All-day breakfast and lunch health food restaurant in Berlin Mitte. Offers dishes like vegan breakfast, fraiser's lunch, and bruschetta. Has vegan dessert and plant milk for coffee. Converted to all-vegetarian in 2021. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-16:00.

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First Review by Seven7


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14 Sep 2023

great dishes but not sure I'd return

To start off, I think it's awesome to have a place that sells dishes like shashuka for vegans which I don't think I've seen offered anywhere else. It's definitely worth checking out once, however the dishes are very pricey and there's a long wait. Even though we went on a Thursday it was very full, and though we were lucky to get a table immediately it took a long time till we could order and then for our order to arrive, there was a queue to their restroom as well. I personally had bread with vegan minced meat, mashed avocado, mustard, hummus and salad, it wasn't bad but it could have been better and it felt heavy in my stomach. Based on the other reviews though I can imagine that I was just unlucky and dishes like the pancakes or shashuka are more delicious. The meal portions are huge but the coffees are pretty small. The ambiance is pretty though. Due to the prices and how many other vegan (friendly) places there are in Berlin I'm not sure I'd personally go again.

Pros: nice ambiance, dishes you can't easily find vegan

Cons: expensive, long wait



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10 Sep 2023

Delicious breakfast!

We went here for breakfast and the food was great, I had the vegan shakshuka which was really good. We had to queue for quite a while though - so not the best option when a) already very hungry or b) in a hurry ;)


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08 Aug 2023

Factory Girl

From looking at other reviews it seems like we were lucky because we got a table straight away so that was great! The pancakes were delicious and the vibe of the place was very cool! The wait for the food seemed reasonable considering how many guests there were but the wait to order seemed a bit too long and for a while we thought that maybe the had forgotten about taking our order. Apart from that the staff was super kind!

Pros: Delicious breakfast, Large menu

Cons: Long wait to order


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23 Jul 2023

Never misses

I always leave Factory Girl very satisfied and very full. 10/10, enough said.

Take into account that there’s almost always a queue on weekend mornings. We got there around 10:45am and waited a solid 10 minutes. Not too bad, but still, keep it in mind.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-23


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04 Jul 2023

Large portions

We ordered the vegan shakshuka - it was very tasty, and the portion was huge. As the meal usually comes with eggs you can replace with vegan alternatives. The coffee was also very nice.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: Quite expensive


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27 May 2023

Decent, but not worth the hype

The café offers tasty breakfast and lunch as well as their special desert „Coco Anjela“ in various flavors.
The portions are big, but I find the place a bit too overpriced and not worth the hype or worth waiting in line for a table in this very hipster-like café.

Pros: Many vegan options , Tasty food

Cons: Overpriced, Long waiting times for a table


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09 May 2023

Well worth queuing outside.

We visited factory girl on Sunday morning but found a large queue outside. We waited about 30 minutes but when we were invited in the experience was great. My wife had the pancakes which the thoroughly enjoyed and I had the tofu scramble which although had a slightly sloppy texture did taste phenomenal & the sourdough bread was on point too. Well worth visiting if your near.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Fantastic quality food, Laid back friendly staff

Cons: Can be a long wait


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11 Apr 2023

Insane food!!

We ordered vegan shakshuka and vegan turk’s mom cilbir. They were both really good!! The shakshuka was a bit too big. We also ordered hot nana börek and is was also really good!!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, The food was insane , Good atmosphere

Cons: Quite expensive


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11 Apr 2023

Really good!

Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and huge proportions with tons of flavor

Pros: Large proportions, Very tasty, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A bit expensive, Not 100% vegan


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18 Mar 2023

Awesome place

Nice place to eat, drink & chill. Cosy atmosphere & the personal was soo kind! Hope to comeback soon!
small drawback: long waiting time to have a table and to be served.. don't go if you don't have much time

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-18

Pros: nice food, the prices were okay, alternative style 🌱

Cons: long waiting time..


