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Second Fina’s restaurant, following the one in Richmond, with the same menu. Serves Vietnamese cuisine plus cakes and smoothies. Example of dishes include rice noodle soup, crispy chick'n with rice, fried spring rolls, savory pancake, curry, and banh mi sandwich. Modern, informal decor opening out onto the street. Since 2015. Minimum card payment $20. Reported closed December 2022.

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First Review by BreakfastKlutz


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02 Dec 2022

Mouth watering goodness

So delicious oh my goddd!!!
Highly recommend visiting, especially since they’re having to close soon due to not making enough money 🥺💔

Pros: Fully vegan, So delicious , Friendly staff


02 Dec 2022

Yes it is such a sad thing for the Melbourne vegan community that this very special place - Melbourne’s first fully vegan Vietnamese restaurant - is closing down. Like you, I encourage everybody to go and spend their money here before it closes on 15 December. If you know anybody who can take over the business and keep it vegan let them know.



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29 Nov 2022

Excellent meal

Great service and both of our meals were so nice and filling. The fried chicken tasted unreal! My partner also had an iced coffee that he really loved. Good price point too.


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31 Jul 2022

I really do heart Fina’s

Fina’s really took a beating during the lockdown. The food is as good as ever but I don’t know if it’s regained the buzz it had before. They’ve been slowly introducing new things to the menu over the last while, including a cocktail list, which has been around since towards the end of last year. My favourites have always been the bamboo noodle soup and the salt and pepper tofu, which is superb: subtle but delicious, lightly done, unlike any I’ve tried elsewhere. I was reminded how good the food here is when we tried some new dishes recently. The bun cha and the broken rice were very good, with some amazing flavours and an absolutely delicious mock meat I don’t think I’d tried before. The dressing/sauce was still too sweet for me, but that’s a matter of taste. This is one of the shining lights of the Melbourne vegan restaurant scene and I hope it’s around for a long time to come.


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24 Jul 2022

The best pho

Such an overall lovely experience. Host and staff are accommodating and welcoming. The space is cosy and clean. The papaya salad was so fresh and generously loaded with vegan pork. The Vietnamese pancake was a little different to what we are used to but we really enjoyed it. The pho was the perfect dish for a cold Melbourne night.


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03 Jul 2022

Pricey with substandard service

Food was alright (nothing too outstanding for the price), but our server clearly didn’t want to help and seemed annoyed answering questions. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it and I don’t plan on going back.

Pros: Vegan, Lots of options

Cons: Questionable Service, Expensive, Not welcoming


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23 Apr 2022

Affordable & Tasty

Really tasty & reasonably priced pho.
My only regret was not ordering something more exciting as so many Vietnamese restaurants in Melb offer a very decent vegan pho these days.


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10 Apr 2022

Fina’s 1: Not Vegan-Ownership Change

Fina’s 2 could improve by deleting any relationship to Fina’s 1 on here-very confusing for Fina’s 2 to mention a Carnist restaurant!

Pros: None, Red Alert, Do not visit

Cons: Carnist menu, Carnist menu, Carnist menu


10 Apr 2022

Um I’m not sure about the details of the situation but I think you’re being a bit harsh. Is Fina’s 2 not still vegan? There are plenty of meat-serving restaurants on HC. Why would you single out a vegan restaurant?


10 Apr 2022

Hi Tiggy, if you read what I wrote you will see that I was not reviewing Fina’s 2. I was warning against Fina’s 1. Fina’s 1 is NO longer vegan, I almost got caught out by going to it last night!


10 Apr 2022

Maybe you didn’t notice but there’s actually a review page for Fina’s 1 🙂 I’m just concerned that your 2-star rating will bring down the average rating for Fina’s 2, which wouldn’t be fair on that business. Look forward to seeing more of your reviews 🙂


11 Apr 2022

Hi again Tiggy,
I have no interest in making things hard for Fina’s 2. I merely put my review in the wrong place, clearly.

