Plant based cocina serving tacos, burritos, sopes, asada fries and occasional specialty dishes. NOTE: Opening hours are reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Formerly a pop up at Escondido Farmers Market. Open Wed-Sat 12:00pm-6:00pm. Closed Sun-Tue.

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First Review by lvhairdoc


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17 Oct 2023

Everything is good

Everything is good quality, fresh and made with care.

Pros: Beefast Burrito, Chorizo and potato burrito, Ponchos tacos



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27 Mar 2023

Cute and Authentic

They give great portions and the food is pretty authentic taco shop stuff. Even the Americanized stuff like the fries and California burrito are really fresh and good

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-26

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Big portions

Cons: Limited hours, Not gluten free friendly


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04 Nov 2022

Nice place

Nice service. Big portions


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21 Oct 2022

Hands down the best

Best vegan mexican food, their horchata is amazing as well. Can't recommend it enough, tacos are *chefs kiss*

Pros: Horchata, Garnishes, I'd happily eat this every day

Cons: A little expensive


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22 Sep 2022

Get anything Adobada

I got the Machaca burrito and my partner got the Veganito burrito with the adobada. The Machaca burrito was just ok, but the adobada burrito was soooooooo good!! I only had a few bites, but that was enough for me to give this place five stars. I would not recommend the Machaca burrito as I felt it had very little flavor. Also, the burritos are very large, so you will get filled up!


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12 Aug 2022

Best potato tacos in San Diego!!

Friendly service and amazing flavors!

Pros: All vegan options

Cons: Wait time gotta plan ahead


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12 Aug 2022

So Great

The tacos de papa were best I have ever had and the fish taco was amazing!

Pros: Lots of options, All vegan, Friendly service

Cons: Closed some days


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15 Jul 2022

Never getting tired of this food!

I absolutely love this place! In fact, one of my ultimate favorite places. They have so much potential, and I wished they were an actual restaurant one day. It is located inside of the food court in Grossmont Center. They’re open only certain days a week.
I’ve had the phish tacos, veganito burrito (with adobada), California burrito and El Veganito fries. Everything is so good. I know they have sopes and tacos, but I haven’t tried those yet. I always look forward to my meal when I go here. The only thing I will point out is their salsas. They only have two: red and green. Green is spicier than the red. I wished they had a couple more like at other Mexican restaurants.

Pros: Large Portions , Tasty food

Cons: Hard to find the first time , Specific hours , A bit pricey but still with it!


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01 Jul 2022

Absolutely fabulous Vegan Mexican Food!

Great portion sizes. Delicious food! The owner Vic is super friendly, along with the staff.

Pros: All Vegan, Delicious , Great portions


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14 May 2022

Super fresh, large portions, homemade taste!

You wouldn’t know how good this place is, stuck in a mall food court. Very fresh vegetables, overstuffed tacos, crispy light chips, etc. Kinda pricey but worth every penny.


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14 May 2022

Huge burritos!

Tried the Machaca and the Poncho’s. They were both huge and delicious. I preferred the Poncho’s with fresh grilled veggies but I think the Machaca would be good for breakfast. Would def go back and highly recommend.

Pros: Totally Vegan , Two other vegan options near by in the food court

Cons: Have to go into the mall


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23 Apr 2022

Fresh and Tasty

Food was fresh and extremely tasty. Nice portions of all items and the staff was friendly.

Pros: Fresh, Big portions, Nice presentation


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04 Mar 2022

Decent Option!

My boyfriend's family is Mexican, so I have had my fair share of vegan Mexican food, and I am pretty picky. However, I enjoyed this place, and it felt pretty authentic to what his family makes me to eat. The wait was a little long, but the employee was friendly and apologized since it was due to a mistake. I understand this, and this has nothing to do with me not giving the full five stars.

The reason I am not giving five stars is we tried both the “phish” tacos and tacos de papas (potato tacos, or taquitos), and I thought it was tasty, but there were a few issues. The tacos de papas were fried a little too long, making them pretty hard to bite. They also had a bit of an after taste which may be due to being overcooked or older oil. The salsas were decent, though, and I am incredibly picky about this; I rarely like salsas from restaurants.

