Offers a once-a-week fine dining pre-fixed, tasting menu of high-end vegan cuisine. While this weekly affair is all vegan, its catering menu also has meat dishes. A la carte dinner menu and snacks are available in the downstairs bar area. Open Thu-Sat 5:00pm-11:30pm.

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First Review by mvanorman


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09 Sep 2023

Fine dining vegan experience for the books

The atmosphere, the sommelier extraordinaire, great waiter, superb food, nice location.

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Pros: Food, Drinks, Atmosphere

Cons: Pricey



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09 Sep 2023

The best high end vegan

No misses. Every dish was superb. Great wine service. The best actually.


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10 Jul 2023

Special occasion destination

I was so blown away. Any special occasion where you want to dress up a bit and spend a little more, this is absolutely the best spot in DC.


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17 Jun 2023

Quite possibly the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had

Every bite of every dish was phenomenally delicious.

Pros: Amazing, creative, delicious dishes, Attentive, down-to-earth service, Warm, beautiful ambience


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16 Jun 2023

An Ethical Lab Grown Culinary Gem in DC!

Elizabeth's Gone Raw is a culinary gem in DC! The food and wine pairing experience was absolutely exquisite. Each dish was a work of art, narrating a story through its vibrant flavors and textures. The wines elegantly danced with the dishes, enhancing every bite. The service was top-notch, although we had to have our table physically moved a couple of times due to our initial seating against the wall. Despite that minor inconvenience, Elizabeth's Gone Raw remains a must-visit for its exceptional storytelling through food and outstanding service. A 5-star experience!

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Expensive, Not all tables are created equal


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21 May 2023

Food as an artful experience

Not just any fancy meal, this is food as an artful experience! In the past, whenever I came across deep descriptions about a transformative and mind-blowing dining experience, I'd think okay.. sure, but how is that possible? I thought I must not have the tastebuds or imagination for that type of thing. But after eating here, I completely agree with the assessment that their food has the ability to "transport you back in time to a memory or specific moment." The way they present the ingredients can really evoke memories through your senses. It's easily worth the $105 per person.

The staff at Elizabeth's Gone Raw are highly skilled. They maintain the perfect balance of professionalism and lightheartedness, making for a non-judgemental and exciting environment. They're intentional and knowledgeable, synchronized in their work. Placing dishes down at the same time for everyone at your table, lifting the glass off your plates at the same time. When an aromatic smoke pours out from the glasses they lift up, it hits everyone's senses at the same time.. They really do a great job and pay attention to all the fine details.

Eating the meal in the way they suggest really contributes to the positive experience. They tell you about trying certain things first alone, they explain their ingredients and certain methods, and they communicate intention. Multiple times throughout this meal, not only was it some of the best food I've had, but I kept saying to myself, "How did they think of this!?" Very creative combinations and transitions.

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Pros: Very filling meal, you won't leave hungry


21 May 2023


23 May 2023

Yes 😄 If you come here, definitely aim for the prix fixe if possible. This current menu is genuinely fantastic. But also at the bar you can come and just order the cheese platter. And that cheese is INCREDIBLE


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21 Apr 2023

Vegan and Classy

Exquisite food and spectacular service. Expect your bill to be on the higher end given the fine dining experience.


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18 Apr 2023

Fantastic fancy celebration dinner

We went for our anniversary and it was the perfect place for a fancy vegan celebration meal. The presentation is amazing and the food was outstanding.. I recommend the wine pairing as it really accented each course of the meal. Our new celebration restaurant.

Pros: Outstanding food, Amazing presentation , Wine pairing for each course


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16 Apr 2023

Fantastic food!

Fantastic food! Best vegan food in DC! Every course was amazing. The wine pairing was perfect. Hard to explain, textures of meat and seafood but way better. Divine!

Pros: Not raw - but all vegan , Amazing food , Amazing service

Cons: None


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05 Apr 2023

Incredible & Creative

This was such a wonderful dining experience. The ambience was beautiful and intimate. The staff was remarkable with their presentation of each course. Everyone helped everyone else and it. The food was so delicious and amazingly creative and the presentation of each course was stunningly prepared. It is expensive, but totally worth every dime. We were so full we had to take food home.

Pros: Incredibly creative food - beautifully presented, Fantastic decor and ambiance , Staff worked together as a well-oiled machine.


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18 Mar 2023


This place is pricey but well worth it. They make it a dining experience, taking the time to explain each course and what makes it special. You may think the portions are small at first but after a few courses you’ll be left beyond satisfied. If you’re looking for an experimental fine dining experience that uses vegetables in ways you’ll never imagine, I highly recommend Elizabeth’s!

Pros: Fully vegan , Unique ingredients , Fabulous dining experience

Cons: Expensive


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11 Mar 2023

A plus! (And I am a hard grader!)

