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839 Kearny St (at Financial District), San Francisco, California, USA, 94108

Opened since April 2009, this is Enjoy's second location in San Francisco, located on the eastern border of Chinatown, opposite St. Mary's School. Same extensive Chinese food menu; no garlic or onion used. Some dishes have photos. Plenty of seating. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:30pm, Mon-Sun 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by Mimi710

Good food, bad service - Edit

Had lunch there today. Food was tasty and portions were ample. Pretty extensive menu. Restaurant is clean and bright.

Service was rude. When taking our order the waitress was obviously not paying attention. Got one of the dishes we ordered wrong. She said I had ordered the wrong number but I also stated the name of the dish and she repeated it back to me so there should have been no misunderstanding.

I didn't make a stink about it and told her we were fine with the other dish (it was good). If anything she might have offered a mild nopology (I don't recall) but if so that was it.

Beyond all that, service was civil and that's about it.

Would not avoid the place but wouldn't intentionally go back there either. Not a great experience.

Pros: extensive menu both fake meat and no meat dishes, reasonable prices.

Cons: service

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Tasty Vegan Chinese food - Edit

My 21-year old son, who recently became vegan, and I were looking for a decent lunch spot and were pleased we found Enjoy. He loved the "chick'n" wings, but they were almost too realistic for me. I did enjoy the 'seitan beef' dish (pictured) and Szechuan chicken entrée. The service is brisk and efficient, though not overly friendly and the ambience is average. Overall, a good vegan lunch and I would come back if in SF Chinatown.

Pros: good vegan Chinese food, quick service

Cons: average ambience, not super friendly

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Delicious - Edit

My favourites are the Vegetables Chow Mein noodles and the Eggplant, Tofu & Basil w/ Satay Sauce.
Everytime we eat there with non vegan friends I try to order these and they're always appreciated.

Most of the dishes are vegan but they also have some vegetarian dishes and also some with seafood all clearly marked on the menu.

Pros: variety, rapid service

Cons: no parking, but huge payed parking nearby, not 100% vegan !

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Food that makes you smile - Edit

We are both vegan. We had the wanton noodle soup and the mixed vegetables which were really great. Lots of veggies tasty and fresh. But the highlight was the egg plant and tofu in satay sauce it was unreal. This place is well worth a visit. And a good price for lots of food. Delicious!!!

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Delicious, authentic vegetarian Chinese - Edit

I went with my family on a Saturday night, and the restaurant was about 2/3 full. (The interior photos showing empty tables were taken at the end of the evening.) Just about everything was delicious and perfect. Steamed dumplings had a thin, delicate, handmade skin, with a filling that tasted like fresh scallion, which my youngest daughter didn't like, but the rest of us loved. We all loved the soft tofu with "fish," the rice cakes with preserved mustard, beef & broccoli. the won ton soup, and the lotus root with peas and ginkgo nuts. If you've never had fresh lotus root, which is infinitely better than canned lotus root, it's a real treat and tastes like a cross between a potato and a water chestnut.

The only thing we didn't like was the zhong zi- sticky rice steamed in leaves. It wasn't terrible but the filling was a lot of mung beans and the only one of us who liked it was my mother.

The service could've been better. They were not rude, but it was hard to get the attention of a server when we needed it. It seemed like they were short-handed that night.

The menu just has a handful of nonvegan items, marked in red, so it's clear that they are not vegan.

Highly recommend!

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Okay, but a bit bland - Edit

My starter was really oily (samosa) and not worth $7. My Kung Pao chicken was nice, but could have done with more sauce. It was okay, but I don't think I would go again.

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Good vegan food that doesn't break the bank. - Edit

They have a very large menu with vegan versions of many popular Chinese dishes. They also had quite a few items that I had never seen before like the Preserved Mustard Greens, Veggie Pork Fried Rice Cake. I was assured by a member of the staff that everything was 100% vegan with no dairy. She even pointed out the walnut prawns and said it was vegan as well. Apparently they are aware that some reviewers have said it is not vegan like jasmith456's review here on this site.

