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Elephant sanctuary offering options to stay for one day or for weeks at a time. Dogs available for adoption and free roam the land, as well as cats, elephants, cows and buffalo. Guests and tourists are served Thai vegetarian food all-you-can-eat style. Office is located in Chiang Mai. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by karenr


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07 Jun 2023

This was the best vegan food in Chang Mai

We’ve been eating vegan/vegetarian food all around Thailand, but the buffet that they had here was the most extensive and tasty. We didn’t have any idea that it was all vegan until someone told us that.

Pros: It was a very extensive vegan Buffet, So tasty!

Cons: It was outside the city , Lots of flies as it was outdoors



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30 Apr 2023

Increible vegan buffé

I stayed her for two weeks and ate all vegan buffé here three times every day. Fantastic food and the view over the elephants are wonderful! 🐘❤️


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22 Feb 2023

Well-run sanctuary with a few challenges

Generally a very positive experience on the full day visit. I have major reservations about any purported claims of any sanctuary, ethical questions about visiting, and deep anger about animal tourism in Thailand on the whole. I decided to go in an effort to better understand what’s happening, especially in border areas with Myanmar. From what I can tell, the Elephant Nature park is the best sanctuary in the country. It clearly has a strong commitment to animal welfare and ethical principles. But I worry that more should be done, especially as there were a few concerning signs that the facility is expanding post COVID with a clear goal of attracting more visitors. Efforts did not appear to be working to provide the elephants more space, but to cordon off more spaces for new arrivals and creat better viewing opportunities. Hopefully, some of the improvements will be for better treatment, and improve services and support to the elephants in its care. Although, this wasn’t obvious. Potentially even creating more separation between guests and the elephants, which was closer than I had expected or appreciated when going into it today. Certainly, I have no real knowledge in sanctuary management, including and especially for elephants. Maybe I’m a bit misinformed about best practices or maybe I’m reacting more to the horrific condition unto which most elephants are treated in SE Asia and arrive at the sanctuary. We did get a good sense of that over the course of the day. Nevertheless, I still struggled with my concerns today because not all of my questions were fully addressed. Our guide for the day was nice and pleasant, but unable to answer many questions. We also went right into the tour (after the 1:15 minute drive from Chiang Mai) with little introduction to the facility. Our guide had no ability to speak to elephant welfare generally in Thailand or the challenges for wild populations. Spent the majority of the day walking around the main area of the property approaching and observing the elephants under the care of their caretakers. Many of the elephants were disabled after recovering from very brutal treatment prior to coming to the sanctuary. Walked away with mixed feelings, but generally happy that the sanctuary seems to be taking good care of the 110 or so elephants under their care. Lunch was buffet and very nice. Weather was warm. If you do decide to come, make sure to bring a hat and other sun protection.


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28 Aug 2022

Best sanctuary for elephants

You have to do a volunteer week. It‘s totally amazing!! You clean the park, prepare elephant food and walk with them. You get a vegan buffet styled breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best thing in Thailand and an amazing once in a lifetime experience!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-22


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10 Jan 2019

Ethical Recovery of Elephants on Large Plot of Land

Beautiful large open space where 82+ elephants that have been rescued from logging and riding camps or even land mine accidents are recovering from their past.

The model allows eco conscious tourists to meet elephants on the elephant's terms. There are no hooks, ropes, chains, riding, or any tools of abuse. The elephants are watched by local Thai caretakers nearly all day. Elephants that are not ready to meet people or other elephants are kept in a large space where they can hopefully recover after a few years.

Tourists can sign up for a day trip to meet the elephants or a week long volunteer program to assist with the upkeep of the large property. This place is a model for ethical human / animal interaction. Reservations must be made well in advance for the day trips.

Also the massive lunch buffet is ALL VEGAN!!!!

Pros: Ethical, Huge all vegan lunch buffet, Large open spaces for the elephants

Cons: Must book a day trip well in advance


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13 Jan 2018

excellent ethical place to meet elephants

We did the overnight stay which requires booking a few months in advance. We were served completely vegan food, buffet style, and there were many choices. The elephants at the park are recovering from past physical and emotional trauma but it was eye opening to see. I highly recommend it.

Pros: lots of vegan options, ethical tourism

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