Small and simple place. Food is mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian not vegan. Reservation is advised. Open Mon-Tue 17:00-21:00, Wed-Sat 17:00-20:30.

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First Review by Marco


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29 Sep 2023

Made with love

Restaurant in a cosy room setting run by the lovely Maartje. Simple good food. Daily changing menu with seasonal ingredients. Dishes by default vegetarian can usually be made vegan by leaving out ingredients. Example dish was salad plus risotto with glazed carrots. There also vegan desserts.



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30 Dec 2022

Knus, gezellig, vriendelijk en voortreffelijk

One of a kind. Delicious freshly made food, all vegetarian. The main meal is fixed, and always a lovely and tasty surprise. The deserts are great as well, and there you do have an option. Very friendly owner and staff.

Pros: Huiselijk en vriendelijk, Heerlijke verse en verrassende ingrediënten

Cons: Niets


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05 Oct 2021

Tiny warm homey place

Small cozy place with a nice owner. Feels very personal. Better for vegetarians than for vegans, but they do not serve meat.


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27 Aug 2021

O zo lekker attent en knap

Kleine huiskamer met bar en aanliggende keuken.
Heerlijk eten zonder overdreven liflafjes

Pros: Dagschotel


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Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2020


Friendly personnel and delicious food!

Pros: Cheap , Healthy & vegetarian, Good service


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04 Mar 2020


Enig alternatief

Pros: Super lekkere salade

Cons: Even zoeken waar het is


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19 May 2018

Knus en gezellig huiskamer gevoel

Vegetarisch wat de pot schaft restaurant. Wanneer je vooraf even belt maakt de eigenaar een veganistische verzie voor je. Altijd heerlijk eten en een leuk gesprekje.

Pros: Goedkoop, afwisselend menu


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26 Oct 2017

Good price/quality

I only know about the dinners. When I was not yet vegan, I used to love this place. Great portions, quite cheap, always delicious, biological food. Still sometimes has a vegan dish. Yes, only 1 dish per day to 'choose' from, but it does always taste good. He usually has 1 or 2 vegan versions of his meal. But that is no guarantee.
Oh and the meal is cheaper when you take away.

Pros: Great taste, good portions, not expensive at all,

Cons: Only 1 dinner dish option per day, only serves abo


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24 Apr 2017

Lot of food for small price

Small but lovely place. Tell them in advance if you have any dietary ristrictions and they will gladly take them into account. It was no problem to make my dish vegan :) We had some bulgur with sauce of tropical fruits, lentils with sundried tomatoes, carrot salad and green salad. Big portion and a big variety of flavours! Since there are only a few tables, it is best to reserve a table anyway.

Pros: Big portion size, Friendly staff, Fast service


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18 Oct 2016


We went for lunch once. It was still pretty early, but they already ran out of some items on the menu. Then again, the kitchen is tiny.
We had some lovely vegan lentil soup, an oke potato and leek soup, and an uninspired empanada.
Nevertheless, it's a pleasant place with nice food.
Would go there again

Pros: Honest food

Cons: It's cosy but tiny as well


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07 Jan 2016

nice little homelike restaurant

very cosy, friendly place.


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12 Feb 2015

big portions!

Tiny and cute place. There are only a few tables inside, so making a reservation is recommended. The menu changes daily but there's no choice; they only have one dish :)

The food is great, maybe not that experimental because most of the dishes seem quite standard in the veg kitchen, but it's tasty. Getting a vegan option was no problem when calling ahead of time. Mostly their dishes are not vegan, but occasionally they do have a completely vegan menu the waitress told me. We had couscous with sundried tomatoes, a salad with white cabbage, smoked tofu, apple and lettuce and a beetroot cake (not vegan).

I'm used to eat a lot, but was barely able to finish my portion. They serve a lot, maybe even too much. I'd normally eat the portions of the people I'm with to avoid food getting wasted, but I couldn't this time... ;) So for a price of 11,50 euro you get a lot of food.

The interior is nice and cozy, gives it a bit of a living room atmosphere. Some might not like it but I did!

Pros: tasty food, big portions, friendly staff and good atmosphere

Cons: dishes heavy on cheese sometimes


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04 Dec 2009

honest and simple

I often go here. It is not expensive, and I never have to think what the other dish would have been like ... because there is always 1 daily changing dish - and it is always good. But If I forget to make a reservation ... I often get disappointed because food and space are limited. Lunch is a good option too, soup or sandwitch and no reservation required then.

Pros: price, quality, don't have to choose

Cons: limited space


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30 Oct 2009

simple, but very decent

The woman who runs "Enig Alternatief" ha been doing it for over 15 years now, quite impressive.
It's very small with only a day-menu. Make sure you make a reservation before hand, also when you're vegan. I liked it very much, but nothing I couldn't make myself. It's simple, yet very decent.

Pros: cosy atmosphere, a pioneer in vegetarian restaurants! , decent food

Cons: you have to make a reservation, dishes are not really special


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Non Veg
25 Jan 2007

Lives up to its name

A very small and simple restaurant. You have to go with the menu of the day (yet another way to translate the name of the restaurant ;-) but the times we have been there, the dishes were fine: simple, healthy, tasty. The menu usually is not vegan. The interior is basic to, but with a cultural touch. The name means both 'the only option' and 'alternative in a lovely way'.

Pros: nice food

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