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553 New South Promenade (at Kings Hotel), Blackpool, England, FY4 1NF

Vegan Italian restaurant and pizzeria inside King's hotel. Makes stone-cooked pizza with non-dairy cheese and gluten-free options. Roast dinner on Sunday afternoons. Offers delivery for up to 1 hour after closing times. Open Mon-Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 2:00pm-10:00pm.

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24 Reviews

First Review by Bradders

vegan restaurant based in promenade hotel - Edit

Disappointed this is all Blackpool has to offer

Pros: vegan food

Cons: bland food , decor, felt like processed vegan meats replaced innovativ

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Okay - Edit

Came here from the South Lakes as I had an orthodontist appointment, and was happy to see there is one vegan restaurant in Blackpool.
Our waiter was very nice and enthusiastic and vegan himself, which was cool. When my non-vegan mother didn't know what to order he was very informative.
The atmosphere was okay, however it was quite dark and the flashing coloured lights seemed a bit trashy. The music was lovely though. The two person table we were on was tiny though, more of a cafe sized table.
I ordered the meat feast pizza. The dough was nice, the exact thickness that I like. I was told the cheeses was a blend of different ones and it was better than any other store bought ones but not as good as some other restaurant vegan cheeses I've had. I couldn't tell what the meats on the pizza were but they were nice.
My mother ordered falafel with gnocchi, but the falafel was pretty dry and tasted more meaty, not like falafel at all. The gnocchi and ragu sauce was nice though.
We then had to order desserts of course, I got the banana and chocolate cake and mother got the special strawberry blonde cheesecake. The banana and chocolate cake was kinda dry, didn't taste of much, and I didn't like that there were just slices of hard banana in the middle of it. The cheesecake was not the right texture but you get used to it as it still tasted lovely.
Mother also got a black coffee but she said it was way too weak and could barely taste it. It was more brown than black.
All the above plus a half paroni and a diet coke only cost £30 which is great value. Probably wouldn't come again but I recommend trying it out.

Pros: Great waiter, Some of the food was nice, Great value

Cons: Some of the food wasn't great

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disappointing. not terrible but overpriced and bland - Edit

We went for a friends birthday. Group of 10.

Faux chicken Curry was far too hot and had no faux chicken in it? Asked for something to cool it down and was given a shot glass of soy milk? All food was pretty bland or just hot with no other seasoning. Im newly vegan and I make tastier fresher food on a daily basis for my work lunches.

Could be great but need some delicious home cooked food on the menu.
Also chocolate and banana cake was stodgy and bland.

Would have liked to have tried the pizzas but ovens were broken so would return to see if that is any better.

Staff nice and friendly but really need to improve the food.

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Best Vegan dining experience! - Edit

Numerous friends recommended Faringo's. I had the Italian stew followed by the ginger cake with custard. Super tasty! Our waiter Liam was fantastic. Had a long chat with Paul, the owner after dinner - very inspiring man.

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Best pizza around! - Edit

Faringos is a rare find, a fully vegan restaurant on the promenade in Blackpool. We stayed for the weekend in the hotel, which is omni with vegan options and had a beautiful vegan cooked breakfast every morning with soya milk and vegan butter. In the evening the restaurant is completely vegan and has gluten free options. The pizza looked amazing and my daughter said it is the best pizza she has ever tasted! I had gluten free pizza the first night and the falafel ragu with gnocchi the second night and both were very tasty! I really recommend the falafel ragu! Lovely friendly people at the guest house/restaurant and look forward to coming back :)

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Nice relaxing Sunday lunch - Edit

I found out about Faringo's only a few weeks ago, from a friend. I live in Blackpool so was intrigued to try this place out, being a vegan and this being the only 100% vegan restaurant in Lancashire as far as I know, and right on my door step!

My Wife and I booked in for 1:30pm with the intention of having the Sunday dinner. We were greeted by Paul, one of the owners, at the front door and shown in to the dining area. It was nicely decorated and playing in the background was some relaxing music.

