341 Cedar St NW, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA, 20012

Everlasting Life changed its name to Evolve in mid-2014. Offers a classic southern, soul food approach with a menu of veggies and proteins, alcohol and dessert. The space is modern with high ceilings, a bar area and concrete floors coupled with art and ambient music. Located near the Metro, short walk from exit of Takoma Park Metro. Menu has mac and cheese, collards, green beans, chik'n, 'fish,' and tofu dishes in the slow cooked and battered style of southern kitchen. Open Mon-Fri 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm.

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First Review by cookiem

first visit (spring '14) was great; disappointing since - Edit

on our first visit in spring of 2014, a friend and i marveled at the quality of the kitchen. we had, unequivocally, the best gourmet rendering of mac n' cheese we've ever sampled. same friend and i have been let down 3x since. the kitchen's gone bland and the service has been comically slow. moreover, management is tactless in exposing patrons to problems of the operation. our last 3 visits found us within earshot of what was essentially an ad hoc staff meeting, in the dining space. it was discomforting to hear waitstaff discuss, w/ patrons, the restaurant's profit issues (visits 3 and 4). just so awkward and oafish.

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A Great Vegan Place - Edit

Delicious food, mostly soul tastes. Especially good sides, and lots of them. Pleasant surroundings, but music is usually too loud to allow conversation.

Pros: Great soul tastes. "Fish" sandwich exceptional., Good variety of offerings.

Cons: Music too loud for conversation, Service slow and not very friendly

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decent options. very expensive - Edit

So this place is right next to Vegaritos and is owned by the same guy. They have some similarities but a totally different feel. This place is much more expensive and attracts rude customers. The staff was 50/50 on being rude or friendly. The food was decent. And the baked good were good. But really expensive

Pros: Good food options, to go option

Cons: Exspensive, some rude staff and customers

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Soul food & cocktails! - Edit

There was a line for the new hot bar when we visited, but it moved quickly, and in no time, we were eating heaping portions of awesome vegan soul food: eggplant Parmesan, mac and cheese, spinach, and collards. The carrot cake and cannoli were incredibly delicious -- as was the perfectly mixed martini!

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Great food and atmosphere! - Edit

I have friends in Takoma Park and visited regularly before moving to China. This restaurant and bar became one of our favorite spots to grab a beer and a snack. I look forward to visiting when I move back! I met the owner a few times and spoke to him about the vegan/vegetarian movement in and around DC, even discussing Summer Vegetarian Fest in PA. He's a really cool guy!

The food is definitely a "fusion" of ingredients and styles. My vegetarian and vegan friends adore the menu and even many omnivore friends have enjoyed coming here as well. The food is reliably tasty and the bar is always fun. Live music sometimes ramps up the atmosphere, but it can be loud. Also, not all areas are super well-lit, so it can be a little dark.

As most of Takoma Park, the pricing reflects gentrification and could be considered somewhat expensive. As rents rise in TP, so do food prices!

Pros: Tasty, Fun menu, Bar

Cons: Lighting

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fantastic! - Edit

Reasonably priced vegan buffet restaurant. Delicious entrees and sides. Excellent staff and experience. Open for dinner Monday - Friday. All day Saturday. Closes at 5pm Sunday.

Pros: Yummy!, Many Options + Nice Ambiance, Full Bar

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Delicious soul food - Edit

The food was awesome! Generous portion sizes. Had to take a doggy bag home. I will definitely visit again ☺

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Great entrees and local drinks - Edit

Evolve was a pleasant surprise stop for us before the Wizards game. Their entrees tasted great. We had eggplant parmigiana, drumsticks and a seaweed wrapped protein. The mac and cheese and collard greens we had as sides were even better. There were a few smoothies, some local beer and wine options and an array of desserts. Evolve was a bit out of the way but it was right on the subway line for a quick return to the city for tip-off.

