Very large buffet with over 30 dishes of various veggie curries, fried noodle, dumplings, mock-meats, tofu, steam-stuffed bread, noodle soups, and few prepackaged items. No garlic and onion. Self-service and pay for food by weight/size of plate. Near One Stop shopping mall of Pulau Tikus, east of Jalan Burma. Secondary number: +60-4-2103900. Staff have very little English and vegan dishes may not be labelled. Open Mon-Tue 7:30am-8:00pm, Thu-Sun 7:30am-8:00pm. Rests Wed (Thursday closed if 1st & 15th of lunar month fall on Wednesday)

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49 Reviews

First Review by allan79


Points +1941

09 Sep 2023

Delicious and filling!

Yummy vegan/vegetarian buffet! The people working there are friendly as well! Simply grab a plate, shove on whatever you desire, let them inspect your plate and tell you a price. They also offer dessert, steamed buns and delicious juices and other drinks!



Points +1546

14 May 2023

delicious and affordable

staff told us they don’t use eggs or milk. we only ate veggies and tempeh/tofu anyway. food is very nice! will come back for sure.


Points +868

05 Jan 2023

Use discretion if vegan

Not everything is vegan. Some of the meats have egg, drinks have dairy. Use your common sense and you can get a vegan meal.


Points +258

04 Dec 2022

Affordable vegetarian food

Great selection and affordable!


Points +3061

29 Oct 2022


this is definitely my favorite restaurant of all the places i’ve visited so far in asia! they have sooo many options to choose at the buffet and every day they have something new baked goods or snacks. even lots of different bao bun and rice dumpling flavors which are easy to take away!


Points +282

29 Jan 2022

Not vegan and not vegan friendly

Asked the cashier if products contain milk or eggs, cashier says no. Then I spot milo on the drinks menu and other packed products ingredients of which include eggs.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-29

Cons: Not sure what’s vegan , Hard to communicate with staff


Points +93

29 Jan 2022

All the other reviews are unreliable. Scrutinise, y'all!

There's a perfectly good reason why this VEGETARIAN restaurant doesn't claim to be vegan. The cashier has no understanding of vegan-friendliness or scrutiny over non-vegan warning signs. Not everything on the menu is actually vegan-friendly and people should be aware of the risk of mock meats containing egg (sometimes disguised as "albumen") and dairy. Just look at the drinks menu: any local vegan should know that Milo contains dairy. My other half told her that Milo has milk and she responded with confusion that it's just Milo. You can even look at the products on sale in their mini grocery section. The mini sausage packs listed egg-based items in the ingredients list. This makes me wonder if everything in the buffet section is vegan-friendly.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-29

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Not vegan


Points +414

14 Dec 2021

My favorite food in Georgetown :)

Big selection and lots of protein rich foods :)

Pros: Lots of options , Good prices


Points +446

15 Oct 2020


Big buffet, so many mock meat options. Everything is delicious. My go-to place for lunch! The place can be busy though between 12.00 and 14.00.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Nothing


Points +1274

08 May 2020

Healthy buffet

AMAZING place!! Most of chinese buffets are cheap and unhealthy. But this one isn't oily. There are so many choices, fake meats, hashbrowns, bun, healthy food, and the staff is very friendly. We paid RM22 for 2 big plates.
Be careful and come early cause the place is quickly full. But we understand why :)

Pros: healthy buffet, so many choices, friendly staff

Cons: overcrowded


Points +2416

29 Feb 2020

Roadside vegan diner

Humble hole in the wall roadside diner serving full vegan self service buffet.

Along with the wide array of green vegetable dishes there are lots of deep fried and battered dishes. Fake meats are plentiful, tempeh too. Choice of white rice or brown wholegrain rice.

Separate section sells filled steamed buns (bao zi).

Pros: Inexpensive, Variety

Cons: Lots of deep fried dishes


Points +152

16 Feb 2020


100 plus vegan dishes... OMG. Including faux meat, fish and squid. Fresh veggies, deep fried goodness, soups and much much more. Again, HEAVEN.


Points +92

13 Feb 2020

Full marks!

Delicious, cheap, healthy food. What more do you want?