We chatted with Paul, a very warm and friendly chap who had bought the hotel and restaurant a few years earlier about his ventures and how the season had been this year and had a good conversation. You don't get this kind of thing at a chain.

Down to the food, I had the nut roast and my Wife had the pea and mint pie. Both were delicious and the trimmings were excellent. The restaurant wasn't particularly busy; a combination of it being out of season and us booking the table only half an hour after they opened that day but we shall definitely be returning in the near future to try the pizza, and hopefully introducing more of our friends and family to the joys of veganism!

The location is excellent, being right on the promenade, just next to the hulking presence of the big one, and we took advantage of this and went for a stroll to walk off our food, the wind whipping the waves up in to a frenzy, although this stroll was cut short because it started belting it down, so a quick retreat to the warmth of the car was required.

Also to note, Paul mentioned that on Saturday 10th March there is a vegan festival being held at St Thomas's Church on Caunce Street with an after party at Faringo's which should be a good laugh!

Anyway, great to finally see a vegan restaurant in Blackpool and I look forward to returning in the near future!

Ross and Christine

Updated from previous review on 2017-11-26

Pros: Delicious vegan food, Relaxing background music, Good draft beer (I had the bods)

Cons: Restaurant was quite quiet when we went

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pretty terrible. - Edit

I have been vegan for 4 years now & I'm sorry but I need to be honest as I do not want people thinking this is what vegan food is like. Take note from places like V Revs in Manchester. All home cooked nothing bought from a packet. Which is all this place offers is packet mince from Holland & barret which I make for my own dinner... it tasted just like something my mum would cook me when I go round for dinner. The pizza base is so thin & so over done it may just break your teeth... & I swear the cheese on the pizza was just violife original cheese . .. like not even a vegan mozzarella like cheezly !? Come on! It was just a big gooey non melted mess on an over done base. So disappointed. Plus I found a short thick black hair in the cheese! Couldn't eat the rest. The cheese cake was nice but for like £3 for a tiny slice when I know I can buy the eca t cheese cake from Asda for £2. Pretty shocking tbh. I have never enjoyed food so much since going vegan but this was just terrible. I'm sorry, I really hope you start cooking from scratch though as the v bites stuff is getting old. Seitan is what people use not Holland & barret pre bought mock meat.

Pros: vegan

Cons: expensive & store bought.

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Paulo 21 Nov 2017 - Thank you for your review, we are happy to listen to all comments and feedback.

Let me just answer a few of your points:

1: Everything is home cooked and certainly not brought in and from a packet!

2: I do not even know where Holland & Barrets is let alone buy from them!

3:Pizza bases are home made, thin and crispy (as described on the menu) cooked in a stone oven and very authentic). We have no interest in trying to copy pizza chains who will have you believe a pizza should be an inch thick of dough as that to me is just commercial rubbish.

4: Most people who eat our pizza say how much they enjoy them. The cheese(which is not violife and I personally would never use cheesly mozzarella on a pizza as it just does not work like a pizza cheese should do) we use a commercial cheese which as I say, people in the main comment on how nice it is.

5: Short thick black hair? Worrying, as the chef is bald, the potwasher is a skin head, the waiter is blonde and I have medium to long brown hair.

6: Our cheese cake is not £3 it is £4.95 per portion and yes, of course you can by a whole cheesecake cheaper from a supermarket, however, it will not be served to you, will not come drizzled in fresh limoncello and neither will it be served with vegan ice cream and fresh organic fruit. Hardly a fair comparison really.

Of course we are not cheap, we use all organic produce!

I always advise non vegan diners not to eat the mock foods on our menu as it may not be to their own taste and I would certainly advise people who do not like mock meat not to choose the very same on our menu. We may well soon add seitan to our menu, however, currently we do not offer it.

