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Large market with over 70 booths of farm produce, breads, foods, and more. Year-round. Open Mon 8:00am-6:00pm, Wed 8:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sat 8:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by Bill K


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13 Feb 2022

Tons of VGF options

Gluten free bakery - their flax bread is VGF and quite quite good! I think the best VGF bread ice found to date

Body and soul - all vegan and several gf options. I had a cranberry apple muffin and thought it was decent

Anthony Road Wine Company - all their wines are vegan! The man running the booth is a part of this family business (I can't remember his bake though). He was so friendly and passionate about his craft. He spent a lot of time answering my questions about his wines and what makes each of them unique / different and was very knowledgeable about the processes each wine underwent and how that created flavours, acidity profiles and more.



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27 Oct 2021

Best Farmers Market in Manhattan

The Union Square Farmers Market has long been the biggest and best Farmers Market in NYC, with lots of vendors to choose from--what's not to like? et; The market hasve a series of booths that stretch all along the west side of the park and the north side of the park, and a bit on the east side of the park as well.

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30 Oct 2019

That cider...

I loved this market. Loads of fresh produce, and in cider season it is the best place to be in The City.


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15 Aug 2018

An NYC must-visit

Huge and beautiful outdoor farmer’s market. Produce, flowers, plants, baked goods. I haven’t been since going vegan, but I trust the other reviews that there are good options. It’s enormous and fun to walk through to just sample things and look around.


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11 Sep 2017

lots of vegan options

this market is too cute! lots of options for vegans, including a vegan stand (assuming they're there) and most of the bread companies have vegan breads.


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13 Jul 2017

cool outdoor shopping.

I love the baskets of small potatoes & the fact that they sell Callaloo. The strawberry baskets are a bit pricey though.


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29 Sep 2015


Farmers markets are the best !! Supporting local and buying organic ! I had heard it was supposed to be really big but it wasn't that big ( maybe it was just a bad day I came) but overall there was some really great stands with lots of different stuff to choose from ! If you are in New York definitely go there !


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11 Sep 2011

Farmer's Market - Union Square

I've checked out this farmers market twice now (once in 2009 and again this last Friday) and am pretty impressed if not envious! I wish we had something as good as this in Chicago! Anyway, this FM is big and has tons of fresh produce among other things that they offer, I'd shop here every Friday if I lived in the area. Check it out.


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29 Jul 2011

great to see in NYC!!

I love farmers markets, so this was awesome. When you think you can buy anything or everything on the streets of NY, why not an OG piece of fruit, right?

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Pros: location, lots of good stuff


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15 Jul 2010

Nice market, but...

Yes, it's a pretty, bustling market. The produce is lovely of course. It's just a drag that there are SO many people peddling dead animals.

Also, we bought a little tiny cherry pie for 7$ and when we ate it later, it was like canned cherry filling and the dough was gooey and raw. Still, it's a great place for fresh produce.

Cons: MEAT


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17 Oct 2006

A great market!

I love the greenmarket - the produce is great all year round & it's great to buy direct from the farmers. This market made me want to live in NYC!

Pros: Great produce, Buy direct from farmers

Bill K

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13 Oct 2006

New York City Greenmarket

The New York City Greenmarkets are a network of farmers' markets operating throughout the city. (More information is at http://www.cenyc.org/site/ ) The Union Square Greenmarket is the oldest one, and the flagship market of the program. It operates year-round; open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. For vegetarians, this should be one's primary source of food. Greenmarket rules state that the farmer/vendors can sell only food they actually grow, which is why you won't find oranges, bananas, avocados, etc. there. When you buy food at the Greenmarket you're dealing with the farmer who grew it, not the middleman. Only Northeast farmers participate; most come from upstate New York; many come from New Jersey; a handful come from Long Island, Pennsylvania and Vermont. There are a number of organic vendors; there is one biodynamic farm represented at Union Square, and also several farms that use IPM techniques. The food is seasonal, although a few farmers operate hothouses where various greens (and sprouts) can be had all year long. In addition to fresh produce, the Greenmarket also offers breads, wine, maple syrup, house plants and flowers, pickles, herbs and, alas (dare I say it?), meat, eggs, cheeses and other dairy products. By shopping at the Greenmarket you're supporting local farmers. You get the freshest, highest quality foods, and you do the environment and area ecosystem a big, big favor. The Greenmarket is one of the best things NYC has to offer!

Pros: freshest food possible, supports local economy, buy direct from farmers

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