I'd eat here every day if it weren't even cheaper and healthier to cook and eat at home.


Points +108

03 Feb 2020

Absolutely the best vegan food

This was the most delicious food we tried here in Malaysia. We’ve been to much more luxurious restaurants that were way more expensive. But this was absolutely the best one! The prices are awesome, very cheap. And also probably the best fresh juice we had so far.


Points +357

28 Jan 2020

Awesome vegan food

I absolutely loved this place. There are soooo many vegan options and it's all super delicious. Also pretty cheap. Definitely recommend going here.

Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for a few days around Chinese New Year, but we were lucky enough to visit before then.

Pros: Awesome food, Lots of vegan options


Points +119

Mostly Veg
11 Jan 2020

Great buffet selection

Located near the Gurney Drive malls, this small place serves an crazy variety of Malay and Chinese veg dishes as a buffet, or you can order specials. Very popular with local families. I am always happy to find copious amounts of freshly cooked veggies - okra, bok choy, eggplant . . . . I will make a point of returning again. I wonder if its related to the Evergreen House in Phnom Penh, one of my world-wide faves?

Pros: Variety, Fresh, Low price


Points +210

06 Jan 2020

Favourite place in Penang

There was such a lot of choice!! There was tons of veggies, lots of mock meats, several different styles of tofu and tempeh, white and whole grain rice, several noodle options. Super reasonable too at RM8 for a decent size portion. Would definitely revisit if I were in Penang again.

Pros: Tons of options , Lots of greens/healthier options , Excellent value


Points +245

06 Jan 2020

The best!!

An excellent self serve buffet with so much to choose from that I had to come back several times! As well as the buffet dishes they have a selection of soup, Bao, desserts and juices that you can order too! I would highly recommend the laksa and a fresh star fruit juice!! So good!

Pros: Cheap, Friendly staff, Huge variety


Points +257

21 Dec 2019

Great food for a small price

They have a lot of option to choose from and everything for a reasonable price. I loved it!

Pros: Many options, Cheap


Points +139

06 Dec 2019

My favourite place to eat in Penang!

The food was incredibly tasty (especially the laksa). I stayed nearby for a week and ate a lot of brunches here. Great for fuelling up for the day's adventures. So cheap, lovely staff and friendly local atmosphere.


Points +24

28 Nov 2019

An absolutely great place with good food at a reasonable price...

An absolutely great place with good food at a reasonable price...


Points +1728

19 Jul 2019

Over 60 dishes for you to eat

This restaurant is highly recommended by the locals, Vegetarian Food, is also the restaurant that we go frequently in Penang! Over 60 dishes for you to choose! And it is very, very cheap and delicious! Self-service form, go to the counter after you finished choosing your food, the staff will help you judge how much does it cost, personally, the average is around RM8! You can also have a freshly squeezed juice, such as mango juice (RM3) and order a dessert, such as Aiyu Jelly (RM4.8), which is delicious.

visit date: 2019-03


Points +206

14 Jul 2019

Huge variety and cheap

I can’t say I was even that hungry when I got here- so me eating my huge buffet plate in 4 seconds says a lot. Great flavours with almost too many options! The plate pictured was piled high and only 5MR!!

Pros: Vegan only everything !!


Points +304

13 Jul 2019

Really good

Has so many options and everything tastes good. The food is rather cold but that didn’t bother me

Pros: Inexpensive, Many options


Points +50

02 Jul 2019


I’m lucky to find this place near me. If you like to eat with locals and relax to enjoy variety of vegan cooking, this is the one !!!

Pros: Inexpensive, Many choices, Fun


Points +1423

16 May 2019

Delicious Vegan Chinese Malaysian Food

This place has good vegan Chinese Malaysian and some Japanese dishes and it’s cheap. Win win.


Points +49

14 May 2019

excellent food and great value

Went to this place 5 times, and every time the food was excellent, good quality, a massive buffet to choose from, and unbelievebly cheap, great staff, helpful and friendly, and i'd highly recommend this place to any vegan/veggies,.....plenty of choices, super cheap, tasty food, honest staff

Pros: cheap, tasty, good quality

Cons: none

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