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27 Feb 2023


All vegetarian place with a few specific vegan breakfast options. Had the silken tofu scramble added avocado and vegan feta. Lovely

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-27

Pros: Delicious vegan options, All veggie place

Cons: Pricier but worth it


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13 Nov 2022

Brunch time

Had the vegan Turk’s Mom with extra potatoes and tofu and there deconstructed cake (forgot the name) for desert. Loved loved all of it! The only downside is how expensive it is. Otherwise delicious and will definitely come back.

Pros: Fully vegetarian , Amazing staff, Outdoor seating

Cons: Expensive , Long wait for seating


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01 Nov 2022

Turk's mom çilbir

My friend really wanted to go to this place, even though it's not fully vegan. Upon arrival, there was a hoard of people waiting outside to get their table. At the entrance there was a QR code that you could scan to put yourself on the waiting list. We were the 19th party to join this list, right before it was closed off at 20. The estimate was 1 hour, so we went for a walk. After 30 minutes we noticed that we were 7th in line and the estimated waiting time was 1 minute, so we hurried back only to find that we had to wait another 10 minutes. When we finally got our table, we decided to order the Turk's mom çilbir: a plantbased yoghurt infused with garlic and herbs, sautéed spinach and a herbal oil, served with bread. As toppings, we went for the mushrooms and eggplant, which both paired perfectly with this dish. It was honestly so flavourful, I would recommend the exact same thing. We ordered some silken tofu scramble on the side, which was also next level: very smooth and flavourful with a herbal oil and just the right amount of spices. For this food alone, I would give 5 stars. We also had the pancakes, which were also really good, and then we also tried the Coco Anjela, a dessert that seemed to be inspired by tiramisu. That one was also good, but it honestly fell flat next to the other dishes which had much more depth in their flavours.
I substracted one star because it all felt a bit hurried to eat next to the waiting line and there was only 1 toilet for the whole business, which was pretty much occupied all the time by other clients & the staff. There was no way to see when the toilet was available, which led to awkward situations. The staff was very friendly and professional though, so that's the only point of critique I could give. I'd definitely return for the çilbir and the tofu scramble.

Pros: Turk's mom çilbir, Silken tofu scramble

Cons: Waiting line, Only 1 toilet, which is always occupied


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19 Sep 2022

Hipster vegetarian café

Tasty food, good vegan menu choices, but quite expensive. No printed menu (QR code only), does NOT accept cash

Pros: Vegan friendly, Tasty food

Cons: Expensive, small portions, No printed or other form of offline menu, No cash allowed


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14 Sep 2022

Hip and delicious

They have 4 vegan breakfast options and I really loved the "Turk's mom çilbir", something different from the usual options. Unfortunately, they were out of cinnamon rolls (11am, Tuesday), which apparently happens quite often. The portions come with 3 slices of sourdough bread and are nicely filling. The coffee/cappucchino however is tiny for 3.5€.

Even during the week you have to bring some time, as there is a waiting line quite often. The service is fast and efficient.

I would love to see them turn completely vegan or at least change the language and not call cow milk "normal".😉

Pros: Interesting, nutritious dishes

Cons: Crowded, waiting line (also during the week) , One bathroom for >15 tables, Pricey


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14 Aug 2022

Ok for a breakfast

Took the vegan pancake and it wasn’t particularly good or disappointing , it was just average. Might try something else next time


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12 Aug 2022

Special place for vegan Breakfast!

The food options were very delicious! Especially the pancakes are bomb! Not only delicious but also full of good stuff. Unfortunately there were no cinnamon buns available, we really would have liked to try them.
The place was a little crowded (10 am, friday) and therefore kind of loud (nothing for a quiet chat) which is why I give it four stars. But for young people it's great! And the staff was really friendly. They even allowed me to pay cash since my card didn't work. Even though there was a hint that cash can't be accepted.

I will defintiely come back to try the other options but only with a person that doesn't value quietness and privacy too much (no quiet corner available).