I wanted to spare other vegans going to Fina’s 1, as they now have a car it’s menu since the change of owner!

I’m deleting this one & will put it in the correct place; thanks for picking me up on it!



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06 Apr 2022


Delicious food and great service.

Pros: Generous servings, Friendly staff, Value for money


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20 Mar 2022

New favorite restaurant!

Absolutely loved this place. Went for lunch 2 days in a row!

Pros: All vegan, Delicious, Great staff


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18 Mar 2022

Amazing Bahn mi.

We ordered delivery from Fina's, the chicken and satay tofu Bahn mi, the pork, the fried chicken and the tempura veg.

Bahn mi's were both fantastic. Lots of tofu, not a while lot of chicken but it was my favourite dish. The pork Bahn mi was fresh and tasty, lots of veggies so very refreshing.

The crispy chicken would have been good if it had beef fresher, it had obviously been sitting a little while before it was picked up. The taste was nice though and had good texture!

The same goes for the tempura, it was cold by the time it got here so wasn't crispy. The batter was a bit too thick for the broccoli and was still doughy inside which was a shame.

Definitely grab the bahn mi though, we will be going back for sure!

Edit for 8th March 2022:

We ordered again from here a few days ago, the chicken and satay tofu Bahn me and we tried the crispy tofu Bahn me, my goodness they were fantastic. The chicken and tofu was jam packed full, such a good amount of food! Doordash price was $10.50 but if you go in the price is $8.50, amazing value!

The crispy tofu Bahn me was also spectacular flavour wise. A really nice balance of flavours, refreshing, tangy, a little spicy. Their tofu is delicious. Also $10.50 on Doordash, and $9.50 in store. Will definitely be swinging by next time we are in Fitzroy!

Update from 15 March 2022:

Food was as usual, delicious. However the gentleman who greeted us, when we asked to order a few takeaway seemed a little standoffish and gave both me and my partner a once over, we felt a little judged. The chef catered to our requests though, and I would of course return!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-07

Pros: Great value, Amazing Bahn mi


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17 Mar 2022

Would give 6 stars if possible

Where to start. The purple sweet potato frappe was an absolute highlight with its unique taste. The vermicelli salad was banging too. What most stood out was there incredibly friendly service! Couldn’t recommend more.

Pros: Amazing options, Friendly, Affordable


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14 Nov 2021

We’ll be back!

My friend and I tried this restaurant for the first time and were so impressed by their food we’ll be back again. My friend had the Bamboo Noodle soup, and I had the Fina’s Special Fried Rice (which was one of the best fried rices I’ve ever had!) Staff were helpful, restaurant was well presented.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great choice of dishes, Delicious food

Cons: They don’t split bills


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22 Jun 2021

Great restaurant - highly recommended

Fina's is a great restaurant: the food is absolutely delicious, great choice of 100% vegan meals and very friendly staff. Prices are reasonable, very fresh and tasty food - loved it!

We'll be back😄

Pros: 100% vegan, delicious food, frendly staff and nice relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Nothing to dislike!


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10 Jun 2021

Absolutely delicious

I went here for the first time a few weeks ago and my family and I are in love! Even my Omni dad loved the food. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of everything, but the standouts were the salt & pepper tofu and chicken & tofu clay pot. I’m already excited to return! The prices were good too. The venue is a little run down, and the deserts weren’t quite as good, but I’ve still given 5 stars because the mains were just that good.

Pros: Amazing meals, SO flavoursome, Good prices , Variety on menu

Cons: Venue could do with redecorating


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24 May 2021

My favourite place in Melbourne

Been away from Melbourne for 4.5 years and this was my last meal. I thought about this exact meal ever since leaving and when I came back to Melbs, I had this and it was just as good as I remembered!!!

Everything is vegan, friendly staff, incredibly tasty and well priced. I tell everyone to come here when visiting melbs.

