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1627 Colorado Blvd (at Figueroa, in Eagle Rock), Los Angeles, California, USA, 90041

The focus at this fine vegetarian cuisine restaurant is on dinner and wine. Menu is about 70% vegan. Menu features fondues, starters, salads, entrees, coffees, teas, desserts, and wine. Casual interior with outdoor garden lounge. Parking on street. Reported to HappyCow to have closed Nov 2013.

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First Review by relspeedwagon

Don't know what it's currently like... - Edit

Cuz my 2 REALLY bad experiences yrs ago have kept me away. Was COMPLETELY not vegan friendly in my experience. Huge disappointment.

Pros: attractive decor, easy parking, l

Cons: wacky co owner, not vegan friendly, pricey

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vegan_ryan 29 Jun 2014 - This place was massively vegan-friendly. Not sure how you got that impression, but I visited several times over the span of 3 years and always found abundant vegan options. Care to elaborate?  

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VeganMarr 30 Jun 2014 - I went in August 2002, when I had just moved to the neighborhood. Counter gal told me I could not modify anything to make it vegan so that narrowed my choices greatly. They had a wonderful bean/corn soup but it had all the strings in it from inside the husk which was very unappetizing. They told me they could not make the baguettes vegan because they were too busy and there were all of about eight people in the restaurant. They said pita pocket was my only choice for a sandwich as all the other breads weren't vegan. I asked to leave off mushrooms & olives in exchange for cukes & avo. They only put 3 extremely fine slices of avo & cukes in my to go order. They gave me a spring salad that was so old & wet I thought the dressing was on it. It wasn't. When I went back the next day to tell the co-owner what had happened she literally screamed at me & blamed it on me and said that I must've been demanding and asked for a special order and they don't make special orders. This was right after I gave her a gift of vegan cheese to try for the pizzas which she graciously accepted but then abruptly changed tone about the pita sandwich. A yr later I nervously gave it another try w/a friend. We each ordered the steamed veggie & noodle dish & said leave off the mushrooms. Both of our dishes came with nothing BUT mushrooms. They said they were out of other veggies. (??!!) There was only 1 vegan dessert. We don't like nuts in our desserts & this one was smothered in them so we left most of it. They charged us full price for the teeny weeny side salad & soup that literally were two bites each. So 1st visit I was verbally abused, 2nd I left very hungry. New personnel was very nice tho. The abusive co-owner was no longer a presence, thankfully, as I've read she had screamed at numerous other customers as well. Seriously, after all this, would YOU have given it another try?? I have been vegan going on 3 decades so have eaten at a lot of places. Have never experienced this elsewhere!  

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VeganMarr 30 Jun 2014 - PS - The few skimpy slices of cukes & avo were the ONLY things on that pita sandwich, NOTHING else. And it was a huge pita pocket not a mini one. Quite pathetic that that got sent out the door.  

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Great food, impressive to non-veg persons - Edit

My parents and I went here for my birthday when they visited from the Midwest. My parents are not experimental eaters, but they still talk about this place.

I've been here a handful of times and tried something different each time. Nothing was less than amazing.

Items are marked as vegan and knowledgeable staff can help you make things vegan, if you ask.

They have a nice patio out back, where they also grow some of their own herbs/spices. Good selection of wines, too, from what I saw (not my thing).

I recommend the apple pie, blackened tempeh and the sloppy joe (yes - sloppy joe at a semi-fancy restaurant, and it's INCREDIBLE).

If you go at peak dinner times, you may wait for a bit.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Nice for special occasions, Creative

Cons: Limited seating

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best menu ever! - Edit

Great options for everyone and simply the best dessert ever, The Fudgie!!

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Laid-back yet delicious and elegant - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Fatty's and Co review.

There's no sign outside that tells you the food is "vegetarian" and the owner will tell you that most of the patrons are not vegetarians, but once they come in, they keep coming back.

From the street as we drove up, we could feel the vibrant energy emanating from the restaurant... lots of eager people inside and outside wanting the food.

The name had originally made me think of a causal burger joint, but in actuality, Fatty's & Co. serves nutritious and tasty food that is beautifully presented for moderate (to expensive) prices.

Pros: good food, nice atmosphere, vegan-friendly

Cons: getting there

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Great Veg Place for a Special Occassion - Edit

We've known of Fatty's for a while, but until their $4 chilli bowl during happy hour, we stayed away due to their prices. Well, their happy hour got us through the door, but we enjoyed a great meal from the full menu.

You can not fault the food at all, their selection may not be large, but everything from taste to presentation was excellent.

If you're looking for a nice place for an evening out, a celebration, or a venue with a great atmosphere for drinks and desserts, this is the place. If budget is not a concern, eat here often!

