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El Piano

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Calle Santiago 2, Granada, Spain, 18009

Takeaway providing vegan gluten-free food served in biodegradable pine boats; fleets and armadas are also available. Holds cooking classes. Re-located here in 2016 from c/ Gran Capitan 7 Bajo. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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Reviews (36)

First Review by gr8vegan

Many options, delicious food! - Edit

This place is not actually just a take out place despite the description. It is an actual restaurant in addition to having take out. Lots of healthy vegan food left me feeling great after days of eating bread and Manchego (which is delicious but...). I had the crepe with spinach, tabouli, and some carrot patty things called Tinas. I also had an interesting Batido. Everything was great, the staff was very friendly, and there was even a guy who just walked in and wanted play the Piano while he drank his wine - so I got to listen to some live music. When I was there it seemed to be mostly locals.

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Delicious!!! - Edit

This little restaurant is so perfect for vegan food on the go! I'm the only vegan in my family, so I often have to grab food to go when we travel since I don't have anyone to eat with me at sit-down restaurants.
Note that you can also eat the food there as there are tables inside. The food was delicious, and the perfect portion. You get to choose three dishes to eat out of a cute little boat. I got a lentil dish, a potato dish, and a spicy noodle dish. All were SO good. Highly recommend. It's perfect.

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LOVED this place! Description on Happy Cow site needs updating! - Edit

We accidentally found this spot on our way to another vegan restaurant. We had read reviews of this one and it didn't sound that good but now I realize that any mediocre reviews are two years old. Here is why... This restaurant description is so outdated. We were afraid it was going to be a take out place with a standing bar. Not the case at all! They moved their location and the interior is charming with plenty of quaint tables. The ambience is wonderful. The waitstaff is so sweet and welcoming despite our horrible Spanish. Nina Simone plays softly on the radio. Lively ceramic dinnerware. Now importantly, on to the food! There are dozens of choices - all homemade and displayed in a glass case for you to select from. We got two kinds of Indian Dhal one from chick pea and the other a tomato ginger lentil. We had fresh grilled pineapple. These amazing "meat" balls with sauce. Mushrooms that I will attempt to recreate at home - most likely unsuccessfully as they had beautiful layers of flavor. We had grilled potatoes. The onion quiche was outstanding - more like any quiche than I've ever had at a vegan restaurant. They gave us a complimentary dessert too. The portions were generous and everything was delicious. We are in Granada for another two days and plan to return!

Pros: delicious food, lovely sit down restaurant , sweet waitstaff

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Favourite restaurant in Granada - Edit

This place is delicious! Great variety of vegan food. Delicious chai. Can eat-in or take away. Lovely atmosphere. Staff friendly. Right near a taxi-rank. Walked here from our hotel with luggage then got a taxi to the airport.

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genial! - Edit

Tenía muchas ganas de ir a este sitio porque habìa oido hablar muy bien de su comida y ahora ya puedo dar fe!! estuve cenando y me encantó todo lo que probé, que fueron bastantes cosas... Productos ecológicos y de calidad y bastante variedad de platos. Tenían un menu por 10 euros que está muy bien. El trato de la chica que nos atendió fue excelente. Deseando volver

Pros: Apto para celíacos, mucha variedad

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Nothing to write home about - Edit

Same as what has already been said. Small portions. Expensive for what you get. Not freshly made - microwave heating. Food tasted good, but nothing to write home about. Very friendly waitress. Nice ambiance although there was only one other table with people.

Pros: Friendly staff, nice ambiance

Cons: expensive, microwave heating, small protions

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Magdalena, owner How long is a piece of string...if you ordered our least expensive option of two savoury dishes for 2.95 euros and have a big appetite it will not have been enough. But if you ordered the MEAL DEAL at under 10 euros of starter, mains (4 savoury options), dessert and a drink it will have been better value and (again depending on your appetite) likely sufficed. We are VERY grateful in EL PIANO in Spain to still be trading. I don't know how long you spent in Spain or if you spoke to local people, but the common refrain "the country is a ruin" is on most people's lips these days. We survive while all around us are collapsing because we are EXTREMELY lucky to have a quality product at a good price and a SUPREMELY loyal customer base. What you should write home about is how hard it is for ordinary people in Spain, especially in the south of Spain, to survive an economic crisis that is not of their making. As for the microwaving it is out there for all to see in plain view not hidden as in most kitchens. You are MORE than welcome to have your food cold, or ask for those dishes that are still cooking in the kitchen.

