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Since Sept 2014, this small shop offers a menu of Middle Eastern dishes with falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, rice, and salads. Operated by two Palestinians. Open Tue-Thu 11:30-21:00, Fri 15:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 11:30-21:00.

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First Review by LotteAarts


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28 Jan 2023

Best falafel in Eindhoven

Small place serving the best falafel in Eindhoven. Recommended!



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10 Jul 2022

Goed gegeten

Kwaliteit falafel geweldig, en het pita brood mega lekker!

Pros: Veeel vegan & vers eten

Cons: Tafels zijn wat campingstyle, Te breed uitgeschreven menu. Niet nodig

Falafel Masters

14 Jul 2022

Dank u, we gaan denken over het aanpassen van het menu.


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04 Jun 2022

My favourite falafel place

A small and cozy cafe with fresh home made falafel dishes. I eat lunch here almost every day and sometimes in weekends too.

Falafel Masters

05 Jun 2022


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19 May 2022


Lekker eten, goede service en veel vegan mogelijkheden! Dank je wel!

Falafel Masters

19 May 2022

Falafel Masters

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06 Feb 2022

Falafel Masters

Fresh, Homemade, Vegeterian, Vegan #Veganuary

Pros: All is Vegetarian, Vegan and Fresh , Nice Atmosphere


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24 Sep 2021

De lekkerste falafel van Eindhoven

Heerlijke falafel, alles wordt vers bereid. Klein restaurant met vriendelijk personeel, afhalen ook mogelijk.


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04 Jun 2021

Pleasent Experience, fresh self-made foods

Very nice experience at Falafel Masters! Mr DaΓΊd (probably spelled wrong haha, whoops) is a very nice, caring gentleman who makes sure your diner wishes are fulfilled!


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10 Jan 2021

Originele falafel, zeer lekker eten, gastvrije eigenaar

Het eten wordt allemaal daar voorbereid. 100 percent vegetarisch en vegan. Het eten is smaakvol, verse ingrediΓ«nten en lekker broodjes falafel. De eigenaar is zeer aardig en vriendelijk. Zeker komen we terug.

Updated from previous review on 2021-01-10

Pros: Vers en smaakvol , Vegetarisch en vegan , Vriendelijke eigenaar


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17 Dec 2020

Great place great falafel

Not much to say, great food at fast-food prices nice dude who runs the place.

It's good falafel. A great semi-healthy option if you're craving fast food.


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03 Oct 2020

Eat here regularly

Nice cozy place to eat in or take away. You can have a quick falafel or have a meal with different courses, it is all very nice. The owner is friendly.


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02 Aug 2020

great food

I love falafel so this is a great spot for that! The owner is very friendly to help you choose from the menu. More a take-away place than really sitting cozy (but you can eat in if you want!)

Pros: great food, friendly staff, extensive menu

Cons: not very cozy to sit in


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01 Jul 2020


Heerlijk vegan eten! De beste falafel en de service vinden wij altijd top! Komen hier vaker per maand en het blijft overheerlijk !!!

Pros: Heerlijk, Betaalbaar, Genieten


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16 Dec 2019

Bad service.

Doesn't treat his costumers well. Deleted critic reviews from Facebook. Definitely overpriced.


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15 Sep 2019

Made with love

The owner creates all the dishes with the best ingredients.


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31 Aug 2019

Great vegan food for a small price

Had a hand full of great different meals which all were masterfully crafted. Everything on their menu is vegan except the hallumini and cappuccino, and there is so much to choose from. Go to this place! You’ll love it


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31 Aug 2018

Great Vegan Food

Loved the Vega Falafel. this restaurant is a blessing in Eindhoven, a delight for Vegans. Its clean and the owner is very polite,serve is good and above all perfect taste.
Me and husband who are Vegans ordered Vega Falafel, which was just amazing.
Would definitely visit again, to try other Vegan options.

Pros: Vegan Food, Clean, Good Value for money


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29 Aug 2018

Very good!!!

Falafel master is erg lekker!! Veel vegan opties en erg lekker! Eigenaren zo vriendelijk en altijd hartelijk welkom! Raad iedereen aan om daar eens te gaan eten!


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17 Feb 2018

Friendly service, great food.