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Customer Service Sucks - Edit

I'm so appalled at the service I received here. I arrived at the restaurant early not recognizing that they didn't open until 5pm. The website boast a 4-7 pm Happy Hour, I waited next door and was the second person in the restaurant. They don't really have a carryout section to wait so my daughter and I sat at the bar. We had three people come ask us to move even after my daughter had gotten up and was standing away from the bar. That was minor but the fact that I waited 45 minutes for my food is really what makes me never want to go back. It was extremely insulting to watch other patrons come in be seated and served their meals (which were the exact same of what I ordered) not once but three different tables. And personally I've had better vegan food, it wasn't horrible but I definitely won't grace their doorstep any more

Pros: None

Cons: No Dedicated Parking, Rude people work here, Slowest service ever

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Great food, great people, great price! - Edit

I liked this place quite a lot! My husband and I came there for dinner, we had great service from the bartender (Alan?) who also doubled as our waiter, the portions were quite large, and very inexpensive.

The restaurant was nice, the food was great, and the people were lovely. What more do you want?

Pros: Good food, great prices, nice servers

Cons: ???

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Vegan to vegan - Edit

I wouldn't spend another dollar there if you gave me the money and offered to pick me up. I took my wife to dinner at Evolve on a Groupon before heading to see a show.
The store randomly opened one hour later than its posted time. Okay, stuff happens. We killed time and went back...
Only to discover that half of the menu wasn't available.
Okay, fine. It's a small vegan joint. We're just happy to give it our support.
We waited a good twenty minutes to order even though we were two of maybe five people in the whole place.
So we sat at the bar.
"Can I have an Old Fashioned?"
"What's that?"
"Okay, how about a Manhattan?"
"How do you make it?"
Whatever. Just give me a whiskey.
We ordered the fabled mac n cheese, and we were told that it's now an entree and not a side. There were two of us, so we'd happily share the dish.
It came out - no joke - 30-40 minutes later, and while it was the size of an ice cream scoop, we were told it was a $12 entree.
No. That's not how entrees work.
We explained to owner/manager Dr Barruch - whom I'm pretty sure is slightly less of a doctor than Dre and J put together - that we weren't hot on this new non-entree, entree business.
He told us how the mac n cheese is his best-selling item but that he's lost money on it for 8 years. (?)
Then he tells us that he's not making money on the Groupon. (?)
Next, he gets hostile. "Are you telling me how to run my business?"
No, dude. I'm your target demographic - a vegan who drinks and has a couple bucks to go out - and I'm telling you that my experience is unpleasant.
We decide to leave.
I use the restroom only to return to my wife standing outside.
"He told me to get the f out."
Are you kidding?
It's a shame, man. I want to love this place. That was our third visit - second, consecutive bad time - and there won't be a fourth.
Know your customers.
Appreciate your customers.

Pros: good food sometimes, serves alcohol

Cons: badly managed, menu items often unavailable

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friendly - Edit

Friendly staff, great food, great atmosphere. Loved their Mac & cheese.

Pros: friendly staff, great food

Cons: difficult to find parking nearby

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Friendly staff and amazing food - Edit

I went there with my friend before a show. We were greeted at the door and quickly seated. We started off with some coffee which tasted great. For entrees, she got the steak and cheese with a side of ratatouille while I got the fried chick-un with sides of macaroni and cheese and ginger kale.

The steak and cheese tasted phenomenal. It could've fooled meat-eaters easily, and was excellently seasoned and flavored. The ratatouille was filled with just as many unique flavors. My chick-un, again, was excellent. it tasted and felt like the real deal, and again, they did not skimp on flavoring. The mac 'n cheese was very fluffy and had a great texture. While it didn't taste like the real deal, it did taste great and very unique though, and I definitely am glad that I got it. The kale followed in the same pattern - excellently cooked and flavored.

For desert, we split the raw chocolate cheesecake. It was pretty fluffy and reminded me of a cross between mousse and chocolate ice cream. Needless to say, it was delicious. It's crust was even better - crumbly chocolate deliciousness.

On top of all this, the portions and prices were great for what you're getting. I 10/10 would recommend and go again.

