Small restaurant serving mostly vegan and some vegetarian food. Renovated in 2015. Has menu with food photos and also sells some food products for takeaway. Uses dairy cheese for pizza and eggs in some breakfast dishes. Fries with coconut oil. Open Mon-Tue 12:00pm-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Wed.

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10 Sep 2023

Large menu

Comprehensive menu, so it is hard to choose what to try. We had the vegan khao soy which was very mildly spiced compared to other vegan places but the egg-free noodle substitute just didn’t make the cut. We did try some other dishes, particularly the tempeh, which were enjoyed. I will visit again though and try other dishes, as I’m sure we were just unlucky in our choices..

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08 Jul 2023

Gave me dairy cheese on vegan food

When ordering my food, i asked for vegan Parmesan on my pasta. She asked “vegan Parmesan?” And wrote it down when I said yes.
Later my brother ordered non-vegan mozzarella for his pasta, and they put mozzarella on both of our meals. When I tried telling them I ordered the vegan Parmesan, they refused to admit that I had ordered it and tried to blame me on ordering the wrong thing.
They also told me multiple times that the cheese was vegan, even though it 100% was not, which they admitted after a long time of discussing. I then got a new meal with no cheese but still had to pay for both meals. I ate my pasta and got out of there fast due to the very awkward atmosphere.

My family had a good experience with their food, but the staff was not pleasant so we will not be returning.

Pros: The vegan food that was actually vegan

Cons: Gave me dairy cheese when I asked for vegan, Tried blaming me, Tried convincing me the dairy cheese was vegan


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08 May 2023

Not amazing

I would not eat here again. Food was not great. I appreciate that they have lots of options on the menu and that they do not use sugar, palm oil, etc… but it’s not a place I would recommend to my friends.

Pros: Great service , Clean , Fresh young coconut is amazing

Cons: Too many options. Do one thing great.


13 Aug 2023

I'm sorry you experienced it that way. It would have been easier for the restaurant and the guests if there were slightly fewer dishes. Now that it's the selection it is, I hope you'll come back by a later opportunity to taste more of the food and have a better experience💚


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23 Jan 2023

nice owner but that’s about it

Without exaggeration, this was probably the worst food experience (in veg restaurant) in 3 months thailand. It’s quite expensive and doesn’t taste good. Juice is store bought/not fresh. Service fee is not included in the price which is deceiving customers. I’m wondering why the reviews are so good??

Pros: big menu (maybe part of the problem)

Cons: expensive , plastic piece in food, bland taste


13 Aug 2023

I'm sorry you experienced it that way. This is just a small vegan/vegetarian restaurant (Have egg alternatives in some dishes) who are trying to survive in a harsh world. I hope you can come back to give this restaurant another chance.


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23 Jan 2023

I wish I didn’t eat there

Pattaya is really bad for good vegan food. I am sad that I went here and ate here. They have really big menu and advertising no msg no chemicals etc.

They should also tell you it’s tasteless and sell you small cup of a store packaged juice for 60baht. Really Expensive for what you get. It’s a nightmare and it’s sad they sell “VEGETARIAN FOOD”.

Only good thing is that they have wifi and the owner is being nice. This is the worst food I had in my vegan life(the worst of the worst was non veg) and I am very disappointed.

If I can go back in time, I will tell myself to AVOID THIS PLACE FOR GOOD.


13 Aug 2023

I don't know what this restaurant has done to you to make you feel so bad. The owner and all employees do their best to ensure that everyone has a good experience. There are probably better alternatives on the large menu than the juice. Hope you will come back on a later occasion so you can get a taste of this. As a vegan I have tasted a lot, and know that this restaurant has a lot of good things on the menu💚


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08 Jan 2023

Great vegan food

All the dishes I ordered were delicious and fresh


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29 Dec 2022

Excellent variety of dishes, friendly owner & staff

During our 5 day visit to Pattaya, we visited Five Star J vegetarian twice because WE LOVED IT.

The restaurant is vegetarian (and vegan friendly), with excellent variety of 200+ dishes, very friendly owner & staff.