Food is a bit like beauty being in the eye of the beholder - One persons favourite dish is another persons nightmare dish.

Our pizza is clearly not to your taste as it is thin and crispy(which will mean that there are going to be singed edges, otherwise you will get soggy dough in the centre - it is a happy medium).

As a proprietor of a vegan restaurant I would ask people to advise me direct of any issues and allow us to make adjustments, listen to constructive criticism and take advice which we will readily do so. I say this as trying to succeed in a very small marketplace is difficult, trying to bring vegan food to the fore is not easy but something that needs to be done. To do so we need help and support from our small community rather than anything else.  

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Faringo's :) - Edit

Had an amazing time , the pizzas are lovely ,I had ham and pineapple :) . the desserts are the best bit , being vegan I don't really get to have desserts out , but these were truly spectacular ! I can understand what people said about the music and the lighting but I honestly enjoyed it , I thought it gave a nice mood to the room . But I it would be good if they added a bit more to the menu . But overall I had a great experience ! :) PS the service was great !

Pros: Amazing pizzas , Awesome desserts ! , Great service

Cons: Not much on the menu , The restaurant was a bit small

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Sadly very disappointing - Edit

I really wanted it to be good, and think it’s great Blackpool have a vegan restaurant but really disappointed and feel sad that non vegans will think this is what we eat. Just replacement meat meals, I don’t want fake chicken/lamb etc. Hoped they’d be more inventive. There’s so many great vegan dishes to pick from with no replacement meat. I did just go for lunch so hope dinner is better. Feel they could make the place look nicer. Also the staff were a bit too familiar for my liking, although nice they’re trying so hard but the service did put me off.

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Disappointing - Edit

I wasn't going to leave a review because I am so happy that Blackpool has a vegan restaurant and believe it is a fantastic thing, but at the same time I hope my honest feedback is helpful.
I'll start by saying the desserts were amazing, but the rest of the experience was underwhelming.
The restaurant itself is a little weird. The tables are too small and the decor, awful music and weird coloured dim lights create a very strange atmosphere. It's like going round to someone's house for dinner who's trying too hard to impress.
The waiter was very friendly, but obviously inexperienced. He didn't understand what we were trying to order and he had to repeat everything back to us several times. He hadn't cleared our plates away before trying to set the next course down. But really, we came for the food and to support a local vegan business. I had read a lot of positive reviews and was really looking forward to eating here.
The food wasn't awful, but it wasn't anywhere near restaurant quality. Aspects were really good like the lasagne sauce and the pizza base and as mentioned the dessert was amazing. However, the rest of the food wasn't up to much. It reminded me of all the times I've gone to a relative's house who has never cooked vegan food before and can't even cook non-vegan food well. I don't think the people running the restaurant have done so before.
The flavours just weren't right. The garlic mushrooms were bland, the olives tasted like they were out of a jar and the oil to dip the bread in was far too big a portion. We had to pour half of it away to get to the balsamic vinegar. The pizza was dry and really peppery, the lasagne had no pasta or white sauce.
I could have done better at home, so it was really disheartening to pay over £50. We went to a chain restaurant the following night, which had lots of vegan options, which were much nicer for £40.

I really, really hope they improve because we need more vegan restaurants and if this place doesn't survive, people will assume that a vegan restaurant can't survive in Blackpool. I don't think that's true, but I do think they need to do some work to get to the level they need to be at.

Pros: Dessert was amazing, Fully vegan , Good location

Cons: The food, The service, The price

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fantastic place - Edit

Had our monthly Vegan meet up here this evening and all I can say is wow !!! Thank you to paul and Tina and their dedicated staff who made our visit so enjoyable great food served in a relaxed friendly surroundings we will definitely be back ps your lasagna is the best !! Keep up the good work as your smashing it !! Your enthusiasm is heart warming.