Fast vegan food - Edit

Everyone has said pretty much everything about this place and I totally agree with most of the comments. It's a place for a quick meal, don't expect nothing spectacular but it's not bad either! The only thing I really disliked in this restaurant is that when I asked to go to the toilet they sent me to the primary health center on the other side of the street?!?!! Really??? I though you couldn't open a restaurant without a toilet!!! There is not even a place to wash your hands!!! Not cool at all!!! So I think that as a take away this place can be ok, not as a restaurant!!

Pros: Vegan food with many options, Affordable, good price, Other activities like cooking lessons

Cons: No toilet!!!, Microwave heating of food

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Magdalena, owner EL PIANO is a shop, not a restaurant, and makes no claim to be otherwise. We offer take-away food at take-away prices PLUS we have tables to accommodate people who wish to eat in AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Hence you can eat a full vegan and gluten-free meal in EL PIANO GRANADA of starter, mains (4 savoury dishes), dessert and a drink all for under 10 euros. Toilet facilities are available to the public in the 24 hour medical centre exactly opposite and in since December 2013 there has been a toilet available on site. Thanks for providing the opportunity to make this more widely known.

Not traditional dining, good for lunch. - Edit

The atmosphere was pleasant and there was even a piano player present :) After reading all the excellent reviews I have to admit my expectations were not met here. Perhaps this was because of my lacking Spanish skills, but the ordering system was a bit confusing. You pick four dishes, all of which you can see in a refrigerator in front of you. They then are reheated in a microwave, or served cold. Thus the food did not taste fresh and the desert (lemon cheese cake) had curry scent in it from standing together with the other dishes in the fridge. Perhaps when you chose a desert ask when it was made to make sure it's fresh enough. The food was nevertheless tasty, although for dinner not filling enough. I would definitely recommend it for lunch and they offer take away! I don't want to sound to harsh as I did enjoy going to el piano! All the paper is recycled and their green policies are amazing! After leaving Granada for Malaga I went to the el piano in Malaga and knowing what to expect I found it very enjoyable!

Pros: Vegan, Gluten Free, Maximally environmentally friendly, super relaxed atmosphere

Cons: food is not always fresh

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Magdalena, owner It's hard to beat a full meal, all vegan, all gluten-free, much organic and locally sourced, of a starter, four savoury mains, a dessert and a drink for under 10 euros...and all made on site. I think you mean that the food is not cooked to order because of course it is fresh, made and displayed daily. Not speaking the language can be a drawback when ordering in any establishment...but seeing all the options is usually helpful and the pointy finger generally works well! Your review while not wanting 'to sound harsh' does sound harsh and is not a fair description of what is on offer: amazing food at an incredible price.

music for my stomach - Edit

I LOVED this places. I got the menu del día economica, which consisted of a soup, a pine boat filled with my choice of four portions of entrees from the cold case, and a beverage. I chose the gazpacho, tofu stir-fry, cous-cous with raisins, marinated mushrooms, and ratatoullie. the service was very amiable and attentive, and they had literature on the tables explaining the restaurant's mission. I felt at home in the casual, bohemian atmosphere, and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch.

Pros: affordable, quick, delicious

Cons: nothing fancy, premade food (not necessarily a con!), bottled water

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Not a place I'd revisit - Edit

I was so excited to visit this place but was let down by a number of things, firstly the place had no atmosphere it was early by Spanish standards (8pm) but we were still the only ones in there, the waitress although nice lacked warmth and was the only one in the restaurant. The food looked delicious and both I and my friend opted for 4 different options for just under 6 euros each, then the most disappointing thing happened the food was heated up in a microwave, I understand the convenience of having the food precooked then heated up, many restaurants do it, but it's hardly promoting an eco friendly life style I brought this up with the waitress who fully agreed with me but didn't say much else. The food itself was nice but nothing to write home about, the dessert (lemon and ginger cake) was very dry and there was no cream (soy or regular) available to put on it. I am surprised at all the positive reviews, the place has so much potential but seems to lack the love and care that it deserves.

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for taking the time to review EL PIANO GRANADA. We are pleased you liked the food (although disappointed we do not offer cream). As a wholly vegan eaterie we have no dairy products and as a wholly gluten-free eaterie we make everything on site to avoid cross contamination, all the sauces, the mayos and yes, even the noodles! Soya cream is a highly processed food bought in from factories and we do not have the means to manufacture it on site.