The menu has Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Malaysian, Western and fusion dishes. Really appreciated the level of detail on the menu – including how spicy each dish was and sometimes the waitresses would check with us to make sure we could take that level of spice.

I highly recommend the spinach dumplings, papaya & green mango salad, khao suey, tom yum with veggie seafood, stir fried spicy noodles and passion fruit ice cream. In terms of curries, we really enjoyed the tempeh pumpkin red curry. Others dining at the restaurant mentioned the banana pancakes were delicious too.

Five Star veggie is closed on Wednesdays. Takeaway and delivery available.


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08 Aug 2022


Sehr leckeres Essen und eine stark überdurchschnittlich große Auswahl an Gerichten.


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28 Dec 2019

So many options!

With over 200(!) menu options, 90% of which are vegan, you really are spoiled for choice. The food was great and the staff were so accommodating. Can not recommend enough.

Pros: Extensive vegan menu , Delicious food, Inexpensive


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17 Nov 2019

Clean food but messed order up few times

The resturant menu has a wide selection of food. Vegan and vegetarian wide selection.
The staff was polite and freindly yet what put me off was the way the owner spoke to the staff and treated them was really very unpleasant. At first it become my favorite place to eat but after a few visits it really upset me how the staff was treated by the owner at one point one of the girls looked like she was going to cry. Felt very uncomfortable. Food is clean but eome dishes especially the westen food is bland and very dry. The mexican and thai food is the best on all i can not knock the food or service yet i would recommend the thai dishes and duck

Pros: Food was clean , Service freindly, Fast service

Cons: Staff treatment, Gave me wrong food , Served me eggs in one dish


13 Aug 2023

I'm sorry for your experience. This old owner is no longer the owner now. If you are in town I hope you will come back to give this restaurant another chance,where friendly service serves lots of good food💚


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14 Oct 2019

Five star everything.

Excellent restaurant. huge selection..
some with egg. A little expensive in comparison to other shops...but it's a proper air con and waiter restaurant. worth the extra cost. pic attached of imitation duck...massaman curry with fried tofu and noodles with soya meat. highly recommended. Best in pattaya

Pros: huge selection, easy to find.

Cons: A little expensive.


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23 Aug 2019

Not as expected...

We've been here because of the good reviews, but over all we were a bit disappointed.
We ordered two currys one for 169 baht and the other one 139 baht with rice for 39 baht. It was very pricy in my opinion compared to other restaurants and for what you get.
The food was o.k., but we expected more for our money.
While we were eating, when my partner finished one of his plates the waitress started immediately to take away his plate, while I was still eating.
And if that were not enough, when he finished the other plate, she came again, took away his dishes and asked him if he wanted a desert, while I was still eating. That was pretty disrupting.
The staff was friendly and served us quickly, but we had to pay a 7%-service fee (we never had to pay that in any other restaurant) on top of the price.
We wouldn't recommend this place.

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Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Service, High prices


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16 May 2019

Pumpkin soup

Perfect pumpkin soup , Vegetable toast was nice and crisp just how I like it with cucumber & peanut sauce, tempeh cooked well, crispy on outside and soft on the inside, Red cargo steamed organic rice & Steamed vegetables not over cooked. Vegan Italian ice cream 1 scoop of passion fruit & 1 Mango 👌🏻🌱


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15 Mar 2019

Best pattaya restaurant i eat

Simple amazing, 190 different dish, ffresh and quality.. just number One

Pros: Exellent food, Clean, Good service

Cons: I wanna live here, Why i dont discover before, I wanna move to pattaya


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03 Mar 2019

Great curries but...

I ate here twice so far. Very delicious curries made to
order and you can choose your level of heat 1-5. Food
arrived fast both times. I didn't really need the owners introduction about the menu and restaurant but it was
short and to the point. I also noticed when i unfolded my DISPOSABLE napkin wrapped around my silverware it had food on the inside of it..Meaning it was already used!
the napkin across from me also had dark smudges on it?
Was not enjoying that part :(

Pros: Excellent food, friendly staff

Cons: used napkins!, bit pricey


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01 Feb 2019

Good restaurant Good food

Good vegetarian restaurant with a good host and good food.