Yup. $105 six course tasting menu. Yup worth it. Everything (most everything) was unique and fabulous. Whatever wasn’t fabulous was good. In the top 10 of meals I’ve had. Complex unique flavors.

I also had the wine pairing which was extraordinary. Also worth it.

Elizabeth herself was about and welcoming. Sommelier was knowledgeable and fun. Waitstaff was flawless and delightful.

Pros: Top notch vegan food, Service is great, Nice setting

Cons: Expensive (but worth it), Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday only


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03 Mar 2023

One of my life's top meals!

Elizabeth's is a dreamy experience! Unique flavors, amazing textures, beautiful dishes - all 5 senses were swooning!
Each course was filled with unique taste sensations that were fused from ingredients that came from all around the globe.
The servers were kind, knowledgeable and caring.
The food was made with love. I am so happy this place exists.
One of my life's top meals!

Pros: Inventive Dishes, Cozy Atmosphere, Uniquely Amazing


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18 Feb 2023

First time fine dining; already addicted

This place was amazing! I made my reservation almost as a joke, because I don’t resonate with expensive practices that distinguish me from people with less money than me. I am a fresh college-graduate, so I barely have any money, but I love restaurants and the vegan movement is very important to me, so I tried it.

Anyway, I walked in in my literally $0 outfit (an old shirt and old oversized khakis that were given to me from a charity store) and trail barefoot shoes. The waiter (butler? doorman? host?) looked like he thought I got lost and had no business in that house (but even in those few second he treated me cordially), but only for a few seconds; as soon as I said I had a reservation, his facial expression changed, and I was in business. Everything at the bar looked overpriced to me, but I don’t drink alcohol, so I just bought some kale chips; there were tons of them on the tiny plate (they probably usually serve more than one person only :(; yes, I was the only solo diner :(), and they were really good. Possibly the crispiest thing I have ever eaten. Very tasty.

My table was late by some 10 minutes, but they were honest about it, and with the music playing, the nice place, and my kale chips, it didn’t feel like much.

I messed up the silverware dining rules two times.😄There was no smirk, no wink, nothing. I was treated as respectfully and cordially as possible. I even asked about how I messed it up, and then they explained it to me. And then I messed up again, but there was no mention of it again. To sum up the non-culinary part: be not afraid to walk in a normal person with normal clothes; this place is about food above everything else, and it is worth it for it.

And now to food: I ate the first course too quickly. Another mistake. This food is meant to be eaten very slowly, because every tiny bite carried so much flavor it either made me smile, laugh, or at least pause and think. I had to force myself to play this little slow contemplative game at first, but I got into it with the second course, and then I rode the wave. Every bite gets into your mouth, and does magic in it. Everything is explained to you, so you can think about the ingredient, the method. Everything on the plate is independently creative and delicious. And when you follow the subtly suggested (composition on the plate) way of eating the things, your tongue will rejoice. I usually eat as much as two people. I felt full after this 8-course meal.


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14 Feb 2023

Unethical Business

Is zero stars an option?! Because that's all this place would deserve as far as I am concerned.

I booked a Valentines Day reservation on January 21st. When I looked on the website it stated the price would be $105 per person. When I booked the reservation thru Open Table the price also stated it would be $105 per person. (See screen shots below).

Despite all of this on February 11th the owner Elizabeth leaves me a voicemail stating "The price for Valentines Day would be $150 per person, and she wanted to know if I would still be coming". After listening to the voicemail I feel this phone call felt more like she was informing me the price would be more than I originally anticipated, and she just wanted to let me know to make sure I still wanted to reservation.

The restaurant was closed when I got the voicemail on Saturday so I double checked the website. On the Menu page there was a new notice that wasn't there when I made my reservation stating the Valentines Day menu would be $150 because it was an "expanded menu". I also was unable to reach Elizabeth on Sunday. On Monday Feb 13th I was finally able to get ahold of Elizabeth to discuss the new pricing.

I asked if the $105 price would be honored since that was the price I booked it at when I made my reservation on January 21st. Elizabeth stated she would not be willing to honor that price, and the price would in fact be the $150 price. I expressed how disheartening it was a first time person wanting to come to eat at the restaurant to be told a few days before Valentines Day that the price for my meal is way more than I expected to pay. She offered an insincere apology and said the new menu was update "last week". I told her I would be canceling my reservation due to the unethical business practices. She gave another insincere apology. I felt she could care less because she knows someone else would probably book the reservation at the $150 rate anyways.

Thanx for ruining my Valentines Day Elizabeth. It is now February 13th at 3:00pm and I probably wont be able to get reservations anywhere else that has decent that is vegan.

It's clear to me Elizabeth only cares about how much more money she can squeeze out of people. To change prices days before my reservation and not honor the price I booked is really bad business practices, and you should be ashamed of yourself for treating people this way!