Pros: 100% vegan , Great pricing, Tasty AF

Cons: Nothing


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Mostly Veg
10 Mar 2021

Very Healthy Vegan Vietnamese

I really enjoyed the fact that it was so healthy, as they do not use any MSG! The menu has so many different options, I tried both the spicy noodle soup and tuna and bamboo claypot. For my thoughts and full review on the dishes, please head to my blog: https://cookingwithyoshiko.com/finas-vegan-restaurant-vegan-vietnamese-in-melbourne/


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21 Jan 2021

I love Fina's!!

Run by a super lovely couple, Fina's is a tasty delight. Fresh vegan Vietnamese food. So many yummy dishes. Great bunn, banh mi, curry, spring rolls, salt and pepper tofu and the taro frappe yum!!!

Pros: Vegan, Delicious, Great service


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16 Jan 2021

Tasty food

Not usually a big fan of mock meats, but did enjoy the ones they used here and included in dishes in small quantities.

Pros: Diverse menu

Vegan bear 32

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27 Dec 2020

Fresh and zingy!

Great fresh food bursting with flavors!
Quick service, very polite staff [censored]
Great menu with lots of choices

Pros: Great choice, Fresh , Bursting with flavors

Cons: Too big portion.. lol


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05 Dec 2020

The Best Viet in Melbourne

We had been here a couple of times before we discovered the SALT & PEPPER TOFU now we can.t order anything else. Its the best in the world. So its the standing order Spring rolls rapped in lettuce and mint leaves and Salt & Pepper Tofu. Magnifique! Last time we ordered the honeycomb cheese cake for desert and 2 glasses of Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Perfect! The friendly atmosphere and genuine warmth of everyone in this restaurant is more than welcome. Enjoy!

Update about 1 month ago during lock-down we had to have Salt & Pepper Tofu but take away was the only option, I think it may have been a new chef because the person who served us was not familiar. We were very disappointed, the normal crispy tofu was soft and the veggies were over cooked. Will try again. But not happy at the moment. They have lost their crown.

Updated from previous review on 2019-12-09

Pros: Best Salt & Pepper Tufu, Friendly Atmosphere, Reasonably Priced

Cons: None


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23 Nov 2020

Veg Stir Fry with Rice

Really good stir fry; tasty, varied, affordable and good portion size.


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16 Nov 2020


First visit to a restaurant since lockdown eased and it was lovely. The food was delicious and the staff were taking excellent procurations to keep people distanced and comfortable. Highly recommend.


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16 Jun 2020

Soooo darn delicious!

Best not calamari, not bacon and not duck I’ve ever had. Perfectly good veges in my dry noodle dish and the flavours were divine👌🏼


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13 Mar 2020


Good food, but we had the feeling it wasn‘t cooked freshly, because it was so fast. The vegetables were partly overcooked. Nevertheless a nice place to stop by and get some rather average but enjoyable food.
Staff was really friendly!

Pros: All vegan, fair prices, Nice staff, Nice background music

Cons: Mediocre food , Rather cheap atmosphere


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01 Mar 2020

Vietnamese restaurant

Had high expectations due to the reviews here and travelled quite a distance to try this restaurant during my holidays.
Was a little disappointed as food was quite on spar with other Viet restaurants I have tried.

Food was 3.6/5

Updated from previous review on 2020-03-01

Pros: Friendly staff, Big menu

Cons: Restaurant a little dark


Points +172

14 Feb 2020

Love it!

The mock chicken is some of the best mock meat I’ve ever tried. I have gone out of my way multiple time just to get it


Points +5775

02 Feb 2020

Average food

I don't really like writing a mediocre review but tried this place upon reading all the excellent reviews here and felt that either the kitchen was not having a good day or the other reviewers haven't tried great Vietnamese food before. I was disappointed... The food lacked the flavors I've tried in other vegan Vietnamese restaurants, in Australia and abroad. All 3 dishes ordered were just kinda bland: a laksa-type soup, beef hot pot and the salt and pepper tofu. I wondered if I was being too critical but those I dined with said the same thing. On the positive, the portions are generous and the service is lovely.

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