It's a shame you did not enjoy your visit. It is true that 8pm is early for dining in Granada (the pianist comes at about 9.30pm!) and you seemed disappointed that the waitress was not as chatty as you would have liked. We do our best to welcome people in many languages and to explain the food and ingredients as well, but when English is not your first language being chatty in it can pose a challenge.

Your main concern seems to be the microwave. While you are more than welcome to eat ALL of our food cold, microwaving is nonetheless one of the ways in which food can be served hot in EL PIANO. In Spain, where the utility costs are the highest in Europe microwaves are VERY eco-friendly as power consumption is much less than using any other heating method.

But I think you are perhaps believing in the intrinsic badness of microwave technology which has long been understood by some of us to be harmful and health averse. Actually there is considerable research on the topic and it is by no means as cut and dry as we may think. We have opened the subject anew in our EL PIANO MAGAZINE, coming out in September 2013 and invite you to have a look and see what you think when presented with the science. The MAGAZINE is available free in the EL PIANOs and will also be accessible on-line via our website.

Nice to find a vegan place - Edit

More than a dozen dishes to choose from, foods tasty good. Larger portions & less salt will be better. All of us chose the largest plate with choice of 4 dishes. We're still quite hungry when we finished our food. The portion offers is like a starter for us. Anyway the service is friendly, nice setting.

Pros: all vegan, all organic

Cons: small portions, no toilet

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Magdalena, owner Oh dear. Bless you guys...obviously VERY hungry people...

We wonder if you were still hungry half an hour later? Some people find that once the meal makes it's way into the system the food really lingers and powers them through the day...

If you are highly active (off for a day's climbing in Monachil for example) you could probably do with an extra small boat of rice...or go for the MEAL DEAL which gives you soup, then the boat of four options, then the dessert and of course a drink, altogether under a 10 euros...

Amazing, delicious vegan and gluten-free! - Edit

We stopped at El Piano in May 2013 during a trip to Granada. We went for lunch and now I wish we had also gone for dinner the night before. It was unbelievable. The variety, flavors and quality was outstanding. We took two take-away "boats" - filled with curried plantains, falafel, lentils, rice, broccoli pasta salad, etc. etc. and had the brownie and lemon ginger cake for dessert. Everything was vegan and gluten free - healthy, rich and flavorful. It was all quite affordable for the portions - I think we paid 16 Euro or so for the boats and desserts, lasting two for lunch, my dinner and even a little leftover for a snack the next day. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and the inside space was very cute - selling homemade chutneys and salsas (oh were my suitcase bigger!). El Piano is hands-down a must stop if you are in Granada. Oh, and it seems they are really into local, sustainable living. Our to-go forks were not plastic, no plastic bags - it was all decompostable.

Pros: Delicious, high-quality, Wide variety, Gluten-free options galore

Cons: No big outside seating

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Magdalena, owner So glad you liked the wholly vegan and wholly gluten-free fare of EL PIANO. Thanks for writing about us so positively. It was fun to hear that you made the food go a long way...

We try to use local produce wherever we can. The growing season in Granada is about 6-8 months and we do well on local organic and fresh produce during those months. The winter is a little more difficult...hence all the home-bottled stuff from our organic farm.

No outdoor seating, you are right, but you may sit on the porch which is sheltered (and smoke...) and of course in EL PIANO in York and EL PIANO in Málaga there is outdoor seating all year round (although not always usable in the dreary wet winters of York!)

Winner! Great taste, great value, great business - Edit

We rarely find a restaurant for which 5 cows doesn't seem a high enough rating, but El Piano is one of them. We were quite impressed with the quality of the food, with the good service, with the ecological practices, and with the overall value. It's rather amazing that they offer so much great food at such reasonable prices. If i lived in Granada i would be a devoted regular at El Piano.

Favorites: plantain curry, gazpacho (one of the best we've had), mushroom dishes, vegetable tart, fresh juices.

Centrally located between the University and the Cathedral, and easy to find.


Pros: great flavors, very reasonable prices, very eco-friendly

Cons: none

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Magdalena, owner Thanks Guys! What a lovely whole-hearted review! FIVE COWS is just GREAT! We appreciate it.

We are lucky to have many devoted regulars. Without them we would not be able to claw our way through this seemingly interminable recession in Spain. They, and our landlord, are our backbone and we are as devoted to them as they are to us I think.