Pros: Excellent Food, Warm environment, Friendly

Cons: Poor Parking, Not open daily, High end prices

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Super Fantastic Cuisine - Edit

This restaurant is fantastic. The offerings were splendid and the presentation was amazing. Came away supremely satisfied!!!!

Pros: Gourmet, Healthy

Cons: Small Menu

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missing thats amore? - Edit

I come back and forht from argentina, last time I came I had one of the best pizzas I ever had in a place call it that's amore in cerritos, I just find out they closed down!!!!
I can't freaky believe it!!!
so I went to this place in eagle rock, (remember I was craving pizza ok?) the pizza I have to say is like dominos pizza for vegetarians- vegans so dissapointing!!!!
the other part of the menu is well executed so my point is :
why you have to put in you menu something you are NOT GOOD at it?
take you wannabe pizza please! and find me the number or email of the chef of thats amore in cerritos ca!!!

Pros: good wine, nice servers

Cons: bad pizza, pricy, only 75% not pesticides

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Wonderful Food, Great Atmosphere and Staff - Edit

We went there on the spur of the moment recently with myself (vegetarian), my wife (gluten-free vegan) and two others who are meat eaters. The staff went out of their way to explain what options were best for my wife's diet.

We had a couple of appetizers and we each got something different for our entrees. I tasted all four entrees, and every one was a delight!

The atmosphere is a combination of being relaxed, but with full attention to service. It's like being laid-back, but there is some always there to refill your water, or answer a question about the menu, etc.

All four of us left very happy, very full, and hoping to return soon. This is one of our new favorites in Southern California!

Pros: Wonderful Food, Helpful Staff, Friendly Staff

Cons: Terrible Parking, A Bit Pricey

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Excellent!!! - Edit

I have nothing but great things to say about this place. The atmosphere, the food, the staff - just wonderful. I was trying to find a nicer vegan/vegetarian for my boyfriend's birthday that wasnt Thai or wasnt pretenious, its seems I've havent found a great veg place in LA that liked or would return. This is it! The staff was so helpful, the food wasnt disappointing, the atmosphere rocked! We enjoyed every bit of it! I was impressed with ome of the veg takes on classic foods. For instance, I had the vegan paella - DELICIOUS!! I most definately will return and recommend this gem :)

Pros: Great Food, Service, Decor

Cons: close early

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:( - Edit

I hate to be negative bcuz I'm all about looking at the positive side of things, but this place was a big disappointment. We went with very high hopes and ready to enjoy a wonderful meal, and unfortunately it wasn't very wonderful. I ordered the "pizza" which seemed more like a tostada & the "bread" was completely burned. As i hate to send back food and be wasteful I tried to eat just the top. The pizza toppings were very bland and could have used more spice. We also ordered the breads with the oils, and weren't very wowed. My bf's food, however, was a lot better than mine (sloppy joe), but it still wasn't as great as they said in the reviews we read. It's pretty expensive compared to other places, so it felt like a waste of money at the end of the night. Maybe we'll try it again something and hopefully have a better experience. PEACE! :)

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Great dining experience - Edit

We only recently went here for the first time as it's a bit out of the way for us, but it was a super nice experience. They have a great wine/cocktail/beer selection. I had the pink martini - wonderfully fresh with watermelon and my boyfriend had an excellent stout. We tried the red wine flight with dinner. We split the potato taco appetizer (excellent!) and for dinner, I had the vegan ravioli and he had the paella. Both were wonderful and the flavors were delicate. We had to try the fudgey after all the reviews and while it was excellent, I still prefer the chocolate souffle at Madeleine's. In general, I prefer an all-vegan place as seeing other people have cheese fondue made me sad, but we will be back, probably with other people who aren't veggie as I think they would like it as the menu would seem recognizable to them.

Pros: tasty food, great wine selection, nice atmosphere

Cons: not all vegan

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Amazing Food - Edit

Really... it's the best in Los Angeles. Everything on the menu is great and I've never been disappointed (except for when they took their stuffed mushrooms off their menu). Great wines as well. Highly recommended.

Pros: Food, Service, Atmosphere

Cons: Hours of operation

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Out of this World! - Edit

I don't even know how to start to explain how good this place is. My husband (the vegan) and I (vegetarian) were starving by the time we got there, and waisted no time in ordering the potato skin tacos. I was a bit worried it would be too spicy for me, but they were awesome. so full of flavor. Then we had the basic side salad and it wasn't basic at all. It had blueberries and sunflower seeds with an awesome vinaigrette. We were two for two by the time our food came. Husband had the ravioli and I, the margarita pizza. We couldn't talk... it was so good. So full of flavor. Reading the other reviews, we were excited about the fudgy, but they said they were out! lame! so instead he had the peanut butter cup and I had the chocolate fondant a la mode. Not disappointed at all! The food was awesome. The ambience.. incredible. The service... friendly and helpful. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. About 60$ for the two of us. (not including tip) Can't wait to go back.