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26 Dec 2018


Amazing food, massive menu, mostly vegan, lovely staff, good prices. Curries, noodles, stir fry, soups, dumplings, spring rolls, burgers, pasta, pizza. Lots of tempeh, shiitake and fermented soy “meat”. We have eaten here almost every day whilst staying in Pattaya. Highly recommended!

Pros: Delicious, Massive choice, Price

Cons: Could do with more “filthy” desserts


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27 Nov 2018


They deliver! You can order on their website! Great food. Tons of vegan options. Western options too like burger & fries and pizza with veegggaann chheessse. Vegan items all marked. 10 stars.

Pros: Delivery. Vegan cheese. Pizza. Burgers. Fries.


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23 Sep 2018

mostly vegan

Great customer service, mostly vegan options. Would go again. Extensive menu.

Pros: very good


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13 Sep 2018

Pad thai

Très bon pad thai vegan!


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26 Aug 2018

Great food

Had an amazing lunch in this place.

Fried rice - I ordered black rice, it’s so fragrant with the chewy rice texture. I wanted to get medium spicy level but the restaurant manager advised me he would get the kitchen to prepare one chili level and if I don’t find it spicy, they still can add more chilis later. It turned out the spicy level is great and does match well with black rice.

Green curry - Same thing as the fried rice, I just ordered with one chili level. The curry broth is so yummy, fragrant with coconut milk and I can just drink it. Personally I think it can be more spicy but my dining partner wouldn’t want to have too spicy food.

Spinach rosti - This is the best rosti I have ever tasted and my dining partner loves it very much as well. The topping of spinach and vegan cheese matches well with the rosti!

I’m so delightful that they do serve vegan ice cream. The mango ice cream is yummy!

Overall all the food is very tasty and the service is good! Vegan option is clearly stated. Highly recommend this place!! 🙂

Pros: Lots of vegan , Yummy food, Friendly staff


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12 Aug 2018

Hits the sweet spot. Really does.

Food is verily God, and should fulfill all our senses.
It should look, smell and taste good.
It should feel good on the tongue, the teeth and the stomach.
The missus and I searched for this place on the night before our flight back to Singapore. And the hunt was worth it.
We ordered
Spinach Gyoza and Tempeh Satay - Actually this was too good and I gorged on them and didn't leave enough room for the mains...
Vegetable Green Curry - Sublime
Tom Yum Soup - This was probably the best Tom Yum Soup I've ever had. 😍
Massaman Chicken Curry - A tad spicy for my liking, but so good!
The vegan ice cream - Quite good too!
My only regret was that we over ordered, and we couldn't take any to go, especially that Tom Yum soup.


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29 Jul 2018

Food is good, but too expensive

The food was good, but the portions are ridiculously small and the price is quite steep compared to local thai restaurant. You can eat a pad thai and fried rice for 50 baht, so paying triple that for the same sucks.

Pros: good food, air con, good service

Cons: small portions, expensive


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Non Veg
24 Jul 2018

Excellent Service and Food

the food here is excellent and the quality is good, the staff are super welcoming and friendly, great menu with many choices, Thai and Foreign food, would come here again for sure

Pros: super friendly staff, great quality food, good menu


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22 Jul 2018

Great food

I went here probably 4 or 5 times. Was dying to get some healthy food without white rice.
Not only did they have brown rice they had red and black rice!
Everything I tried was good, and there is a huge number of options.
It's clear the owners care about the food they're serving to customer. This is not your average restaurant business.
Too bad it's so hard to find places like this when you're traveling.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. Low-fat.

Cons: The location is nothing special, but it's central.


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29 Apr 2018

Good choices, good quality

Really cool place, it has a lot of different options, most of them Thai which is nice, you can get most traditional Thai dishes here in vegan version. They have some European stuff too like pasta and pizza. The mushroom and spinach gyozas are amazing !! They also have some eggs in some dishes but it's very clearly marked. Highly recommended


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10 Apr 2018

Great food, great service

Delicious and extensive menu. Non-vegan ingredients clearly marked. Friendly and informative service. Nice atmosphere. Good prices.

Pros: Big menu, Great service, Delicious food

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