Glad you liked the banana curry, EVERSO easy to make at home...fry the holy trinity of ginger, garlic and onions, add the curry powder and sliced bananas. Then coconut milk, salt and fresh chopped coriander... Always good EVERY TIME!

Enjoy to you too!

Great food - Edit

Just ate there today. Very easy to find. We had the 4 items for E 9.75 (soup, entree (choice of 4), juice or water, and dessert). Delicious and friendly service with wifi.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly service, Wifi

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Friendly, cosy - Edit

El piano serves good, interesting all vegan food for a very reasonable price. If you're going for a full meal, for your main course you get to pick four items from the full range of dishes. You can see the food before you select it and the gentleman behind the counter was very helpful and explained what everything was.

El piano actually has a piano. Not an electrically amplified contraption but a REAL piano. We stayed a long time, because there was a gentleman playing the piano. He's very good! We were told he comes in regularly, but he's not part of the staff so he may not always be there.

Pros: Very tasty, Piano

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Magdalena, owner George Harvey Smith is a GREAT pianist and we are SO LUCKY to have him play regularly. George is a professional musician and played for many years with the Liverpool Philharmonic as well as with the BBC...

We seem to be a bit of a pit stop in Granada for musicians and many pianists who are here to give concerts come in the mornings to practice...It's quite something to be frying off falafels to the sound of Bach being played by Paris foremost pianist which happened all last summer...not something most cooks get to enjoy whilst at work...

The piano itself even when not being played is worth a visit for those interested in such things. It is probably more than 100 years old (has the little candlesticks so you can read music in the dark) and it is claimed that Federico García Lorca was a regular player of it...but then as he played all over Granada it's probably true that our piano featured among the many pianos he played...

Thanks for taking time to write about us - perhaps you will visit our other pianos, a baby grand in York and a very old mini-harmonium, usually in Malaga but currently being repaired...

A Little Haven in Granada - Edit

My mother is vegan and I'm vegetarian. We drove her to Granada especially to eat at El Piano. We found it with surprising ease on Calle El Capitan.

We had the complete meal, a barco with a choice of 4 foods (the selection included dhals, different types of potato dishes, courgette dishes, curries, lentil burgers and so on), the soup of the day, a drink and a dessert all for €9. I thought this was very reasonable. I tried the chocolate brownie for pud, it did not taste like restaurant brownies, there was something different about the taste but I loved it because it was not so sickly sweet. My mother had the lemon and ginger tart, which was a bit like a solid mousse. It tasted very good.

I had my 3 yr old son with me who ate nearly all his food quite happily. It was a peaceful, rustic little cafe and the lady there who I assume runs it was lovely and friendly. My mum really enjoyed the surroundings and the food, especially as it was very different to what she would normally have.

Please note there are no toilets in the shop, but you can go to the building directly opposite which has public facilities.

Pros: Tasty food, Good price, Eco-friendly

Cons: No toilets

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perfekt ;-) - Edit

Toll ist der arabische einschlag in den Gerichten. Man bekommt fur 9,95€ eine von zwei Tagessuppen, ein Schiffchen mit 4 versch. Gerichten die man aus ca 12 versch. Auswählen kann. Salate, normale Gerichte, burger und paniertes. Dazu ein Wasser und einen Kuchen zum Nachtisch. Alles frisch und geschmacklich eine Explosion im Mund ;-))

Pros: fresh , Glut-free, vegan

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A refreshing change from tapas :-) - Edit

I've been to El Piano Granada twice and both times have been very positive experiences.

The staff are very friendly and helpful - the first time I went one of the waiters explained to me how the plastic bag he had given me to put my purchases in (they sell various vegetarian products) was in fact recycled from potatoes. Super eco friendly. The food is great and a welcome change from the standard tapas suitable for vegetarians (patatas bravas, tortilla, salmorejo etc...the usual stuff you find in every Spanish bar). Really wholesome, tasty, good food. Great value for money.Even my meat-eating ex boyfriend loved it and raved about it afterwards. :-)

However, I went there last month and there was a note in the window saying that the Granada branch was closing down at the end of October! I see reviews on here from this month....so has this changed?

Pros: Yummy food, Good variety, Friendly staff

Cons: It might be closing down!