Pros: vegan, friendly, relaxed

Cons: none

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Wonderful Vegan Cuisine - Edit

Faringo's is a fine Vegan restuarant in Blackpool. I ate there 2 nights straight. First I had the delicious lasagna -- comes with bread and a salad. The next night I had the pizza with vegetable toppings and vegan cheese. I love the fresh thin-crust of the pizza. I ate a 12 inch pie on my own. Theybalso have gluten-free crust as well as other gf options on the menu.

Pros: Large menu selection, Fresh, homemade foods, Desserts!

Cons: none

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NOT a vegan kitchen - Edit

Well, can't speak for others, but we use the 'vegan' filter to find eateries with wholly vegan kitchens.
Faringo's says '100% vegan', but this is just the menu, after noon, not the kitchen - not the establishment.
Their kitchen offers meat and dairy based breakfasts for the hotel in which Faringo's sits, and these are - we believe - served in F's dining room.
They seem like nice people and this is generally an earnest effort, but I personally feel that '100% vegan' is misleading.
The kitchen situation is not immediately apparent, and I wouldn't want someone making an uninformed decision that compromises their veganitude!
Will support like mad when it sorts itself out, but it's currently a million miles away from this vegan's comfort zone.
Happycow rules required a 2 star minimum rating. I obviously wouldn't have given stars, given the choice.

Pros: A step in the right direction

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Paulo 10 Sep 2017 - Well, what can I say, did you even eat here? I cannot be sure because you have made no mention of the food, the service or anything else for that matter!

We go out on a limb, (a massive financial risk to do so) to open the first vegan restaurant in Blackpool, offer nothing but vegan food and drink from the moment the restaurant opens until it closes, even every drink on the whole hotel bar menu is 100% vegan and we get vilified for doing so! After breakfast is served we completely clean down the whole of the kitchen and the restaurant, all utensils, pots and pans etc used for breakfast are stored away, produce for breakfast is stored in a separate fridge to anything else. What more can we do? Sometimes I despair ... Reviews and attitudes like this will hardly make it possible to turn the whole hotel vegan now will it? Feels a bit like an own goal to me!  

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At last! - Edit

Fantastic to have a vegan restaurant in Blackpool!
Food great and lots of options. Friendly staff and live music.
Well worth a visit.

Pros: Vegan , live music

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LOVE Faringo's - a great addition to Blackpool! - Edit

We had a weekend away in Blackpool and ended up going to Faringo's on both the Saturday and Sunday! Really enjoyed it here, and it's so cool that Blackpool now actually has a vegan restaurant.

There is a lot on the menu - not just pizza, but pasta and curry dishes too. Plus, they do a vegan Sunday roast. However, we loved the pizza enough to have it a second time with a different choice - the vegan cheese used on it is yum and very melty.

Prices around £11-£15 for a 12 inch pizza and about £15 for a bottle of vegan wine - not cheap, but not extortionate. I mean, this is the only vegan restaurant in all of Blackpool, too! The location is ace, right by the Pleasure Beach, which means it is perfect for falling into after a tiring day on the rides.

Nice little touch - on the Saturday night, they had a musician on, making it a romantic choice too.

Highly recommend this place!

Pros: Extensive pizza menu, Decent vegan cheese, 100% vegan menu

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About time! - Edit

Fantastic vegan restaurant next to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Sunday roasts, pizzas, Italian plus themed nights (currently Indian, Chinese, and Mexican). Do a great lunch menu too. Not the cheapest but worth every penny.

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really good food. - Edit

Really friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, menu good!! Food is very tasty all vegan!!! Well worth a visit.

Cons: worth every penny!!

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Blackpool's First. - Edit

The first purely vegan establishment in the area, focusing on Italian food, with special menus running throughout the week. We have visited twice since opening and between those times the menu and interior has developed greatly. There is a main emphasis on vegan meat alternatives in the menu, however there are a few vegetable options. The first time my family ordered pizzas, my mum ordered a vegetable dish (now not available), and I ordered the Vegitariano Faringo. Food is freshly made to order, pizzas are light and crisp, with generous toppings (but not overloaded, keeping it traditional). My pasta was a bit overcooked, but the sauce was all homemade and delicious.

