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Serves meat, vegan options available. New York style pizzeria with a few outlets. Several items on the menu are marked vegan. Pizza and strombolis can be can be made with vegan cheese and vegan meats. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri 11:30am-10:00pm, Sat 4:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 4:00pm-9:00pm.

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17 Reviews

First Review by warmstorage


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24 Feb 2024

Kind of underwhelming

On one hand, 2 pizza slices plus a soda for $10 isn’t half bad. On the other hand, the pizza slices I got were over-cooked (literally crunchy) and didn’t have a ton of toppings. Overall I was pretty disappointed, but I might just have been unlucky with the particular pizza I got.

Pros: Value, Ambience

Cons: Pizza quality, Topping amount



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31 Dec 2023

Thai pizza

Ingredientes frescos, y simplemente deliciosa.

Pros: Servicio rápido, Ingredientes frescos, Buen precio


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24 Dec 2023

Yummy vegan garlic knots

Several vegan options between salads, pizza and garlic knots.

Pros: Garlic knots

Cons: Pizza didn’t have enough sauce


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14 Mar 2023

Extremely good pizza. Vegan chicken, vegan meatballs!

Very good crust. Lots of options. Excellent service. The vegan white with meatballs or chicken is a fav.

The reviewer that complained about price must not get out much. The vegan pizza was less costly than the regular, which never happens, and prices are standard for the city. Worth every penny, too, because the quality was very good.

Pros: Many options, Delicious, Great service

Cons: None


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07 Mar 2023

Delicious vegan white pizza.

The white sauce slice was great. Creamy and flavorful. Crust was light and had a good crunch.

Pros: Flavorful , Nice crust


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22 Jul 2021

$28 for dry bread and a drip of sauce

I am always grateful when a restaurant goes out of their way to provide vegan options. I have had Este in the past, and I found that their Vegan White was incredibly dry and bland. My go-to for vegan pizza is The Pie, and if you are able to choose between the two, I promise you that The Pie is the much better option of the two.

I recently moved outside of delivery range for The Pie, so I thought I'd give Este another try. I noticed that they had lots of new options, including a Buffalo Chick'n pizza! That's usually my favorite kind of pizza, so I was excited to see how Este's interpretation of it tasted. My partner also opted into the Vegan White, ignoring my warning that it'd be dry and tasteless. 😂

These pizzas are expensive -- more expensive than the vegan pizza options elsewhere in SLC by at least $6.00. The Buffalo Chick'n pizza alone was $28. I should note that I am never upset at a higher price tag if the taste is on point. I wouldn't be complaining about their pricing if the food was high-quality.

When these pizzas arrived, they were incredibly crusty and dry. I understand that New York pizza is characterized by crispy, thin crust, but these pizzas were like thick, stale crackers, both crispy and too dense to chew at the same time. The Buffalo Chick'n pizza had a thin layer of red sauce and a few shreds of cheese. There was absolutely no chick'n, and I couldn't taste any buffalo sauce at all. It really tasted like marinara on cardboard with a couple glops of cheese sporadically plopped onto the pizza.

The Vegan White was lukewarm bread with old tomato slices on it, but to be fair, this is the exact same way it's been every other time I've tried it.

In the end, I had to cook up some seitan, some buffalo sauce, and some white sauce that I had at home to put on these pizzas in order for them to taste edible. Should've just made the whole pizzas at home and saved myself the $80 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I'm giving them 2 stars because the garlic knots were great. The pizzas were dusty and flavorless, and the Zeppoles were angry little pebbles of dough that battled our teeth with every bite. If you've got to order from Este, stick to the garlic knots.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-22

Pros: Garlic knots, Available on Grubhub

Cons: Vegan options seem to be afterthoughts, Ingredients were all either sparse or nonexistent, Overpriced for the quality


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19 Jun 2021

Hella expensive

Cost $70 for 4 vegan GF pizzas! Ludicrous!!!

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Small pizzas if you want gluten free, 1.00-.50 a topping on specialities , Expensive AF


14 Mar 2023

That's pretty standard pricing, really. Did you notice there was not a vegan mark up?


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05 Jan 2020

Vegan section in menu!!!

I went with my non vegan family and got the vegan white pizza. The server was super nice and suggested it to me. The pizza was awesome! My non vegan family got a calzone and cheese pizza. They also have gluten free options. My gf mom got a gluten free cheese pizza. Everyone found the food delicious!


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26 Dec 2019

Favorite vegan pizza in Utah.

Their vegan white pizza is my jam. Also, they deliver via GrubHub from very far away! I love The Pie, but I'll choose Este over them any day.

Cons: Pricey, but worth it!


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23 Sep 2017

Vegan Pizza by the slice on Wednesday

They only have vegan pizza by the slice on Wednesdays but that really worked for me because that was the night I was in town. $6 for two slices and a drink.


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20 Sep 2017

Brilliantly Delicious!!

I was so surprised by not only the fabulous vegan options but the delicious crust!. We had the lasagne pizza (blew my mind), the veggie pizza and the BBQ chickun pizza. My favorite was the lasagne pizza. The vegan ricotta cheese was awesome!
It made out family outing so fun and "normal". We have missed good pizza since going vegan and this place made our day. THANK U ESTE PIZZA!


Points +2796

06 Aug 2017


I ordered a vegan stromboli! It was super delicious! They make their own vegan chicken o the premises. Friendly staff. Vegan options clearly marked.

Pros: Great vegan options!


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13 Oct 2015

5 stars! 5 stars!

Great New York style pizza, best I've had in Utah. They have daiya cheese as well as many faux meat and vegetable toppings. I also like that the side salad is already vegan, and the zeppoles (donut holes) are vegan too! I seriously freakin love this place.

Meggie and Ben

Points +1786

04 Jan 2015

Tasty and a good place to go with friends

Pretty good, but it's expensive and the crust is thin and it's not filling at all. They do have vegan garlic knots for an appetizer, which are pretty good.

I'm not a huge fan of their 'vegan white' pizza as I find it very plain, but the green four and the terra pizzas are very good. You can also make your own combo. You have to buy whole pizzas since they don't sell vegan slices. They do have good beer though.

Overall, pretty good but not my favorite. I'd much rather go to The Pie!


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27 Dec 2014


i love the stromboli, done with way too much cheese, sundried tomatos, and spinach. so good. i like the pizza less, but its pretty decent.


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18 Jul 2014

Canned mushrooms!?

New York style pizza that's good but nothing special unless you like Daiya vegan cheese, which unfortunately I do not. I suggest the garlic knots. They're amazingly delicious. The atmosphere is very nice.

Pros: The atmosphere , Location

Cons: Canned mushrooms


Points +242

27 Jan 2014

Delicious pizza, friendly people!

I ordered the Vegan White pizza (olive oil, garlic, oregano, vegan cheese, tomatoes, and red onions), 18" large for $19, and added the housemade vegan "meatballs" for an additional $2.

The people are very friendly, and the pickup order was super fast (ready in 15 minutes.) The location on 2nd South is great if you're staying in/hanging out in downtown SLC. Street parking was easy enough at night, might be tougher during the day. The price is right!

Okay, look: the pizza is delicious. It needed some salt and pepper flakes, but that is mostly personal taste.

I'm gobbling this pizza down. It's wonderful. And oily as [censored]: this is probably due to the combination of olive oil as sauce and the vegan cheese. I'm loving it, but be warned if you're not a fan of oily food.

Pros: Delicious! , fun vegan options, friendly and fast

Cons: oily

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