Overall, I like the concept, and I love to see authentic veganized Mexican food, so I will stick with four stars. I wanted to give five, but I wasn’t blown away. I will definitely try this place again, and as I saw only one person cooking, it was hectic and the fantastic reviews, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt as it may be a slightly off day. Another side note is this was the third time attempting to try this place, but they can be randomly closed, so check their hours and Instagram to verify they haven’t posted they will be closed. Luckily if they are closed, there are a few other excellent vegan options in the same food court!


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12 Jan 2022

best california burrito ever

huge portion, super flavorful


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27 Dec 2021

Great stuff. All vegan.

Flavor Explosion, Awesome #Veganuary


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29 Sep 2021

El Delisioso!!!

Just tried El Veganito for the first time and it’s so good!
It’s in a mall in the food court by Macy’s. The Sopas were so good! Fresh tortilla bases and lots of avocado. We also tried the vegetable and bean burrito which was also amazing. Loads of fresh veggies and avocado. Amazing that it’s all Mexican plant based.

Pros: Freshly made vegan Mexican food, Lots of avocado, Delicious tortillas

Cons: Not much atmosphere since it’s a food court


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16 Sep 2021

Amazing vegan Mexican food

Everything here is so amazing. My only complaint is that they don't specify what is or is not gluten free on the menu.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-16

Pros: All vegan


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22 Aug 2021

worth the haul to the mall

It’s fun to get to go to the mall and actually have options!! Psst—this place is actually sandwiched (no pun intended) b/w two other vegan places.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-21

Pros: All vegan menu, Tasty vegan cheese and sour cream

Cons: Lil’ pricy, but happy to support vegan.


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27 Jul 2021

Finally great vegan Mexican food!!

I got the California burrito and it was HUGE. Could definitely feed 2 people and it was a little pricey at $15 after I added guac but it was so good. You wouldn't be able to tell this was vegan. Even the soy protein tasted charred/grilled and the sauces were on point.

Pros: Very good, authentic taste with a vegan twist

Cons: Expensive


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19 Jul 2021

Awesome Vegan Mexican food!

Great food and customer service

Pros: All vegan food!

Cons: Slightly expensive


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10 Jul 2021


The adobada tacos are unbelievable! They got the texture and the taste you'll know and love! And the portions are BIG

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-10

Pros: Real Mexican taste

Cons: Not cheap


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04 Jul 2021

Killer food court/taco shop Mex

I hate Food courts but imagine this is as good as it gets for this style Mex. Not cheapest but burrito was big and dense. If you aren’t known for an appetite and hungrier, I don’t think you’ll finish it! I’m actually a bit afraid of the large size loaded fries..

Cons: Could be more eco friendly , Food court vibes


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27 May 2021

Great vegan Mexican food!

My favorite is the Bee-Fast. A great breakfast burrito.


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26 May 2021

Best vegan California burritos

I wish I lived in San Diego so I could try their entire menu. I’ve been looking forward to coming here for months and finally made it to California. It did not disappoint. The California burrito was massive and I didn’t have room to try anything else.

There are three other vegan options in the courtyard too. Grab your sleeping bags and find a spot under the deck: it’s gonna take some time to try it all


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04 Jul 2020

Best farmers market booth!

This booth is the entire reason that I ever go to the Escondido Farmers Market. So worth it.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Delicious


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19 Sep 2019


I've been eating at this place for 3 years now. I love it so much. All their menu items have great taste, and there is something for everyone. The beefast burrito is huge and you will love every bite. They are constantly throwing in different limited time authentic Mexican dishes and they are always a hit.

Happy cow images are old, check out their Instagram for current photos of the food

Pros: All vegan, Delicious, Variety

Cons: Above average price, Only available on market days


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30 May 2018


Too bad that they are the only 100% vegan establishment in Escondido. Fortunately, we have not been disappointed with any of their offerings.

Pros: Everything they serve.

Cons: Limited days (only on Tuesdays)

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