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Magdalena, owner Hi there, yes we are still in Granada! Our customers were so concerned we might close they came up with a loyalty card scheme...then we discussed it with the landlord and he too was really supportive so on we go until we can go on no more. Granada is difficult for EL PIANO to trade in for a number of reasons and one is the idea of 'free' food and people's expectations that they can go places and eat for 'free'. Granada is the last city in Spain where tapas is served with a drink. However, food is not free. Ever. At EL PIANO we strive to provide quality local foods at an affordable price that is fair to growers, to the staff who serve it and the customers who eat it. We share our knowledge freely with free workshops, charlas and events but, the truth is every onion counts...and you have pulled it from the ground yourself, you know it...

honest, humble & homely - Edit

i'd describe this place as honest, humble & homely. the 3 h's.
my man & i tried to find this place on our 1st night in granada but got a bit lost & assumed it had closed. however, i didnt give up & the next night we tried again & thankfully found it!
we both really enjoyed the food & the gentle vibe. i had the pumpkin soup which was delicious, a large sized 'boat' with 'poor potatoes' which was so tasty & simple, a fresh tabouli type salad, indian flavoured fritters w/ a tomato salsa & a banana curry & it was all really yummy, home-cooked & healthy + a drink for €7.95. it's exactly what i needed after trying my luck at tapas... not exactly vegan friendly.
if you're after some tasty vegan food thats fairly cheap then definitely visit this cafe/restaurant. the guy working there was really kind & explained how everything worked & the history behind some of the dishes. it was a pleasure eating here.

Pros: friendly staff, nice & quiet vibe, tasty!

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Best place ever - Edit

On of the best things in Granada. It's just an eatery, no ambience or anything but the food more than makes up for it. Compared to Granada prices it's a bit expensive...but compared to the rest of the world that's still pretty good value. The food is so tasty, good for dinner, lucnh, hangover cure, anything. Even loads of my "carnivorous" friends love it!

Pros: FOOD

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Magdalena, owner Every once in a while we get a review like this, where someone has recognised that most of their money is going into the food. Fresh, organic, local food is not cheap, nor should it be. We live on a farm and we know very well how much sweat goes into every tomato, fresh or dried...so thanks for seeing that you are paying for what you eat and not for lots of frilly extras. Frilly extras are really great some of the time but good quality reasonably priced food is what we need all of time...

An eating oasis - Edit

What a great place! There are now lots of tables and it's a great place for food, drink, coffee, vegan desserts, etc. My partner and I struggled to finish our 'economico' - our choice of four dishes from hot and cold selections, all combining flavours perfectly, plus a soup and a juice, all for less than 8 euros. Definitely worth a detour! It's very close to parts of the university, and only a short walk down the hill from the Trionfo Gardens.

Pros: flavour combinations, freshness of the food, friendly staff

Cons: are there any toilets?

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nice and good prices - Edit

I had a menu there. It contained four little dishes served in a pine boat, gazpacho, bread and water. I was pretty happy with the taste and the price but it was not as special as I have experienced in other vegan restaurants.
The woman who served me was very friendly.
I heard from a local vegan that food used to be better.

Pros: good taste, price, friendly staff

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one more reason I love Granada - Edit

This is my favorite place to eat in Granada--they have by far the most choice for vegans, and even have a good selection of vegan desserts. Lots of interesting world fusion flavors, and good ecological wine.

Pros: loads of options, excellent food, inexpensive

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Good cake - Edit

We only ate cake there and avoided the rest of the food because of our experience at El Piano in Malaga. Maybe the cook is better here but the food looked exactly the same (see my review for El Piano in Malaga for details).
Anyway, the cake was good.

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Good cheap organic vegan meal - Edit

great staple vegan organic food, and cheap considering it's organic. Pick and mix from a selection of dishes, you chose, they will serve for you. Some of the selections looked a little old, but not so sure about that. Great to have an all vegan selection, including various deserts. Also have a selection of vegan and organic wines to take away. Spoke English first time we went in, but not second time. Make coffees.

Pros: Speak English, Relatively cheap

Cons: Not a lot of seating

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for your review... Regrettably not everything we serve IS wholly organic, just so you know. The staples almost all are, rice, beans, flours etc. It is the fresh things that are harder to source as organic all year round. In Granada we have our own producers and so in the summer we are well supplied, El Piano in Malaga is new so we are building contacts ... We make every effort and locally sourced foods are also big on our agenda. We look forward to the day when everything we use is BOTH organic and locally sourced and still be able to sell at an affordable price...

Great place! - Edit

Ate here in April 2011. Came across it accidentally on a SUNDAY and was very pleased to find out that it was open!