Pros: Vegan options, Located in DC

Cons: Expensive, Changes prices last minute, Unethical business


09 May 2023

I feel like it would be unethical if the menu wasn't expanded. You reserved the traditional memu for $105, but yet they decided to expand it for valentines day, informed you ahead of time, and you still expect to get more than what you booked for, for the same price?
I will agree that 1 week out is a bit short notice for a change like that, but I don't think it's really "unethical" as you say, unless they were to charge you extra after meal without advanced notice. 🤷‍♂️


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23 Dec 2022

Always a wonderful experience.

The kale chips at the bar are delicious. Meals, with and without wine pairing, are stunning. Layers of flavors wash over the palette as each bite melts across the tongue. I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth’s Gone Raw.

Pros: 100% vegan, Vegans get fancy!, Higher price point is worth every penny


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19 Oct 2022

Pricey but worth it!

The entire experience was amazing from start to finish very pricey but such amazing meals!


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24 Aug 2022

Heart Broken

I was so excited to eat at this restaurant. I made a reservation 3 months in advance and came from Missouri to eat here . Elizabeth herself called 4 days before my dinner to say she booked a private party. "Very sorry" I am literally heart broken. It was to celebrate our 3 year anniversary vegan💔


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11 Jul 2022

Worth it for the experience

Wow, fancy. This is definitely a place to go to for a very special experience during a very special celebration. My partner and I went for his birthday and we received a specially printed menu with a Happy Birthday note written to him on it. Very thoughtful touch.

The food was obviously very good (for these prices, it better be!). That being said, some of the portions were unbelievably small. There were a couple dishes that I would have liked an additional bite of. However, I did leave full. Also even though the food was delicious, I just didn’t have anything I’d call a favorite or overly memorable in terms of higher-end vegan meals. Perhaps the cheese platter came the closest to blowing my mind - so I definitely recommend that!

The dessert portion was an interesting mix of flavors and clearly something that would be considered somewhat experimental.. my partner loved it! Me? Not so much, but it was definitely worth the experience of trying.

The prices are unquestionably egregious, but clearly this restaurant falls into a tier of elegance and culinary sophistication that warrants the costs. You are in-part paying for an elegant experience, high-end experimental dishes, and exceptional service.

I would recommend you give it a go, especially if you’re looking to impress a date. But plan to spend a pretty penny and be open minded about the food (even as a vegan!).


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09 Jul 2022

Would pay any amount of money for this

The best vegan food I’ve ever tasted.


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04 Jul 2022

Bougiest vegan experience in DC

This is the most upscale vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to. The fixed 6-course menu is rotating and unreal delicious. Amazing service and cozy atmosphere.

Pros: All vegan , High quality, Excellent service

Cons: Expensive


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02 Jun 2022

Haiku Review

Wait staff was friendly
Vegan caviar, oh yes!
Skip the wine pairing

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-23

Pros: The add ons would be great as a happy hour snack, Portion sizes were all over the map but filling , Ambiance is nice

Cons: Very pricey , Sommelier not confident if wines were vegan, Choreographed plate delivery was weird


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29 May 2022

Best vegan restaurant I've ever been

Went here on my birthday in 2021, best birthday meal to date. It is expensive but well worth it to me.

Pros: Elegant, upscale restaurant , Best vegan meal I ever had

Cons: Very expensive - but worth it


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15 May 2022

Yummy fine dine experience

Great experience overall. They had very attentive staff, great service and you receive an explanation of all of the courses! 7 courses.

Pros: Fully vegan menu , Organic ingredients , They provide a voucher for parking!

Cons: It is fine dining so it can get expensive , It is in the city 😕


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15 Jan 2022

Delicious food, amazing service

Amazing dining experience you gotta try at least once. Each dish was delicious diverse and you’ll get to try a variety of flavors. Despite the small portion sizes I guarantee you will be full by the end! Lovely atmosphere and the servers make you feel like royalty. It is very expensive (Over $100 for just the tasting menu) so make a special occasion out of it.

Pros: Delicious and fresh food, Amazing service, Lovely atmosphere

Cons: Very expensive


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12 Dec 2021

Favorite fancy spot!

Elizabeth’s menu never disappoints! Everything is always bomb. No exaggeration. The ambiance in the restaurant is great as well. I tell all my Veg and Veg-friendly friends to try this spot at least once and they always thank me 🤗

Pros: Menu diversity, Quality of dishes, Beautiful restaurant, ambiance


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22 Nov 2021

Great food exceptional service

First time attending will now go back every 6-8 weeks to enjoy each new menu. There are plenty of alcohol beverages to try either a great wine list or my preference trying the many different cocktails available.

Pros: Each dish was fresh and very tasty, Great presentation , Good portions

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