Pros: Delicious food, Unconventional options, Lovely staff

Cons: Crowded, kinda loud


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24 Jul 2022

Really good breakfast

The avo toast was very good, we added vegan feta cheese and the cheese was amazing! The pancakes were superb! The matcha latte (made with oat milk) was the best matcha latte I’ve ever had. The regular coffee was not so good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: A bit pricy


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10 Jul 2022

So good that we ate here for breakfast 3 days in a row!

We loved this place so much that we ate breakfast there 3 days in a row! My friend really enjoyed the vegetarian options and I absolutely loved the vegan choices. The Turk breakfast and the Shakahuka breakfast were exquisite and really filling. We weren't even hungry until lunch. And be sure to treat yourself to the chai matcha latte. It's the best coffee drink on the menu! Plus the wait staff is really great.

Pros: Lots of tasty vegan options, Delicious coffee drinks, Fair pricing & open 365

Cons: Very popular so long wait times


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04 Jul 2022

Beautiful but pricey

The dishes here are absolutely beautifully put together and delicious as well. But there are so many equally nice cafés around that does not take the same high prices as Factory Girl.

They still get fairly high points from me just because of how scrumptious the food look/tastes and for the fact that they where so willing to work around/with allergies - for which I am grateful!

Pros: Vegan options , Som gluten-free options , Beautiful food

Cons: Expensive , Crowded


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20 Jun 2022

I’ve been searching Berlin for food like this!

Fresh, wholesome, home style delicious and nutritious food. Funky environment with great musics relaxed and friendly staff who speak English. I’ll be back!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-20

Pros: Fresh wholesome home style food, Friendly English speaking staff, Funky relaxed atmosphere


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12 Mar 2022

Over-priced but nice

The chocolate and banana pancakes were worth it

Pros: Nice service , Mixture of vegan options , Cozy environment

Cons: Expensive , Long waiting time , Tofu scramble could be better


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08 Jan 2022

Nice but pricy

Gemütliches Ambiente mit vielen Pflanzen, bei unserem Besuch im Winter allerdings relativ kühl. Getränke waren schnell bestellt und am Tisch, auf die Essensbestellung haben wir relativ lang gewartet. Das Personal war sehr freundlich. Das Essen fanden wir verhältnismäßig teuer (ca. 12,50€ für drei vegane Pancakes mit Topping), aber lecker.

Pros: Nice and cozy location / Schönes, gemütliches Café, Food very good - good / Essen sehr gut bis gut

Cons: Rather pricy / Ziemlich happige Preise, A little cold (in winter) / Temperatur etwas kalt, Service took very long / Lange Wartezeiten


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14 Dec 2021

Great for vegetarians, not for vegans

We had huge expectations after waiting about an hour to enter. The desserts were great, but the vegan options are very limited. But the vegetarian ones I have seen at other tables looked amazing😄the staff was very friendly too!


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08 Oct 2021


This place was tasty for sure, their coffee was the best we had on Berlin! I do wish they had more vegan options since they put so much effort into their eggs dishes.
I had the cinnamon roll, breakfast dessert, and the toast with beans.

As a general rule I dislike beets, but this dish had great flavor, very savory. The beets were actually done so well and added a delicate change to the flavor without ruining it.

The dessert was seriously so good. Even if you only go for this and the coffee, it's time well spent. We got the banana and chocolate version of it. My husband and I split this and the cinnamon roll which was also delicious.

Pros: Tasty, Great coffee

Cons: Not many options, Best looking option crossed out


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20 Sep 2021


We had a great breakfast! The location is placed in a smaller street without traffic and there is lots of greenery around. Nice ambiance and friendly service.
They offer healthy vegan (and vegetarian) food.

Pros: Delicious food, ambiance, service


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17 Sep 2021

Vegetarian but not that vegan friendly

I was surprised by how most of their dishes were egg based. I had the Vegan in der Mitte which was good but not great.

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