I had the Steamed Dumpling, Kung Pao Soy Chicken w/ Peppers, Broccoli & Peanuts in a Spicy Chili Sauce, steamed brown rice. It was all fantastic in flavor, presentation, and served hot.

My biggest gripe would be that I had a hard time communicating with the staff. However, being in Chinatown that isn't a surprise. They did have someone on hand that spoke English well enough to answer my questions.

I'm not a big fan of mock meats and the fact that they call everything by the normal meat names is a bit of a turn off to me. But that is a very minor gripe since I knew what I was getting myself into by checking out their menu online before going in.

My only other gripe is another minor one for most. It is that there is very little that is oil-free on the menu. The amount of oil on the dishes is light compared to a typical American restaurant but nowhere near the oil-free that I shoot for.

Pros: big menu, tasty, reasonably priced

Cons: communication was a small challenge, not many oil-free options

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Fast service - Edit

We had lunch there during a visit to San Francisco. I had "beef" with broccoli, and my companion had "spare ribs." The taste and texture of the "meat" in these dishes made it difficut to believe that we were eating soy and not cow. I did find the dishes somewhat bland, however, even though I don't like my food highly spiced. Maybe that's due to the absence of onion and garlic in the dishes. Service was exceedingly speedy!

Pros: Fast service, Extensive menu, Reasonable prices

Cons: rather bland food

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Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

This is a great place to dine alone if that's what you like to do - that's what I did. And I noticed many people coming in to dine on their own as well.

I had a strange experience in terms of service, but I have a feeling it was a fluke and could be attributed to a communication barrier. So I'm not going to dock them a ton for that.

I ordered the mongolian beef with broccoli and enjoyed it although I didn't think it was spicy at all (it was noted as being spicy). The food also came out within 5 minutes of me ordering it, I was shocked. At the end of my meal, I really felt my food was average and that Golden Era is still #1 in my book when it comes to vegan Chinese. I'd eat here again though.

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A welcome break from hanging birds in chinatown - Edit

Took a trek through china town to get here, the menu boasts no meat, but we are always cautious so double checked the dairy situation - all vegan she said, great.

The menu was extensive. I had steamed dumplings - I had always wanted to try some but have no idea what is in them 'normally', won ton soup and shared a mixed platter with my friends. My food was good (not exceptional) but my partner said his soy chicken in soy sauce with bok choi was very tasty and the novelty of an all vegan menu makes me want to go back. Good, cheap, fast service, and I was given so much soup that I took it home for lunch the next day.

Pros: all vegan, extensive menu, good price

Cons: restaurant a little run down

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From Frown to Happy Face - Edit

Visiting for a bridge tournament. My friend is an omnivore and was very disappointed to hear that there was no meat in "chicken", "pork", "beef" or "fish" dishes. I offered to leave (as he has been so good about making sure the places we have eaten previously had something I could eat. Turns out his Chow Mein was delicious (it had a "meat" that he said "tasted real". He would have never known if they hadn't told him. My pumpkin, tofu and eggplant curry was tasty and hot!

Pros: Clean, Great Service, Delicious

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Tasty vegan lunch - Edit

I had read about this place on HappyCow and wanted to give it a try. Was in Chinatown area, October 2012, and walked here in the middle of the afternoon to find that it was closed between after lunch and before dinner (2.30-5.30pm), so I didn't get to eat here that day... but eventually did the next day.

The location of this place is on the eastern end of Chinatown but is labeled as Financial District. The interior is a bit dim with dark wooden furniture. While the space is a moderate size without lots of extra room, it's divided into 2 areas both filled with plenty of tables and chairs. Above one area is a flat screen tv. I was able to see the inside through the front glass windows.

Taped to the front glass is their menu which is quite extensive plus a page with food photos. It's all Chinese vegetarian food.

The very next day while attending the San Francisco World Veg Fest I was pleased to find their food booth here, so I got to try the food. Here's my Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant review.

