Vegan chef and catering company, opened this cafe 2019. Serves coffee, tea, and carry an assortment of baked goods, daily specials, grab 'n' go food. Fri-Sun evenings hosts a private 5-course gourmet vegan dinner by reservation only. Reported closed September 2023.

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First Review by citychic


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10 Sep 2023

Love this little vegan oasis

Incredible food on a quiet street.

Pros: Quality food, Cute space, Outdoor seating on quiet street

Cons: Would love for them to be open later



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28 Aug 2023

Awesome vegan food and vibe

This place is amazing! We were so impressed with the seitan steak, croissants, and vegan Brie and feta, all made in house! Chef Kevin is a super cool guy too. This place is a must-visit if you’re in Chicago.

Pros: Grilled seitan steak, Cheese plate, Chef and wait staff


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30 Jul 2023

Great vegan breakfast!!

Loved the breakfast options as well as the pastries!


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23 Jul 2023

Cute café on a side street

Cute, small storefront café just off of Broadway Ave. Food is pretty good, just make sure to go early, as they often run out of some of the items. Excellent place for a coffee on a weekend morning.


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19 Jul 2023

So good!!

Everything was great and the person working was very kind to my very disruptive children lol. Love the croissant sandwich


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10 Jul 2023

Delicious chill breakfast spot

I stopped by Fancy Plants on a whim after an appointment nearby, and I'm glad I did. I had their Croissant Sandwich with Just Egg patty, smoky seitan sausage, tomatoes, vegan cheese, and veggies, and a delicious spicy coffee called "Breakfast Club Latte" with maple, fennel, coriander, and black pepper. Both were really good. Vibe is relaxed and casual. Seems like a great local hang.


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18 May 2023


This is the second time lunching here I had the quiche the first time and the spinach pie today. Both were wonderful! You would not know they were vegan!


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14 Apr 2023

So many options

Really good stuff! I had the breakfast burrito and ube muffin, as well as the iced cherry amaretto latte. The burrito came with chips and a super flavorful salsa. Adding this place to my list for when I come back to Chicago!

Pros: Many pastries, Inventive drinks , Tasty foods

Cons: Only a few hot food options


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19 Feb 2023


Lox is fire, seating is weird but i don’t really care


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30 Jan 2023


Absolutely wonderful food and location. Breakfast sandwiches are to die for


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12 Nov 2022

So good

I love this place! Everything I’ve tried has been delicious


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23 Oct 2022

Cute cafe with a nice patio

Adoptable cafe on a tree-lined street in lakeview. Solid pastries and some food items. Burrito bowl and the pumpkin spice muffin were both tasty

Pros: Pastry selection, Wifi + workspace


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03 Jun 2022

Worth It!

We diverted on a road trip to try some vegan food the Chicago way, and it was so worth it! The food was amazing! The atmosphere was a vibe - and the people were unbeatable in their welcome and energy. Thanks for making us fall in love with Chicago at first bite! Xo

Pros: All vegan, Awesome atmosphere , Friendly staff

Cons: A little pricey, but worth it


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04 Apr 2022

great breakfast cafe!

this is a very cute little cafe!
although there are tons of great coffee/tea places around here, i feel like they always have exciting and fancy drink mixes here like dulce de leche lattes or mint chocolate matcha!
not only do they have great drinks but their food options are good too! i will admit their food tends to be on the pricier side, but usually it is enough to be full after eating. The pastries are hit or miss, their croissants are very good, especially the one used in their just egg and veggie sandwhich, but the brownies/cupcakes/cookies have been great sometimes and lackluster sometimes.

would definitely recommend for a great vegan breakfast, which is sadly hard to find around the area.

Pros: all vegan! , fun and exciting drink menu , vegan breakfast

Cons: expensive/not always filling, pastries hit or miss


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06 Mar 2022

This restaurant was fantastic, truly a very good meal and we tried everything.

Really the food was great and it was the first time in over two years that I had any type of cheese, cheese plate was really great and fun.