Love it here, the location is very clean and has a nice atmosphere, the service is very friendly and the food is great, my new favorite falafel place.

Pros: everything is vegan exept a few options and they a


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21 Jan 2018

Delicious food! Suitable for vegans:)

Everything we tried here was delicious: soft and creamy baba ganoush, gentle and natural in taste hummus, falafel, spices... yummy:)) Very friendly and hospitable owner. We wanted to come again and again.


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18 Dec 2017

This is not America

It's not.
It's Eindhoven.
And it's ding-dang-nice Falafel.

I can only speak from a pick-up point of vue, but in that perspective I'm giving this nice little place a 'press play and hit repeat' rating.

If you are in Eindhoven, and can't get the h#ll out, you might as well get some Falafel.

If your from a town with great Falafel (Eindhoven previously wasn't) and are abducted in the Eindhove region, ask your kidnapper to get some take-away from this place. The cozy setting, nice owner and bite-ready Falafel might just melt their hart just enough for them to set you free. If not, at least you got a great bite out of it.

Pros: The basic: good falafel, The plus: just enough options, The bonus: personal advice

Cons: Location


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14 Oct 2017

Great hospitality and delicious food

The restaurant is owned by two wonderful people with great hospitality. If you have visited the place once or twice, they will recognize you the next time. They have great passion for their food and recipes and are willing to tell all about it.

The food is delicious and not expensive. Amongst other the menu contains chocolate mousse, which is definitely worth trying. Also the autumn dish with pumpkin is really tasty.

Note: the menu is not completely vegan, check before you order ;)

Pros: Great hospitality, Good price, Great food


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14 Oct 2017

Good food and lovely people

I’ve been here multiple times and the food is always fresh and tasty. Almost everything is vegan, including the desserts. The owners are very friendly and always trying to accommodate your wishes. Last time I came with a large group and they catered a lovely three course dinner. A must for vegans!


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17 Jul 2017

Best falafel in town

Falafel masters is our "go to" spot if we want to have a 'quick', simple and still nutritious meal.

To be honest, we always order the same: 1 falafel wrap, 1 falafel pita bread, the arabica salad and the fries.

What strikes us is that the quality of the food is consistent, it is always the same, built the same, looks the same, consists of the same products and measurements and tastes the same (however, last two visits there was more garlic in the sauce or in the falafel itself than before). We are also very fond of the vegan baklava which costs only €1,- per piece. Previously we would by around 4 - 6 pcs , but they have now restricted to 1 piece per person (such a shame ! :) as they want to sell it with the ice cream desserts instead of seperately.

Owner is very kind, so is his wife!
However, the place can be crowded sometimes, all of the sudden it gets very busy and the owner gets very stressed about it and this reflects on how he communicates with customers too; rushed, sometimes less friendly than we're used too and service can become very slow.

I would suggest adding extra personel for a more fluent proceeding of orders and handling of questions and orders when it's busy.

Pros: consistent food, mostly vegan, only a few desserts are vegetarian, clean! Very clean establishment

Cons: Only 1 person handling orders(wife sometimes helps, When busy, service becomes very slow, When busy, can be a tad unfriendly,


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19 Jan 2017

Just awesome

Went there with a vegan group and it was just perfect. very good food and desserts. In doubt order the Menu 16!!

Pros: lots of vegan options

Cons: Menu only in Dutch, but next week they will have i


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19 Dec 2016

Great falafels, fast service

Falafel masters offers a variety of different foods such as hummus, baba ganoush, falafels etc. The food was fresh, delicious and the prices were affordable. Service was also fast.

Pros: Freshness, Great falafels


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20 Aug 2016


The food was excellent. The people are very friendly. It was clean and it is a good environment. We ordered two falafel wraps. It is a good place for vegans (there is enough choice). I highly recommend this place!

Pros: friendly staff, excellent food, nice vibe

Makai Tamas

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05 Jul 2016

Thumb's Up

I can only repeat what the others before me have already said. But I want to because it was such a nice experience.
The place is nice and not too small. The gentleman who prepared my delicious falafel sandwich was very nice, we had a good chat. And it's true. The food is really, really good.
Go and enjoy!

Pros: Great food, Friendly service, Good prices

Cons: There isn't any that I could think of.

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