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Easy and delicious! - Edit

Just ate at Evolve for the first time. When we arrived we were told that the kitchen was closed, but after a loud "oh no!" escaped my lips the waitress said she would squeeze us in. So, be advised the kitchen closes an hour before the bar does! The menu was simple - choose a main item and 1 or 2 sides. There was also a couple of specials, sandwiches and dessert. My friend and I both went with the first option. I had the chickun drum sticks, mac-n-cheese, and tuna salad. The drumsticks were super delicious and served with a mild mustard-ish sauce (I'm not exactly sure what it was but I liked it more than most mustard sauce). The mac-n-cheese seemed a little bland at first bite, but then totally won me over - it had a really great savory flavor. The tuna salad was mostly carrot based, also really good. The meal was excellent and fast, and our sever was very nice. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the house red wine. I would highly recommend this place, and getting a beer :)

Pros: really tasty food, easy menu with plenty of options, good value and service

Cons: the house red wine wasn't for me

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Meatless Monday at Evolve - Edit

Purity at Evolve — The kids very much enjoyed their organic stir fry with a cadre of sea vegetables, tofu and cashew sauce over brown rice during a recent visit to Evolve Vegan Restaurant in Takoma Park, Maryland. It was the perfect fuel after a long workout. Eat clean! ‪

Pros: Array of options, bowls are magnificent

Cons: not keen on fake meats

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Poor Cooking and Service - Edit

The"shrimp" fried rice was cooked to crunchy. Further, it was drizzled with Sriracha sauce. The "shrimp" is identical to frozen konjac products.
The citrus fruit cleanser was harshly acidic and undrinkable.
The waiter when he finally came back to the table, comped the drink and charged half price for the meal.
It is lovely, nice art and furniture. The sound level is typical bar= loud.
Yummiest German chocolate cake.

Pros: Decor

Cons: Cooking, Wait Staff

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Knock-Your-Socks-Off GREAT! - Edit

My wife & I discovered this place by accident when visiting relatives in Takoma Park. Why this address comes up listed in Washington, DC is anybody's guess— it's right next to the Takoma Park "Metro" train station, and for all intent and practical purposes, it's in TAKOMA PARK, MD. Whenever the next time is we'll be visiting again, we will be back there in a heartbeat. The food was so good that we ordered two more meals as take-out to have "on the road" for our drive home to CT the next day.

Straight-up VEGAN with a wonderful, diverse (albeit modest) menu— even some of the things that seemed common (like the Mac & Cheese, for instance) were fantastic. Great ambiance with high ceilings and a full bar. Reasonable prices, too. If you're veg or vegan, and you're anywhere near the DC area, this place is a MUST!

Pros: Wonderful food, Convenient location, Reasonably priced

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Welcome back to DC EL!!!! - Edit

Hello Everlasting Life, and thank you for coming back to the District! In fact, thank you for coming back to a location that is RIGHT on the Metro! Thank you for coming back right near where other vegan-friendly places are located and for being the standout 100% vegan restaurant! YES!

Ok, that's enough of that. The people are awesome and nice, there's a bar, high ceilings, concrete floors, some artwork, modern space and trendy restaurant feel. It's better than the old one in decor and ambiance. Good for food or for a date for those who aren't veg yet…. :)

As for the food - c'mon, y'all know what to expect. They may be shaking out the kinks as they take over this space, but you know it's good. YES, it's good.

Order some sides only like mac and cheese or collards greens for about $10, or 3 for $12… or throw in some sides to an entree for $15 or just one side for a bit less. The entrees are bbq, country fried, fish-like meat substitutes that are battered or stewed. Quite tasty, yes. The sides are amazing, and I can't wait to go back again.

Save room for dessert, because they have their own desserts - or from local bakeries… but soon, they should have a vegan bakery about ½ mile away! The coconut cake was a bit crumbly but the chocolate cake with vanilla frosting was standard fare. For now, dessert Tuesdays gets you dessert for $5, which is $1 off most slices (cheesecake and triple chocolate too).

They say soon they will have brunch on the weekends, but just wait for it.

I would love to see some more choices, but I imagine that'll happen soon enough - maybe some salads, some veggie entrees, and… more dessert?! Rotate in some new sides maybe…. like sweet potatoes, squashes (they have a carrot salad)… add in a few more raw choices? Who cares though, I love them!

Although the price is a bit high, I understand why, and for being 100% vegan and Everlasting Life, I will pay it! Yay! Can't wait to go back!

Pros: 100% Vegan, You know it's good, Southern vegan food

Cons: Price slightly high, Menu is slightly small

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