Pros: The staff and the food, The owners passion, I wish I lived here to enjoy it more often


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28 Dec 2021

Nice Cafe

Chose this place for the GF options for my daughter. The cafe was low on inventory after being closed for Christmas weekend. She would have liked her breakfast sandwich better if it wasn’t on the nut and seed bread. Definitely recommend checking this place out. Should be great when open for regular business hours. #Veganuary

Pros: Multiple plant mylks, Gluten-free options, Croissants


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26 Nov 2021

Kind of weird someone said this was the worst vegan food they had... i disagree

This has gotta some of the most comforting and warm vegan food IVE ever had!! the creme brûlée latte was amazing- and the lentil lasagna oh my god it [censored] me up. seriously it felt like a hug. amazing


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02 Oct 2021

Worse vegan food I had

We cane here for breakfast. Had the breakfast sandwich and the quiche.
The sandwich was so dry and hard to chew, without any dressing, the meat, egg and cheese where overmichowaved, made McDonald's sandwiches look like 5 start. Quiche tasted bad and took a long time to come out. Also the latte was cold.
Don't like writing bad reviews for vegan restaurants, but they need to do much better than this.

Cons: Microwaved food, dry.


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26 Aug 2021


I was excited to try this spot and really gave it a real chance but it was not a good experience. To start, the cafe said it was open online but when we showed up it had a sign that said it was closed and to join them at the restaurant. Annoying but determined, we went to the Fullerton location. The location does not yet seem finished? We didn't mind though and ordered to sit outside. I got the bagel and carrot lox with the house made cream cheese. The bagel was stale and not toasted. I was really surprised that they didn't toast the bagel whatsoever. There was barely any cream cheese on it, i couldn't taste it when eating the bagel. The breakfast burrito was okay but bland. The avocado toast was surprisingly the best thing as the bread they used was great. They also forgot the quiche which ended up being pretty good, but there was no crust. Overall would NOT go here over all the other vegan spots in town.

Pros: All vegan, Outdoor patio

Cons: Bagel not toasted, Disorganized


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22 Aug 2021

Small menu, bland food

Spent a couple days in Chicago so I figured I could try each meal at a different place. I was looking forward to Fancy Plates but when I got there, the menu was small and the food was bland. After touching parts of the subway and such to get there, I wanted to wash my hands but they won't let customers access the restroom so hand sanitizer had to suffice. Decided on the breakfast burrito when my first choice wasn't available. The salsa helped but there wasn't much given. No napkins on the tables so I would have had to leave my table to go back inside to ask for one and when you dine alone, the risk is always someone will take your table (it was tight that day) or someone will bus your table so I decided to go napkin-less. Overall, I wish I had went somewhere else.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Food is hit or miss


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01 Jul 2021

My favorite

Love this place. Great people, really good food and cozy place. They make their own cheese and tempeh. Outdoor seating is lovely!

Pros: Great variety, healthy, wonderful atmosphere

Cons: None


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16 May 2021

Hurry up w my damn croissants

Word is out that this place is awesome.

Pros: 100% vegan. , Extended sidewalk seating.

Cons: None.


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15 Apr 2021

sure is fancy

this cafe is such a great addition to chicago. having a completely vegan cafe is wonderful as I know My coffee is definitely made with oat milk. the carrot lox bagel is out of this world, and I highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

Pros: completely vegan, calm and cute environment , they def know what they’re doing

Cons: expensive ~, tucked away (just a bit), difficult parking near there


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14 Nov 2020


Delicious Croissant Breakfast Sandwich and the Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon roll is a must have! Plus a wonderful staff!

Pros: Vegan!, Delicious!!, CINNAMON ROLLS!!!


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08 Jul 2020

Multi Course Dinners

The cafe itself is great, but the real star of the show here is the multi course dinners. They are fantastic and unique.


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23 Apr 2020

Great neighborhood place

Dinners are gourmet, mid-price, but really special, experimental food. Cafe service much homier, quieter, and simpler. Carrot lox is good. Their nut cheeses are excellent. Recommended. Follow on Instagram for supper clubs. Great place!


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06 Mar 2020

Phenomenal food, cozy atmosphere. Really enjoyed the quiche and breakfast sandy

Don’t need to wear your fancy pants but they have fancy plants here.

Pros: Tasty breakfast , Tasty lunch, Tasty snacks

Cons: There aren’t more of locations

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