Pros: beautiful., delicious., perfect date.

Cons: not by my house.

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Top Notch Vegan Food, the best in LA - Edit

Wow, the reviews are spot on about Fatty's. It opens at 6pm and there's a really great Eco botique next store that closes at 6 so if you get here a few minutes before they open you can do some shopping (mostly womens), but back to Fattys! #1. Get the Vegan Potato Skins (called potato tacos) We got ours w/o avacado and they were fantastic. #2, You can split the entree it is huge. We did the Hot Noodles and they were fantastic (too Fatty for us to get again, but so great) No other vegan establishment in LA has food of this quality. The wine and beer are great, too. You can tell from the other reviews that Dessert is off the chart. We did the Fudgy, which is really large enough for 4 people. They bake it before they bring it out and its so hot and delectible. I wish Fatty's wasn't so far away. Its a super nice place and the service is 5 stars. They clean the little bits off your table inbetween each coarse, etc. I'd go here over Madelines any day. The menu is loaded with the word VEGAN.

Pros: Vegan Super friendly, Beer and Wine, Dessert


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nice place - Edit

This is a great restaurant for a nicer dinner. The place looks pretty casual but the food is more high end. It was also very delicious. Also the drinks are excellent, I had the Pink watermelon martini and the lavender martini, both were yummy. I would go here weekly if I lived closer to it. Definitely worth checking out.

Pros: food, drinks

Cons: price

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best vegan desert in los angeles! - Edit

Sure I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs about how charming the space is, how plentiful the vegan options are, or how refreshing it is to have such an extensive list of vegan wines and beers. But what I need to talk about here is THE VEGAN FUDGEY. It is the most absurdly delicious vegan desert I have ever had. It has even knocked out M Cafe's (still ridiculously amazing) Banana Chocolate Millenfeuille from my top desert slot. The fudgey is insane. I took my dairy loving boyfriend here on a Friday and he demanded to come back on Sunday for another Fudgey helping. He just kept repeating over and over: "how is this vegan???" which is the best accolade he can give. This is a great date or "special occasion" spot but still affordable enough that you can come here twice in a weekend. Amazing!

Pros: lots of vegan options, charming atmosphere, fudgey & vegan fondue!

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The best vegetarian/vegan food I've ever had - Edit

I've been a vegetarian/vegan for 32 years and I prefer to eat only at vegetarian restaurants. I'm
from England, but I live in Los Angeles, CA; I've traveled around Europe and Chile a lot, and I always seek out vegetarian restaurants abroad. Before I came to Fatty's, a year ago, my favorite veggie restaurant in the world was Millenium in San Francisco, followed by Greens (also SF); but Fatty's beats them both. The "Potato Skin Tacos"
are out of this world and the "Vegan Ravioli" is
fantastic; I also recommend the "Strudel". They have a wonderful selection of wines and Happy Hour
prices for Martinis.

I have noticed that there is a high turnover in the wait staff. So far they've all been really nice, but I did notice the last time that the waiter seemed new to the job. Fatty's is owned and operated by two ladies, both really sweet. It's obvious that excellent food and wine are their passion.

Pros: Out of this world veggie food, beautiful room, wonderful wine

Cons: closed for lunch, closed Monday and Tuesday, staff turnover high

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darlingviolettas 22 Feb 2013 - Wow ! This is really helpful. My boyfriend and I are looking for a place to go eat vegan (but he's vegetarian and I'm vegan) food for his birthday next week. Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to SF and I went to Millenium (which was exquisite) and Greens ! funny you mentioned them and compared Fatty's to help.. now I know this is the place to go !!  

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Loved it! - Edit

This place has a beautiful room, with a nice atmosphere, and the service we had was outstanding. Everything we ordered tasted like it was prepared with a lot of care and the freshest, highest quality ingredients. They have a VERY extensive wine list, and some nice boutique beers.

Pros: Excellent service, Great atmpsphere , Delicious Food

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Chef food, world class wine, and great service! - Edit

A real undiscovered gem for veggies. The restaurant is 100% vegetarian (even the cheese is rennet free, and all the white wines have been confirmed) though it doesn't advertise as such. Plenty of vegan dishes, and many of the other dishes can be made vegan. The food looked like it came out of Food and Wine magazine. So beautiful and even more delicious. I've traveled everywhere and there are few "nice" places that a veggie can go to outside of New York.

Pros: Seriously Amazing Food!, The best wine selection, price=quality

Cons: Eagle Rock, Limited Hours

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