Between my friend and I we tried quite a few things and everything was AWESOME. Nice little place with a cozy atmosphere. A few stools for sitting but only a few.


Pros: Plenty of choice, Well priced, Open Sundays

Cons: Little seating

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extra ! - Edit

we love, good and cheap
open daily monday to friday 11 at 23 but saturday 13 to 21 and sunday 13 to ... I'm not sure I think it's 16.

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An awesome find :o) - Edit

This cafe is a fantastic place, and a much welcome find in 'not particularly vegan-friendly'Spain! The staff were friendy and accommodating and there was a wide variety of dishes - all delicious, plus cakes - an added bonus! I could literally rave for several minutes but won't. Suffice to say, if I lived in Granada I think I'd want to move in upsatirs! If you're in Granada, seek it out - it can't fail to disappoint.

Pros: friendly staff, wide range of food, delicious food

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great variety of vegan foods - Edit

El Piano Gran Capitan was our last-minute dinner decision. Since the one in closer to the old city was closed, we drove all the way to this one.
Upon entering we were greeted by a lovely Spanish lady, who explained their concept and food options in brief. To our surprise the guy behind the counter spoke fluent English, so we had no problems communicating.
The food was delicious, my boyfriend even got the second boat! I especially loved the noodle-broccoli-banana salad.
The carrot cake and the date cake were very rich and satisfying.

Pros: friendly staff, good value, good English spoken

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Delicious - Edit

Simply delicious, varied and cheap food. It is a mix of spanish and world cuisine adapted for vegetarians.
Perfect location, just outside the Monasterio de los Jeronimos, a major sight in Granada.

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We've already eaten here several times and I still can't believe that we are eating at a vegan restaurant in Spain that is also eco-conscious with organic food. These are two concepts that just don't really exist here. Great prices and selection of takeaway/fast food. Love the wooden boats and utensils, the free tea after your meal,the small grocery section where we buy some of our groceries, and the specialty brands of products that they have. Since we are mostly raw/vegan, it is a great place for us to eat and not feel sick to our stomachs. I would only ask if they could get a few barstools and add soem raw dishes and salads.

Pros: vegan food, organic, good price

Cons: no seating, not enough salads

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A bit good - Edit

After traveling through Spain for a while this place was a very welcome find. The Cuatro Platos, any four dishes from a buffet, served in darling wooden boats, was extremely good value at 4eur and the variety and quality of the food was fantastic. On top of this the owners and staff were brilliant, happy to speak in English or Spanish, and wonderfully friendly. One of my favourite vegan places I have visited.

Pros: Cheap, Bilingual, Sunny disposition

Cons: No tables

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Excellent - Edit

We went here during our recent visit to Granada. The place is clean, bright and the staff was very friendly. The main courses (the things to choose from to fill your pine boats) were all very good. We each got a desert, the deserts were just ok, probably because they try to be a little healthier. Definitely a must when in Granada, plus everything is vegan.

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Great takeaway food - Edit

This is a great little place. As well as all being vegan, this place also makes an effort to be environmentally friendly and sources much of its food organically. There is loads of variety, and all has been good. From Monday to Friday there is a menu of the day for €4.50, including main, salad, and dessert. The chocolate brownie and vegan cheesecake are especially good. Have been back again and again.

Pros: chocolate brownie, loads of variety

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OUTSTANDING! with an emphasis on the standing :) - Edit

This is one of my favorite places in all of Spain. There is a method to it, its not a sit down restaurant. You get these "boats" where you can choose 4 deli selections for only 3 or 4 Euros! The whole place is vegan. The food is amazing! English is spoken. So back to the boats! Everything is very eco, they use these super thin wood boats as plates and select the hot items first and they heat them up in a steam oven then add your cold selections. I had Moroccan Rice & Millet (both oil free) and salsa and carrots. The highlight of my trip was the soymilk cheesecake. It has no oil in it and was probably the best healthy dessert I've ever had. If you want to indulge they have potato salads, a few fried items and other scrumptious desserts! Again 100% Vegan and more choices than you'll know what to do with! We hit it up for lunch and then toured Granada and went back again the same day! That's how good El Piano is! Parking was pretty easy there are metered spots along the street its on, grab the first one you see! Only two small chairs in the place, but you eat standing at the counter and they have free tea!

Pros: healthy selections, cheesecake, low price!

Cons: standing room only

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