The owner and her family managed the booth and served meals at $10 for a combo platter: rice + choice of 3 dishes. Plus you could pay extra for fried spring roll, fried curry potato triangles, and fried sesame balls.

I got brown rice with steamed dumplings (yummy), a soft tofu squares with peas and corn dish (tasty), and sauteed long beans (good). Overall the food was tasty, and the family was friendly. I would definitely eat at any of their restaurants in SF (there are currently 3) when in the mood for Chinese food.

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99% vegan and DELICIOUS! - Edit

The only thing not vegan here is the one item on the dinner menu (walnut prawns) and the ice cream in the dessert menu (though they have a vegan ice cream option). Otherwise, all vegan. And freaking fantastic! The menu is so extensive, prepare to be overwhelmed by the incredible sounding options. Very different than your "typical" Chinese food, this place has a real, authentic feel. I recommend the combination platter for a yummy tofu appetizer. And the golden dough ball dessert was soo tasty. I just ate here and already can't wait to go back!

Pros: Vegan, Mock meats, Desserts

Cons: None

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Passout 20 Apr 2015 - When I went they assured me that everything was vegan. Without me prompting them they even pointed out the walnut prawns and said they too were vegan.  

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Good spot - Edit

I've enjoyed the food both time I've visited. I particularly liked how they cooked the "gluten", (I'm not a huge fan of fake meat, and they lots of other options).
Good, quick service.

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My overall favorite restaurant! - Edit

I go to both Enjoy locations regularly, and they are easily my overall favorite restaurants. Huge menu of delicious food, excellent, friendly service, reasonable prices, and the bathrooms are even clean!

Pros: great food, great service, reasonable prices

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Downtown Chinatownish Lunch Time! - Edit

I like the Enjoy in the Avenues better, but it's nice to have another vegan restaurant downtown. The lunch special is a good deal. I like the Kung Pao "chicken". The spring roll is good and the soup... well last time I went it was the creamy corn soup which I am not a fan of, but they do other soups on different days. I am a big fan of their wonton soup.

Pros: Good Food, Great Prices, Friendly Service

Cons: The creamy corn soup

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Great lunch specials! - Edit

Nice to have an all-vegetarian option close to the financial district. As the other reviews indicate, the lunch special is great: $7.50 for a cup of soup, spring roll, tea, and a HUGE entree. Definitely enough for lunch the next day, so it's like 2-meals-in-1. The ladies there are super friendly and service is fast. The menu is expansive and everything looks delicious...I'll definitely be back!

Pros: good value, huge portions, great food

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Great lunch special - Edit

For $7.50 plus tax I got a little cup of great tasting miso seaweed soup, a somewhat bland spring roll and a WONDERFUL spicy mongolian "beef" with chunks of zuchini, carrots, red and green peppers. Also a vegan Thai iced tea with mango boba. I sucked that drink down within 2 blocks of leaving the restaurant.

Fabulous, inexpensive, filling vegan lunch.

Pros: lots of food, vegan Thai tea, very friendly staff

Cons: all vegan so too many food choices!

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Good food and fast service - Edit

Good food and fast service

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This place is awesome (go to the Sunset location) - Edit

This place is awesome, although I much prefer the ambiance of their location in the Sunset (Kirkham at 11th or 12th) over the one in the financial district. There is a lot to choose from on the menu... it takes awhile to decide what you want. My boyfriend got a "fatty pork" dish, which sounds gross but it was actually quite tasty and the way that they created the tofu was rather clever. It was shiny tofu most of the way down but the very end was clear to represent the "fat" - although we think it was agar agar based. I don't know if they make this fatty tofu on site or get it from a vendor, but either way, it is a very clever tofu creation. The beef in the green beans and beef dish was the same that you would get at other vegan restaurants, but it was goood... especially as leftovers the next day. If you go lunch time, they have cheap lunch specials for one. Oh yea, and if there are two of you, two dishes and a soup will be more than enough food for you to eat.

Pros: selection, price, two locations

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