The second visit, I shared the vegetarian pizza with a side salad and sweet potato fries. My Mum ordered one of the starter options as a main, which they were more than happy to oblige (Roasted Capsicum), and the rest of the family ordering pizza again. Was very impressed with the side salads, I was expecting the usual bland iceberg, tomato and cucumber combo, or plain ol’ rocket, but was delighted with the dish. The pizzas again were top notch, the sweet potato fries were the best I’ve ever had and my mum thoroughly enjoyed her dish.

On the first visit a few members ordered soya lattes, but they curdled unfortunately. We didn’t order the coffees the second time around. Service was a bit slower the second visit, despite it being a quiet time (same as first visit) and despite there being more staff now. However the staff were very helpful, the food was ordered quickly and arrived promptly.

The prices are a bit dearer than to be expected in the area but not shockingly so, and I’m happy to support the new venture, as it’s just what we need up here. Interior has been updated and the use of digital tablets for menus is novel (I’m assuming they use them as the menu is still being tweaked, saves on paper waste and costs). On our latest visit there was a live guitar duo, which would normally freak the bones of me, but they were very pleasant and non-invasive which lead to a lovely environment indeed! I think this is a great addition to the experience, which could also encompass the price-zone the restaurant aims for.

I’d be happy to visit again further in the future to see how the restaurant develops even more so, it’s so very exciting to have this dedicated venue available in the area, exactly what we need more of!

Pros: Entirely vegan menu, Welcoming environment, Fresh ingredients, made to order

Cons: Lack of vegetable dishes, Parking can be awkward

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110% vegan - Edit

I have visited this delightful restaurant twice since it became vegan and myself and friends are truly impressed. The food is great and gives an authentic falvoursome taste that doesn't rely on cliche vegan pleasers. Myself and friends were also thrilled to see that vegan alcoholic drinks are on the menu, to compliment the otherwise great food.

Not a place to be missed, the hosts are fantastic and happy to chat about the menu and Blackpool in general.

Pros: Food, Hosts, Vegan in Blackpool

Cons: Not open on a Monday

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Fantastic vegan restaurant in Blackpool - Edit

This place is an absolute gem. Top quality food, great friendly service and a huge, all-vegan menu. Only suggestion for improvement: you need a bigger sign guys! We went round the block without spotting the place.

Pros: great food, huge variety, good staff

Cons: needs a clearer sign

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The ONLY place in Blackpool... - Edit

I found Faringo's on 'Happy Cow'. I'd given up on finding a place to go out and also not have to make a main meal out of side dishes! I'm glad I had a browse last week.
Big shout to Paul who runs the place and hosted us. Top guy and leading the way in home made Vegan dishes in Blackpool.
Oh yeh the food!! Top nosh, great choice. I had a starter, main and dessert without having to ask the usual awkward questions. I was stuffed and I'm taking friends soonest.
Fully recommend *****

Pros: Great Choice, Tasty Food, Good atmosphere and host

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Highly Recommend! - Edit

Faringo's is a beautiful little restaurant right next to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with delicious homemade vegan food. The staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating. Can not wait to go back to try some of their other dishes they have to offer. If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of vegan meals then I would definitely recommend this up and coming restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2017-06-19

Pros: Quick Service, Delicious Vegan Food, Good Value For Money!

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Great food - Edit

Plenty of option with a separate vegan menu. Good food (especially the pizzas). Service was excellent. Looking forward to see how they develop the vegan menu, definitely will be returning.

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fab - Edit

This is a fab restaurant, it's small but so lovely, they now have a full vegan menu and so accommodating if you wanna mix anything else up.

Can't wait to go back 😋

Pros: lots of vegan options , yummy food

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