu, value for money

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Yummy and Fresh - Edit

The food at this restaurant was fresh and yummy - a great menu with pictures and the meals are very reasonably priced. Vegie only restaurants are few in Pattaya and so it was quite refreshing to find a quality place such as Five Star J. Worth visiting again.

Pros: Nice food, Good location, Air conditioned

Cons: No toilet paper

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great selection of food - Edit

yes i agree,oasis in a crazy town! since there is not many selection of vegan food its liek oasis and not expensive,food prices are 60-70 baht each dish, enviroment is simple but has aircor so its a plus,lots of vegan food.negetive point is not so much green salads

Pros: prices, food, aircorn

Cons: no much greens, simple place

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good point of reference for vegetarians - Edit

a good restaurant easy to find serving many delicious receipts and quite cheap...in pattaya not so easy to get vegetarian food so this thai restaurant is a good point of reference

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Reviewer Avatar

5* J place - Edit

This is a great place with good food, and not only thai style offered. The staff are genuinely friendly, and the place is kept clean. My favorite is the american style vege burger with fries. The only J food place i've eaten while in Pattaya.

Pros: good selection , friendly staff, clean

Cons: none

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An oasis of sanity in a crazy town - Edit

I worked in Pattaya in 2000 / 2001 & was a very regular visitor to "5-star". The owners / staff were always super-friendly. My son then 3/4 years old adored the place as did my daughter who was then 12/13. Tasty & nutritious food made with very fresh ingredients. Never a disapointing dish! The Thai salads were always my favorite preparations - especially the "Som Tam Jai". The speciality featue is the bathroom - built for contortionists!

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